The sailor dances. Children's song with Rag

The sailor dances. Children's song with Rag

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DIY: homemade earrings

DIY: homemade earrings

It's crazy what you can do with ... clothespins! Sure mom is going to pinch it for this original Mother's Day gift idea.

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Name Cellia - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Cellia is a variant of Celia. It comes from the Latin name Caelia which is the feminine form of Caelius, the name of a Roman family. Cellia also comes from the word "caelum" which means "sky".


Cellia Costea is a Romanian soprano.
Célia Houdart is an author of French origin.
Celia from Caridad Cruz Alfonso, better known by her stage name Celia Cruz, was a singer of Cuban music and salsa.
Célia Aymonier is a founder of French origin.

The Cellia are celebrated the same day as Sainte Cecile. This Christian virgin of Rome was obliged to marry a pagan named Valerian whom she succeeded in converting to Christianity. They were arrested and martyred together.

His character :

Cellia is a lively, playful girl who loves to chatter above all else. Communicative and alert, she tries to please by resorting to its charm and elegance. Looking outward, she needs the attention of others to feel good. Very expressive, she spends most of her time talking and exchanging ideas. Intelligent and witty, Cellia loves to perform and entertain those around her. A true actress, she is able to perfectly imitate others thanks to her critical mind and her sense of observation of the most honed. His vivacity of mind and his sense of repartee have often allowed him to emerge from quite difficult situations. Very curious, Cellia is interested in all subjects. However, this aspect of her personality pushes her to instability, because by devoting herself to too many areas, she is unable to finish the tasks she has begun.


Zelie, Celya, Zélia, Celie, Selya, Selia, Zeliha, Zelya, Cellya, Celhia and Seliha.

His party :

The Cellia are celebrated on November 22nd.

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Playing outdoors outside the home is one of the best plans you can propose to your child. Both babies and children love to go outside, look at everything, explore every detail that catches their attention. In addition, they have a good time while improving their physical and personal development.

Although children also have a lot of fun playing at home, going out to the park is a very special moment for them, they are in an environment that is not so familiar to them and they can let their imagination run wild until they believe that they are going to live a real adventure , in addition to a time of socialization, creativity and practice some exercise.

- From 0 to 24 months: When they are barely a year old, babies still do not have the muscles developed enough to be able to swing or jump down a slide. At this age, it is best for them to play in the sand or ride on the swings intended for younger children, but always under the supervision of adults to avoid unnecessary accidents.

- From 2 years: From the age of two, they are strong enough to swing without help on swings adapted to their age or go down the slide. They can also start playing with balls, rackets, bicycles, etc., always without leaving the perimeter of the park.

- From 4 years: And from 4 years old they can already combine all kinds of games on the swings and the sand with others traditional gamesand with predetermined rules such as the hiding place, the rope, the potato circle, etc.

In addition to going to the park, or playing with the ball or the bicycle or rollerblading, children also have a lot of fun going out know nature. For them, going to the country to spend the day, going for a walk in the forest or going to a school farm to see the animals, seems like the great adventure of their life. Discovering nature means not only enjoying the open air and without pollution, it is also a time for children to know the rules that must be respected.

It is important that you tell your child that you do not have to step on the plants, you do not have to tear the branches of the trees, that nature must be respected and taken care of. In addition, it is also a good time to start to instill in him and make him assimilate the enormous importance of recycling and caring for the environment if he wants to be able to continue enjoying those landscapes.

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With the fables of Samaniego you can find stories to educate children in values. In these popular short stories children will find valuable lessons about honesty or solidarity.

Children's stories help develop your children's imagination and creativity. With fables, children will discover the morals, very interesting little lessons in the form of funny stories.

A Tortoise begged an Eagle to teach it to fly;

thus he spoke to him:

"Just give me four lessons

I will fly lightly through the regions:

already taking flight

through the airs to the sky.

I will see the Sun and the stars nearby

and a hundred other beautiful things.

Now, fast, going down,

from city to city I will go by:

and in this easy delicious way

I'll be able to see it all in a few days. "

The Eagle laughed at the folly.

Advises you to follow your destiny

Clumsily hunting with patience

since Providence so arranged it.

She insists on her whim blindly.

The queen of birds promptly

he snatches her up, takes her through the clouds.

"Look, - he says - look how you go up".

And when asked, he said: "Are you happy?"

And he drops it and bursts it.

Moral: So that he who despises the advice of the prudent can teach lesson.

Other fables with a moral for children

Other fables of Samaniego for children. The fables of Samaniego to educate children through stories and children's stories. Short stories of animals with a moral to teach children the values.

The Ant and the Grasshopper. The fable The grasshopper and the ant, for children. A traditional children's fable with a moral. This fable teaches the value of work and effort. Short stories with a message for children. Fables are a good resource to entertain and educate children. That fable is a classic instructive children's story.

The goose that lays the golden eggs. We offer you one of the most popular children's fables: The hen that lays the golden eggs. It is a fable for children that transmits a series of values. In this case, it speaks of greed. Short stories to educate children and make them fond of reading. Fables with a moral for children.

The fox and the grapes. Video for children with a beautiful version of the fable The fox and the grapes, a popular fable by Samaniego that tells children about the importance of the value of effort and perseverance. Invite your children to watch this beautiful video story.

Short stories to think about. Do you want to know the best short fables for children that will make you think about 2019? We have prepared a careful selection of the best stories so that, through them, they can promote reading in the child and teach them values ​​such as solidarity or empathy.

Friendship Fables for Children. Traditional fables for children. Fables that reflect the value of having friends. Short stories to read with children. Children's stories to educate in the value of friendship. Tales for children with a moral about friends and friendship. Fables with a moral so that children know the true meaning of friendship.

Fables about love for children. Selection of fabulous fables about love for children. Short stories with a moral to educate children, Traditional children's stories. How to educate children in the value of love and friendship. Short stories for children that are about friendship and love. How to educate children in values ​​through stories.

La Fontaine's Fables for Children. our site brings you The Fables of La Fontaine to educate children through stories and children's tales. Short stories of animals with a moral to teach children the values.

Aesop's Fables for Children. Aesop's fables occupy a very special place in children's stories. our site brings you these very short stories that contain valuable lessons to help us educate children in values. Here you will find the best Aesop fables for children.

Fables of Iriarte for children. Along with those of Fedro, Samaniego, Aesop or La Fontaine, Iriarte's children's fables can help educators teach values, feelings and attitudes to children.

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Fashionable headwear for girls for the summer

Summer is fast approaching. It gets warmer every day, which of course pleases everyone. Strongly shining sun, however, should motivate parents to choose a solution that would protect the delicate head of the child from excessive UV radiation.

So it's time to choose a summer hat. I looked through the offer of one of the stores and presented very facial offers for little girls. I am curious about your opinions - which head coat do you choose?

Maybe a hat for cooler days and a stronger wind? Tied up under the neck?

Cap with a visor and a beautiful flower will look great both in sport and elegant edition.

A hat with a large saucepan will not only protect from the sun, but also add charm. Each little lady will look unique with him.

This is another suggestion for cooler summer days ... These, unfortunately, are often not lacking, so it's worth having something up your sleeve.

Or maybe a lightweight tied handkerchief with a visor, protecting the face and neck often exposed to UV rays?

What summer hat is good for a girl?

In the summer it can be hot, it also happens that the temperature does not spoil and it is simply cold. Therefore, it is worth having a thin cotton cap, which children usually wear in the spring, and a second proposal protecting the baby's head from the sun. At the sea and in sunny places, where there is not much opportunity to shelter from the sun, hats with a large saucepan are useful, as well as special caps with a visor and a neck protection.

All summer hats suggestions come from