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"The Lion King" one of the great Disney classics can now also be seen in 3D.

The cartoon family movie tells us about the adventures of Simba, the cute lion cub heir to the kingdom. His uncle Scar, envious of power, will try to ascend to the throne and succeeds with an evil plan that Simba goes into exile, staying with power.

Simba soon joins the adventures of a hilarious meerkat named Timon and a loving boar named Pumbaa. Thus, Simba adopts Hakuna Matata's laid-back lifestyle and forgets his responsibilities until he realizes his destiny and returns to the Pride Lands to regain his place in the Circle of Life.

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18 months

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18 Month Developmental Milestones. Baby Developmental Milestones

Male fertility: what do you know?

Male fertility: what do you know?
Kiki and Bozola show The Magic Curtain International Children's Theater Festival in Bulgaria

Depression, more common in children with low weight

Depression, more common in children with low weight

There seems to be a drama of truth in popular beliefs as those more affluent children are happier. A new study shows that people who are low birth weight are more prone to depression and anxiety later in life, Science Daily reports.
The researchers say that even those who had mild or moderate symptoms of depression and anxiety throughout their lives had a lower birth weight than those with better mental health.
The study analyzed information provided by the Medical Research Council's National Survey of Health and Development and included more than 4,600 people with symptoms of anxiety and depression who were monitored over a 40-year period.
The results support the theory that all conditions in the womb do indeed have an effect on future development.
The link between birth weight and mental health is not the only fascinating discovery. The study also showed that people who have deteriorated mental health over the course of their lives have reached certain developmental stages - such as standing and walking for the first time - later in life than those who have better mental health.
The researchers emphasize that not all low-weight children will experience mental problems. They also say that the study is not about term babies versus those born prematurely since gestational age is not mentioned.
A small birth weight is not necessarily a problem. But it becomes a problem when this low weight is caused by adverse conditions in the womb. The low birth weight was analyzed in the study because it marks the presence of stress in the womb. When a mother is very stressed, the blood does not reach the uterus so well and the fetus receives less nutrients which tends to lead to a low birth weight.
At the same time, due to the fact that the mother is stressed, the stress hormones pass through the placenta to the fetus and can affect the neurological development of the fetus, but also how it responds to stress. Under these conditions, the part of the child's brain that is dealing with stress could be programmed as yet from the womb - the brain does not develop under normal conditions. If this theory is correct, in stressful situations, people who were underweight at birth have a higher tendency for depression and anxiety.
Researchers believe that pregnant women should be treated more carefully because the stress that pregnant women are subjected to has a significant long-term effect on fetal development.
Alina Sica
December 10, 2007