Breastfeeding - The first week

Breastfeeding - The first week

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Alone with the child

Parenting is also a radical change in good working relationships. Almost everything will be as before: the circle of interests, the friends, the order of importance, and seemingly insignificant things like sleeping and eating habits.

Alone with the child


Not only couples come to groups ready for birth, but you can join them alone. Even better, we visit the professions with a friend, a good friend, or a relative. So with whom to talk about disturbed feelings, fears, feelings. You don't have to keep everything inside! It is also worth coming to the exams with the person you trust and who is willing to take the time to do so. Х A civilian helper who is a mother herself, and especially during the period around childbirth (and even parenting), provides assistance to the baby who calls her. It does not give advice, it is not a specialist - its job is to provide support, indirectly, and to provide security.


There is clearly a life situation where it is good to count on someone who has helped pass through slow-moving men who are listening and talking, or simply present so that there are no strangers or new ones. It doesn't matter if your chosen baby and the doctor know why you won't have a baby.
Or are we born together with the kid's father? One of our readers said: "Parenting has brought a positive turn in our relationship. In the meantime, despite her behavior as a parent, the parent has been with me forever. between births we are both alive, Wonderful memory remained. We met each other for a short while due to an unexpected event awaited. Unfortunately, the idyll did not prove to be persistent: for this reason I believe that we have been spiritually removed from each other by now. " In order to avoid the burden of psychic burden, the unspoken task is: I have to get it back now!

First weeks at home

Of course help is needed. But let's be clear about what we mean. It is not the baby who needs to be nursed and fed, and this is primarily the mother's responsibility in the first few months. It is much more useful to organize who will bring your lunch, who you will buy, who you will cover, who will iron, who will help you with the official arrangements. If neither your relatives nor your friends can help, ask your neighbors well ahead of time, and you may want to do a few things. It may be temporarily better to order your lunch, which will be delivered to the house. Comma can be a good solution when acquaintances provide baby mothers with fine snacks in the first few weeks.


In order to build a new relationship, it is essential that we be able to close the former in ourselves. Radical specialties can be effective, but the child's best interests are not what we usually want. It is important for you to get to know your father and not become an intermediary tool for hitches, one-on-one fights and bruises. In general, he cannot do what has happened, but the disadvantages of the situation can be severely affected - not just in financial terms. You did not see a complete family model, at least to some extent, of a well-functioning family model. You do not find that in a normal family life, quarrels, differences, on the one hand happy happiness, open-minded, reciprocal compromise on the other hand really matter. parents need to serve as a modelhow to get along with the other gender when he or she grows up. That's right cйlszerы after the calming down of the first emotional storms to strive for it, that the father too jуcskбn remove some of your child's upbringing. Somehow, "In the interests of the child, we have tried to co-operate, and over the years we have succeeded in establishing a relationship of mutual trust. the child takes part in social programs that we organize with and without the child. If I work or study, take care of our child. My little boy is balanced as much as possible, he is very attached to his father. He loves him: he can love "- Sunder Nour, we are a whitewashed reader.

Who looks after the child?

Self-denial, resignation (in my opinion, only the child is there, I don't go anywhere, but I don't have to) only solved the request. Tanulsбgos Ny. G. Story: "After the election, I became tired of men, of all things. I just wanted to live for my child. one dawn berepьlt the window йs йpp my face began mбszkбlni. Felйbredtem, цnkйntelenьl also sikнtottam, йs on the darбzs belekerьlt the szбmba. Belecsнpett the szбjpadlбsomba, kerьltem йs йn szцrnyы бllapotba. I could hardly eltбntorogni the ajtуig to kйrjem the szomszйd nйni segнtsйgйt. It turned out I was allergic to crabs, almost drowned when the rescue came in. When I came to shock in the hospital, my first thought was to my three-year-old child. Where is it? he can't go any further. "The helping grandparents are on or in place the circle of friends is vital careful fluttering. With expensive support, hot drutz, even the most unexpected situations can help each other's families in a similar situation, because our kindergarten, their wisdom only solves a small part of their problems. of course, bringing together friends in a similar situation does not spoil the family, but we have a good time together, we understand each other in words, "he says. Gooseberry Kathy, the four-year-old Bence anyukбja.

Why did our family fall apart?

I managed to look inside myself during the years: it helped me explore the causes. He might help others to avoid these traps. 1. The lack of common plans:
So in retrospect, our relationship was no problem even when we were not living together, just "hanging out" with each other. Common plans failed me, trust in each other. Maybe the passion, the fear of losing the beloved, the loneliness, or maybe all of this at the same time prevented me from being clear. Cohabitation awakens how ignorant I am of the man I am about to give birth to. 2. Unintended child:
Since we did not design the baby, our common life began in March: at least the baby's father died of this baby. THE responsibility soon became oppressive he tried to flee in front of him so much. Unfortunately, that didn't change the fact that I gave her the choice of both the baby and me. 3. Concerns, Fears:
Most couples are worried about their baby's health; Who's afraid of being alone with the baby, who's afraid of being fooled, who's afraid she won't have a job. If your baby arrives unexpectedly, a sudden lifestyle change can also trigger fears. In our case, these causes are compounded. What now, we are afraid to give up our lifestyle, because we both really enjoyed the dates. The couple would have insisted on his old, normal life: instead, he had to take on a big responsibility. Honestly, I understood what it felt like then. 4. Scary Changes:
My growing tummy lost us all physically. Spiritual changes have worn both of us. 5. The difficulties of parenting:
The baby has to be nurtured from the beginning, which is very much difficult for two inexperienced parents. We are looking forward to keeping the baby properly, eating enough, sleeping, and being tired of all the efforts of the baby to the point of no explanation. Pair's initial enthusiasm began to diminish as time went on. 6. Together, but already on the roads:
THE szakнtбs weeks and months later, we would still be able to save our relationship. He was hell alone and never went together: our relationship was a typical example of "neither with you nor without you". 7. That particular third:
Its uncommon cause is rather the result of a desire for a relationship. It usually leaves a trace: not only because of humiliation, but also because of a loss of trust. 8. Submission of defense:
We blame the others because we feel right, but if we listen to the other side, we might realize that the truth is not always straightforward. We were arguing more and more, and as if we were expecting the other to make mistakes. Maybe we shouldn't have to say the sad truth: it's over, we can't live together anymore.
Thank you for your help and welcome families!
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Monster hunger

Ultrasound: a little technique

Ultrasound: a little technique

Ultrasound, how does it work? How long does it last ? What's the point ? The answers of Dr. Rodolphe Gombergh, sonographer.

Ultrasound: the processes

  • Ultrasound is a procedure that uses harmless ultrasound and no side effects. They reflect on the embryo and return different echoes depending on the density of the tissues crossed.
  • If the "classic" ultrasound, the most practiced is the 2D (two-dimensional) ultrasound, in black and white, 3D ultrasound allows you to make much more precise cutting plans and to better visualize the appearance of the surfaces (face, extremities) of the fetus thanks to a volume effect. The sonographer sometimes uses 3D if he has a doubt after a 2D ultrasound. But some practitioners, equipped with 3D equipment, practice it immediately. Progress in this area is considerable.
  • 4D ultrasound, in real time is also developing.

Ultrasound, code of conduct

  • In practice. The realization of an ultrasound is very simple. Just avoid applying a cream on your belly forty-eight hours before the exam. This could interfere with ultrasound progression and make image interpretation more difficult.
  • Consultation. It can sometimes seem long (especially the second ultrasound), although it rarely exceeds twenty minutes. Some expectant mothers live in fear that their baby will be malformed. Even if it does not detect everything, the ultrasound gives the practitioner elements to evaluate objectively the development of the fetus. It is therefore understandable that you feel a touch of worry during the exam which seems then to drag on.
  • The sex of the baby. In general, the doctor will not propose to communicate it to you. To avoid an odd, however, it is better to inform at the beginning of the consultation of your wish to know or not the sex of your child.

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Here is a dessert that throws! A recipe full of freshness to enjoy with the family. See the recipe.

Here is a dessert that throws! A recipe full of freshness to enjoy with the family.

See the recipe.

Leocadia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Leocadia

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Leocadia.

Name spread from Spain by the cult of Santa Leocadia, patron saint of Toledo, virgin and martyr sacrificed in the year 304.

Gentilicio of the Greek island Léucada. It also means "white, bright".

December 9


  • Leokadia Niemira, Polish actress (1909–1984).

Drawings of the name Leocadia coloring page printable game

Leocadia: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Leocadia name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Leocadia coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Leocadia name to color and print

Is your way?

Starting April 11, the Creative Media Course at Central Media Academy will start. It may be of help to those in whom the lust is already there, or may have been for some time, but there is a need for professional support and the productive power of the discourse.

Motherhood opens new paths. Your inner self will open up, you will become more familiar with the world. They can also open up perspectives, creative channels that you may have stifled or did not know about. Are you feeling, imaginative, or creating something special with words? A creative source of inspiration and professional help for your sparkling ambitions and talents is the Creative Media course.

The experience gained can help you break two turns

Mark Leonura chiefly the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, New York. He is also active in publishing (mainly Jaffa publishing), translating, editing, editing. The incomparable Mr. Yorke, The Vampire Attractor, the author of the Hellinger-Madonna books, and now a mentor who wants to share his curious talents with the talented leaders of the course. You have been asked about the course posting and details. Based on your experience over the years so far, how can the course best assist participants? M. L.: - Until I started teaching here, I thought the attendees would basically need help to get through the arduous technical-professional hardships. Then, in my work, I was surprised to find that the biggest obstacle for many of them is psychological, that they need support to be able to start dreaming. I think the average Hungarian woman's environment is not particularly supportive, on the contrary, almost all contributors have received comments such as "this will work for you", "why do you want to deal with it", etc. If the course turns out to be something else, it is not worth worrying about it, not for our family members or acquaintances, but for ourselves, it can give you the necessary impetus.
Can this course give you a kick out of the way even those who are completely in the beginning can evolve?
M. L.: - We usually say that the longest starts with the first step, doesn't it? Everyone was a beginner, the point is, not to be afraid to make that first step, because the rest will follow. Ultimately, you don't need any special equipment, just a laptop or a pen, if you still have someone at hand and a butt to sit down and start. However, lust is a request for intrinsic motivation, and this motivation cannot be given to anyone else. Just as we cannot welcome a linguist there, expecting to wake up one morning, we can speak English, so we need active effort.
How else is this course compared to other courses? M. L.: - The functioning of the Media Academy within a complete publisher framework allows participants to get a more detailed picture of how publishers and the book market work. And really good news can even appear on print or online editions.
Does the course work in the classroom work well? How Can You Help Talent "Career"?
M. L.: - New, imaginative, talented, creative and hardworking authors are always needed everywhere, and if one does, it can find its way to appear. I've heard many times about Elle that "you can't get there," which is generally not true if someone brings a well-written, interesting article to them. In our most recent issue of March, we also published a report, the author of which, I met Marcsi Mészegyget, in a recent creative writing course.

About applying

You can apply for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 courses with a curriculum vitae and a cover letter at [email protected] by mailing March 30th. The course can be scheduled with work and baby: from April 11th to June 6th, the Uhr will run every Saturday from 10am until 2:30 pm. More about the course topic and application conditions: Central Media Academy
Photo: Emmer Laszlo

Did you know that one of the key factors in regulating children's sleep is exposure to light or darkness? And it is that exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from the retina in the eye to an area of ​​the brain called the hypothalamus and that is why it is said that the sun influences the sleep of babies.

Light is a powerful guide for our bodies, as light rays influence chemistry and behavior and keep us in sync throughout the day. The day-night pattern, being awake during the day and sleeping at night, is a natural part of human life.

But what happens when we expose ourselves to the sun? As we have said, the hypothalamus is stimulated. There, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) initiates signals to other parts of the brain that control hormones, body temperature, and other functions that play an important role in making us feel sleepy or awake.

The SCN functions as a clock 'our internal clock', which activates a regulated pattern of activities that affect the entire body. Once exposed to first light each day, the clock in the SCN begins to perform functions such as raising body temperature and releasing stimulating hormones such as cortisol. SCN also delays the release of other hormones such as melatonin, which is associated with the onset of sleep, until many hours later, when darkness arrives.

The body's master clock, or SCN, controls the production of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleep. Since it is located just above the optic nerves, which transmit information from the eyes to the brain, the SCN receives information about the incoming light. When there is less light like at night, the SCN tells the brain to make more melatonin to make you drowsy.

Sunlight helps start the day, and just as light can suppress melatonin, it can also increase cortisol. Cortisol and melatonin work in opposites. When one is tall, the other is short.

A big reason blue light should be avoided at night is because of its cortisol-stimulating and melatonin-suppressing effects. But cortisol levels should be higher in the morning. We need this increase in cortisol to get out of bed and into our day.

Light helps the body create an optimal circadian rhythm, so going out in the morning for a walk with our children when the sun rises is a great way to signal to their bodies that it is daytime.

Every morning, if their bodies, faces, and eyes are exposed to sunlight, their bodies will increase their production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates everything from mood to sleep.

Serotonin is also a precursor to melatonin. Melatonin is necessary for a deep restful sleep. So going out in the sun in the morning increases serotonin production. In turn, after approximately 12 hours, this serotonin turns into melatonin, which helps us sleep better.

It is clear enough that the sun is beneficial for health and sleep, for this reason it is important to go for a walk, play, go to the park or perform outdoor activities, since all these actions help children to improve the quality of your sleep and to reconcile it better when night comes.

The sun marks our day to day, we know that it is necessary for every living being, healthy and it is also a good therapy to improve children's sleep.

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Vaiana, the legend of the end of the world: the trailer

The limits that children set are to be broken

The limits that children set are to be broken


Helping small children fall is when you find that the person you want to help has hurt someone. In fact, even helping people think that they are ready to do something else will also put them down.

Even three-year-olds are aware of other people's intentions

These findings are the result of two recent studies conducted by the Leipzig Max Planck Institutein three-year-olds. "The study also showed that the little ones were sensitive not only to the behaviors of others, but also to their crazy intentions," said study leader Amrisha Vaish. The little ones had to watch a light scene in which adult actresses played a variety of behaviors. They were once helpful (they pasted a drawing that was pasted by another), sometimes they were blamed for someone (they tried to draw someone else's), rajzбt).
After that, the adults started playing, and the children were being watched to give them the things they needed to play.. It was noticed that the little ones were less helpful than just an adult who had previously tried to harm someone else, but also someone who had only tried to help. With an adult who was empathetic with another, or if he was mistaken, he did so unintentionally, they were also resilient.
  • We can share for three years
  • The stool is the pattern