When can children start swimming in the pool?

When can children start swimming in the pool?

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Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettucine Alfredo is a very tasty pasta preparation, with light ingredients, borrowed from the tasty realms of Italian cuisine. Easy to digest and tasty, they can always be the perfect dinner for the whole family!

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: low


400 grams of fettucine pasta
150 grams cream for cooking
100 grams of gruyere cheese
60 grams per race
2 tablespoons black pepper butter, to taste
1 nut powder

Method of preparation

Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package (the original recipe recommends boiling the tooth). In a small separate pot, put cream on the fire with the nut powder. Add butter and stir constantly, until it melts completely.

Pour over the mixture of gruyere cheese pot and leave it on fire for another 3-4 minutes. Drain the pasta well and incorporate them into the cream sauce. Season with pepper and serve with grated parmesan sprinkled on top.

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Practical guide for parents: it's all about your child's shoes

Practical guide for parents: it's all about your child's shoes

What is the plantar arch?

The plantar arch is the physiological concavity of the sole of the foot. This may present curvature anomalies:

  • the hollow leg translates into a too deep plantar arch;
  • the flat foot is, on the contrary, characterized by a collapse of the plantar arch, which may be non-existent, in the most marked cases, the sole sitting entirely on the ground.

How is the plantar arch formed?

The natural movement allows the foot to develop properly as the child begins to walk. Walking on uneven surfaces stimulates the leg muscles, so this natural process will gradually lead to the formation of the plantar arch.

Do children have flat feet soles?

All children have "platfus" up to the age of 3 or 4 years, sometimes even for a longer period.

What should we do about "flat feet"?

The children's feet are physiologically flat, the plantar arch forming around the age of 3 or 4 years. Thus, under normal conditions, the sole of a child's foot should not be corrected by using special supports to support the plantar arch or by using anatomical shoes, unless the pediatrician's recommendation exists, and these are special, isolated cases.

When should we buy her first shoes?

In the first months after birth, the feet of the children function as an important sensory organ that receives information from the environment. The bones are not yet fully formed, so that the feet can deform easily.

That is why it is recommended that the little ones do not wear shoes, but if this is required, then we must keep in mind that the shoes of a newborn baby must have only 2 characteristics: to defend it against any impact and to keep them warm. The "true" shoes we will buy only when the baby starts to walk the bush and then on his feet.

How should our little boy's shoes be?

  • a good shoe will always be comfortable, flexible and light;
  • its shape must offer maximum freedom of movement on the soles and toes;
  • the footwear must be light so as not to overwork or fatigue the foot;
  • it must be made of materials that allow the foot to breathe and which stimulate the sole of the foot; the best leather for your child's shoes is that of calf or goat;
  • the shoe should offer a proportion between the heel and the sole, improving the child's posture, so that the use of anatomical shoes up to the age of 3-4 is not necessary.

How can we know if we have chosen the right size?

  • always check the correct positioning of the heel;
  • make sure that the tip of the shoe and the tip of the toes do not have a distance greater than 4-5 mm;
  • do not buy a size that is too large, as this will hurt the child's foot due to his rubbing the inside of the shoe;
  • If you use the "closed shoe" type, do not forget to use socks.

Should the shoe be raised between the heel and the ankle?

  • it is essential to check regularly if the child's footwear is too fixed or not flexible enough to allow a natural movement of the feet;
  • the footwear must be soft and flexible, especially in the area of ​​the fingers;
  • on the other hand, the back part of the shoe should be slightly reinforced to provide the optimum support for the heels, this having the particularly important role in improving the balance and stability of the foot;
  • for a start, it is recommended to choose a shoe with the area between the heels and ankle slightly raised; this type of footwear helps the child to take his first steps; after this period, the shoe is no longer required to be raised;

When should the child's shoes be changed?

The child's footwear should always correspond to the size of his foot and should never be tightened. It is recommended that, during the first 2 years, the child's shoes be changed every 3 months.

Used footwear

The use of used footwear is not recommended because it can deform the child's foot and lead to an incorrect posture.

Taking all of the above considerations into account, Chicco has been in existence since its inception THE PHYSIOLOGICAL PROJECT.

Chicco outsole are recognized through of the FLEX-ZONE area, a system patented worldwide by the Artsana company, the owner of the Chicco brand, so that the level of flexion of the foot respects its physiological development from the point of view of the area of ​​stimulation and breathing of the toes, the plantar arch and of the impact absorption area (heel area).

This is the reason why Chicco footwear it is equipped with a physiological brant roof, which, due to its exclusive shape, encourages the sole to work consistently and correctly, strengthening the muscles. This physiological beam is unique, extremely flexible and easy, facilitating the natural movement of the foot, as if it were not shoe.

Materials are quality, both inside and outside (goat skin, calf), let the skin breathe, and winter footwear is made of TEX, a material that does not allow the passage of cold and moisture.

Because… . Happiness is a journey that starts from childhood.

Chicco - wherever there is a child.

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There are 3 signs of rage from the motherIf you find yourself talking to the kid in a loud and screaming voice, it's time to take it back.
Stress can be good at times, for example, when a child has to sew a last-minute costume for a day-to-day kindergarten. However, having too much of it can put you on the floor. "Family and relationships can be just as stressful as work, material, or household. you can get into it, "he says Michele S. Alignay American psychologist.When one constantly gives his or her family, his or her couple, but does not spend time alone, it is very quickly "relational stress". Maintaining balance is very important - moms need to understand that their love and comfort is not rumor. " The thing starts with we need to recognize how stressful we are, before we get through it completely. According to the psychologist, the following questions are worth asking ourselves:
  • Do I get more, or do I get more?
  • Do I rely on myself or others to give me what I need?
  • Am I able to accept help?
  • Have I clearly pushed the boundaries of my relationship?
  • Do I give others a chance to get love back in exchange?
It's not always easy. Often, we only give ourselves a "time of unity" when we are on the verge of frustration. Pauls Davis-Laack according to stress experts There are 3 unambiguous signs of prideand: 1. You feel too frustrated, annoyed at all
2. You are so exhausted that you are "retired" sensually, you are almost insensitive
3. You are completely useless; You feel like you are doing anything, it is not good enough If you reach this point, we have to pause for a moment and see what we can do to make us feel better. Sharing our insights with someone - a couple, a close friend or even a psychologist - helps to organize our thoughts, and even shed some light on how we feel about it. Let's look for things to make us feel better! It can also help to write down our thoughts and insights. Or just say them out loud (and then in and out). Let's ask ourselves, "I am a freak. What can I do to avoid feeling that way?"
To get back to ourselves and to feel good again in our skin is a process that requires perseverance. After all, family is not just about us. Remember, when we are physically, mentally and emotionally on top, we can give our family the most! (VIA)Related articles in hot topics:
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