The child with Asperger's Syndrome at school

The child with Asperger's Syndrome at school

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How to draw a ladybug. Drawings for kids

Teach with this video of drawings for children, to draw and paint a ladybug. With the videos ofdrawings of animals, children will learn to recognize and identify animals.

Video to teach children to draw a ladybug. Cartoon for children to learn to draw animals. A good way to spend a pleasant leisure time with the family.

If you want to learn how to draw this ladybug, step by step, CLICK HERE.

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Children born prematurely by Caesarean section have a 30% higher risk of developing respiratory disease than those born vaginally. The most common and serious condition they are prone to is respiratory distress syndrome.


Birth by Caesarean section and risk of respiratory problems

Children who are forced to give birth prematurely are subject to many risks and dangers. Low birth weight and insufficiently developed organs can lead to health complications.

Insufficiently matured immune system easily predisposes them to infections, which can endanger their lives.

Doctors claim that respiratory diseases are some of the most common and dangerous complications that occur in children born by Caesarean section.

Some experts argue that the risk remains high even in cases where it is the mother's decision to give birth earlier, choosing Caesarean volunteer instead of natural birth. The option of caesarean section requires the interruption of the development and growth of the fetus in intrauterine life and its premature birth, even if it was not due to complications.

Dr. Erika Werner, an assistant professor of maternal and fetal medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, believes the discovery sounds an important alarm signal among pregnant women opting for caesarean section instead of vaginal birth. It is time to see that there are not many benefits to choosing a surgical birth or that these are less than the risks and complications that newborns are subjected to, Werner says.

One is respiratory distress syndrome. The condition endangers babies and causes breathing difficulties, blindness and brain disorders.

Vaginal birth, a safer choice

Future mothers should take into account the fact that the birth of the child prematurely, prematurely and at too little weight for her gestational age, imposes certain risks that can endanger her life. They must think very well before making such a decision, inform themselves and consult with their doctor.

This is a major surgery and every pregnant woman should be aware of it. It is advisable to do so only in cases where it is needed, ie when there are serious medical reasons for giving birth earlier.

In the absence of such dangers, it is advisable to choose vaginal birth. Moreover, natural birth helps children breathe better. Passing the baby through the vaginal canal during expulsion helps the children to release the amniotic fluid from the lungs and improve their breathing.

Even if the findings are not scientifically substantiated and it is not known whether there is a cause-effect relationship between cesarean birth and respiratory problems, the doctors say the study information should give pregnant women thought.

In addition, Caesarean delivery involves a lot of other risks that should cause pregnant women to give up this idea quickly - bleeding, infections, high blood pressure, side effects of anesthesia, fetal injury, etc.

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Infant cavities: baby bottle tooth decay

Healing cavities in baby teeth is essential to prevent damage to permanent teeth. The dentist is the one who can best advise on the measures to be taken in each case. The ingestion of sweets, candies or candies are not the only cause of the appearance of infantile cavities. Babies can also acquire them even before their first baby teeth appear. To avoid them, it is advisable suppress some habits that are bad habits and can promote tooth decay in babies.

Bottle tooth decay is caused by the habit of parents dipping the pacifier in honey or sugar or by leaving the baby with the bottle alone in the crib. In the latter case, some even fall asleep with the bottle in their mouth and the milk sugars are in contact with the teeth for too long, leading to rampant cavities, very aggressive cavities, which affect the temporary teeth, so that the milk teeth are practically destroyed.

It is very painful for babies and has a very bad solution. These baby teeth must be fixed because their cavities can irreversibly affect the germ of the final tooth. Preventing early cavities in baby teeth is essential to preserving dental health in children.

Cavities in milk teeth should be filled as soon as possible to avoid damaging the permanent tooth. The temporary nature of milk teeth should not delay the healing of a cavity because it is almost more important to cure caries of the milk tooth than of the permanent one, if we take into account that the caries is formed by bacteria, which get inside of the tooth, go through the root of the temporal and can affect the permanent. Therefore, it is important to fill the cavities of the milk teeth to avoid major problems in the final ones.

Fluoridations. As a preventive measure, fluoridations can be performed in the dentist's office every six months in children who have a higher risk of cavities or who have rampant cavities, which are the most aggressive. Fluoridation prevents tooth decay in children because its role is preventive. Fluorine acts as a protective shield, since it acts as a large-scale varnish, which will prevent the acid caused by plaque bacteria from entering the tooth and causing cavities. Fluoridations are high concentration fluoride baths, applied for 4 minutes, on children's teeth.

Molar sealing. A sealant is a resin, which gradually releases a large amount of fluoride and which is usually placed on the fissures of children's first permanent teeth to prevent these fissures from storing plaque and early cavities from appearing in a permanent tooth. These first molars sprout in the gum from the age of 6 and that is when fissures can be sealed. To place the sealant on the teeth it is important that the fissures are clean, that is, that they do not accumulate an initial cavity because then, the effect would be the opposite, and the caries would develop faster. For this reason, it is essential to carry out a thorough cleaning beforehand over the entire surface of the grinding wheel where the seal will be placed in the fissure. Sealants are very good as a cavity preventive, but like fillings, they are temporary and wear off over time.

Advice: Gustavo Camañas, dentist and medical director of Vitaldent.

Marisol New.

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Πρωτεΐνες Vs Παιδικές Τροφές and Κρέμες

Name Emilie - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From the Latin Aemilius, name of a Roman family. In the 19th century, Saint Emilie founded the teaching order of the Sisters of the Holy Family to treat the sick at home. A name full of sweetness and that we often find in literature. Please ? The Emilie are celebrated on September 19th. Its derivatives: Emilia, Emily, Emy, Milly, Aemilia, Millian, Melia.

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Soup and fish puree recipes for kids

Soup and fish puree recipes for kids

Spoon plates are ideal for cold periods, and it is also a good way to include the foods that children like least, such as fish, in the diet of children. There are many recipes for soups and creams that combine different vegetables and fish to make very complete meals or dinners for children.

Fish is one of the healthiest foods for children and adults, and we must include it regularly in their diet. Soups and creams are a good way for children to be encouraged to eat fish, that's why on our site we propose these recipes.

Try these simple and nutritious fish recipes for kids' lunch or dinner.

Fish and vegetable soup. Fish soup is one of the most typical examples of traditional cuisine. A grandmother's recipe that is ideal for children's dinner. Easy Fish and Vegetable Soup Recipe for Kids

Seafood soup. Seafood soup recipe for children. How to make a seafood soup for children's dinner. Easy recipes with fish and seafood for children. Easy seafood soup.

White fish puree. This soft puree of white fish with vegetables contains everything you need to be a healthy and balanced dinner for your baby. A homemade recipe for children with many vitamins. This rich and healthy fish puree can be introduced in the tenth month of baby's life.

Soft fish soup. With this simple fish soup for sick children you can give your children a healthy food with a soft diet but that is tasty. Fish soup recipe for children. Easy recipes with fish for children.

Noodle soup with fish balls. Fish is important but the 'little ones' don't usually like it. Here you have a noodle soup with fish balls, an original and fun recipe for children. Simple fish and noodle soup recipe for kids.

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