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The first edition of the International Theater Festival for Children "100, 1,000, 1,000,000 stories", organized by the Ion Creanga Theater, the City Hall of Bucharest and the Romanian Television Society, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs and of the Romanian Theater Union (UNITER ), means rooms full of children who enthusiastically live the wonderful adventures of story heroes.

The first edition of the International Theater Festival for Children "100, 1,000, 1,000,000 stories", organized by the Ion Creanga Theater, the City Hall of Bucharest and the Romanian Television Society, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs and of the Romanian Theater Union (UNITER ), means rooms full of children who enthusiastically live the wonderful adventures of story heroes.
For the children admitted to the Grigore Alexandrescu hospital, UNITER organized the Clinical Clown shows, supported by a group of eight actors coordinated by Dr. Alexandra Zugravescu, who works to educate the little ones and to protect the rights of the child during the hospitalization.
Through the artistic activity carried out in hospitals, the imagination of the child, parents and medical staff is developed, managing to accentuate the educational side of these activities.

The project was also joined by Superbebe magazine, which, during the festival, offered gifts to the children in each hospital room.
The action is supported by the Cliniclown Foundation of the Netherlands, which works annually in hospitals with over 1200 children and during the summer organizes training courses for the actors who want to get involved in this work.
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The sweetness of the donuts

The sweetness of the donuts resembles the taste of the melon of green melon. It is very tasty and can be used in different desserts.

Preparation time

80 minutes + 6 hours (macerated)




1.5 kg donuts

1 kg old


3 glasses apart

Method of preparation

Wash the donuts and cut into cubes. Clean the seeds well and place them in a large bowl, and over them sprinkle the sugar and pour the lemon juice. Mix well and cover the respective bowl.

You must leave it to macerate for at least 4 hours. All the composition in the refrigerator is put in a pot and let boil for about 15 minutes.

Make sure you mix it so it doesn't stick, then put the composition back in the bowl. Leave the cake to cool, then place in the refrigerator for a few hours. Put it back to a boil over low heat.

Now add the vanilla and mix well. Allow to simmer for about 20 minutes.

Put the hot candy in jars and keep it a few days covered with beds.

The type of kitchen


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Cervical erosion (neck injury): symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment

Cervical erosion is caused by chronic infections, unusual pH balance, increased estrogen levels and trauma. It is an inflammation of the cells of the cervix, which occurs when the squamous cells from the opening of the urinary tract turn into columnar cells.

"This causes irritation, redness and inflammation and is sometimes impossible to distinguish from temporary cervical cancer. This problem brings with it a number of symptoms, such as abnormal secretions, cases of infertility, back pain, bleeding, but others depending on body and how it manifests itself in certain conditions, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecology primary physician.

What are the causes?

Any woman may suffer from cervical erosion, although it is more common in women during the fertile years. This may have different causes, but it may come from infections, carcinoma or other traumas, such as that caused during multiple births. It is also caused by chronic and acute infections.

"This inflammation could affect even young women if they use contraceptive pills. With these, some women tend to use intravaginal devices for extended periods of time, such as internal tampons that are another cause of cervical injury. Also, women who have multiple pregnancies, start their sexual life too early or have poor hygiene, have a higher percentage of suffering from this condition, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Symptoms of cervical erosion

"This gynecological problem is very common in my patients, which it detects after routine control. However, many women show no symptoms, even if the disease is in an advanced stage. But there are some symptoms that may coincide with other gynecological problems, such as difficulty in urination, pain or bleeding after intercourse, vaginal discharge or leukorrhea, ”explains Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Even if one Pap test does not accurately indicate what is the current problem, a thorough control is the solution to detect this condition, which is often silent. Cervical erosion causes infections, which are more common in epithelium, because they create ideal conditions for internal organisms to develop. This is how the cervix begins to turn red and become grainy.

Other symptoms include:

- neck pain;

- cervical pain

- alergic reactions;

- redness of the eyes;

- abdominal pain;

- bleeding after sexual intercourse;

- changes in the menstrual cycle;

- burns;

- back pain.


Sometimes no specific treatment is recommended, especially for women who are not symptomatic. However, if the person presents with pain, complications and specific symptoms, such as vaginal discharge or leukorrhea, bleeding after intercourse and problems with urine flow, a specific treatment is recommended to prevent possible infections and other complications.

"Some treatments include specific medications, but there are advanced cases where the only solution is cervical or laser cauterization. On the other hand, women who have this infection and are not yet sexually active should go to the specialist doctor. to check the health of the genital tract. At present, any negative results of the Pap test must be thoroughly investigated, in order to prevent the occurrence and aggravation of genital disorders, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Although the wound does not cause a problem per se, it must be treated because it can lead to many other problems, depending on the size of the wound. This does not prevent pregnancy, but can cause serious problems during pregnancy, especially as pregnant women are more prone to infections. Do not leave your health to chance and visit your gynecologist regularly.

Dr. Silviu Istoc is a primary obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery and at the ProVita Clinic. More details can be read on www.dristoc.ro and on the Facebook page: //www.facebook.com/DrSilviuIstoc.

What do parents think about?

Just as you arrive home with your little, well, jerky baggage, it also changes what you are changing. Whoever thinks of having a party, 8 ounces of sleeping sound much more attractive! And what are you up to?

"7 in the evening, the end of a crowded day. I come home to a quiet, bright home. I'm ready to do the washing, my clothes are neatly folded in my closet. and then watch the latest episode of my favorite show "- HaelyWhat do exhausted parents dream about?
Photo: iStock
"I just take the kids to school in the morning and it is not their music that gives birth but what I want to listen to. I can sing out loud and nobody asks for anything, such as who would win, a crocodile or a light one" - Samantha"It's morning, the sun is shining through the window. My boyfriend shows up, fresh coffee in his hand and some sliced ​​fruit in his hand. I have to drink my coffee and relax. Nobody wants anything from me and I don't have to run anywhere "- Lauren"It's evening. We pour a glass of wine for my wife and myself. The kids line up in front of me and say, hey, daddy, we had dinner, we got after us, we got cold, and we went to dinner tomorrow. ! " - Zach"My husband managed to lay the kids down, and now we're finally on the couch. We've selected a good little movie. And we're able to make sure none of us sleeps over!" - Bruce"Saturday morning. My head is terribly tired, and I just want my mom to babusgass like her old. My mom just shows up! Not only did she bring me some real homemade delicacies, but she would give the kid a full day." Renee"My kids come up with a new game: they want to be my servant all day. Anything, please do it right away. Make my favorite snacks, bring me the remote, massage my foot ..." - Brad"Something is disturbing you in the Force, and my child is about seven o'clock in the evening, and now I have to go to bed right now. I'm going to be in big trouble if I stay up. I have to lie down on my sleeping day also on the next day "- Bruce(Via)Also worth reading:
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Travel in the world of reefs

Travel in the world of reefs
November 30, 2013, 11.00 am
Presented by: George Stefan Nazareanu
The reefs are lithological bodies of calcareous nature, massive or stratified, generated by fixed benthic organisms (corals, stromatoporids, calcareous algae, etc.) in warm, clear and well oxygenated marine waters. They can generally be found up to 60 meters deep.

In this conference, we will make a digital journey in the spectacular world of reefs, a world as abstract, so interesting, full of unique organisms and painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Moreover, we will meet arlechni, clowns, surgeons, leopards, as well as other special inhabitants of the reefs.
Together we will find out how this world was created, how organisms existing in this environment interact and co-exist, which are the factors that threaten the reefs with disappearance and what measures need to be taken globally to conserve the few reefs that still exist.
The conference is part of the educational program: "In Antipa, behind closed doors"
Participation in the event is based on the ticket for visiting the Museum: students and students - 5 lei, pensioners - 10 lei, adults - 20 lei.
Participants can register up to 70 places by phone: 021.305.60.31 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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You are friends with the imagination

About three-thirds of the three-year-olds have an imaginary friend. It is often about animals, children, or precisely unimaginable girls.

You are friends with the imagination

Every imaginative friend can call her, she always understands and behaves as the child assigns her role: she protects her, gives her the truth, besides her. two thirds of the enlightenment friends have imaginary friends. In the past, this loneliness has been interpreted, but today especially positive for childhood fantasy, imagination and creativity psychologists. Usually children who have imaginative friends who have a strong imagination, color fantasy, richer vocabulary, so we speak of a very positive phenomenon, which is considered by the natural psychic mind.
This is the age (from the very beginning of kindergarten to eight years) when a child begins to sense a difference between a reality and a fantasy, but does not seem to draw a strict line. An imaginary friend can have a range of special abilities, develop, stay with the child, and help him or her in difficult situations.
It is a sign of trust if you involve the parents of the young child in your fantasy toys. This is their area, let's not criticize it because it is closing in quickly. Feel free to take part in the feeding of non-existent dogs, to conceive a fictional story, but let your young child be active in the control.
What a parent should never do is laugh, laugh, don't say they don't even seem so friendly. Let the child decide how much he / she wants to involve the parent in his / her fantasy games. If the parent is not open at all, he or she encourages the child to conceal these images, games. However, these special expressions of imagination can help the child in difficult life situations, which he is not yet able to verbalize.
Imagined girls over time apologize, but it is only in exceptional cases that a small child, when turned away from reality, feels good about his or her non-existent companions. Usually one day to the next, most of the 8-9 years old friends disappear.
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