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The carnival costume of animals. Stories for children

5 things to do with the child up to 10 years

5 things to do with the child up to 10 years

In order for your little one to develop psychically harmonious, you need to pay your attention, especially up to the age of 10, no matter how happy you are with the school you are attending. Normally, your child's school program will provide them with appropriate reading, writing, synthesis and memorization skills up to the age of 10.

Reading with him, telling him to tell you readings to develop his vocabulary, you can supplement the development of your little one's skills.

In addition to the school competencies of your child, you must pay attention to the following areas of interest.

Exploring the world

Stimulate your little boy's interest for knowledge by taking him to the library and teaching him to discover the educational side of the Internet.

Excursions to areas of historical or geographical interest can help him develop his interest in getting to know the world around him.

Work and reward

By the age of 10, help your child understand the work and the reward. This is the perfect time to inspire and discipline them.

Promote your child a reward (favorite dessert, a toy, the extension of the TV or computer program) in exchange for a special task that will take him at least an hour or two.

The work does not have to be cleanliness and order in your own room, as they must not involve any rewards.

Arts and DIY

Even if your little one has hours of manual work in the school hours, help him develop his creative side at home, where he will feel more at home, in the absence of the social pressures of the school community.
With watercolors or a little colored paper, scissors and glue, your child will be able to express his creativity.

Lessons on tolerance and pacifism

By the age of 10, your child should already know how to relate to members of minorities, how not to discriminate against different children, and how to avoid violent situations.
Teach him to control his anger and seek solutions without violence, which will not endanger him or those around him.

Introduction to spirituality

Most children develop the concept of death by the age of school. Give your little one an introduction to spirituality that can reflect your vision on important spiritual issues. Do not go into too much detail, but provide additional information when you ask.

Take care of all these important aspects in the development of your child, to ensure a balanced and harmonious development.

Author: Teodora Gheorghe

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The most well-known writing disorder today is dyslexia. However, there are other alterations that can appear in the area of ​​reading and writing. Among them, we find disortography.

Dysorthography is the difficulty in mastering the principles of spelling. Difficulties appear when associating the written code, the spelling rules and the writing of the words, and is characterized by the repetition of the same errors, without being able to correct them or assimilate the spelling rules.

There are different factors that can be the cause of this disorder and they can be classified into different groups:

- Intellectual causes: they cause difficulty in acquiring basic spelling. It is not the most relevant cause, but it may be associated with other types of difficulties that are important.

- Linguistic causes: These refer to a difficulty in acquiring language, in any of its areas (vocabulary, articulation ...)

- Causes of a pedagogical nature: These are related to the educational method used when teaching the spelling rules to children.

- Perceptual causes: they refer to visual and auditory processing, which is decisive for the development of spelling. This group includes aspects such as visual and auditory memory, and spatio-temporal orientation.

- Emotional causes: they are related to a low level of motivation.

In the writing of children with this disorder, different errors can appear. Some of them are the following:

- Linguistic-perceptual errors: some of them are, substitutions of phonemes for other similar ones by the point or mode of articulation, omissions, additions or inversions of phonemes, syllables or words.

- Visuospatial errors: among them we find substitutions of similar letters, mirror writing, confusion of phonemes that have double spelling, omission of the / h / ...

- Visual auditory errors: They consist of the difficulty of associating the grapheme and the phoneme. These children change one letter to another in a random way.

- Content errors: these children may make inappropriate fragmentation and joining when writing.

- Errors related to spelling rules: consist of not complying with the fundamental spelling rules. Example: do not put m before p and b.

Before beginning to work with children with dysorthography, it is very important make a record of the spelling errors they make in order to individualize the treatment.

To diagnose it, the most used techniques are dictation, copying a text, copying a text with another font (for example, italics) and free writing. In addition, there are specific evaluation tests for this purpose. It is important to detect the origin of the existing difficulties in order to correctly guide the child and his family.

Some examples of activities that can be done with these children are:

- Work on the rhythm of literacy. This consists of tapping or tapping on the table the rhythm that the child should follow while reading.

- Detect intrusive letter. We provide the child with a list of words that share a phoneme, except for one. Example: pan-mal-par-paz. The child must be able to recognize that the word that is left over is wrong because it does not contain the phoneme / m /.

- Make rhymes in writing. Example: write words that rhyme with lion.

- The self-taught technique. Before writing a sentence, the child must analyze it fragment by fragment and then reproduce it without making mistakes.

- Cacographic list: It consists of making an inventory with the mistakes that the student makes. He must copy in a notebook all the spelling errors that he makes in his writings. With this list there will be memorization, dictation, sentence construction activities using these words, classifications, lexical families ...

- Figure-ground perception. This activity consists of working on visual discrimination through exercises in which the figure and the background must be perceived in an image.

- When there are errors in the spelling rules, they can be made activities like memorization, complete words where the letter being worked on is missing, form words that contain the spelling rule.

- Generalization: Exercises should be done to make it easier for the child, once he has learned the word, to integrate it into his active vocabulary and make use of it.

If you suspect that your child may have this pathology, contact your tutor at school, and consult your speech therapist. They will know what to do!

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Its purpose is the detection, adjustment and prevention of disturbances, which interfere with the normal functioning of the nervous system.
Chiropractic effectively reduces regurgitation, gas, colic, torticollis, asymmetries of the head, excessive crying, in short all tensions related to birth

Education through techniques borrowed from the theater now has an online resource that can be used at home, at school or in communities across the country. The dramatic art guide "Grow through the theater", developed by UPC Romania and the Theater "Ion Creanga", can be downloaded free of charge by accessing the Resources category on www.cresteprinteatru.ro.

The "Grow through the Theater" guide helps you understand how the psychology of children between the ages of 7 and 10 works, details the stages of development during this period and especially describes the methods of alternative education through dramatic art techniques.

"The" Grow through the Theater "initiative is unique in Romania because it involves the application of dramatic art techniques to the personal development of children. The first stage of the program was successfully completed, so UPC Romania supported the development of the guide, as a resource for those who they want to take on this model of alternative education and join us in cultivating the potential of the new generation, "says Ariana Badin, PR & Communication Director, UPC Romania.

If you are interested in applying these alternative educational methods inspired by acting, the guide is a good working tool, offering examples of exercises and observations made during 12 workshops under the guidance of a psychologist and an expert in the performing arts.

Education through play

"Childhood is the defining interval in the life of each of us, which marks the reference points of the personality. The theater approaches the particularities of childhood through its own: the game. This is a very appropriate tool in the education of the child, which does not make a clear distinction between play and learning. The experience of the first series of workshops demonstrated the practice of memorization processes, logical association, stimulating inventiveness and especially the development of a partnership relationship in a group, "says Dr. Psychologist Carmen Anghelescu.

The educational material was elaborated by the psychologist Carmen Anghelescu, in collaboration with the expert in the dramatic art Marcela Andrei and also includes the working methodology within the workshops, as well as the psychological objectives pursued during the program "It grows through the theater".

The first stage of the program "Grow through the theater" ended in December 2010, and the results obtained after working with the first group of children were presented in a demonstration workshop with the public.

Download the Dramatic Art Guide for free.

The program "Grow through the theater" is in progress and has reached the second series of workshops. Registration continues on the website www.cresteprinteatru.ro, and the next preselection will take place in April 2011.

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This name owes its spread in Europe to the wise man who, according to legend, offered incense to the baby Jesus.

It comes from gazbar or kansbar: "treasurer, administrator"

January 6, June 12, July 14, September 26, December 28


  • Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, Spanish writer and politician (1744-1811)
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Attention to Halitosis in Children!

Attention to Halitosis in Children!

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