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The family has taken the thermometer to the town hall - The town hall

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Ebba: origin and meaning of the name for girl Ebba

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Ebba.

Spread by some saints, among whom Saint Ebba, 7th century English abbess, sister of Oswaldo, King of Northumbria, founder of a Benedictine convent at Coldingham.

Hypocoristic form of Edburga.

August 24


  • Saint Sweet, virgin and martyr in Etruria.

Drawing of the name Ebba coloring page printable game

Ebba: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Ebba coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Ebba coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Ebba name to color and print

CoppéliaThe purpose of this collection developed in partnership with Radio classique? To discover and love a classical musician. Coppelia is the last gem. It's a sad story, that of old Coppelius, a clever watchmaker that everyone thought was a magician, but who suffered so much for not having a child that he had made one, a girl that he named Coppélia ... This tale is told with the soft voice of Elodie Fondacci on the music of Léo Delibes. Gautier-Languereau, € 21.76. Where to find it?

The purpose of this collection developed in partnership with Radio classique? To discover and love a classical musician. Coppelia is the last gem. It's a sad story, that of old Coppelius, a clever watchmaker that everyone thought was a magician, but who suffered so much for not having a child that he had made one, a girl that he named Coppélia ... This tale is told with the soft voice of Elodie Fondacci on the music of Léo Delibes.
Gautier-Languereau, € 21.76.
Where to find it?

The horoscope can be a variety of things, but the issue of baby acquisition is completely new. How does your zodiac influence the way you are pregnant?

As a baby, he is sensitive to the transformation in and around him, and in the light of his experience can almost completely re-interpret the world. This process can sometimes require complete peace of mind, so you may occasionally be completely distracted by the lure and refuse the kindest interest. Then he switches to cargo speed, and by means of a horsepower, he accomplishes his task by activating his environment.
It does not clean itself, but generally looks good on loads. Even if you are ill at the time of your betrayal, you will gather yourself together as soon as possible, and will be as complete as if nothing had happened. If you have any problems during your pregnancy, you can almost immediately multiply your energy by fighting to the end to reach your goal.
You may have a tendency to live life to the fullest, so being a toddler or being prepared with medical attention to anticipate events, or reassuring yourself and your baby about the last minute. It is difficult to ask for or accept help, but rather to handle everything yourself - especially if you think your child's father is not very enthusiastic about his new role. It may take a lot of perseverance to regain your confidence. Your mood, mood, water gymnastics or baby boom can be good for your mood. With perseverance and strength, you can give other pregnant women the strength to overcome their hardships.
Our articles about getting pregnant:

Such a pregnant woman is a scorpion

Nutritional deficiencies in pregnancy

When a pregnant woman does not have a healthy diet during pregnancy, the fetus can suffer numerous deficiencies. Low birth weight, nutritional deficiencies, birth defects or mental retardation are just some of the problems that a child may have.

Calories during pregnancy

When you are pregnant you need to consume 300 extra calories per day. If you are pregnant with twins, your caloric intake should increase even more, depending on the doctor's recommendations.

But you have to be very careful about these extra calories. Try to choose healthy and fresh foods and foods. Also, during pregnancy, you should consume foods in combination with vitamin supplements that you must take daily. Obviously, these supplements are prescribed by the doctor.

A varied diet, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you consume the necessary calories for both your health and that of your child. This way, however, you will only consume healthy preparations, which will not adversely affect your health or weight.

Avoid fast foods, fats and foods high in salt and sugar. These foods contain only empty calories, without nutritional value.

Nutrition during pregnancy

A healthy and balanced diet will have a major impact on the way you feel. During pregnancy, you will need foods that increase your energy.

The extra calories will give you the energy you need, but it is very important that the food you choose is of good quality.

This way you will have nine months of pregnancy without any problems. With the right nutrition you will avoid discomfort, heartburn, constipation, fatigue and many of the problems specific to the pregnancy period.

Another benefit of proper nutrition is the rapid recovery after birth. Your body will be in good health and will heal faster.

Nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are much more vulnerable due to hormonal changes and metabolic needs. Raising the placenta and fetus are changes that put an imprint on how women feed during pregnancy.

Women who do not feed properly are more exposed to the risk of infection, premature birth or delay in newborns.

One of the disorders caused by poor nutrition is anemia, or iron deficiency. Also, during pregnancy, women have significant deficiencies of iodine, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B.

After conceiving a child it is important to provide the body with the necessary iron. Consume foods such as beef, poultry, liver, whole grains, raisins or plums.

During pregnancy you need a lot of calcium, which is used by the fetus for bone development. Add calcium-rich foods such as milk, dairy, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, almonds, eggs and seafood to your diet.

The lack of zinc in the body can lead to premature birth or loss of pregnancy. To avoid these problems, eat foods such as egg yolks, seafood, meat, liver, whole grains, mushrooms, sunflower seeds or pumpkin.

To avoid vitamin B6 deficiency it is advisable to consume beef liver, chicken breast, avocado, bananas, potatoes or eggs.

Also, during pregnancy it is advisable to eat foods high in folic acid: nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs.

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Hernias in children

Hernias in children

Hernias in children can occur quite frequently. Hernia is a swelling that occurs due to the displacement of an organ or tissue. Hernia can occur in the groin, abdomen or diagraph.
In the most common children are the inguinal hernias (which appear in the genital area) and the umbilical hernias (which appear around the navel).

What are the causes of inguinal hernia?

During pregnancy, the boys' testicles develop in the abdomen, and then before birth they are pushed through the groin canal and lower into the scrotal sac.
In girls, the ovaries descend through the groin canal into the pelvis, and then that passage through the abdominal wall should close.
In about 5% of children (most boys, and especially those born prematurely), those openings remain large enough for an intestinal tract to cross.

Does my boy have inguinal hernia?

You will notice a firm swelling, about the size of a finger in the groin canal or in the scrotum area. It can protrude when the child is active or when crying, and then return to the abdomen when it relaxes.

What should I do?

If you suspect that your child has an inguinal hernia, talk to his doctor. It is very likely that he will recommend a minor surgery because the intestinal tract that causes the swelling can get stuck at a certain point, disrupting blood circulation and can irreversibly affect the tissue.
If this happens, you will notice that the swelling becomes larger, stronger and darker and you will not be able to push it back into the abdominal wall. Your baby may have pain and may vomit. At this point, you are urgently going to the guard room because he urgently needs surgery.

What else can cause swelling of the testicles?

Your baby may have hydrocellus, a fluid collection around the testicles caused by a small opening in the abdominal wall. Sometimes the hydrocell may be spontaneously resolved, at other times it may require minor surgery to drain the fluid and repair the abdominal opening.
The hydrocell is not painful but if it gets bigger it can be uncomfortable. If you think your child has hydrocele talk to his doctor.
Also, go with your child to the doctor if his scrotum is red, sensitive and swollen, these symptoms can signal other rare but serious diseases, such as testicular torsion (a crossover of the spermatic ducts).

Does my little girl have inguinal hernia?

It is very unusual for a girl to have inguinal hernia, but it can happen occasionally. In this case, an intestinal loop is pushed through the abdominal wall into the groin or sometimes further, close to the lip (skin near the vagina).
The swelling has the same characteristics as in boys and can also be resolved with a minor surgery.

Does my child have umbilical hernia?

Umbilical hernia occurs in 1-20% of children, more often in girls than in boys, premature babies and children of African origin. In most cases it is not disturbing or painful.
While the baby is in the mother's womb, it has a tummy tuck in the abdominal wall, below the belly. As it develops, this hole should close when the abdominal muscles intersect and "weld". In some children, these muscles do not completely "weld" and remain a hole the size of a fingertip.
If your child has oblique herniation, you will notice that an area around the navel swells when crying or stretching; it is usually due to air pressure in the abdomen.

Does umbilical hernia need treatment?

Even though it looks impressive - in rare cases, the swelling may be the size of a plum - umbilical hernia usually does not cause problems as long as it is not hard or extremely swollen. If these signs appear, go to your doctor immediately with your child.
Most of the time the hernia will be resolved spontaneously by the age of 2-3 years and in other cases the situation will improve by the age of 5 years.
In very rare cases, an intestinal tract may be trapped in that opening and this will interrupt the vascularization in that area and require emergency surgery. If you notice a swelling, hardness or discoloration around that area, especially if your child is vomiting or in pain, go to the emergency room with him / her urgently.
Ana Maties

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Early risers, for health, are ahead of the night owls, according to a Finnish study.

Night owls can crawl in the evenings

"The results show that the owls of the night have moved out and they are malnourished, more saccharose, fat, and saturated fatty acids are introduced into the body in the Dukes of Delhi than their littermates, " Mirkka Maukonen, head of research.Lona Sandon, a dietitian at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center was not surprised by the results. In his opinion, physiology and biology play an important role here. "Korбbbi tanulmбnyok you have already bebizonyнtottбk that йtvбgy йs metabolism kialakнtбsбban hormones jбtszanak role that level jбtszik vбltozik. The alvбs idхzнtйse йs mennyisйge valуszнnыleg in the day with these hormones termelхdйsйben, нgy meghatбrozу can йtvбgy йs the йtel vбlasztбs people kцzti kьlцnbsйgйben ugyanъgy as in body composition and weight. "What would a night owl do? "Changing sleep patterns is very difficult, just like your eating routine. However, in March, it is worth it for people who want to do health, "Sandon explained. the night owls they move less, they are more common in sleep disorders and more likely to smoke. Least-lying ones are also less likely to have a health profile compared to lichens. In the nutrition study, each participant maintained a meal diary of 48 urns, which included daily calorie intake, carbohydrate, sugar, fiber, white, fat, saturated fatty acid, and alcohol. In another study, the amount of sleep and the time of daily awakening were recorded. Half of the participants proved to be lark, while only 12% fell into the group of night owls. 39% were somewhere in between. Daily calorie intake was similar in early and early dormancy, but owls in the night ingested 4% less calories before 10 o'clock, resulting in lower energy intake. " sympathy, therefore dud and night owls they are easier on unhealthy sugary, junk foods"Maukonen said. In other words, less carbohydrates, white and fat were consumed in the sun, with the exception of significantly more sugar being ingested in the morning and evening after 8 o'clock in the morning. The results do not mean that longer nights lead to obsolescence, and research has found only a correlation between certain habits, and cannot prove a causal relationship, and has been published in Obesity.Related Articles:
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You can have menopause even if you just had a baby

You can have menopause even if you just had a baby

Pregnant woman is beautiful…

Pregnancy is one of the most special periods that women can survive in spite of all their problems. Our advice to you, although a little difficult, but not neglect your health as well as enjoy the beauty of this period to the end! More than a few weight gain, expectant mother, face spots, skin type changes, hair thickening or thinning is inevitable. But this does not mean that pregnant women cannot be beautiful; what is important is that they do not neglect their daily care by using their pregnancy as an excuse.

How should a pregnant woman have makeup?

Accurate and conscious makeup can create miracles during pregnancy. As well as being well-groomed, it makes the expectant mother feel much better, and it is also very useful psychologically. What should a pregnant woman pay attention to during make-up? The main point that should be considered while doing makeup during pregnancy is that the makeup is made light and without exaggeration. Pregnant women should not be missing from the make-up bags of products at the beginning of the closers. The best way to hide dark spots under the eyes and skin blemishes as a result of pregnancy is to use them. A yellow foundation, a pink blush and a lipstick of the appropriate color, which are very suitable for all skin types, are other products to complement the maternity makeup. To get the best results, the concealer (a ton more lighter than the foundation) should be applied before the foundation where it is needed. To refine the face, it's best to go for blush tricks. It is enough to apply a bronze-colored blush to the cheek and then apply shades of pink to the cheekbones that become evident when you laugh. Using a light and floral perfume is also a way to make the pregnant woman feel better. As it is known, the sense of smell in pregnancy increases.

How should pregnant women dress?

As everyone knows, it is thought that the most suitable for pregnant women is to wear maternity clothes. However, some mothers say that they are comfortable in daily clothes provided that they are comfortable and fit to their bodies. In fact, the most important one is to find the right style for him and to dress like that. And, of course, he feels very, very good in them. People who are self-confident are happy to wear whatever they wear, and no matter how they look.

A frequently asked question: is it harmful to dye hair?

One of the most frequently asked questions by pregnant women is whether it is inconvenient to dye hair during pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Doctors generally agree that the first three months should be waited and hair should not be interfered with. Although there is no clear evidence that the chemicals used in the production of hair dyes are harmful to the health of the mother and the baby, no doctor or specialist can give your mother the chance to dye your hair with peace of mind. Temporary and permanent hair dyes do not contain toxic substances, It is absorbed by the scalp and the mother thus passes into the system of the baby. This is thought to be risky. From this point of view, the application of the strands, such as shadows, rather than the scalp, is far less risky. Nevertheless, it should not be too long to process all the chemical processes.

Dyes prepared with natural substances may also be an alternative for this period. However, it should be noted that many of these may contain some synthetic substances.

However, it is very important that the expectant mother feels herself beautiful; The other half of the dye has come from a different color than the other hair can not do with this fact. So what to do? Experts say that it is best for women to dye their hair before they get pregnant and spend this period like this.

Sweet surprises of pregnancy

- During pregnancy, hair becomes beautiful, hair strands thicken, and during this nine-month period, there is almost no shedding.
- Many pregnant women look extremely healthy. They owe it to their skin, which has a beautiful color under the influence of hormones and accelerated blood circulation.
- Many men love the look of their husband's pregnant.

Things to keep in mind while pregnant

- Remember, you're not fat, you're just pregnant.
- You can wear clothes that reveal your pregnancy because it is not concealable but a boast.
- Soon you will bring a baby to the world, so you have the right to pamper yourself to the end; manicure, pedicure and beautiful underwear for example!
- Do not forget to exercise. This will both help birth and make it easier for you to return to your normal form after birth.

Watch out for bra selection!

Pregnant mothers should take care of the use of bras that provide the necessary support considering the changes that will occur in their breasts from the first months of pregnancy. Finding the most suitable and stylish bra is half of the shopping process. Therefore, when buying a bra, you should be very sensitive about ”size ve and you should buy new bras for this period.

Cracks; annoying!

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that there will be some changes and problems on your skin during pregnancy, as in every part of your body. However, these problems can be overcome with minimum damage by taking necessary precautions. Research shows that the most common aesthetic problems that women complain during pregnancy are cracks.

In fact, human skin has a very flexible structure. However, if this structure extends beyond its capacity, then collagen fibers found under the skin can be torn. This results in cracks. Do these cracks disappear after birth? The right thing to say about this is that it is not yet possible to eliminate the cracks after birth. Therefore, using the most perfect products to ensure that they never occur.

There are many measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of cracks. First of all, you should take care not to gain excess weight during pregnancy. Because the biggest cause of the formation of cracks, sudden and excessive weight gain. For this reason, you should eat a balanced diet during your pregnancy, drink plenty of water to moisturize your skin and as a result, after the third month of pregnancy, you should regularly use anti-creams cream. If you continue these recommendations for two months after birth, you will avoid such problems that may arise after birth.

In the morning, you can prefer quick-acting and non-greasy, anti-cracking milk. At night you should use more intense and moisturizing creams. When applying these products, a massage with light touches will be beneficial for your skin and the light temperature of the massage will make the product more effective.

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Sebastian, from the Greek sebastos, "revered". Saint Sebastian was a Roman soldier converted to Christianity and died as a martyr in the third century. He is often represented in the arts, attached to a pole, his body pierced with arrows. His birthday: January 20th.

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Baby's first steps

There is nothing more pleasant and at the same time more challenging for parents than being able to see their baby begin to take his first steps. It is a really special moment, which marks a stage.

The baby grows, already sits, gets up, turns around, stands up, clings to the bars of the crib, and for a few weeks it has not stopped crawling and crawling around every corner of the house. His feeling of freedom is contagious. Being able to move around is fun and an important step in developing your skills and confidence.

The baby no longer stops moving. Now he distracts himself by holding onto furniture and as much as he can, to seek support and to be on his feet longer, andbeing able to interact with people and things.

There is very little left for him to walk by himself. There is little left for you, the parents, to stand at a distance from him, and call him to walk towards you. And the baby will come, smiling, with his arms somewhat balanced, and will take one step after another, until he can hug them. You will feel the happiest and proud parents in the world, and your baby will be completing one more stage of his growth.

There is no set age for the baby to start walking. It is the same when the baby says the first word or the first babbles. Some babies start walking at nine months, and others at 12 or 13 months of age. Parents should only start to worry when the baby does not walk after 18 months. In this case, it is necessary that they go to the pediatrician to receive the necessary guidance, or to rule out any problem in this regard.

Some experts claim that a baby's walking is genetic. If his parents walked at a young age, the baby will too. The same will happen if there was any delay. Apart from that, walking early or not is related to the baby's physique, his weight, his height, if he has any problems or any disorder, if he exercises, if he receives stimuli in this regard or not. It all also depends on your environment.

Independence is not always very easy to achieve. As well needs guidance and support. And a lot of control. When parents notice that the baby wants to take its first steps, without holding on to their fingers or hands, or without clinging to furniture, care and safety is very important.

At this stage, a fall can represent a reversal in the process. For this reason, it is extremely necessary that the baby is always kept in a safe and protected environment. This means that the baby must move in a safe environment, where there are no sharp objects, no unprotected corners, and free of risks such as exposed electrical outlets. Make it a quiet, clean environment with plenty of free space.

Falls are often unavoidable. In the event that the baby takes a hit when trying to stand alone, be careful not to scare him more with your reaction. Fear, fright, and insecurity are also learned.

When the baby bumps, try to calm and comfort him with encouragement so that he will try to walk again. Congratulate him on the attempt, and positively reinforce his effort to move. Otherwise, the baby will only appreciate failure, become frustrated, and feel that his attempt to walk is not worth it. If you keep encouraging him, very soon you will see yourself taking a picture or filming your baby taking his first steps.

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