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Tricot: our autumn-winter models

Hot striped sweaters, marinière, bonnets, scarves ... to knit a warm winter to your schoolboy, take inspiration from the models proposed in the October 2009 issue of. Explanations are given in sizes 4, 6 and 8 years old.

Striped blue mariner and hat

A very pretty sailor for your sailor! And to protect his little ears too, a matching soft hat.

The explanations of knitting.

Pink swimsuit

For your coquette, a loose-fitting model, but a magazine in old pink and knitted in a soft thread. Who's the cutest?

The explanations of knitting.

Striped sweater, scarf and beret

Want a cozy set? Why not this one and its pretty stripes. With its soft colors, it will go to both a girl and a boy.

The explanations of knitting.

Violet sailor and beret

Chic, a sailor! A mixed model, too, in trendy purple tones! And to top it off, a beret too cute.

The explanations of knitting.

Tricolor striped sweater

In the package of your sailor, this striped sweater will be the most beautiful effect. With its small buttons on the shoulders, it is easy to put on.

The explanations of knitting.

Marinière and chestnut hat

To face the bad weather, here is a soft sweater with its cap. The collar is original and the sides provide heat.

The explanations of knitting.

Looking for knitting patterns for your baby? Click here !

All our models have been made with Phildar knitting yarns.

Creations: Patricia Antoine, Catherine Bouquerel and Juliette Liétar.

Not playing, but interesting!


How to Make a Child Darth Vader Costume

How to Make a Child Darth Vader Costume

Putting on Darth Vader foam suit

Pregnancy calendar: the third week of pregnancy (5th SA)

How to Prepare for Childhood Above 40?

How to Prepare for Childhood Above 40?

Exercising regularly, strengthening your bones and eating right will not only damage your body daily, but it will also increase the success of your baby project.

How to Prepare for Childhood Above 40?

It is worthwhile to assess our nutritional status before having a baby, as quality and quantity differences affect the quality of the ovum and the ova and the ovaries. There are also two major trends affecting childbearing: at the same time, prospective parents who are planning to have a child are between the ages of 20 and mid-30s, or even over 50 or over. The number of those who live with excess weight is explosively increasing, and those who are younger are being affected. According to scientific data, both the higher parental age and the excess weight of the parents may adversely affect the success of the baby project, and it is not unlikely that the number of Age group 41% of males and 31% of females were overweight, or exacerbated, while 75% of males and 66% of females in the 35-64 age group were classified as overweight or obese. Even more alarming is the incidence of metabolic syndrome (the co-existence of several interrelated metabolic disorders): 27% of males aged 26-35, 16% of females, 28% of males 36-45 24% of women, 25% of men aged 46-55, and 33% of women had evidence of metabolic syndrome.These data suggest that it is worthwhile to have both at the age of 20 Parenting in good shape before having a child, and in the later stages of life, there are even greater benefits to adopting a healthy lifestyle. The first step in moving into an ideal form is assess your nutritional statussuch as body weight, body mass index (BMI) and body composition (muscle / fat ratio), different body weights, and skin thickness. Because of poor dietary habits, even with normal BMI or overweight, you may have high-quality starvation, such as laboratory tests (eg, Ca, Mg, post-management analysis can shed some light on this problem too.

Quality nutrition before the baby project

The membrane that surrounds the gametes, and the gamma itself, can be damaged by the release of free radicals, including stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and more.Environmental hazards. Therefore, a diet rich in free radical-binding antioxidants (vitamins, minerals) is essential.Vitamins and minerals well balanced nutrition with good nutritional composition (eg with the consumption of antioxidant lycopene tomatoes and tomato supplements), but may also need additional, nutritious, Vitamin D supplementation is also very important during a period of low light levels. Therefore, it is worth avoiding endocrine disruptors as much as possible, eg: by consuming organic foods, rinsing fruits, fruits, removing hair, using microwaves, PET bottles are used with restrictions.It is very important delivery of omega 3 fatty acids into the body, eg by consuming cold pressed linseed oil, rapeseed oil, fish oil or certain fish species. The problem is, however, that many valuable sea fish contain mercury due to environmental pollution, and white tuna, swordfish, mackerel, shark, seagull, and seafood should be avoided regularly. Enjoying agents for mourning, possibly complete withdrawal, as consuming more than 1x cigarettes per day, 3x1 servings of alcohol per week may have a negative impact on the quality of gametes. Of course, quitting may take up to a few weeks. the cigarette because they don't want to pull in after quitting. That is why it is recommended to focus on weight loss first, and once you have managed to lose a few kilos, you may start with a lean lifestyle that has already been practiced. If diet is recommended based on diet, you should not overdo your 1000-1500 calorie daily energy intake. saturated carbohydrates that require the elimination of excess calories, such as sugars and sugars, sweetened drinks, alcohol, sugar, fructose; 25% kцrьl whether бllati йs nцvйnyi fehйrje intake йs 30% kцrьli the fхleg telнtetlen zsнrsavakbуl бllу zsнrbevitel.Szerencsйre manapsбg tцbb a tбplбlkozбsi naplу applikбciу бll rendelkezйsьnkre which йlet ingested, the drink beнrбsakor kalуriatartalmon kнvьl the tбpanyag цsszetйtelrхl also tбjйkoztatбst ad.Nagyon The ..... is important adequate fluid intakeand a daily diet of at least 30 grams of fiber (eg, oat bran, greens, fruits), which is also useful in developing healthy microflora and helps to prevent catarrhal and gold-bearing problems.

Other things to do before the baby project

For a healthy lifestyle, besides eating regular exercise It is also included and useful for people with diets because of its increased energy use. According to the WHO, a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-to-high intensity aerobic exercise per week is recommended for adults with a healthy lifestyle; train for a minimum of 10 minutes; strengthening the musculoskeletal system at least twice a week and performing exercises to improve balance. For those who want to lose weight, 300 minutes of medium to high intensity aerobic exercise per week is recommended, while adhering to the other rules, and of course, in the event of a sedentary lifestyle, do your physical activity in your daily life (reducing the time you spend living, for example, getting up and walking 5-10 minutes; walking, cycling, walking, etc.) It is worth keeping a record baby elхtt project, as carried tъlzбsba edzйs csцkkentheti nхknйl the termйkenysйget hatбssal menstruбciуs on the cycle, while the testosterone fйrfiakban termelйs csцkkentйsйvel.Az egйszsйges йletmуd important rйsze eg .: the jу minхsйgы alvбs or daily stress level csцkkentйse which relaxбciуs or meditбciуs of course, it is also important that we make a little bit of a happy, well-functioning relationship every day, as this is the foundation of a baby project!Author of the article Dr. Gajdбcs Бgnes, a MediFat obesitologist, has over 20 years of experience in various areas of weight loss. That's why MediFat is developing Medical Electrolysis and Diet, which offers targeted body correction and weight loss without the need for surgery. He considers personalization to promote healthy lifestyles and slimness in an authentic, scientific, accessible form. Your blog can be found here.Related articles:
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