Provencal names: Alaïs

Provencal names: Alaïs

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Junior 3 x 3 junior tricycle, It's Magical

Junior 3 x 3 junior tricycle, It's Magical

A bucket seat for a good support, footrests: this model adapts to the smallest and will evolve until its 4 years. Its +: a removable sun visor. Its price: 139 €. More info here.

A bucket seat for a good support, footrests: this model adapts to the smallest and will evolve until its 4 years.
His +: a removable sun visor.
His price : 139 €.
More info here.

Why Is She Ignoring Me. 7 TRUTH TIPS!

Postcards and Christmas decorations with felt

Snow, lights, gifts ... Christmas is this and much more. Very special days to share with the family and enjoy with our children doing different activities, such as these felt crafts. Whether you want to make ornaments for the tree, congratulate Christmas or decorate the house, here you will find several proposals for different crafts, very simple, to make with felt.

Decorating the house at Christmas is the ritual that children enjoy the most. There are many traditions that we share at this time: set up the nativity scene, decorate the Christmas tree, prepare cookies, distribute garlands and lights around the house ... if you want this decoration to be more original, you can make your own decorations. Suggest that you put personalized cards or different decorations on your Christmas tree. An original and creative idea to live the Christmas holidays.

Holly wreath. We show you how to make a Christmas wreath with felt, very simple and original. our site proposes some Christmas crafts with felt to do with the children. An ideal ornament to decorate the front door of the house or the center of the table.

Christmas reindeer postcard. To have a fun time with the children, we propose crafts like this Christmas reindeer postcard made with felt, an original way to congratulate the holidays. Felt crafts for children. How to make a Christmas reindeer postcard step by step.

Postcard with Christmas balls. Christmas card with felt. Share the joy of Christmas with your children by making this postcard with Christmas balls, a felt craft for children. Christmas card craft. Christmas balls postcard.

Postcard with stars. The star is a central part of the Christmas decoration, now the children can recover the tradition to use it in this Christmas card with stars made with felt. Felt star Christmas postcard.

Christmas tree ornament. Christmas is coming and it is time to decorate the house. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of this decoration, a symbol that perfectly represents Christmas. Christmas tree ornament craft. Felt Christmas tree for children.

Postcard with Christmas bells. A good option for Christmas is children's crafts. Cards like this Christmas postcard with felt bells. Bell postcard craft made of felt. How to make a felt Christmas card.

Gingerbread cookie card. The little men or gingerbread men are one of the most sympathetic characters at Christmas. About them are stories, songs, and even cookie recipes. On this occasion, we suggest you make a felt gingerbread man to decorate a Christmas postcard. What do you think?

Christmas angel postcard. Enjoy with your children on those Christmas holidays, making this beautiful Christmas postcard, to congratulate friends and family. Learn how to make this beautiful card with a Christmas angel, made with felt. Christmas angel postcard made of felt. Christmas angel card with felt for children.

Santa's boot ornament. Felt boot to decorate Christmas. With this craft made with felt Christmas tree ornament, your tree will be more special, a very fun activity for children. Santa's boot ornament craft. How to make felt Christmas decorations.

Christmas postcard of Santa Claus. If you want to make an original and beautiful Christmas greeting with your children, at Guí we offer you this Christmas postcard craft with Santa's clothes as the protagonist. Santa Claus Christmas card craft. Homemade Santa Claus Christmas postcard.

Santa Claus's hat. Felt Santa hat. This year, instead of buying the Santa Claus hat, on our site we suggest that you create it at home in a homemade way. We show you how to make this classic red Santa hat very easily using felt.

Felt tree ornaments. What ornaments are you going to hang on your Christmas tree this year? On our site we suggest you make them at home in an easy and fun way. We teach you to make ornaments in the shape of Rudolph, Santa's reindeer, and a snowman.

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The baby is moving

Playfully, spiced with rhymes, I enjoy moving babies and moms alike. Later, the more complicated tricks can come.

The baby is moving

Who comes to my name?

We can play with stumbling, often hanging dolls. We crouch down against him, and look forward to our extended arms, and we'll be surprised if he can get there. It is even more enjoyable to travel between two or more family members.

Walking, Walking…

A grown-up toddler's kid is such a boring saying to an adult. There are many variations, big cats can be laughed at by stumbling, suddenly turning around.


We hold the baby in both hands, a little nodding. Then let's get under your arm and fly it. Caution, not by hand, by hand, by flutter! (Businesses can easily move up to 5-6 years.)

Gуlya takes the baby…

There are many sayings that we can wrap our little backs on our backs, each of which the little ones enjoy when we drop them.


Let's lie on our backs, bend our feet in a space, put our toes on our toes so that our chest is lying on our shoulders. So we just have to face an overhead view. Let's lift our legs up vertically, with the kid on the head. We start backing up the back, then releasing and repeating. It's like the garbage truck is littering the trash. The little ones enjoy the good abdominal exercise for the mother.


Even though a toddler moves enough without a toy, he or she can be surprised by two toys that match their age-specific characteristics. For example, a pedalless plastic small motor will be good for a long time. A great textile bottom to go through is also great work. We get different size, durable cardboard boxes, because they can be inside, they can be built inside, they can be turned upside down and so on. From the pillows, the baby, the boxes, there are a whole bunch of hooks for the little kid. A cheaper inflatable mattress is a great trampoline. Sliding, swinging is only worth taking in when there is plenty of space and there is no playground nearby.

Gymnastics outdoors

We can't expect our little ones to walk by our hand, but rather choose a terrain where you can run, roll, jump, and jump safely. It is an age-old characteristic that he loves to move. If there is ample opportunity for this, your organization will "whip up" the tournament with healthy development. We choose pebble, grassy, ​​grassy terrain because the concrete surface is dangerous!


Look for a dead tree or a low bench in the park. You can climb up and jump - note how far you've jumped. Will the next jump succeed?


Cling to a low low tree. Let's count on how long you can hold yourself. Perhaps for the second time, or for the third time, you have longer time to hang out?

Box and cigarette boxers

Let's show you how to roll over, roll around in a zigzag, stop by. These shows are still not successful at this age, but the little ones are keen on it, and this form of movement develops balance. Let's try the wheelbarrow too, it'll be a big laugh!

Rolling on wheels

Scooter improves the balanceand fewer kids and friends will soon fall into love. In addition to coordinating the movement, the up and down rhythm must also be found. Plastic engines can come after a thick rubber wheeled scooter - a three-wheeled bicycle may not be available. By balancing on the scooter, the small child learns the movement elements that will be required for the two-wheeler.It is more difficult to steam, but with proper protective equipment, you can prevent major accidents. When the wheels run out from under the baby, the cases are eighty percent rearward on the shoulders and the back of the head. The elbow and the helmet dampen the hood. Plastic, small wheel, adjustable size is not really adjustable with longevity, but it can safely crawl with the baby.First of all, try the carpet in the room, so you can practice your movements safely. With single-row steam, you can achieve faster speeds, so the most important thing is to learn stopping and writing. Get into a good posture if you can push a wheelchair in front of you.

Atillati yo Б r gymnast

Let's try the following exercises together.
We imitate the cat: Let's look at it, try our backs, then with our palms forward, our backs flattened, the chest touching the ground, the butt staying up. The puppy travels on a very straight week: walk faster and faster, tap your tail, move your tip to the left and right. Let's put a pillow on our back and play it. This should be done more slowly so that the snail does not lose its housing.A vadбszgцrйny and everywhere you go: let's row low chairs one by one and walk beneath them in the hallway. The rosemary is endlessly worn on the carpet, with our arms extended beside our ears, and straight up. Let's get highas if we wanted to grow it to giraffe size. Let's try to figure out what kind of animal you are imitating with your movement!

Move in the room

Even if you are stuck in the room for a long time, you can keep your baby moving. If you are used to walking, you can have fun after a long rest and play a game to prevent it. Particularly suitable for this is the long hallway or the spacious living room. Let's put five cushions on each other and give them a little jump to jump on. Let's lay down a jumping rug. We can make an elongated remnant of a carpet piece ourselves. At this age we can't expect to follow the rules yet, the little kid is jumping the wheel. You can try left and right and then even feet. Let's make a jump at the end of the jump school, jump on it, and bring it back by jumping. You can move a whole batch of animals from one zoo to another. We are spreading a wide range of blue sticks or crepe paper, this is the stream you have to jump over. Let's make it so wide that it can still succeed on a "dry" foot. Of course, the little cuckoo is really jumping with it and it can be smoother! A little exercise for the mom is no use!

Ugrabug and Chubby

With a few simple props, we can organize a great outdoor activity for the little ones when the spring day is tempting. - The most exciting thing is when we invite our kids.
Egg in the Cannula - Who Can Run With It in the Selected Range Without Losing It? Let's deal with boiled eggs ...
- The animals have gone out - hide dozens of animals in the garden so that a goat and a tail are always barking. Search can begin! You can help us stand in the bush's back and say we heard a whine in the vicinity.
- Collectible race - remove colored clothes pegs in the garden, three to one meter apart. You have to run from the place to the start to collect the most tweezers together. Alternatively, you always have to jump over the tweezers.Related articles:
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Mother's Day coloring pages: nice poppies

Download free coloring for Mother's Day

Corsican names: Aleria

Corsican names: Aleria
Banban: When can you give the baby what's in it?

The banana is a very nutritious, easily digestible food, and it should be noted that it can cause constipation in the baby.

Banban: When can you give the baby what's in it?

Because of the ease with which the banana is digested (it clears the stomach in 110 minutes), you can give it to tiny babies. It rarely causes an allergic reaction and due to its condition most babies are very fond of it. It may be one of the first meals, although with us it starts with more apples, but in many countries the banana appears among the first meals at six months. Our recommendations include the banana from 6 months onwards.As far as we come, bananas in supermarkets are treated with a variety of materials to ensure they are ready to be sold. We already have organic bananas, but they are significantly more expensive barrels. They contain magnesium, potassium, zinc, molybdenum and selenium. Among the vitamins it contains vitamins A, B6, C and E.It is also ideal for children because of its high calorie content, the sugar content of glucose, fructose and saccharose is long-lasting energy-absorbing.Banana recipes: it combines well with almost all fruits. Stir in peaches to make a very delicious baby food. A little bit less, when your baby can eat yogurt (at the age of 8 months), we can do it too.
Fruit rice: 1 banana, 1 apple and 1 peach are cleaned, combined and blended. We cook a mark of rice soft and mix it with the fruits.
It can also be combined with vegetables: we cook a potato and a small nipple, add a banana and cook the baby chips in March.
At the age of one year, when the baby can eat butter and spices don't miss the teeth: we try a little banana cut into thin slices, seasoned with cinnamon.Related articles in this topic:
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Pedigree presentation: Jósa András Kourrzb, Nyregyhaza