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The importance of the father in the growth and development of the child

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They are my happiness!

Mama Apache2605

Mama Apache2605
The baby Gabriel-Catalin
It is hard for me to describe in words the feelings of finding out that I will bring a child to the world. I will try to tell you, despite the fact that tears and memories, desires and emotions are waiting for me.
I was 21 years old, a boyfriend just like in my dreams I thought there was a college to finish. I lived with Adrian, the love of my life and I made the commute daily, 260 km back to get to college. I would have made any sacrifice to be near him and I would do it now and at any time.
I remember it as if it were yesterday ... I was making love and I was hurt. If until then I was skeptical about my intuition or that voice within us, now I can say that I was convinced that intuition is right!
The inner voice
Something in me was saying, "You're pregnant!" I couldn't then tell my boyfriend what I was feeling, for fear of not giving him any hope, because I knew how much he wanted to become a dad.
Finally, I told her what I thought, and I eagerly did a pregnancy test on May 21, 2010. In less than 10 seconds, they appeared. the most wonderful two pink lines from my life. Two little lines that at that moment gave me opposite feelings from sadness to happiness, from fear to pride, from black thoughts to the gratitude of the One above.
My whole being trembled in the arms of my beloved man, my heart seemed to fly from my chest, to go to God and thank Him and ask Him to give me strength to cope, to be strong and not to give up .
Within a few days, I announced with the fear of my mother, who was in Italy, that I would be my mother. Her answer was categorical: NO. The solution she saw was an abortion. I didn't judge her, I couldn't. When he went to work he left me a child, and now I'm gone.
Contradictory feelings
There were days and nights filled with tears, with thoughts that if I didn't do what my mother said I didn't respect her, and if I did what she says, then I couldn't look Indian in the eye, I couldn't. I look up from the ground, I cannot lay my head on my pillow and fall asleep without regret.
Seeing me so scared and sad, Adrian told me that this is my decision and that he will be with me forever, no matter what I do. I chose to give up. I think then the sentimental hatred towards myself has reached its peak.
I hated myself, I hated myself, I was disgusted with myself. I arrived, along with my boyfriend, at the doctor's office on June 2 for abortion. In the hall were waiting for some future moms who were lovingly eating their bellies.
Love… Love I always felt for the miracle that is in me. I entered the cabinet, I was given the first ultrasound and I saw his heart pulsing with power and speed. At that moment, I felt that in the world it was just me and the little being in my womb.
A happy mom
At that moment I told Mr. Doctor that I can't have an abortion, I am not like that, I love animals, nature, innocence and especially the little embryo inside me. I was so proud of myself, my decision, I felt strong, fulfilled and happy.
I went out of my mouth to my ears. My husband, who had smoked almost a pack of cigarettes to ease his pain, could not understand what had happened. When I told her why I was smiling, her eyes filled with tears, she thanked me, took me in her arms.
I saw then a man who was reborn, I saw a daddy! Here the time has passed, everything has solved itself, and I have I am the happy mother of a boy gorgeous 4 months old named Gabriel-Catalin that the whole family loves.
I thank God every day for my wonderful child and for giving me the best husband in the world! They are my happiness and the reason I live and smile.

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Pregnant hardening - worry?

Pregnant hardening - worry? Is hardening of the belly during pregnancy a worrying symptom? Can it indicate problems? Or maybe when it appears we don't have to be afraid?

Belly hardening in pregnancy - very common

Belly hardening in pregnancy is very common, it is common because it results from the natural process of the uterus growing. Therefore, it should not bother. It is worth telling the doctor about this symptom of pregnancy at the next visit. Urgent consultation requires hardening of the belly, accompanied by severe pain, bleeding, cramps - this may be a signal of premature delivery (!).

Pregnant hardening usually accompanies future mothers in the second trimester. The feeling of hardening results from uterine growth (the uterus is located halfway between the pubic bone and navel) and from the growth of the baby - the child begins to grow and press on the walls of the stomach, which gives a feeling of "hardness".

However, this is not all. After 21 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's skeleton, so far plastic, begins to harden, which intensifies the feeling of hardness.

Belly hardening in pregnancy - since when?

Usually, discomfort due to hardening of the abdomen in pregnancy begins in the middle of pregnancy, only a few future mothers face it from about 12 weeks of pregnancy.

When and whether you will feel your stomach hardening at all depends on your body build. Usually, slim women experience this symptom faster and harder than better-built ladies. If you are overweight, you may not feel your stomach hardening until the third trimester ... or not at all.

Women struggling with hardening of the belly are also afraid of the effects of skin tightening, or stretch marks. They face an unpleasant itching. It is worth noting at this stage that scratching will not be a good idea - systematic lubrication of the skin, sometimes several times a day is better. Moisturizing balms and olives will keep the skin tense, supple and elastic, which reduces the risk of scars.

Read - natural methods for stretch marks in pregnancy.

How do you react when your stomach harden?

First of all, listen to the signals that intuition sends you. Stop, rest, lie down - which will only give you relief and improve your mood. Pregnancy is a time when you should take care of yourself as carefully as possible.

Remember to tell your doctor about every symptom. Belly hardening in pregnancy - is such a symptom.

Meaning of the name Abel. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Abel. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Abel is a name well known from the Old Testament story of the brothers Abel and Cain, sons of Adam and Eve. Abel was killed out of envy for his brother Cain.

It comes from hebel or habal: "breath". By extension, "father's breath"

December 28th


  • Abel Bonnard, French writer (1883-1968)
  • Abel Antón, Spanish athlete (1962-).

Drawing of the name Abel coloring page printable game

Abel: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Abel coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Abel coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Abel name to color and print

Hair loss after pregnancy

Name Jessyca - Meaning of origin

Name Jessyca - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variation of Jessé, Jessyca is inspired by Hebrew Yishay, translating as "Yahweh looks".


French radio and television host Jessyca Falour.

Celebrities named Jessica, derived from Jessyca, include American actress Jessica Chastain, American actress Jessica Alba, British actress Jessica Tandy, Australian actress Jessica Jacobs, singer Jessica Simpson ...

Father of King David, Saint Jessé is the ancestor of Jesus. In the representations of the family tree of Jesus, called "tree of Jesse", it represents the strain. Jesse is one of the "Princes of Humanity". His mission was to defend the people of Israel from the invaders.

His character :

Jessyca is always full of energy and enthusiasm. Communicative, she loves human contact and has a welcoming personality. She is a nice person to live. Jessyca is also appreciated for her sense of caring and generosity. She is always ready to lend a hand to those who need it.


Jessica, Jessie, Jessy, Jesse, Jess, Jessalyn, Jessalynn, Jesica ...

His party :

The people named Jessyca are honored on November 4th.

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