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From the food pyramid to the healthy plate in children's nutrition

We were used to following the food pyramid when planning our children's menu. Yes, that pyramid that says that the base of the diet should be made up of cereals and dairy products ... and that sweets and sweets should be reserved at the top (foods that should only be eaten very occasionally).

Well then: the food pyramid has changed. Now it is a plate, a healthy plate. And this is what it should contain.

This image, distributed by the Nutrition Department of the prestigious Harvard University, highlights the old and obsolete nutritional pyramid. On the plate, there is no longer room for sweets or pastries. Only for vegetables and fruits, proteins (meat and vegetables), whole grains ... and of course, water and olive oil.

- Vegetables: Of all the foods included, the most important are vegetables. These include potatoes, yes, but it is clarified that we must not abuse French fries, and we must bet on a healthier way of preparation (cooked, boiled or roasted potatoes).

- Fruits: Fruits are basic. They provide us with essential vitamins and also a lot of hydration. However, they lose weight compared to the contribution of vegetables, which should be higher according to these experts.

- Proteins: It would be the second largest food group in importance. And what foods are included? Yes, meats are important (especially poultry), but they specify that red meat should not be abused and limit the consumption of cold cuts. On the contrary, the consumption of fish and legumes should be increased.

- Whole grains: Another fact that stands out is the importance of whole grains. That is to say: the bread, that is integral. Also rice. They are not saying that white bread cannot be consumed, but that we should not abuse it.

- Water: And of course, next to the plate, two other essential products stand out: water (also valid in the form of tea or coffee). Here too, there is a warning about the excessive consumption of dairy products. Your recommendations? One or two servings a day.

- Oil: The last great product for a healthy diet is oil (olive, if possible, or also sunflower or corn), which is better than butter, which should be avoided ...

Nor do Harvard experts forget the devilish sugar, which they relegate almost to non-existence. On numerous occasions they remember to avoid it ... both in drinks and in food.

This is the before and after of our food pyramid. Now, the proportions of vegetables and fruit has increased, and a lot. They would have to occupy half the plate. That is, half of our diet. And protein consumption is also given more importance than carbohydrates.

The creators of this 'food plate' do not rule out the pyramid, as long as it adapts and changes some proportions. In addition, they add that together with the healthy plate we must take into account the importance of physical activity and other important supplements, such as vitamin D and B12.

The experts who have created this new, healthier version of the pyramid, recommend printing the image of the healthy plate and putting it well in view in the kitchen. Do not forget it when planning your children's menu.

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Know the zodiac sign of the most famous moms in the world


© Gtres

Pisces moms like Cindy Crawford or Drew Barrymore are calm and patient. They are women very loved in their environment for their kind and affectionate character. They are very good friends with their friends and they care about everyone around them. They are not usually leaders in their group, they prefer to be behind although they are very creative. Photo @Gtres.

Photo © Gtres

Shakira and Alicia Keys are two famous moms who were born under the sign of Aquarius. A mother of this zodiac sign can be shy and sensitive or outgoing and deep. Aquarius moms are generally honest and tolerant. They are willing to learn about everything that happens in front of them and they are sincere. Photo @Gtres.

Photo © Gtres

Kate Moss and Carla Bruni are mothers who were born under the sign of Capricorn. They, like other moms of this zodiac sign, are hard-working, practical and very willing when it comes to achieving their goals. They are trustworthy and fair people. They have a point of melancholy in their character. Photos @Gtres.

Photo © Gtres

Singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have the same zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

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Demi Moore and Julia Roberts are two actresses who were born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Moms of this sign have great energy. They are people who seem distant and shy, but are actually very observant. They are tenacious and strong-willed women, although they are also emotional and sensitive. Photo @Gtres.

Photo © Gtres

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Photo © Gtres

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They, like other moms of this sign, are contradictory, sometimes they are sociable or others prefer solitude. They seem strong and tenacious in the face of others, although in privacy they do not seem to have that security that they show to others. Photo @Gtres.

Photo © Gtres

Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, both Oscar-winning actresses and well known throughout the world, are under the zodiac sign of Gemini, the sign of twins.

Its character is dual and quite contradictory and complex. They are women who start projects with great enthusiasm but lack the perseverance to finish them. They are moms who are looking for fun and affection. Photo @Gtres

Photo © Gtres

Actresses Cate Blanchett and Jessica Alba are both from the Taurus sign. This sign of the zodiac is usually practical and has a lot of will. Taurus moms are calm and cautious. They are feisty women and tend to be stubborn and stubborn. Photos @Gtres

Photo © Gtres

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They are adventurous and they like challenges and freedom. They are persistent with the causes they believe in to the point of becoming stubborn. Aries moms are restless and like to be leaders. Photo @Gtres.

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  • By becoming more mobile, first crawling then moving on all fours, he continues to discover his environment by bringing to the mouth all the objects he finds for a detailed analysis! "It's his way of learning and discovering things, it's good for his awakening.
  • Take the opportunity to name what he catches so that he has a verbal representation and not just an oral representation, "advises Myriam Szejer.At this period of" mouth-to-mouth ", ensure that dangerous objects are out of his reach and, to avoid accidents, never leave him unattended.