2015 Top Ten Boys-Jules First Names

2015 Top Ten Boys-Jules First Names

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Meaning of the name Aegean. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Aegean. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Its name comes from the legendary Aegean king of Athens, who, believing that his son Theseus had been eaten by the Minotaur in his labyrinth, threw himself into this sea from Cape Sounion.

Of uncertain etymology, some interpretations have been tried from Greek and it is a pre-Hellenic place name.


  • In Greek mythology Aegean was the ninth king of Athens.

Aegean name coloring pages printable game

Aegean: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Aegean name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Aegean coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Aegean name to color and print

Name Johanna - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Hebrew Yohanan, "God has mercy", Johanna is the British version of Jeanne. With its variant Johanne, this name is a great success in the Anglo-Saxon countries.


Professional tennis player Johanna Larsson, French politician Johanna Rolland, Swiss-German writer Johanna Spyri (1829-1901), cartoonist Johanna Schipper and Swedish swimmer Johanna Sjöberg.

Born in 1412, during the Hundred Years War, Joan of Arc forced the English to lift the siege of Orleans in 1429. She had King Charles VII crowned in Reims. Made prisoner in Compiegne, it was delivered to the English, tried and burned alive in Rouen, May 30, 1431.

His character :

Johanna is strong and courageous. She never gives up. With her assertive character, she is not easily influenced and stands firm when making decisions. In addition, Johanna has an innate sense of organization and manages to undertake several projects at the same time without being scattered.

Petite, Johanna already knows what she wants to do. Intelligent and resourceful, she does not wait for others, but gives herself the means to realize her dreams. She is also autonomous from an early age. At school, she always wants to be first and is not afraid to challenge her peers. She has an overflowing imagination and is talented in creative activities. Drawing and painting allow him to express himself fully and help him to assert himself.


Johana, Joana, Johanne, Joanie and Jeanne.

His party :

The Johanna are celebrated on May 30th.

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Surgical incision of the belly. Caesarean section is a laparotomy.

The Cesarean record

Cinderella, 2015 version. Inspired by the fairy tale and 1950s masterpiece of animation, this film will delight your children from 5 years old. Want to see the trailer?

  • The story we all know and it is good to find it in this movie!
  • Little Ella's dad (played by Lily James) remarries after the tragic death of his wife. In the beginning, everything goes well for Ella with the new mother-in-law, Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett) and her new half-sisters Drisella and Anastasie ... until the death of her daddy where everything changes!
  • Jealousy, cruelty ... the three wicked women make Ella their servant and her life a hell, nicknamed Cinderella because she always covered with ashes. Until the day when Cinderella will meet love, the true ...
  • Remember the sequel, a prince, a ball, a pumpkin-carriage, a slipper of vair ... An enchanted story!
  • From 5 years old.
  • By Kenneth Branagh, The Walt Disney Company France.
  • Release date: March 25, 2015.
  • Duration: 1 h 44

Click on the image below to see the trailer

Home Tips For Pregnancy Incontinence

Incontinence is a common problem during pregnancy: It usually occurs in the last third, when the baby's weight is higher, there is a lot of pressure on the bladder, and the muscles in the bladder are overloaded.

Home Tips For Pregnancy Incontinence In such cases, the urine can leak out to the point of laughter, coughing and holy. With proper habits, slight with simple lifestyle changes we can handle this problem at home.

Timed washbasins

It is advisable to use the bathroom more often in pregnancy, as telecare can also cause a loss of blood. To plan how often it is worthwhile to go to the toilet, it is good to keep an eye on your urine habits, and when you are observing your breath and what's your effect. The bathroom will be worthwhile about 2 ounces we visit, but it may be quite different.

We are going to gain strength

The Kegel exercise helps strengthen the pelvic floor and the muscles of the pelvis and can be done safely both before and during pregnancy. At the end of the exercise, let's focus on the muscles we need when urinating: tighten these muscles, hold for 10 seconds, and then relax. The exercise is worth repeating up to 5 times a day. In addition to being one of the best ways to treat pregnancy incontinence, strengthening the muscles of the gut is also beneficial to the baby.

Pay attention to weight gain

Naturally, fatigue comes with a certain amount of weight gain, but we must also try to stay within the healthy boundaries. Pregnancy incontinence is also it is more alert to those who pick up significant excess weight pregnant women and those who are more likely to end up with a pregnancy. Also, releasing excess weight after your baby's birth has helped reduce the likelihood of post-pregnancy incontinence.

Avoid soda and caffeine drinks

Consumption of carbonated drinks and caffeine drinks such as tea or coffee may increase urinary urgency. That is why it is worthwhile to consume more soda water during pregnancy, which is even healthier.

Select the appropriate font

In the case of incontinence, many people try to use fonts that are not necessarily designed for this purpose - such as plain clean and sanitary fonts. However, it is worthwhile to choose specifically products that designed for incontinence: they are much more capable of grasping, deodorizing, and less irritating to the skin.

Don't drink at night

One of the best ways to avoid nighttime creep is to try not to drink during this time. We also believe that Do not drink immediately before going to bed, try to have our last glass of drink that day, up to 1 hour ago.

We are rich in fiber

Urinary incontinence does not matter what we eat. In fact, dieting in the fiber can help prevent stiffness in us, which can put extra stress on the bottom of the pelvis.
  • Incontinence Before and After Birth - What Causes It?
  • Can Incontinence Cause Fracture?
Salmon bruschetta


1 box of Delaco Something Fine Cream of Cheese with Cream

6 slices of bread

6 slices of smoked salmon fillets


3 strands of green onion

1 small capsicum pepper

a few dill leaves

Method of preparation

Today we prepare a nutritious snack for children, with Ceva Fin cheese and salmon.

Cut the green onion in two, separating the white stem from the leaves. Chop the white strainer and mix with cream cheese.

Fry the slices of bread well on both sides (on the stove or in the toaster), then grease each side of each slice with a little butter for flavor.

Then grease each slice with the cream cheese mixed with the onion, then place on top a slice of salmon fillets.

Garnish each bruschetta with dill leaves, place them on a platter, then sprinkle on top the chopped bell pepper and the chopped green onion.

In this way we assure you that your little ones will get the necessary portion of vitamins from both vegetables and fish.

Tags Delaco Cheese cream Food for children Salmon Snacks for children