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The Bible, Volume 3

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Why is today so important

Why is today so important

Healthy human beings live looking forward. We project ourselves towards the future, towards everything we want to achieve and that is what keeps us energized to face setbacks.

But sometimes the excess of the future makes us forget about the present. Every day we should take it as a miniature life. Just as we live TODAY is how we are shaping our entire life.

There are certain things that, as parents, adults, spouses, workers or, simply, people, we should not leave until tomorrow.

Why not have more short-term purposes? Purposes that make us happier as people and as parents:

- You can tell your partner what you haven't dared to tell him yet.

- You canstart a new project that you end up leading to success.

- You can make a habit change that revolutionizes your health.

- You can forgive a person and free yourself from that pain.

- You canmake peace with that part of your body that doesn't suit you.

- You can discover a book that inspires you.

- You can make a decision that will turn your life around.

- You can meet a person who becomes a source of energy.

- You can have a gesture with a stranger that makes the day happy.

- You can join an NGO and donate part of your time to a good cause.

- You can inspire your children to trust themselves.

So never underestimate today or the present moment. Right now take a pencil and paper and decide how you want your day to be. And put it into practice. In fact, it is a great routine to start the day planning it because although life surprises you, each day also depends on the focus you put on it to make it special. Do we start today?

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… But not yet. It is not just the life of the mother that changes when the baby is born. We may not be so different.

Paternity also comes with some resignation

What is missing from the fathers? "Cigar and the Crash." 2. "When I missed out a lot recently, and I didn't feel guilty at all. I don't even think about it, I love my kids and also when I walk around the apartment on my back. But that's what contradictory duality the father and the hedonist are among me. "3." That I survived more than 10 in the evening. Seriously, because of the early wake-up call, it's a bit unimaginable. "4." That I could X-Box until 5 in the morning. "5." .6 "That we can't just hang out with the prayer. So I feel like we're getting day by day. I miss my wife's loose, partisan and loving love. "7." That I can't travel all over again in the world with a single backpack. "8." I can't play more with my band. It really misses me. "9." That I could work more and enjoy sports. "10." That we could make love anywhere, anytime. "11.Related articles on fatherhood:
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The love train explodes again

Lousy tummy, chronic fatigue, and increasing sleeplessness… No wonder many new mothers have their sexual lives on the floor after their tropical arrival. Fortunately, there are a few well-earned ways to restart the love train that ran for the blind.

According to sex therapists, the most important thing is not to put pressure on ourselves. For many small children, it is difficult to reconcile the role of mother and lover. The new tasks are so full of days that we do not have enough time for ourselves. This is something worth thinking about! Really incapable of finding a little free time? Even if we feel like weird things like nicely polished feet, a five-minute makeup, a new hairstyle, maybe a sexy white hair? We have come to the realization of this indulgence: we are not only mothers, but at least so much women!

Darkness hiding secrets

One of my acquaintances was disturbed by the changes in his body, so he took some sexy, yet casual, nudes that made him feel awkward again, and for a while he was only willing to get rid of his clothes with his electricity off. As there was something new about lovemaking in the darkness, a new dimension to their senses was finally discovered.

Filled with emotions

Remember, sex is more than just a matter of communicating - we can maintain intimacy with a trick, a small touch, and assure our couple that sex will return over time. Often, after childbirth, a woman does not want the kind of closeness that used to be natural. In this case the sensual massage can be enriched with long procedures. The superfluous overtime is over!
It is natural that the arrival of a new family member brings about a change in the parents' relationship, but why shouldn't this change be beneficial? The emotional excess, the post-natal follow-up, can lead to a new momentum in the routine love life. The "stolen" minutes from the baby, the pre-planned, filled-in lunatics (of grace) remind us of the first dating mood.

The love train explodes again

A quick run?

Anna, the mom of two-year-old Marci, shared with us an enviable experience: "Since our baby boy was born, our love life has become better than ever. Actually, we're not very often at the moment either, but what we value is much more intense. Neither does my husband see the mother in me. "

Leave the puppy?

On average, most couples need a year to return to old age, which is mainly due to the high level of physical activity involved in supporting the baby. It should also be borne in mind that until the menstrual cycle returns, the female genitals function somewhat. They are more sensitive, they are more responsive to stimuli, but penetration can be painful for hormonal reasons. More patient protagonists help most of this, if you don't, you won't have to be deterred from using skinned gel. However, it was not a concern that this should not replace weakness. In addition, couples generally adhere to their well-established sexual habits, rather than discovering new forms of intimacy - ones that fit better into their new life forms. Letting go of the old routine is easier if you are prepared for your mind as early as possible - as early as possible in the family planning phase!
In sleep, sex should be forbidden - it is better to drop our eyes when we close our eyes, because real, good quality can hardly be expected.
It is necessary that we better divide our time and plan our programs beforehand - including intimate fellowship. According to the expert, most couples do not recognize the importance of intimate leisure time. But the flame goes out easily if you don't feed the fire.
Maintain an interest in each other, and remain open to the pursuits of another life. If there is no connection between the two outside the bedroom, nothing extraordinary can be expected in the room. However, if we are in need of each other's needs, it is easier to solve the problems. Obviously, we cannot expect to continue our sexual life where we left off before pregnancy. There's definitely less time for sex than ever before - but remember: not quantity, but quality!

What's the night for?

"The secret to good sex after childbirth is to get the best out of every minute available to us!", Says Kata, who is a mother of two with children. " bad name to buy! "

The evening starts with a talk

"It is our rule to go to bed once a week just to talk a little bit - says Andrea, the mother of two little girls."
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    Before the baby's arrival, parents are faced with a difficult decision. There is not always agreement when it comes to naming the baby. While some prefer traditional names well known to all, others prefer a more original and different name. We have names for all tastes.

    If you already know that the baby you are expecting is a girl and you like original names, you can choose a Japanese name for your girl. Names of Japanese origin are little-used names but they are liked for their beautiful and eloquent meanings. Many Japanese girl names refer to concepts full of beauty, others evoke the seasons of the year or even mention characteristics of the moon.

    In recent years, couples are choosing to choose different names, with a special meaning for their babies. If you are having a girl, check out this list of the best known Japanese names. This will make it easier for you to choose a special and unique name for your treasure.

    1. Aiko
    This name carries a very tender meaning: 'dear daughter'. It is typical of a girl who makes herself loved, loved and respected.

    2. Akira
    It is a very popular name that can be used for both girls and boys. It means 'bright', 'smart', 'the one with light'.

    3. Chieko or Chika
    Name for girl with a unique meaning. It is said of a girl 'wise', 'intelligent', 'with grace' and of 'great cultural background'.

    4. Dai
    A delicate and strong name at the same time. It means 'great', 'great'. Describes a powerful, strong, ambitious woman.

    5. Eri
    Short name, with good and easy pronunciation that means 'blessed prize', 'welcome gift'.

    6. Fuji
    It is a very used and well-known name. It is a plant of Chinese origin that produces mauve or bluish scented flowers. It means 'wisteria', the name of the flower.

    7. Gen
    Short and very simple name that means one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan: 'spring', 'the one who makes rebirth', 'the rebirth of things'.

    8. Gina
    A popular name that literally means 'silver'.

    9. Haruka
    In this case the name means 'spring flower', 'far',and we love it because there are few names as feminine as this one. If your baby girl is to be born in the spring, Haruka may be the ideal name.

    10. Hiriko or Hiroko
    One of the funniest and most popular Japanese names. It means 'generous', 'the one who is good', 'great', 'generous daughter'.

    11. Jin
    One of the peculiarities of Japanese names is simplicity. This short name has a great meaning. It means 'sweet girl', 'tender girl', 'loving woman'.

    12. Jun
    Very simple name that means 'woman of good work', 'obedient woman', 'respectful woman'.

    13. Kaori
    One of the sweetest Japanese names is this which means 'aroma', 'fragrance'. It is a simple and fresh name that is perfect to reinforce your girl's personality.

    14. Katsumi
    If you want your girl to be a beautiful and triumphant woman, this name would come in handy because it means' victorious beauty ','beautiful with triumph'.

    15. Keiko
    This looks like a name out of a Japanese movie, right? It has a nice pronunciation and is very attractive. It means 'cheerful, funny, happy and smiling woman'

    16. Kiko
    If you are looking for a cute, beautiful and fun name for your girl, this name is ideal. Sounds great, doesn't it? It simply means 'hope'.

    17. Kyoto
    You have surely heard this name many times since it is the name of a very famous and very important city in Japan. It means 'mirror'. In Spanish it translates to 'capital city'

    18. Mai
    Short Japanese name for a girl that has double meaning: 'shine' or 'shimmering' and 'flower or beauty'

    19. Masako
    Very popular Japanese name meaning 'royal daughter', 'true daughter '.

    20. Michiko
    If you put this name to your girl, it will sound a little strange in Spanish. It would sound something like 'my boy' and could create controversy. In any case, it is a name widely used in Japan and it means the opposite: 'girl who is on the right path', 'woman who takes the right path'

    21. Mizuki
    The name means 'beautiful as the moon' and we love it for a girl because it is full of delicacy and musicality. Like all Japanese names, its meaning is very eloquent and evokes a certain mysterious air.

    22. Mitzuki
    Much like the previous one, this name means 'Moonlight'. It will be perfect to highlight the charm of your girl because it is an enigmatic and very seductive name.

    23. Naoko
    One of the Japanese names that is spreading the most is this which means 'obedient girl'. If you expect your little girl to be calm and polite, Naoko will fit her personality perfectly.

    24. Natsu
    Many Japanese names refer to the seasons of the year. If your girl is going to be born in the summer, this name means 'summer' is the one you are looking for for her.

    25. Oyuki. With a different and original musicality like few others, this name that means 'snow queen' it is ideal if your baby girl is to be born in one of the cold winter months.

    26. Laughter
    Although this name means 'laugh' in Spanish, in Japanese it is not understood by the same. Japanese female name meaning 'they grow flowers in the home'

    27. Sachi
    Japanese name for girl that means 'blessed woman', 'lucky woman'

    28. Sakura. This name that means 'Cherry Blossom' It is one of the most fashionable Japanese names for girls. We like it for its meaning and because it also sounds forceful and with character.

    29. Shika
    A name that in Spanish would sound something like 'girl' but which has a very different meaning: 'deer with a good heart'

    30. Yoko. It is the best known among Japanese names because it is worn by a famous person, the mythical Yoko Ono. We like it because it has one of the most beautiful meanings, 'daughter of the ocean'.

    31. Yumiko. This name that means 'archer girl' it is ideal for a girl with character and personality. We like its meaning because it gives off strength and vitality and we like how it sounds because it is so original.

    The Japanese take the task of choosing the name for the baby very seriously and responsibly. Therefore, Japanese names have a much deeper and more special meaning than the others. They usually choose a name that the family likes but also that follows some criteria. To choose the name of the baby, Japanese families ask themselves:

    • What qualities do you want your baby to have? How they want me to grow
    • In what year, in what month and in what season of the year will you be born
    • What emotions has the mother experienced during pregnancy
    • A name that is mentioned in a poem or traditional poetry
    • A name that means something beautiful in nature (animal, flower, land, mountain, sea ...)
    • What famous or respectable person parents admire
    • A name with moral values
    • Does the name have rhythm, harmony, does it sound good?
    • Is the name easy to pronounce?
    • If the baby has siblings, their name should match or match theirs to maintain harmony

    In Japan, the birth certificate is processed in the first 14 days after delivery. In addition, there is a custom that was established in the years 794 to 1185, to perform a ceremony (Oshichiya) to choose the baby's name. They usually do it on the night of the seventh day of the baby's birth.

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    The beginning of kindergarten is an important moment for the child and a decisive step in his education. His preparation for entering kindergarten consists in encouraging and developing skills that will help him both in the new school year and at maturity: co-operation, sociability, ability to obey orders and listen to others.
    Before teaching the child to write, read or reckon, you must help him / her adapt and cope with the new environment.

    Help him develop his social life

    With the passing in kindergarten, your little one will interact with a lot of children of his age. That is why it is important to work on the social ability of the child before the big time comes.
    Teach him how to cooperate and collaborate with other children, but also to share toys and things with them. These skills are developed with the help of the child's integration into various games, sports or group courses.

    Help him to memorize essential information about him (name, address, phone number)

    Before getting in touch with anyone else, your child should be aware of who he is, where he comes from and how he is called. Teach him the basics for identifying him and helping him make it easier to get to know others.
    Work together on learning and memorizing your name, age, address and home phone number. Use songs and poems to make them easier to remember.

    Help him develop his fine motor skills

    Before your little one starts writing he needs a sufficient development of fine motor skills. In order to help him strengthen the muscles of his hands and fingers - involved in the act of writing - put the little boy to do all kinds of simple skills in the house. Among the most effective in this regard are the opening of letters, sorting of dishes, mixing the dough or tying the shoe to the shoes.

    Teach him to number and read

    Even if your little one is learning a lot about reading, counting and foreign languages, it doesn't hurt to help him get started on this educational journey. You can help the little one discover the world of numbers or reading through daily activities in which he participates. You can ask him to count how many pencils are on the desk, how many windows the house has and you can help him discover the letters and words starting with his name, the puppy or the ones near him.
    Surround him with words and letters and help him combine them and read them. Books for young children, with many pictures and words written in very large letters, are useful for fast reading, without overloading the child. In the first phase you read the stories from the books, and then help him discover the mystery and magic of the letters in them alone.

    Visit the kindergarten before the start of the new school year

    Think of it as a big change for your little one and you shouldn't take the unprepared. It needs a period of adaptation with the location and environment it will be part of for some years from now. A few weeks before going to kindergarten go with him on a walk through the courtyard and halls of the institution and tell him briefly what will happen there.

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    Meaning of the name Julio. Name for boys

    Among all the names for boys we highlight July. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

    Iulius was the son of the mythological hero Aeneas, closely related to the founding of Rome. It is also the name of the seventh month of the year, previously quirinalis, in honor of Julius Caesar, born that month.

    It comes from Iulius: the son of Aeneas.

    January 19 and 31, April 12, May 27, July 1, August 19 and December 3, 5 and 20.


    • Julio Iglesias, Spanish singer (1943)
    • Jules Verne, French writer (1828-1905)
    • Julio Caro Baroja, Spanish historian and linguist (1914-1995)
    • Julio Cortázar, Argentine writer (1914-1984).

    Julio name coloring pages printable game

    Julio: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

    Julio name coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Julio coloring page printable game

    Drawings of the names. Julio name to paint, color and print