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It is worth choosing a gift for your child for the coming holiday that is entertaining, engaging, and stimulating creativity.

Idaho Tip: 2017 Lego Trends

LEGO themed games for kids and older kids are good alternatives, attract attention, engage their imagination and entertain.

For those who love adventurous stories

With these games, the child can create his or her own stories. If you would like to become a hero warrior, you and your child enter the city of NINJAGO, where the heroic ninjas fight the evil Lord Garmadon. Embark on a mutual adventure with Chewbacca ™ and BB-8 ™ and save the galaxy from the Dark Side!

For small gastronomy

If your child loves to cook, and is curious about what adults cook, how to cook dinner, and what utensils we use in the kitchen, the LEGO® DUPLO® Pizzeria Kit is just for him. Small gastronomy fans will be delighted to serve their pizzas in colorful restaurants.

For technology lovers

Many children show a keen interest in technical things from a very young age. For fans of technical reviews, the LEGO® Technic Kit is the perfect choice! In addition to providing entertaining achievements and insight into how it works, the Remote Crawler Racer. For the kids who are interested in the world of computers, the LEGO® BOOST Kit is a good choice: even the smallest can get into programming.

Doctor, police officer, report

Many kids love to try out and get involved in a variety of different roles. LEGO City Police Station Kit makes it easy to change from a toddler to a police officer, a car, a motorcycle or a helicopter.The LEGO Classic kits are designed for enthusiastic inspiration: the LEGO® Classic Large Creative Battery Box, with 33 color classic batteries, offers endless number of options. With its many, many windows and doors, and many other, inspirational, special features next to it, the little art of the future will truly unleash your imagination.Related materials for tips:
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