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Eveline Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From Hebrew havvah, Eveline or Evelyne means "life" or "source of life". It derives from the name Eve itself from the Gothic awi which means "grace" or "thank you".


French anthropologist Eveline Lot-Falck (1918-1974), Swiss potter Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, French journalist and presenter Evelyne Thomas, French actress Evelyne Bouix ...

Eveline's patron saint is Eve de Dreux. Saint Eve lived in the city of Dreux, who considers her as her patron saint. This virgin died as a martyr ... but we know very little about her.

His character :

Always listening to others, Eveline is a calm and patient person. Knowing how to enjoy life, she savored every moment that is offered to her. Communicative, she surrounds herself easily with people who appreciate her. Very intelligent and gentle, Eveline is attentive to what she does and always avoids making the same mistake twice.


Eve, Evelyne, Eva, Evaleen, Evie, Evita, Evelina

His party :

Eveline is celebrated on September 6th, the feast day of Saint Eve.

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Types Of Skin Disorders - Table

Porcelain coffee set for a child

I do not understand the idea of ​​providing porcelain toys to children. Unless to put them on the shelf as another trinket and offer the child a decorative element, out of reach of his hands. They are not suitable for safe use. All you have to do is let the lovely little cup fall and break it down to make it dangerous. Especially if the toddler is out of sight for a few moments. Unfortunately, the proposal from Pepco, which can be viewed on prospectuses, has many more disadvantages ... and I probably can't name them all.

It can't be porcelain!

I didn't unpack the toy in the store. The colorful, cheerful packaging did not reveal what the content might contain. Lying next to the figures of pets and stuffed animals, I took the product as a safe toy. The store owner did not describe this product. Although the thought crossed my mind that the set could be made of porcelain, I quickly chased it away, convincing myself that it was impossible. Due to the low price (PLN 15) I decided to buy the product and check it at home ...

What does this toy consist of?

I did not find a Polish description on the packaging, which deserves a big minus. I learned from English that tableware consists of 9 elements, it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age due to small elements that can be swallowed. So much. I found no more explanation.

On the front, Mickey mouse was smiling at me. Right next to it is a clue that the toy is suitable for children over 3 years. So quite small ...

Putty over putty

  • the product was among the toys, but it is difficult to call it a toy, since it is not safe,
  • it's difficult to predict how to play with it, in the Pepco advertising magazine we can read that it is "coffee cutlery". If so, it's not for children. If not for them, how to explain colorful packaging, motifs from fairy tales and very small sizes of individual elements? It is hard to pour a black drink into miniature cups and enjoy it: whether it is horror for the child, or on its own,
  • you can of course drink like, but how? Shivering that a child will crash a toy soon? After playing, hiding in a cardboard box, wrapping a newspaper so that it does not break?
  • you can treat this set as a trinket and put it out of reach of children - but in that case you should ask why it is displayed among children's products and in newspapers on the pages with the offer for children?

I really can't find the purpose of this "toy". This is a typical dangerous offer at a low price, which is too easy to buy among other such types available at discounters. However, isn't it better to spend 15 zlotys in a different way? I have no doubt that their destiny can be easily found. And you? What is your opinion? Maybe you can tell me how to play with this tableware?

First names: Leon

First names: Leon

Leo Latin leo, "lion". Used since antiquity, the name had its moment of glory in the late nineteenth century. Today, he returns, worn by Leo. This is the name of Jamel Debbouze's son. His birthday: November 10th.


  • From latin leo, "lion".
  • Used since antiquity, the name had its moment of glory in the late nineteenth century. Today, he returns, worn by Leo. This is the name of Jamel Debbouze's son.
  • His birthday: November 10th.

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Avoid the skin with tomatoes!

Regular daily consumption of tomatoes halves the rate of growth of skin cancers, according to mouse experiments.

Avoid the skin with tomatoes!

Ohio State University staff gave mice 10 pounds of tomato powder for 35 weeks, then received ultraviolet radiation - so they tried to develop skin on them. In mice receiving tomato powder, the incidence of cancer was 50 percent lower than in mice not receiving tomato.The reason for the phenomenon, according to experts, is that tomato color carotenoids , which protect against UV-induced damage. As it turns out, however, there is no difference in the way that domestic and female mice respond to a paradise-rich diet. This observation may be important because, so far, professionals have believed that men (or, more specifically, mice in animal experiments) are more responsive to UV radiation, and they develop cancer more rapidly, which may indicate that they are more aggressive. we do not have to take into account gender differencesif you have a prevention strategy, "says the research leader Jessica CooperstoneHowever, food is not a drug, but nonetheless, conscious nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of cancer and in the transmission of symptoms.
- This is the good reason that solarium causes skin irritation
- So save a little bit of the sun!
Are fetuses dangerous to fetuses?
A single tick tick can cause serious illness

Baby Monitoring Systems

Baby Monitoring Systems

Baby monitoring systems are a modern daycare and have for the safety of your baby. They have their eyes on them any time you need them and they "park" them as soon as they do any sickness or suffer something bad. Discover the advantages of such a system and the options you have!

Surveillance systems offer you considerable advantages that will help you to stop being scared in the breast whenever the baby is not in the same room with you!

In choosing the baby monitoring system you can rely on two major categories of systems:

  • Audio - the intercom - is used in small houses (apartments) and you can only hear what is happening in the room where the baby is;

  • Video - video phones - are used in very large houses, with many rooms - these systems allow you to hear, but they also show you what is happening in the child's room with the help of the built-in video system.

The advantages of using baby monitoring systems

  • It helps you to be more relaxed when you are not around him, because they allow constant monitoring of the baby, making sure at all times that everything is fine.

  • First aid in case of emergency. If the baby drowns, vomits, suffocates, a video monitoring system helps you act quickly. In such cases, the intercom becomes useless, because in this type of crises of the children the noises are small and difficult to detect.

  • It ensures you a much quieter sleep. With a baby video monitoring system you no longer need to take night shifts to see if your baby has woken up or not. Just open one eye, take a look at the monitor by the bed and then lie down again. Intercoms are also useful in such cases, because babies usually cry when they wake up at night. That way, you won't even wake up when you open the door to the room.

There are a lot of adjacent functions of these systems depending on the model you choose and the needs you have:

  • some are mobile, others are static and only connect to the outlet;

  • they have special functions such as a wake-up lamp, a display that allows monitoring the temperature and humidity of the room, a walkie-talkie transmission;

  • a new range of such products have incorporated an apnea alarm system that sounds when the baby does not breathe for a certain number of seconds (detects the baby's respiratory movements);

  • videophones are the latest creations and can be analog or digital and they also have special functions: infrared view, simultaneous monitoring of several cameras.

What types of systems can you choose?

  • Digital intercom baby SWITEL - 373.04 Ron - has an emission-reception radius up to 2000 m in the open field; receiver with walkie talkie feature and activates only when voices are heard (voice activation).
  • Audio monitor Patents DIGITAL BABY MONITOR - 490 Ron - double supply (socket or accumulators, without interference), maximum distance is 300 m.
  • Digital video intercom Graco - 937. 81 lei - has the advantage of a digital ZOOM; it is multifunctional, it can only be used as an intercom by stopping the video function, the night-time surveillance through infrared is performed automatically at the transmission distance 180 m (and as an intercom - 600 m).
  • Color video monitor Cherubino - Brief - 1215 Ron - night vision; it has television output; maximum distance 100 m.

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10 big mistakes in child nutrition

In fact, the majority of mothers' concerns that the child will be malnourished are irrelevant. Memorial Sisli Hospital Weight Control Center Dyt. E. Yasemin Sancak, listed the most common mistakes in child nutrition.

1. Switch to additional food early: It is a mistake that mothers often make with the fear that “my milk is not enough”. If the growth and development follow-up of the baby during the first six months is normal, the only nutrient it should consume is breast milk. Beginning cow's milk early while the ability to digest different nutrients has not yet developed can cause cow's milk allergy, wheat starch, flour or gluten intolerance. High-acid fruits such as honey, oranges, tangerines, and vegetables such as eggplants can also cause allergies.

2. Starting to eat in the first months: It is another mistake made with the intention of in Let my baby feed better ”. Breast milk is the “miraculous single nutrient ğinden because it contains all the necessary elements for babies, namely energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water in the most ideal way. Therefore, if the growth and development of the baby is normal, only breast milk is recommended for the first six months.

3. Broth instead of meat: In order to obtain the beneficial components in the broth, the bone must be boiled with an acid such as vinegar and lemon, and this is not an appropriate method for feeding children. The fat passes into the water and causes excess fat intake and the palate to get used to it. For this reason, it is more appropriate to provide the meat itself as grilled, baked, cooked with vegetables in the pot or in the form of meatballs in adequate and balanced nutrition of infants and children.

4. Slurry: This method, which is preferred for the softness of consistency in infancy, can be a habit to continue when the child grows up. Therefore, when chewing reflex develops, it is necessary to teach and accustom to consume salty, sweet, liquid and solid foods separately.

5. Forced to eat excess: The prevalence of obesity in childhood and adults is increasing rapidly in our country and in the world. One reason for this is known to be the malnutrition habits gained in the family. Forcing the child to eat excessively causes the stomach to continue to eat after it feels saturated and to expand its stomach volume. It should be remembered that the average saturation time is 20 minutes after the first bite is taken, that the food should be eaten at the table and that the insistence after this time is incorrect.

6. No barriers to food: The child needs to set certain limits on this issue, which, like other subjects of life, do not allow him to overdo it. This is also the basis of future healthy eating habits. Limits should be taught to ensure that adequate and balanced nutrition becomes a way of life for children; absolutely no effort should be made, and more importantly, an example should be taken with the right behaviors.

7. The insistence that bitir finish the food on your plate:: The stomach capacity of children is not as much as adults. Children should be fed less and frequently. Therefore, in order to maintain weight control and maintain overall health, do not insist that they prepare and finish overloaded plates. You can learn from your nutritionist what you need to eat in one day according to your child's age.

8. Junk food and fast food: Meals should not be rewarded. Therefore, it is necessary to direct the children to useful alternatives by explaining the damages of unhealthy foods which are addictive, including additives and which cause weight gain, especially junk food and fast food foods. In order to believe that these foods are harmful, it is imperative that families display exemplary behavior.

9. Unbalanced nutrition: Adequate and balanced nutrition means growth, development and health protection for all meals, all food groups to consume appropriate amounts to the need. These food groups are milk and dairy products, cereals, meat and eggs, legumes and vegetables and fruits. While eating “Just drink milk, don't eat eggs!”, Bitir Finish meat, bread or vegetables remain kals should not be such misleading. Nutrition should be given great importance in childhood in which mind and body development takes shape. Obesity, weakness, iron deficiency anemia, rickets, iodine insufficiency, dental caries, such as insufficient and unbalanced nutrition to prevent the development of health problems through adequate and balanced nutrition is applied.

10. Ignore the breakfast: If breakfast is not served, there may be distraction, fatigue, headache, weakening of the immune system, and reduced mental performance. The most important meal of the day in childhood, where the mind and body development is intense, is a breakfast where the right foods are consumed. In terms of breakfast, adults should be an example for children.

Japanese three-ingredient cheesecake

Japanese three-ingredient cheesecake

If you like cheese and have a sweet tooth, you will love the recipe for this Japanese cake. You only need three ingredients. It is very simple to make and will make an ideal dessert or a great snack.

You only need eggs, cream cheese, and white chocolate. The result is that of a quite yellow and very tasty cheesecake, with a velvety texture. Try doing it with the kids. They will have fun and then can enjoy trying it.

- 3 eggs

- 120 grams of white chocolate

- 120 grams of cream cheese

1. Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Store the whites in a container with cling film in the fridge.

2. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

3. Place the white chocolate in a bowl and melt it in a double boiler (placing the bowl with the chocolate on top of a bowl of boiling water). Be careful if you put the bowl with the chocolate in a large saucepan with water. Be careful not to splash it when it boils. To avoid this, do not put too much water.

4. Pour the cream cheese into the chocolate bowl and stir well.

5. Now add the egg yolks and mix everything very well.

6. Beat the whites that you reserved in the refrigerator. When they are about to snow, add them to the previous mixture and stir.

7. Line a cake pan with greaseproof paper and a little oil. Pour your cake mix into the pan and place it on top of the baking sheet. Pour some hot water into the tray.

8. Bake the cake at 170 degrees for 15 minutes. After that quarter of an hour, lower the oven temperature to 160 degrees and leave it for another 15 minutes. Lastly, turn off the oven but do not remove the cake. Leave it for another 15 minutes.

9. Now you can take it out of the oven. Sprinkle with icing sugar (optional) and let it cool.

Enjoy it!

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