Where does the name come from? Children's poem about compound words

Where does the name come from? Children's poem about compound words

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Iron-deficiency anemia: Understanding your blood test results

Iron-deficiency anemia: Understanding your blood test results

Chronic disease vs iron deficiency anemia. Hematologic System Diseases. NCLEX-RN. Khan Academy

Name Zélia - Meaning and origin

Name Zélia - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Abbreviation of Solène, of sollemnis, "solemn, serious".
The Zélie or Zéline were not rare until the nineteenth century. They have disappeared ... to return smoothly, especially in Great Britain in the Latinized form Zélia. The name Zélia has as patron saint a Christian of Aquitaine persecuted in the third century.
The Zelias are celebrated on October 17th.
Its derivative: Zélie.

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Backpacks for carrying the baby: advantages and disadvantages

Baby carrier backpacks are the element to carry the baby par excellence, although there are other methods such as the pouch, elastic or woven scarf, mei tai or shoulder strap, it is still the most used by parents.

Carrying systems favor the good posture of the baby who usually adopt the position of the little frog: the head is below our chin and the bottom at the level of our navel. If you are thinking of using a system to carry the baby on our site we will tell you what are the pros and cons of using baby carriers.

- Backpacks allow the baby to be carried very close to the body, stimulating the bond and physical contact between parents and children.

- It is an easy to use system and also comfortable to wear.

- It is ideal, due to its consistency, for long walks or long excursions.

- It can be used until the baby is 20 kg, that is, it adjusts as it grows.

- The materials, more rigid than other systems, allow you to have your hands free to carry out other activities.

- It is not the cheapest system, they are usually more expensive than foulards or shoulder straps.

- It is hotter than other systems so in hot weather it can make the baby sweat more than necessary.

- Not all serve to carry the baby from the early stages.

- Experts do not recommend its use for newborn babies because they do not give the necessary support for the baby's back, still without muscles.

- They cannot be used in the case of twins, since a double carrying limits the contact between the carrier and the baby.

- The most recommended position is with the baby facing inwards and some babies do not support this position well and protest.

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What do you need to know about raising boys?

Raising a boy is not all about growing up a little girl - from many points of view. Experts argue that certain homozymes, such as testosterone, but also brain differences between the sexes affect the way they develop and are a sufficient reason for their parental growth styles to be different. Parents must apply methods to train capable, confident, respectful and affectionate boys according to the particularities they have in relation to girls.


Boys are more active than girls and have mountains of energy to be consumed or released. Therefore, they tend to run longer, to scream and to outsource through such behavior. Sometimes, their reactions are also a way to mask their anxiety. It is important for boys to be encouraged to expend their energy on activities to benefit from, such as sports. It not only helps them consume a great deal of energy, but also builds their strong character, leadership skills and all that team spirit implies.

Slow brain development

Because they have slower brain development, boys' motor skills are less advanced than in girls. This means that in the early years of life, boys have difficulty using their hands properly, which affects their ability to properly hold pencils or scissors in their hands as quickly as girls. This will also have an impact on their school performance. It is necessary to have more patience with them from this point of view.

Separation anxiety

This type of anxiety manifests itself more strongly in boys than in girls. Many parents go wrong on the assumption that boys are stronger and tougher and that they do not need as much attention as girls. You must surround him with as much love and affection as you care for a girl and not adopt the idea that they are stronger "out of wires".


Guys, unlike the opposite sex, have a natural tendency to act without thinking, from impulse. First they do and then think about the consequences or realize that they could have solved the problem much better in another way. The result of this is represented by the many berries and sweet potatoes in which they are put in the childhood years. The best approach in this situation is to talk with them in a calm and friendly tone about peaceful ways to resolve conflicts and to act.

Strong physical conformation

As boys grow older they will develop greater physical strength and muscle mass than girls. But children are not aware of the power they gain over time. They do not realize that with increasing physical strength and strength, they might hit and hurt other children while playing with them. But it will often do so unintentionally!

Sexuality and aggressiveness

Discussions about sex can be terrifying for parents, especially when they need to be discussed with boys. But it is advisable to talk and explain the differences between the sexes and what sex before reaching puberty. Also explain to them the difference between pleasing, loving and expressing a sexual desire for someone after they reach puberty. It is essential to raise a boy who knows how to be respectful of girls. Avoid admonishing him if you catch him looking over at adult magazines or watching pornographic material. Instead, try to talk to him about eroticism and eroticism and about describing healthy and meaningful relationships between men and women.

Tags Child growth Child growth Different sexes

Becoming a parent, especially the first time, is no easy endeavor. As much as you want parenting advice, you also need good ideas for nurturing your own grown-up relationships, dealing with sleep deprivation, making the decision whether to be a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, finding new recipes, traveling with kids, getting in shape, and deciding on more kids.

Lamb mice with 3 peppers

Lamb mice with 3 peppers

Here is a recipe full of color. Red, yellow and green peppers dress lamb mice. A delight!


  • For 4 people :
  • 4 lamb's mice
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 4 red onions
  • 1 C. coffee powdered sugar
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary
  • 1 small box of tomatoes peeled in the natural
  • 1 cube of chicken broth
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil.


Brown the lamb mice in a casserole with a tablespoon of olive oil and reserve them. Peel and chop one of the onions and garlic cloves. Make them blond in the casserole then add the can of tomatoes and its juice, rosemary, 1 quart of water, bouillon cube and mice. Let simmer 1 hour under cover, then 30 min without lid. Peel and chop the remaining onions. Sweat them for 15 minutes in a spoonful of olive oil. Add salt and pepper. Add the caster sugar and lightly caramelize. Book warm. Cut the peppers in half. Seed them and place them skin up under the oven grill. Once the skin is black, place the peppers for 5 minutes in aluminum foil. Remove their skin and cut them into strips. When serving, heat the peppers for 5 minutes in the frying pan used for the onions. Put the meat on each plate on a bed of candied onions. Add peppers and serve with white rice.