When is bleeding during pregnancy dangerous?

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Allowance of 1 year, maximum 3400 lei, or 2 years, maximum 1200 lei, from 2011

Catalin Maruta and his team from Tonomatul DP 2 are waiting for a period full of adventures and evidence because they have set out to find "Miss Mamica". In the week 26 - 30 March 2007, the DP2 Tonomat will have a series of editions dedicated to the target audience, that is to mothers with small children.
"Last week I started a mommy contest. On the e-mail address of the show I received over 2,000 pictures of the viewers and their children, photos from which a selection of the most beautiful mothers was made, "explained Catalin. This week, the beautiful moms will be invited to the show and will be supported, during the contest, by stars who will share to the public from their experience of parents and beyond. Among the guests will be Nico, Nicola, Radu Ille and a few other stars.
"So far we have selected almost 20 moms, 5 for each edition of the week. Because it is a miss contest, the main selection criterion was the picture sent by email. And because there were so many beautiful mothers, the separation was done according to the story they sent us about their child, "the TVR presenter detailed. The participants of the contest are from all over the country (Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Vaslui, Botosani, Brasov, etc.), but e-mails of the TVRi viewers from Spain, France, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, and so on have arrived. Regarding the ages of the competitors, they vary between 20 and 40 years.
The winners of the contest will be chosen exclusively by the viewers, by the votes expressed daily, by SMS or in the special open forum for the miss contest. Moms will go through different tests: the best voice - for which they will prepare a song of the cradle, the best storyteller - for which they will "troubleshoot" a "story of sleeping children, lightning samples" (such as answering questions) such as: "how many months the bottle changes, what temperature should the milk have" etc).
At the end of the week, a winner will be designated. "Miss Mum and the holders of places two and three will be awarded with useful items for children, and the three" chosen "will receive the prizes" Gold bottle "," Silver bottle "and" Bronze bottle ". According to the audience data provided by TNS-AGB International, the audience watching the DP Tonomat 2 is predominantly female - 70.2% at national level and 76.1% at urban level. At the same time, the public between the ages of 25-44 years represents 25.4% of the total national public that follows this program, respectively 34.3% of the urban public. From the beginning of March to the present, the show had an average market share of 13.3% at national level, respectively 10.1% at urban level, being constantly the audience leader on the 10.00-11.20 segment.
March 27, 2007

Name Kimberly - Meaning of thumbs

Name Kimberly - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Kimberley, it is an English surname.
Its proper origin, however, is African. It is good to know that Kimberley is a city in South Africa. The name was given to the descendants in memory of the martyrs who protected the city.


In the world of sports, there is the American tennis player Kimberly Po, the British basketball player Kimberly Butler and the American volleyball player Kimberly Glass.

In the world of film and song, we have American actresses Kimberly J. Brown and Kimberly Elise, American film director Kimberly Pierce, American actress and singer Kimberly Caldwell or metal singer Kimberly Goss (founder of power-metal group "Sinergy").

His character :

Indomitable pride and proud appearance, Kimberly conveys the image of a strong and authoritarian woman. Leadership is a vocation for her. Intelligent, it is a person full of resources. Perseverance is one of Kimberly's main qualities. It is downright impossible to break one's determination. It is also able to show great efficiency in a very limited time. His faculties of assimilation and adaptation are great!
By the way, Kimberly is a small marginal. She likes to defy the rules and will seem even insolent a few times. Her head full of innovative ideas, she does not hesitate to use his creativity and imagination to surprise his entourage.


Kimberley and Kim.

His party :

There is no party date for Kimberly.

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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Primitive.

Originally it applied to the child born first.


April 16, November 27


  • José Plácido Domingo Embil, lyric singer (tenor and baritone) and Spanish conductor (1941)

Drawings of the name Primitivo coloring page printable game

Exercises for relaxing tired eyes

Exercises for relaxing the eyes are essential for those who work very hard on the computer or are subject to very long-term efforts. There are a few simple exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere and that have the role of relieving pressure and relaxing the muscles of your eyes.

Hiding the girl in the palm

Sit comfortably on the chair. Gently rub your hands until they warm up. Close your eyes and cover your face with close palms, in the shape of a cup. Avoid putting pressure on the eyes. Place your hands so that your nose remains uncovered.

Make sure the palms cover the eyes well, so that no ray of light penetrates. Breathe deeply and slowly and open your eyes; imagine a deep darkness, focusing on the color black or trying to imagine an object in the distance. Wait for about 2-3 minutes.

Rhythmic movements

Close your eyes. Gently move your head back and forth trying to shape an 8 in the air. Move it rhythmically and breathe deeply and slowly. Continue for 3 minutes, then pause for a few minutes. Do this exercise again.

It includes warm and cold

This exercise helps to improve blood circulation around the eyes and face. These compresses help open the small blood vessels of the face and help release the tension around the eyes. Soak several small towels in the water. Some in hot water, others in cold water.

First put the warm towel on the face and gently pad the face using your hands - the area of ​​the eyebrows, the one immediately below the eyes, cheeks, etc. Then apply a cold towel immediately and do the same. Repeat the movements a few times, but make sure you always end up with a cold compress.

Waves of water over eyes closed

And this exercise also has the role of improving the circulation in the face and relaxing the muscles around the eyes. It is very simple, you just have to stand in front of a sink, let go of the cold water faucet and spray for a few seconds (at a distance) with water on the face. Let the water dry by itself and do not wipe it with the towel.

Facial massage

Soak a small towel in hot or cold water, as desired. Then gently rub your forehead, cheeks and neck with that towel. Do not rub your eyes. Then stretch and close your eyes. Gently massage your forehead and eyelids with your finger belly. Make circular movements.

Fixing the gaze at various points

Look at the various objects at least 5 m away from you. Look for an object for a few seconds, then immediately point your finger at the nose and try to look at it. Stay like that for a few seconds. Then look at an object near you for a few minutes and repeat the movement with your finger. Do these movements a few times in a single series of exercises!

Rotating the eyes

This is the easiest eye relaxation exercise that relaxes the muscles of the eye. Sit on the chair with your back straight and your head relaxed and begin to rotate your eyes clockwise, but without moving your head a bit. Do this movement for a few seconds, then change the direction. Signs that show that your eyes are overloaded with blurred or blurry eyes; tired, heavy eyes sensation; dry eyes; pain in the eyes; headache; dizziness etc.

There is another trick that you can avoid over-straining and straining your eyes. Try to flash from maximum 10 in 10 seconds constantly. This way, you will avoid eye stiffness and will frequently wet your eyes avoiding dry eye syndrome. Do regular ophthalmological checks and wear glasses if necessary. Attention to food. Specialists claim that foods rich in vitamins A and C prevent cell damage and improve eyesight.

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What should be the new home of the tummy tucker?

There have been many aspects to setting up a room so far, but even if you don't have a child, you haven't even thought about the essential, often nasty, details that need to be prioritized for your baby's needs.

The little bitch

The arrival of a newborn always requires great preparation, whether there are children in the family or not. Furnishing a nursery or kids' corner is both frustrating and exciting, as baby's needs are so much different from the rest of the family. Before we get into the details of baby room equipment, it is important to note that your room is not absolutely necessary: you can safely move into the parents 'bedroom or the older siblings' bunks, but in this case it's worthwhile to look out for a small corner.

Be careful!

Before buying furniture, you need to look carefully at the prospective baby room; the first task should not be to select the wallpaper. One of the most important tasks is windows are insulated and security locking. If they are too low, you might want to think about installing a rod, as the baby will reach the age very soon when he / she rises and opens everything with that zest.
Envelope it is advisable to choose linoleum or parquet that is easy to keep clean. Make sure that the rugs are adherent on their backs, so that the breastfeeding of the night is not compromised by slipping. Carpet flooring is ideal for rooms whose shape is very different from the usual; in this case, you can think of rugged carpet flooring that is easy to pick up and clean, one at a time.

If the apartment is made safe, the decor can come

If you're not painting on walls, you can choose a washable and durable type, but it's a much simpler solution. Another important aspect is fыtйs: In a well-ventilated nursery, a temperature of 20-22 ° C is ideal. If the air is dry, you need to take care of the evaporation. The well-chosen lights play an important role right from the start. THE dim light lamp it helps with the darkening of the darkness in the afterlife, and the baby does not wake up when parents come in to see her. It is advisable to choose ceiling and wall lamps, because the mother of the lanterns can get caught during a night's feeding, and the little one will not be safe as he begins to emulate.
At the furniture level, the more bulkier the little toddlers are, the harder it is to frustrate them. What your mom needs in the baby room is one a place for breastfeeding. Some people can feed alone, some who are lying down, so if parents are expecting the first baby to arrive, it is not worth spending on a couch or chair until it is clear.
It is important, however, that the selected piece of waistcoat should be comfortable, so that if the mother falls asleep during breastfeeding, she should not wake up to feeling sick in all her members. If someone is aware that they can only feed the baby when lying down but there is not too much room in the nursery, they can put an inflatable cloth or a sponge on the floor, and that is the purpose. If you are breastfeeding, make sure you can put the foot on a pillow.

If you sleep at night…

The baby will need one gyerekбgyra. Practical if you can adjust the height of the bottom; So you don't have to bend so much in the first few days, but later, it doesn't go away easily. A cost effective solution is to buy a larger one - size 70x140 - because your baby will not grow up too soon. Because of this size, sharks can usually be picked up already, so these beds can be transformed into sofas around the age of two to three.
The mattress should be cushioned and well fitted to the bed. Nowadays, the use of a cone mattress is becoming more widespread, which provides good support for the little ones up to the age of three, while the material of the mattress is less allergenic.
It is advisable to place bedding or rubber sheets underneath the sheet, which will prevent the mattress from moving. Bedding should be made of cotton as much as possible. In the first year there will be no need for a pillow, but a warm quilt made of pure cotton, if possible, and a two or three bed or a light blanket.
The material of the sheets is also important - it's worth a look at 100% cotton - because the baby can easily catch on to the suck, and it doesn't matter what you put in your mouth at night. You won't need it in the first few days, but it's a shorter time to get a snipe to keep your head from getting excited. From bed sheets to at least 3-4, quilt covers to 2 will definitely be needed.

Tisztбbb ...

The baby room has a place where you can comfortably change your diaper. It does not have to be a diaper, it does take a wide commode, but it should be remembered that the mother will spend a great deal of time in the neighborhood, so the diaper has to take care of the little safety.
If this furniture is not designed for this purpose, it should be ensured that necessary equipment for nappies easily reachable. A pocket villager who can easily make it out of the house is a great help. What you need to keep in mind is that the largest pocket should fit the largest diaper size.
The pockets can be of different colors and the fabric glue can be used to reinforce the patterns; this catches the baby's attention during the first days of diapering, and later the colors can be taught with help. Come on, shit! It's a good idea to get a trash can for the used pelus. At first glance, it seems like a luxury, but it is blatant to use models that are "odorless" in their nappies.

… And wetter sensation

You might be stuck in the same babakбd also, on a book. If you do not wash in the bathroom, it is advantageous for the baby to stay warm all the time, but special attention should be paid to the protection of furniture. It is practical to have soap holders and spouts at one end of the bath. Baby safety is protected by a code whose inside protects the baby from slipping into the water; this security notice can also be obtained independently of the order.

Small car

There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a stroller. Most importantly, the infant travels up to six months old. This means that the abdomen should be in a completely horizontal position because its back muscles are not mature enough to support itself. Buying a passenger car - for the first time - and a sports car, however, is quite expensive, especially if you add the car price.
Today, there are strollers that can be mounted on the water or available with a tiltable seat basket; in fact, there is a model that they all have a function: The car can be turned into a sports car after half a year. Of course, color is important too, but special attention needs to be paid to the practicality of the stroller. If you are traveling by car, you should choose a model that can be folded as light as possible with one hand and luggage compartment. Be sure to be lightweight as you will need to lift frequently. It is also worth considering the terrain you can park your baby in close proximity to the house: whoever has the opportunity to walk in the woods with the little one, it is better to choose a large wheelchair. It is essential that the handle is handy, easy to push and turn, and that it is easy to reach. It is important that the wheels are evenly rolled and that the bracket does not obstruct the packing into the cash compartment.

Walking, Walking…

There are more options for your small carry. If the family has a car, definitely you need to get an auto, the use of which is obligatory even after the repatriation of the hospital. They also do a good service of baby carriers, especially when the little five are frozen in the middle; then you don't have to fish out of life, but you can take it home with you. There are straps, kendхk They also have kangaroos for carrying the baby, but you need to check what age range they are recommended for and whether or not they can adjust the pint.
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  • Post balanced and healthy

    Soy preparations, fruits, vegetables and oils should be combined to cover the lack of meat.
    If you have decided to fast this week, that does not mean you have to be hungry. In the absence of meat, dairy products and eggs, food must be combined in such a way as to meet all the needs of the body.
    Be careful to consume especially proteins and vitamins, which you find in vegetables and fruits, but also minerals, lipids or carbohydrates. Food experts recommend caution to patients, pregnant women or children eager to hold fast in the High Week.
    Read the full article in