Camelia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Camelia

Camelia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Camelia

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Shoes are a permanent element of children's wardrobe. The new ones already put on are a complement to the proverbial icing on the cake. But does putting on babies shoes make any sense? And if we already buy shoes for an infant, what do you suggest when choosing them?

Why do newborns and babies wear shoes?

Everyone knows the role of shoes: they protect the foot against adverse weather conditions and injuries while walking. However, in the first months of life, the baby only lies or sits, so putting on shoes actually misses the goal.

On the other hand, we should make sure that the baby is warm in the feet, so putting on shoes may be a necessity.

To keep your child warm, all you need is a blanket, warm socks or shoes. What parents choose is their individual choice.

Baby shoes become an alternative, above all, for socks, especially in winter when you need to go outside (although then most of them cover the child with an additional blanket, sleeping bag, etc.). However, the time for the first solid and real shoes will come when the child begins to walk.

Baby shoes - what's the best?

We already know that shoes in the first months of a child's life should protect against cold, but that's not all. The shoe must be comfortable so that it does not restrict the child's movement in any way and does not hurt the foot. On the other hand, external values ​​are an individual matter, depending on the taste of the parent.

When choosing baby shoes in the first months of life, it is worth paying attention to:

  • size - shoes should be adjusted to children's feet, so it's better to buy them to size. Children have different feet and universal sizes usually do not work. Before buying, you need to try on the shoe if it is too small, too big, not too narrow or there is no problem with its insertion
  • cloth - baby shoes should be soft, made of breathable, breathable material. So that they can be easily put on and bent to all sides. We avoid hard, rigid shoes with thick soles.
  • execution - comfortable baby shoes are the basis, so before buying it is good to put your hand inside them and check if nothing will hurt the baby, all seams should be almost imperceptible. Let's assess whether making the shoe will allow easy and quick donning. It is worth paying attention to additional decorations of the shoes. Are they sewn tightly, because the infant can always try to put the shoe in his mouth.
  • clasp - it's best that shoes slip easily and do not require additional fastening. Unfortunately, then it usually falls off the feet easily and it is very likely that the child will lose them. If you already buy a shoe with a clasp, you need to check that it does not restrict movement and is safe. The shoe should be made so that it can be quickly fastened (or tied) so as not to stress the impatient child.

What baby shoes are available on store shelves?

We have at least several options.

Apricot is a mine of benefits for grown ups and babies. It contains a record rate of beta-carotene and potassium. Chosen mature, it is a good source of fiber and especially pectin, very digestible. Our ideas recipes sweet or salty.

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Young and old: all our recipe ideas here.

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Otitis acute: a treatment to follow to the letter

1. My first body album
Various Authors
With this small album of photos of the body, the friendly and curious mouse Roe Roe shows us the different parts of the body, the different organs, the first notions of hygiene, and many more things related to the human body. The photographs show children from all over the world who will accompany the little ones in their learning of the first words and concepts about the body.

2. The human body. Children's Dictionary

Various Authors
A book for the most curious minds, who want to know how their body works. How every part of the human body works is fascinating. So that you have no doubt and you understand everything the first time, this book puts at your fingertips everything you need to satisfy your curiosity, from key scientific facts, surprising anecdotes and fun activities that will put you to the test. All this accompanied by illustrations and accurate photographs.

3. The human body
Pascale Hedelin
A book with flaps, wheels, tabs and tabs for the child to learn how the human body works in a simple and visual way.
This book summarizes with great simplicity what the human body is like. It is, without a doubt, a magnificent first manual, fun, full of tabs, windows and surprises with which to learn where we come from, what our bones are like, what happens to what we eat, what are the senses ... and many more things. Very entertaining and educational, as well as appropriate in the narration and representation of all the issues it addresses. To check it, you just have to open it and you will see ... quite a find!

4. My larousse atlas of the human body
Various Authors
An illustrated book with a format very suitable for children, raised in the form of double pages with drawings of the parts of the human body. The illustrations contain small doses of humor, which makes them very funny for the little ones while attracting the attention of the elderly due to their irony.

The Atlas is organized according to the parts of the human body that are involved in each of the different functions: eating, communicating, sleeping, breathing ...) Some pages are fold-down and the book offers a giant poster with the various systems of the human body: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc.)

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4 exercises to reshape your chest

4 exercises to reshape your chest
When he is ready to go to the camp

Going to camp for the first time can cause anxiety especially for children in the first classes. He decides when he is ready to go to the camp and then alleviates his anxiety. The first trip to the camp can be a difficult time for the child, who has not been separated until now by his parents or his home for such a long time. It can also be a tough test for parents, who have to accept that their baby is growing faster than they would like.

Is your child ready for a camp?

Before making the decision to let your school-age child go to camp, consider the following cues that can help you decide if you are ready for this experience:

  • abides by the hygiene rules (hand washing, tooth washing, etc.) and without reminding them several times a day;
  • he cleans and orders in the room alone, he does not need your help to find his clothes in the morning;
  • has spent at least one night in a group of children and knows how to behave;
  • he wants to go to the camp.

If your little one does not meet all of the above criteria, but he really wants to go to camp, give him this chance. Even if he forgets about the restrictions imposed at home, he will return to them without much effort upon his return.

Anxiety and longing for home

When the initiative belongs to you completely, and your child does not seem excited about the idea of ​​going to a camp, the reason is the anxiety and fear that he will miss home.
Talk honestly with your little one about your first camp experience and explain that your longing for home is perfectly normal, but that it will not prevent you from feeling good in the new environment for a few days.
Most children may have problems that they will not be able to make friends with others easily. If you go to the first camp at the age of 7 or 8, you will feel better if you can do it with a friend.
Don't ridicule your child's fears. To reassure him, show him that you understand him and that you care about his anxiety. If the situation continues, you can urge him to discuss the problem with friends who have been to the camp before.
Before leaving the camp, give him more affection and discuss what he can do when he feels he is missing home. With a little luck, he will feel very good in the camp and forget about the fears that ground him before leaving.

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A Sneaky Cure for Pregnancy - No Diabetes and Symptoms for Pregnant Diabetes

A Sneaky Cure for Pregnancy - No Diabetes and Symptoms for Pregnant Diabetes

There are few baby-disease-related illnesses that would be better suited to the "sneaky" sign than pregnancy diabetes. What are you doing? The article reveals.

Several of my friends have suffered from pregnancy diabetes during pregnancy. Although they had different backgrounds, they had two things in common: one that they had a normal, healthy life, and the other that they didn't even think they were "up for the test".

Pain and almost asymptomatic

The insidious token in the title is earned by being sick almost imperceptibly symptoms. The biggest problem is that the symptoms of gestational diabetes are the same as those that cause pregnancy loss, such as increased fluid requirements, more frequent urine, skin loss, and toothache. Unfortunately, if the screening for pregnancy diabetes is not stopped, the disease will usually only be readily recognized due to the lack of symptoms.

Why can?

When looking at the causes of the disease, it is most appropriate to look at hormonal changes during pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, enough insulin is produced in the body, which is able to compensate for the effect of the opposite hormones on raising blood glucose levels. Pregnancy, however the production of hormones that are counterproductive to insulin is increased (eg female sex hormones, estrogens, cortisol, HPL). Growth and thyroid hormone, too, are counterproductive to insulin. it also breaks down part of the insulin, thus reducing its effectiveness. It tends to be a big problem. Fortunately, all mothers under compulsory pregnancy care are in the age of 24-28. a sugar-load test is performed between pregnancy weeks to exclude possible disease. Didn't know blood glucose increases during pregnancy even in healthy women, but never exceed the upper limit of normal values.

In Diabetes, What You Should Eat!


Pregnant diabetics do not have hormones it can be a multi-prone factor. Age over 30 years, large body weight, family history, and baby born more than 4 kilograms prior to pregnancy. The presence of any of the risk factors may be a warning signal, so it is worthwhile to have a high blood sugar test the first time you have a pregnant caregiver, but at least 14-16. pregnancy week. This is the so-called early filtration. If you measure above normal values ​​here, you may need external treatment because the fetus may have a problem in particular.If the mother does not receive proper treatment, it may result in the baby is born with very low weight and very low blood glucose values. In this case, breathing disorders and increased yellowing may occur. Not to mention that developmental abnormalities can often occur as a result of early pregnancy glucose fluctuations. In addition, mothers of pregnant women with diabetes are more likely to become prematurely born and to become diabetic in their later lives.

Solution in the kitchen

A large proportion of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus do not need special medication, just one a special, low-carbohydrate diet have to comply. The essence of this is that the pregnant mother is healthy and consumes only about ca. It consumes 160-200g of carbohydrate (mainly from low glycemic index foods such as greens, whole wheat flour, durum paste and some fruits) distributed 5-6 times a day. Sugar, sugary foods, dried fruits and extremely high glycemic index fruits, such as sugar, should be eliminated. The diet is prescribed by a diabetologist and a dietician to help you learn how to use it properly. It is highly recommended that you do exercise in the 1-1 urge following your meals: exercise or exercise, of course, only if you have no contraindications to your birth. take it easy! After childbirth, pregnancy-induced insulin resistance decreases in most cases and then disappears, which may lead to an improvement or normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. At the same time, pregnancy diabetes is associated with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Come check in annually. If you follow all these, you will have no problem with your next pregnancy! These are also worth reading about pregnancy diabetes:
  • Pregnant Diabetes? Tracking is important!
  • The Dangers of Pregnant Diabetes
  • This is what you need to know about a busy glucose test!
  • Looking for a little boy? The event may be more!

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Chrysogone.

Feminine form of Chrysogonus.

Begotten of gold.

November 24.


  • Criseida was the daughter of Crises, from whom she is named, priest of Apollo in the city of Crisa, in Troad.

Chrysogona name coloring page printable game

Chrysogona: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Chrysogona coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Chrysogona coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Chrysogona name to color and print

Is grappling really that much headache?

The cannula crashes, the tooth out! That's all! But most babies find it hard to bear the changes that come with toothache.

Catching is a painful process

Of course, we can never tell if you really have pain because your baby can't tell. But it's sure to bother, the rabbit flows, everything in my mouth that goes into my hands, and bites you big in the rubber bumps. He's not jovial at all.

Are you sick or will you?

It is very important to isolate the disease from the tooth, because if you are facing bacterial or viral infection, it is essential that the baby is seen by a doctor. Zsombi at the age of five, he seems to be out of the skin. The bar had only awakened once at night, now, after hanging out, it was a hell of a time demanding to wear. They measured the fever, but it was only an ant above the standard temperature. Her mother was breastfeeding in vain, and her hands were constantly being sucked into her mouth. The last drop in the glass was when he began to cough. Even though no signs of a week were experienced, she was taken to a doctor. The doctor examined it thoroughly and did not find the throat red. He peeked into his ears, but there was no sign of inflammation. But the tooth was red and sensitive. He explained to the parents that some children might have such a legitimate symptom. In the rest of the night, pain can intensify, and even you the location also worsens the situation, because the grabby handle with its abundant grip on the small throat can tie the baby. There are no sick beasts, but for the sake of the calm of the family, it is worth easing the baby's pain at night.

Is this a stroke because of a toothache?

There are babies who are particularly sensitive when their teeth come. Instead of putting everything in your mouth, it simply avoids getting in the way of anything. Julcsi three months ago he started sucking his finger. At one time she enjoyed more than breastfeeding. But once weird things happened. Julcsi gave up the finger sucking, but also refused the breast. He seemed hungry, but something really upset him. The family called a breastfeeding advisor who looked at her tiny mouth and thoroughly consulted her mother. Together they figured out what the problem might be. Yulkey can really hurt her he rejects the fingered fingering and the breastfeeding so far. The solution was that her mother tried to get pregnant when she was willing to breastfeed in Julie's mind, so she ate most of the night. Just as long as one to two weeks - at the age of average, so the first teeth did not break in a month. In the meantime, the parents also experienced local pain relief, but the baby responded with horror as the touch also caused him pain.

Never finished?

Getting the first teeth out can also be difficult because the baby is still he can't express what's wrong, and you can't help yourself if it happens before the age of half. Older children will gladly chew dry bread or chilled beetroot because it is enough to put in and keep in their mouths.Bertha it was ten days old when his teeth began to come. Fortunately, it was already much easier to capture and distract. And when switching between canines, it is not too easy to squirm and tooth between the small motor and the rocking. Evenings and nights were more difficult. Breastfeeding was a good sedative, but when her mother didn't want to breastfeed at night, her father's stroking and caressing alleviated her discomfort, toothache.Related Articles:
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