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Gangolfa: origin and meaning of the name for girl Gangolfa

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Gangolfa.

Gangolfo female form. Saint Gangulf, bishop and French martyr of the 8th century appears on the saints.

It comes from the Germanic radicals "gang" - way, march- and "wulf" -wolf-.

May 11


  • Doris Day. Actress

Gangolfa name coloring pages printable game

Gangolfa: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Gangolfa coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Gangolfa coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Gangolfa name to color and print

Unique Girl Names With Stunning, Positive Meanings. SJ STRUM Baby Names

Meaning of the name Gandulfo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Gandulfo. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Latinization of a Germanic proper name of Lombard and Frankish tradition, already documented in Italy in the 7th century in the forms Candolfus or Gandulfus.

"rod of the wolf, way of the wolf"

April 3, September 17


  • Galileo Galilei, famous Italian astronomer and mathematician, whose surname corresponds to the patronymic form of his name.

Drawing of the name Gandulfo coloring page printable game

Gandulfo: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Gandulfo coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Gandulfo coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Gandulfo name to color and print

7 common explanations for fatigue
Klorane Bubble Bath and Small Junior Shampoo

We love the fruity flavors of this new range of care for children. These hypoallergenic products are tested under pediatric control and guaranteed without alcohol, essential oils and parabens. The range also includes a shower gel, a detangler and a lip balm.

  • Their price: 10,20 € the bottle of 500 ml of bubble bath and 5,10 € the tube of 200 ml of shampoo.
  • Where to find them: in supermarkets.

The opinion of the testers

Approved for its softness

Stephanie (Sainte-Terre), mother of Noémie, 4 years old.

  • "Congratulations to the very pleasant scent of these treatments that invite you to take the time and relax in the bathroom. My daughter loves the bubble bath, especially the foam that is "full of snow" on the water. I appreciate its pump dosage, convenient and economical. Good products. "

Emilie (Saint-Pol-sur-Mer), mother of Charlotte, 4 years old, and Camille, 2 years old.

  • "The promise is held by the shampoo that does not sting the eyes and detangles the hair smoothly. Its flexible tube is perfect for travel or pool bag and easy to use. But I would prefer an organic formula even safer for my daughters. "

You also give your opinion by posting a comment below if you have tried or know this product.

Chemotherapy in pregnancy

Chemotherapy in pregnancy

Chemotherapy, one of the treatments used to stop the evolution of cancer, had until recently an unknown influence on the development of the fetus in pregnancy. Belgian researchers have found that anticancer drug therapy does not affect the fetus to a significant extent, although doctors associate chemotherapy given in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy with an increased risk of developing congenital malformations.

While medical findings have found a link between chemotherapy and infertility, the treatment prevents the ovaries from producing more eggs, the pregnancy is not subject to adverse effects. Scientists from the Oncological Institute of the Leuvin University in Belgium have watched the growth of 70 babies with mothers who underwent cancer treatment in the prenatal period.

The results of long-term research show that cancer drugs do not cause health problems for the child, neither in the womb nor later in childhood.

The action of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy works on the simple principle of reaching, without destroying, the cells inside the cancerous tumor, which are capable of reproducing indefinitely. The drugs used for this purpose have a relative degree of toxicity, some of them affecting the blood, hair, skin or other organs.

The increasing dose of anticancer drugs means higher chances of eliminating cancer cells, but it also involves the risk of destroying healthy ones. The rate of administration depends on the evolution of the tumor and the physiological state of the patient.

Chemotherapy after the first trimester of pregnancy

A specialized study reveals that 1 in 1,000 pregnancies occur in a woman who has to undergo chemotherapy. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, physicians share the opinion that it is preferable to delay the administration of anticancer drugs until the second trimester, when the risk of malformations decreases considerably.

Belgian researchers have conducted extensive, long-term research to coherently assess the evolution of children born to cancer-treated mothers during pregnancy. The study has a sample of 70 children, with an average age of 2 and a half years.

Two-thirds of the monitored children were born prematurely before 37 weeks. The little ones have undergone several medical, intelligence and behavioral tests. Those born before term had a lower IQ by about 11 points compared to children born after 9 months of pregnancy.

The preliminary findings do not indicate problems of medical or psychological nature in the case of the children who took part in the study.

Chemotherapy does not involve termination of pregnancy

Initiatives of the study recommend that women undergoing chemotherapy should not give up the task of fearing the effects of anticancer chemicals, but should not discontinue treatment for 9 months for wanting to protect the baby.

Moreover, inducing preterm birth to expose the child to chemo is another mistake without a proven scientific basis. The possible consequences of preterm birth are much more serious than the insignificant influence of the drugs used in chemotherapy.

Oncologists support chemotherapy during pregnancy

Oncologists confirm the results of the Belgian study and support chemotherapy during pregnancy, despite the apprehensions of many women who fear for the safety of their baby more than for their own lives.

However, oncology specialists are cautious in administering certain types of drugs (such as methotrexate), which have contraindications for congenital malformations in pregnancy. Fortunately, most of the substances used do not cross the placenta "barrier" and have proven effective in many cases over time.

Currently, the number of future mothers diagnosed with cancer is increasing directly in proportion to the increasing age of women who decide to bring a child into the world.

In collaboration with MEdC, IBM has launched the educational program for preschoolers KidSmart in Romania
The elephant and the crocodile. Children's story to teach not to criticize

Bad breath for children is often an enigma to parents, as they seem to be too young to have such unpleasant breathing. Despite the healthy eating and proper care of your baby's teeth, bad breath can occur. How should you act?

What are the causes of bad breath in children?

Oral cavity is the first to be investigated and subjected to thorough tests because it is the first cause of bad breath. No matter how strange it may seem, there are situations where the nasal cavity is to blame. Therefore, it should not be disregarded when investigating the causes of the problem.

The stomach is not an exception and may have conditions that can manifest itself in this way!

Here are some of the most common causes:

  • poor dental hygiene (bacteria stagnating in the mouth and food debris between the teeth);

  • insufficient or poor brushing;

  • hidden tooth decay;

  • chronic or acute sinusitis;

  • seasonal allergies (which can lead to the appearance of mucus in the pharynx);

  • infections of the mouth, nose or throat;

  • gastritis or other infections of the stomach.

What dental hygiene is required?

If you have eliminated the nasal cavity (sinus as the main cause of this type of breathing) from the causes, you have to worry about imposing proper dental hygiene on your child.

Teach him to brush his teeth properly

Since the first teeth of the child appear, you must begin their brushing. This is how the special brush for children is used (with filaments softer than for adults) and it starts cleaning all the teeth that come out. Also during the period when the first teeth erupts, the toothpaste is specially designed for each age of the child. Because they differ depending on the amount of fluoride they contain, it is recommended that you go to the doctor to make the best choice.

The amount of toothpaste placed on the brush should be small, about the size of a pea grain.

As the child grows up, you begin to show him and teach him the steps to be followed in a correct period of the teeth, so as to eliminate all the food leftovers between the teeth. Create a routine for brushing your teeth in the morning and evening!

Do not neglect the language!

Many people avoid cleaning the tongue during brushing, which is the preferred "location" of bacteria that can cause disease, but especially bad breath. Teach him how to clean his tongue.

Use even dental!

It can be used only from the age of 4 years and is the best method of keeping healthy gums and removing debris between the teeth. Do not use it for children only once a day!

It also calls for mouth water!

There is an extremely wide variety of mouthwatering types, but you have to be careful because most of them only temporarily remove bad breath, rather than covering the odors rather than eliminating them.

You must choose an antibacterial mouth water, which destroys the bacteria in the mouth, that is, the origin of bad breath.

However, ask your dentist before using mouth water in your child's hygiene, because there are circumstances in which it is not recommended.

Although it is recommended to introduce it in the dental hygiene of children from the age of 12, there are many controversies related to its effects on health, so it is always good to have the doctor's approval.

When should you call a doctor?

If you completely cure your child's dental hygiene and bad breath persists, then you should go to either a dentist, to find out if there are any hidden cavities, or to the pediatrician to do any thorough investigations of possible body infections. this effect.

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Recovery gymnastics for facial neuritis in children


- My little girl was born with a facial neuritis on her right and her mouth was leaking to the side. And what about the same language? He's 9 months old, can he do anything he can talk about? She never pulls the tongue out, as children do, nor when I give them food to put the tip of their tongue to taste. Her tongue was fished after a few days after birth, because she was caught.


The mobility of the speech-language apparatus is essential in the speech act and any problem that arises at its level has repercussions on the speech.
To be able to speak, a complex recovery consisting of neurological treatment, facial massage, electrostimulation under medical supervision (using low and medium frequency currents) and specific gymnastics for the cheeks, lips, tongue such as:
- the swelling of the cheeks and the blowing of their cheeks;
- cheek suggestion;
- blowing in candles, soap balloons or in pieces of paper;
- imitation of the pupate;
- smile;
- vibration of the lips;
- movement of the right tongue - left;
- movement of the tongue down - up.
You can do this gym daily at home, from the moment the little girl collaborates. For the correct accomplishment of each movement the little girl will be assisted by you.