Is it necessary to use vitamins during pregnancy?

Is it necessary to use vitamins during pregnancy?

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7 reasons why babies cry

7 reasons why babies cry

Miscarriage and what next?

Miscarriage and what next? Statistics are ruthless. They hide a lot of extreme emotions. Because it's not fair, it wasn't supposed to be this way, others succeed, nobody understands me. One source says that every fourth, others, that every sixth pregnancy ends in a miscarriage. Sometimes the spontaneous termination of pregnancy occurs so quickly that a woman takes it for it monthly bleeding.

When a child is lost, even a tiny one, dispassionately called an embryo, fetus or tissue collection, misunderstanding occurs. Mothers are unable to comprehend the behavior of doctors who argue that nothing happened and that they need to think about the future. Specialists in white smocks often raise their eyebrows in amazement when they hear about mourning and the need for burial. Friends and family, who congratulated a few days earlier, now do not know what to say. The "almost forget about this miscarriage" falls from the mouth almost automatically in the place of the more human "I feel for you". From underestimation in good faith, sometimes one goes into silent condolences.

The woman remains emotionally alone. Although there are many people around her, she feels incomprehensible, rejected, despite many offers of help, she does not want and is unable to use them. It is often inappropriate to support a partner who experiences the whole situation equally strongly but who will never fully understand how a woman who loses a child feels.

Bitterness of memories

"It was so beautiful, we finally succeeded. In addition to joy, I felt the characteristic butterflies in my stomach. Like a sign from this little man who decided to live in my tummy. I received congratulations, handshakes, whispers to provide support. I felt really alive now. Everything happened quickly. Sudden lower abdominal pain, bleeding, hospital, then dispassionate diagnosisfor: miscarriage. "

"Now we have Kasia. Still, we're still thinking about that child. Motherhood has a bittersweet taste. "

Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of pregnancy before 23 weeks of pregnancy. However, the vast majority of miscarriages occur between 10 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. In the second trimester, miscarriage occurs one in fifty pregnancies.

Symptoms of miscarriage

A few days before miscarriage most often observed nagging nausea, breast pain. Then there is slight bleeding and pain in the lower abdomen. Women often have a feeling that something is wrong. Listen to your intuition and see a doctor.

Causes of miscarriage

Many women ask themselves why. There are no easy answers. However, there are causes that are most often recognized. And in this case, the most common are:

Vindiciana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Vindiciana

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Vindiciana. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Vindiciana

Feminine form of Vindiciano. Name known as Saint Vinditian of Cambrai (France)

Meaning of name Vindiciana

It comes from the Latin, "defender, protector".

Origin of the name Vindiciana


Famous people with the name Vindiciana

  • Salma Hayek, Mexican actress (1966)

Drawings of the name Vindiciana coloring page printable game

If until now it had only been observed that girls have a much earlier maturity than boys, researchers at Newcastle University have been able to scientifically prove this hypothesis. British scientists have shown that girls 'brains mature much faster than boys' brains, an extremely important finding that could help in the future to better understand the process of learning and assimilating information during adolescence.

The maturation of girls begins at the age of 10 years

In the study, the scientists analyzed in depth the brains of 121 people between the ages of 4 and 40 years. They observed that as people mature certain portions of their brains become smaller, as many of the unnecessary connections between neuronal cells are removed, leading to the emergence of a more efficient information processing system.

At the same time, scientists have noticed that this process of removing unnecessary connections takes place around the age of 10 years in girls, and in boys it begins to start at the age of 20. "Absolutely by chance, I discovered that there is a fundamental difference between boys and girls in terms of development. It is about maturing the brain, which consists in canceling connections considered unnecessary, in favor of developing new ones, more important.

Losing brain connections in this way is even advantageous for brain functioning, because neural networks are thus organized more efficiently. In boys, these things happen ten years later than in girls, "explained Sol Lim, coordinator of the study.

Major changes in information connectivity

Therefore, one of the causes that would lead to the early maturation of girls would be the major changes that occur in the brain in terms of connectivity. The researchers found that although the total number of connections is small, the brain maintains long-distance links, which are very important for information integration.

The new findings could also explain why brain functions are not declining - they are improving, during this period of growth. "This is part of the learning process. The brain, as a whole, is expanding, but losing its connections. It's as if you were at a party and everyone is talking around you, and you can't focus. But if some of those voices disappear, it's easier to hear, "added Marcus Kaiser, author of the study.

Girls manage to better filter information

Scientists also explained that, during the process of brain maturation in girls, similar memories, sounds and images that occur in the brain are often erased, only important connections being formed starting from these, such as the connection between the face of an acquaintance and his voice.

For the time being, however, the researchers' explanations have stopped at this level, a precise conclusion on the advance regarding the cerebral maturation of the girls being promised in further investigations.

Getting pregnant with polycystic ovary syndrome it's difficult but not impossible. It may take longer, but the desire to hold your baby in your arms will come true sooner or later. The first of all is to know and define the term polycystic ovaries, because many times its meaning may not be what we think. We are going to try to clarify it and, above all, differentiate it from polycystic ovary syndrome (SOP).

Each month during our fertile life, the ovaries shed an egg (sometimes more than one) in the middle of our cycle. It is what we know as ovulation. These eggs have developed into a kind of sachets called follicles. Each cycle, a group of follicles begins to grow, and generally one of them grows faster. In the middle of the cycle, this dominant follicle ruptures, expelling the egg that was inside.

When a woman has polycystic ovariesIt means that an ultrasound scan has shown that your ovaries are larger than usual and that they have many follicles (generally more than 12) and very small, sometimes forming a spiral. That is to say, even if we call them 'polycystic', it does not mean they have cysts, but follicles that have not finished developing

It is common for a woman to have polycystic ovaries and do not know it because she does not have any symptoms, and she finds out by having a gynecological ultrasound. In other women, polycystic ovaries are associated with irregular cycles, ovulation difficulties, obesity, acne, hirsutism ... Then we would be talking about something more complex, the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

This syndrome is a hormonal disorder that, among other things, causes the ovaries to malfunction. To diagnose it, at least two of these three circumstances must be met:

- That the ultrasound shows polycystic ovaries.

- That there are signs of hyperandrogenism (excess of male hormones) such as hirsutism (hair in unusual areas in women, such as on the face, neck or back), acne, alopecia or metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes ...).

- That the woman does not ovulate every month (anovulatory cycles), which is manifested by irregular cycles, menstrual delays or difficulty getting pregnant.

In recent years it has been seen that these alterations come from an increase in insulin resistance. What does this mean? Insulin is a hormone that causes glucose (sugar) to enter cells to be used and thus lower its concentration in the blood. If there is insulin resistance, it means that this system does not work well, and more insulin is needed to lower blood sugar. If this is prolonged in time, it can lead to diabetes and other diseases such as hypertension or obesity.

But why does this have to do with the ovaries? Insulin stimulates the production of androgens (male hormones) in the ovary, so if there is a lot of insulin there will also be more androgens, which are responsible for many of the symptoms of the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Your doctor can explain different options for treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome, from contraceptives to regulate cycles and leave the ovaries at rest, antidiabetic drugs to improve insulin existence, or ovulation inducers ... But the best thing is to go to the roots: if we correct insulin resistance, androgens will decrease and PCOS symptoms will also improve.

The insulin resistance it increases due to a lack of healthy lifestyle habits. Here are a few tips to combat it:

- Healthy and balanced diet, placing special emphasis on reducing refined sugars, as well as processed foods, hydrogenated fats ...

- Daily exercisesuch as walking, swimming, and yoga.

- Adequate rest We are not only referring to nighttime sleep, but also to avoiding continued stress during the day. The rush is not good!

- What's more natural substances like melatonin, which helps ovulation; inositols, which decrease insulin resistance; some spices such as turmeric, black pepper or cinnamon, which also improve insulin resistance and have anti-inflammatory effects; or vitex agnus castus, one of the most used to help the pituitary gland, the gland responsible for secreting the hormones that regulate our menstrual cycles.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do if you have polycystic ovary syndrome and you want to help your body regain its normal functioning and, therefore, get pregnant,so don't hesitate, and get to work!

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Hypopressive exercise in quadrupeds to work the abdomen postpartum

We teach you to perform hypopressive exercises to recover the figure after childbirth. In this case, the physical therapist Silvia Balaguer, teaches us to perform a quadruped exercise to work the abdomen and recover a flat stomach more quickly.

Remember that a healthy and balanced diet combined with good exercise that respects and takes care of the pelvic floor is the best way to lose weight and tone muscles postpartum.

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Fascinated by the couple Scufita Rosie and Lupul, a driver made an accident

The story characters stayed on June 1 at the main intersections in Bucharest and gave gifts to the little ones. Their presence also delighted the big ones who started their morning with a smile on their lips.
"Stolen from the landscape" a driver exclaimed - "Look at the wolf" he forgot to put his foot on the brake, gently hitting the car in front of him. Fortunately, none of the cars had serious problems and the two drivers received gifts from Scufita Rosie who walked all morning with Wolf the Bad Wolf.

Capra teamed with the fox Bear tricked at the Mosilor intersection with Carol.
Alba as Snow took her favorite Dwarf at the University and Little Sirena seconded by a page stood on June 1st at the intersection of Iancului. Pacala could not miss ... came without the door but with many gifts.

Itsy, Bitsy and Zapa The characters from ItsyBitsyFM shared gifts, greetings and autographs to all the children who passed through the University.
Alongside the characters in the intersections were the children's friends - mascots Fulga, Haribo, Quiky and Papi.
From June 1, Bucharest belonged to children through an event organized by ItsyBitsy FM, Tandar Theater and the Police of the Capital and supported by Antena 1, National Journal, Compact of Bucharest,, Cipi, Fulga, Haribo, Nesquik and Papi.