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We also have a lot to say about the condition of our thyroid gland

It can occur in all ages, but thyroid diseases are particularly common in women over 40 years of age. For the skilled practitioner, external signs also aid in diagnosis.

We also have a lot to say about the condition of our thyroid glandArrуl exactly what these are, Prof. Csaba Balбzs Endocrinologist, Endocrine Center Physician, spoke at a presentation at Prima Medica Professional Day.

Our handshake also says a lot

Depending on whether this tiny one is under or overactive, but many organs of the body are highly influenced by the skin, our symptoms may be different. A patient suffering from thyroid dysfunction may have, in addition to his nervous, irritated, glowing eyes, a warm, damp palm. Sweaty, you bear the heat badly. In the course of his talk, his narrative also usually reinforces good signs: sleep, increased weight loss, increased physical activity, diarrhea. In the case of acne, also cardiac arrhythmias, dry mouth, dysphagia, menstrual disorders in women, abortion.

Bulky facial features

Swollen face and eyes, especially in the lower extremity, are rare signs of underactive thyroid gland. Thin hair crowns, thinning hairs, dry skin, goiter-thickened neck, loud noises and the appearance of longitudinal horns on the gum also suggest this. In addition, if the patient complains of fatigue, forgetfulness, sleepiness, weight loss, distress, depressive symptoms, he further confirms this suggestion. It is also common for patients with dysfunction to seek medical attention because of frequent nocturnal muscle spasms and coldness (cold intolerance) and infertility.

Thyroid dysfunction symptoms in frequency order

Professor Balzs gave a lecture on a list that, in his experience, indicates the occurrence of symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, in order of their frequency. According to this, the disease starts in most cases with fatigue and weakness. Following are the following symptoms, in order of frequency:
- Leather, dry skin
puffy face and limbs
- slow heart rate
- Cold limbs, cold cold
- hair loss
- Concentration distress, ruined memoir
- constipation
- Growing up under the skin of a bad thing.

A trap for TSH

Based on the above, it can be seen that external signs are already much affected by thyroid dysfunction, but more diagnostic examination is required. In addition to physical examination, palpation of the thyroid gland, ultrasound also provides important information, but the best known method is to test TSH levels. Unfortunately, many believe this data whether it is due to thyroid disease or not. However, besides the TSH values, other laboratory findings - fT4 and anti-TPO - are also important, and the TSH evaluation must always be personalized. The quantity is influenced by several factors, Professor Balázs emphasized in his lecture that such is the case with age. "Even at age 40, for example, TSH values ​​of 8 are considered high, and by age 60, they fall within the normal range. The patient should be treated individually for all symptoms and examination results."Related articles in Thyroid Disease:
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Are you sleeping with your child This huge mattress may interest you!

Are you sleeping with your child This huge mattress may interest you! There are many parents today who decide to sleep together with their children. They motivate their choice with comfort and the ability to meet the child's needs. Sleeping together when babies are small is, for many, the best way to get enough sleep, and also makes breastfeeding easier.

But how do you fit on a classic bed? This is a real challenge. In practice, one or two people sleep on the edge, and the child has the most space to manage. Unfortunately, it often ends differently - her husband's "eviction" from the bedroom ...

It doesn't have to be this way.

If we only have a large bedroom (which for many is unfortunately a dream), we can invest in a really large mattress from the collection of the American company Ace. The mattress is of a colossal size and once and for all ends the problem with back pain after a night together with the child in bed. The width of the mattress is up to 366 centimeters, which is at least twice as much as the average bed measures.

And what do you say?

Who could use a huge mattress?

Learning through play in children

Learning through play in children

Learning through play is a method used in the education and psychology of the child to help him acquire new knowledge and become aware of the environment around him. Play is instinctive and fun for the child. With and through play and play, the child develops social and cognitive abilities, matures emotionally, acquires confidence in his own strength and always discovers new things.

How and what do children learn through play?

Play is the best technique parents can use to help their child learn new things. It is a stimulating and creative method that lends itself to the child's level of understanding and helps him learn quite complicated things through an easy method for him.
The game contributes to brain development. Neuroscience specialists claim that from birth to 6 years of age, the child learns essential things in development and behavior, which is a foundation for life. Each time the child engages in a game, the neural pathways in the brain are influenced and developed with the help of exploration, thinking skills and language used.

Photo: thehouseholdplanner.com

Play is one of the few activities that stimulate the child's development in all its aspects. It paves a safe path for long-term learning. The child does not have to be involved in heavy and sophisticated games to benefit from the advantages of the game. Even when he is a baby and playing with objects around, cubes or plush animals or when he grows up and starts to discover the world of drawing, puzzles and other toys, he is constantly learning new things.
The game develops a new level of understanding in the child. He speaks his language and facilitates the assimilation of complicated information. A coherent and well thought out approach to the game ensures a complex cognitive development for the child. It responds to the individual needs of the child, outlines the main skills in development and satisfies their need for exploration and research of the surrounding world.
Through play, chickens always discover new skills and methods to solve problems, efficient solutions, invent, test new ideas and experiences. Every little boy needs time to play daily and diversify the gaming experience.

Games that facilitate learning

From cuckoo-bau and gadilat or other types of interactions, the baby has a lot to learn and begins to gradually realize how to deal with the cause-effect relationship.
As it grows, the child needs to be stimulated by playing to discover and learn new things. It is very important for games to be fun and to capture their interest, because only this will involve them more and they will be eager to learn.
The role play is very important in alerting the child to some experiences that he will go through and to learn what to expect and what is happening in those moments. For example, when playing with the doctor, the child learns what is going on in the office and will be more willing to go to the doctor once he knows that he is not as bad as he thought.
Over the years, the game also plays new meanings. Stories, books and drawings take the place of simple games and become the main learning tool for important things for them in kindergarten or school. Then, the little boy experiences manual work, dance and other games that help his physical and emotional development.

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Four-quarter robot

Want a recipe for the four hours of your greedy? Quick, call a robot to the rescue. Directed with a four-quarter, this one should seduce them ...


  • 1 Four-quarters pure butter (Ker Cadélac)
  • 1 assortment of marshmallows
  • 1 assortment of candies (Haribo® type)
  • 1 bag of spaghetti sweets
  • 50 g of mascarpone
  • 10 g icing sugar


Divide the four quarters into two.

In one of the halves, cut sandwiches of the same thickness, in the direction of the length. Have 2 side by side to form the trunk of the robot. Make the arms, legs and neck with marshmallows of different shapes and colors.

Mix the mascarpone and the sugar to obtain a homogeneous machine, then spread the pound trunk. Decorate it with colored candy-colored round candies for buttons, a gelled heart and spaghetti candies.

For the head, cut a large slice of pound into the remaining half. The spread of mascarpone. Make the eyes with 2 slices cut in a marshmallow tube, the nose with a round sugared candy and the mouth with the top of a sweet jelly heart.

Photo: A Point Studio / Ker Cadelac

Change of plans. Christmas story for children about generosity

Change of plans. Christmas story for children about generosity

So get ready for the ova!

So get ready for the ova!

"Hey, kindergarten, kindergarten, that was just a miracle!" Reads Vackor, the little boy's first day of kindergarten. Don't you want your kid to have a miracle in the door too?

So get ready for the ova!

I will never forget the routine of my children in kindergarten. My daughter's girlfriend invited us to her own home: she was a cook, a talker and a micimacker. So we were in a much better mood for the first day of getting used to it. It was 5 years later for my son. When I left the group room for the first time, my heart clapped. Closing the school gate, I started my usual morning run when the phone rang. He was his brother-in-law, who told me he had seen how tense I was and called me to know that my son was playing and running fast. And then I really rested: you're in really good hands.

Getting ready for school

If your child has often turned up in kindergarten even before kindergarten, or has just been wandering around, then we are in a much better position, since he or she is more aware of how before september school starts, but the summer months are good if we are tuning in together for the changes that are awaiting us.After a world of wanderlust or just spent at home, a new world will open up here for our child, because social relationships are also very much new in nature. The elkцvetkezendх йvekben he will kiprуbбlni szбmtalan things, gain a lot kйpessйgre New Account, mikцzben take elsх цnбllу lйpйseit -immбr nйlkьlьnk but йs our biztatбsunkkal tхlьnk magabiztossбggal kнsйrve.Erхsнtsьk hбt learned from him how important йs jу tцrtйnni things are going with him, but empбtiбval let's turn to your uncertainties and concerns too!

Books, fairy tales

Let's talk about uVodbara, the life of kindergarten! This can be a great help for kindergarten tales about small stories.Among the classic classical tales:
Janikovszky Йva: I am a student! Spiš Mari: Potty Panni in kindergarten
István Kormos: Vackor in the SchoolWith the New Tales:
Erika Bartos: Anna and Peti - Irbny in kindergarten
Pety Finy: The Door Let's leave time for a chat to answer your child's requests!Let's play more! Bouncing, waking, bouncing, peeping games help you get ready for the divorce.

Open days, creative workshops

Nowadays, most schools now have open days several times a year, where you can go to group rooms, see the ovis, and personally get to know the child's pedagogue. Let's go together, give him the opportunity to - with us - get to know this new medium.In addition to open days, the schools are happy to organize open classes for children (eg at Easter or during the Christmas holiday season), where they can play and play creatures.

Practical stuff

In kindergarten, you may also need countless new things: shoes, hoodies, linen, nursery bags, gym equipment, and purity. Let's buy and put them together! Include them in these activities too: choose pajamas (if you need to bring them to the door), bedding and a pillow. Let's show him where we're going to go to school for the kind of transport we need! Show us where to draw, sew your school sign so you can get to know your own clothes! dressing, breakfast, brushing). It is also worth taking the time to do this, as it will be difficult to change after a relaxed summer schedule.

Getting used to it

The process of getting used to school can be very different. There are places where it will take several days, but in the next couple of parents with their parents in close proximity to the parents are urging us to leave the child there. follow the custom of that institution, but be sure to keep in mind the rhythm and needs of your child. I think a good kindergarten will handle this flexibly and empathically. Let's realize that both mother and child will have a difficult moment, and they need not be unduly suppressed. It helps a lot to figure out one a small ceremony later on to say goodbye (we have it with my son to this day), because it gives him safety. The tension experienced by us also sticks to the child. And this is not good. Let's always give him a focus on when we'll go for him! Emphasize that you are safe, assure us of your love, and that you are a great boy and a great grandmother who has become an educator. I am happy that we were prosperous at the door, but we should not defy or divert you if the ailments of the five are too great.
And what is very important: the kindergarten never not be connected to scare or threatening to say anything!
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Your child and your return to work

When you return to work, your child still needs to:

  • feel safe and secure in her daily routine
  • play and learn in a stimulating environment
  • have warm and caring interactions with the main people in her life.

If you can work out ways to fulfil your child's needs when you're not around, it'll be easier for your child to get used to your return to work. Your options might include a quality early childhood education and care service while you're at work, as well as plenty of quality time with your child when you're at home.

It's normal for you and your child to have big feelings about starting child care. It's also normal for your child to have separation anxiety, and it might take a while for this to settle. Or your child might seem settled at first but get upset a after few days or weeks when the novelty wears off.

As you and your child adjust, there are things you can do to help your child make the transition:

  • Talk to your child about what's going to happen when the daily routine changes. Routine helps children feel secure, and they like to know when things are going to change.
  • Practise with very short separations, to show your child that when you go away, you always come back. This will build up your child's sense of security.
  • Visit your child's new child care service several times with your child, to help it feel familiar for your child.
  • If you can, ease into the new arrangement by working part-time for the first week or two.
You can read more in our articles on getting started with child care and settling your child into care.

Your partner, your family and your return to work

Your relationships with your partner, if you have one, and your family might also be affected when you return to work. The secret to adjusting is making the most of your time together.

These tips might help:

  • Spend time with family members, even if it's just reading together, or going for a walk after dinner.
  • Talk to or message your partner during the work day.
  • Schedule lunch or dinner dates with your partner. If you work near each other, you can spend time together having a quick coffee or lunch without having to find a babysitter.
  • When there are jobs to be done around the house, try to do them together so you can talk. One of you can clean the shower while the other does the basin. One can wash the dishes while the other dries. You can both fold laundry.
  • Put your child to bed early so you have some time together.
  • Go to bed at the same time as your partner - who knows what might happen!

If you're finding the return to work really hard and you feel it isn't working out, it's worth discussing this as a family. You might need to look at your work options again. There might be another way to manage your time and money so that you have a happier balance.