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Cool on the M3. The whole story Germ Zsufi tells about Balzb's birth

Not only did Zhufi revive the fascinating story, but we also visited the hidden corners of the mother's soul.

Germ Zsufia (32) dietitian
Szandai Zoltбn (37) business
Sandy Jzzmin (3 and 5)
Sandal Balzb ъjszьlцtt
A couple of days ago, one of the leaders in the cheese believed that a pregnant mother had brought a baby boy into the car in the M3 lockdown. The family avoids publicity, and the mother tells her story exclusively to the Mother and the Mother.

Jasmine and Balzas in full agreement

- How are you now, now married?
- Shit round the world! The first day I spent at home Balбzs he cried a lot, frowning at his tummy, but then again he was as calm as he was in the hospital. Jбzmin 3 and a half year old, smiling, jewish, well organized baby. She loved Balsa from the very first moment, beckoning and babysitting in her baby boy. He takes it every day, sings to him with love. The fact that we are able to live our daily lives in such a beautiful and relaxed manner in most of us is due in large part to their kind and receptive demeanor. We are very proud to have such a smart baby. Did you have to feel the balance ...
- Yeah, I'm not that anxious person either, and I'm trying to get a nicer side of things. I was especially conscious about the births, as far as the spiritual part was concerned. Even at the time of the first baby stroke, I did not let my thoughts drift in the wrong direction. At the expense of a terrific book, sometime around the third month, I decided to take away all the bad things now, and positively shape the birth - in more ways, as I talked to me growing up with Jzin. Inside the book, she wrote down the scary birth story of a pregnant American woman - I threw it into the trash immediately after reading it. From the very first minute, we have lived with Balzs in harmony and prepared for the beautiful birth and birth.
- Where does this internal security come from?
- Throughout the centuries, so many women have been born on natural paths, without all the equipment of a hospital, relying solely on their own power. This female power multiplies in childbirth, we get a kind of weight - I really felt it when Jazmin had to prove it on the field. I was completely at peace with Balzz, I knew that I was getting a huge amount of strength again. I left the house with the knowledge that we were entering the church, and Balzzs was born there very nicely. When the car suddenly turned into a fatigue, clinging to my inner power, I continued to focus on giving my baby the best possible "conditions." I'll do what I need, he'll do what he needs, and things will go well. Even so, and the couple, not being worried, remained calm and supportive.- How could your husband help?
- He was always in line with the ambulance. When it was clear that Balz could not wait any longer, and she would be born in the car, we immediately called my doctor, who guided us to the emergency room, saying she was there sooner than she. We put it down in the middle, the phone in my hand, and it helped me undress with my other hand. We quickly pulled the baby back so that there was room for the baby to be born. Zoli kept telling ambulances for 11 minutes: she was seeing her cobak, she was always out, and she was born. I think this conversation gave him great security.
- Are you very excited?
- Not at all. I was fully immersed in my birthing experience. I have to add that I was a pregnant mom, and that was part of a meditation practice. As a result, we had a very strong relationship with my little son, and birth was almost a continuation of this yoga-meditation state. She was born in great peace.
Six or seven minutes after birth, the rescuers arrived there, as if angels had settled in the car. I just lay there tiredly, with my little boy wrapped in my cardigan on my stomach, my couple holding my hand and nothing bothering us, we excluded the book. Balzszs trusted us so much that she thought we were enough to give birth - that confidence really affected us.

József Balzzi is still in the hospital.
There was a great consonance there.

- You can be sold out with your parents!
- At first, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal for anyone. But from the reaction of the world, I came to the conclusion that it might not be as clear as that. That's why I wanted to share my experiences with others. It would be a good idea for me to help my little story-filled little mother. Of course, not everyone is going as smoothly as I am. There are difficult situations, but even if we don't, we can close our eyes when they are bombarded with depressed thoughts. Despite the circumstances, we can do it to make sure that everything will be fine. We can create a picture of a beautiful, healthy baby in our hands. I am convinced that these thoughts are in some way flawed in the body and can have an effect on enlightened events. I was expecting a baby with Jasmine from the beginning of the 7th month. Despite that, I wasn't worried. She wasn't born, she was born healthy for a while.
Balzs' birth was unexpected and upset. It could not be prepared for this.
- It wasn't easy to process. I went through two completely different paths in my mind and in my mind: I gave birth to my son, which I was very afraid of and accepted as a language, but he still stayed there for a couple of days. It took a while for this duality to balance. My brother had a similar experience with you, and that night seemed to both of us to be a bit of a dream.- With the mind of a man, I might see something completely different.
- Zoli told me afterwards that he was all upset in that couple of minutes: he saw the woman being born in the car, the man in the car, the phone in front of him and the coffee at the car where he had breakfast.
In the car, when I thought, in the midst of strong helmets, that the safety belt would remain in my hand, he watched rather helplessly as he could not help. There was no one to whom he could call responsibility and tense curiosity. On the other hand, he could take an active part in the move: he grabbed the baby and wrapped it in his panties. When the rescuers arrived, their first thing was to squeeze the cord, and it would have been just as soon as my brother had spoken: this is my officer! He stood beside me like a rock, calmly ready for anything. Being present helped the most at that time. He was very proud of the end, for sure! He repeatedly emphasized that this was the most beautiful day in life.
- You are a believer in the natural way of life. The birth of Balzs also took place naturally. How were the Kurdish days spent?
- Basically, I am a hospital parent, because it is true that only rarely does it require intervention, but the technical equipment and the medical routine can be very important. Fortunately after the birth of Balzs we only had to spend a few hours outside. He was taken by the Peter Cerny Foundation car, and I was transported to the church by the National Ambulance Service. After birth, this couple of minutes of rattling was very unpleasant. Of course, it wasn't the ambulance that could do it; Thanks again to them for their help and attention!
It also works perfectly under certain internal force hospital conditions. It is not always easy to make it in today's demanding and often crafted world, but not impossible. We say, "what's coming, let's what's going, let's go." We believe in that.
Cradle cap in babies: questions and answers

Is seborrheic dermatitis and cradle cap the same? How is it treated? How long does it take to disappear? On our site we solve all your doubts about seborrheic dermatitis, that is, those white scales that appear on the baby's head and that can cause itching and irritability.

- Are seborrheic dermatitis and cradle cap the same?

Indeed, the term "cradle cap" is the common name for seborrheic dermatitis, when it affects the head of a baby.

- What are your causes?

They are not known exactly. There is speculation about the possible role of an increase in the production of fat by the skin of some babies. A fungus called Malassezia furfur has also been implicated in its appearance, although this fact has not been proven in children.

- Is it frequent?

Indeed. It can affect, according to the series consulted, 5-30% of babies.

- At what age does it appear?

Between 2 and 8 weeks of life. That is, in children under two months.

- What are your symptoms?

Cradle cap consists of the appearance of a kind of thick, whitish-yellowish “scales” on the baby's scalp. These same scabs can also appear on other hairy areas, with the eyebrows. In turn, they can be affected: the back of the ears, the nasal crease, the back of the neck, the diaper area and the armpits. Along with the scales, we will see reddened areas and areas of flaking on the skin. The baby may show irritability, itching.

- How do you make the diagnostic?

The diagnosis is made by the clinic. The age of the baby must be taken into account, as well as the characteristics and distribution of the lesions.

- What is your treatment?

Most cases produce few symptoms, and do not need any type of treatment. If the baby is very upset, or the aesthetic effect is important, we must go to our trusted pediatrician. The treatment of choice is moderate potency topical corticosteroids for 3-5 days. To improve crusty lesions on the scalp, it is necessary to dissolve them with keratolytic products (such as salicylic vaseline) or with oily agents (olive oil).

- Is it a contagious process?

Cradle cap per se is not contagious, unless the lesions are superinfected by germs.

- Should we bathe these babies every day?

It is not accurate. What's more, it is advised not to do it daily. We have to use an oatmeal soap, the bath should not be very long, and we will dry them by contact, without “rubbing” them a lot.

- What is the course of cradle cap?

Recurrent. This is: you have to have a little patience. The infantile form of seborrheic dermatitis disappears by 3 months of age.

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Ερωτήσεις για το μωράκι μας 4 μηνών.

Getting pregnant is the best news a couple can get. Not only to expect a child, a new life, but because pregnancy can prolong the life expectancy of the mother, Because pregnancy protects heart health, according to the latest research.

This benefit is due to the fact that the blood interaction between the mother and the fetus regenerates cardiac cells and prevents possible cardiovascular disease.

During pregnancy, the mother's heart must increase its effort by 50 percent, since her body undergoes physiological changes to which the cardiovascular system must adapt. As the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) explains, in pregnancy blood volume, heart rate and cardiac output (amount of blood expelled from the heart) increase. In addition, there is a drop in blood pressure, both systolic (during heart contractions) and diastolic (with the heart at rest).

A study carried out by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (USA), in mice, proved these benefits causing heart attacks in healthy pregnant mothers. The researchers checked how fetal cells traveled to damaged tissue to replace it. Two weeks after the infarction, it was found that 2 percent of the cells of the injured maternal heart came from the fetus. Although the existence of a cell exchange between mother and child, or microchimerism, has been known for a few years, the results of this study could open a new avenue of research in the area of ​​stem cells and cardiac regeneration.

On the other hand, it seems that the number of pregnancies also influences cardiovascular health. So, according to a University of California study, being a multiparous woman is associated with a low risk of cardiovascular disease. And it is that thanks to the exposure to a large amount of estrogens and other hormones generated during pregnancy, postmenopausal women with four or more pregnancies would have greater cardiovascular protection.

However, to avoid complications, the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) recommends pregnant women, and especially those who already have heart disease have your blood pressure checked regularly, write down the figures in a notebook to stay in control, eat a low-salt diet, quit smoking, and lead as healthy a life as possible.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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Meaning of the name Antigono. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Antigono. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Possibly it comes from the feminine Antigone. Antígono I the One-eyed, was a general of Alexander the Great, King of Asia Minor.

Against the family.

February 27.


  • Mythological king of Thebes, brother of Jocasta.

Drawings of the name Antigono coloring page printable game

Antigono: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Antigono coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Antigono coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Antigono name to color and print

Striped beret

Perfect for the head of your pretty coquette! Introduced in the September 2012 issue of, this beret is knitted in garter st and jersey place.


4 years old (6 years old / 8 years old / 10 years old)


Phildar Nebula Quality (41% Wool, 41% Acrylic and 18% Polyamide)

1 (1/1/1) Ball color Blush

1 (1/1/1) ball color Biche

Needles n ° 6

Points used

Pt foam: tric. always at the end.

Jersey end. : * 1 row in row, 1 row in reverse * repeat these 2 rows.


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm of fantasy point, aig. No. 6 = 13 m. and 22 rows

1 2

Pregnancy Safety: Sleep

Physiotherapy during Pregnancy - Information on safe physiotherapy and sleeping positions