Cutting-edge technology to avoid exchanges of babies in the hospital at birth

Cutting-edge technology to avoid exchanges of babies in the hospital at birth

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Some broadcasters also affect the hormonal system

Everybody knows that you can't go out without a fly because you can get light skin. However, it has now been found that some of the active ingredients are absorbed into the skin and also incorporated into the blood.

Broadcasting agents are included in the bloodstreamArrуl had the idea that sun-drenched products could infiltrate the skin into the bloodstream. Now the American Medicines Agency (FDA) has conducted a smaller clinical test on with the most common chemical fiber molecules relationship. The 24 test subjects sprayed three-quarters of their surface with sun creams and spray four times a day. The result was published in the JAMA journal, according to which the molecules that protect against the harmful effects of the sun's radiation are actually incorporated into our body. The active ingredients tested are the Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octocryline, and Ecamsule (mexoril SX) mйg days later they were still detectable in the bloodthat the test subjects have stopped using sunscreen. The levels of infiltrates have exceeded the FDA-set thresholds. However, experts quickly called attention to the fact that so nobody should stop using the sunbecause the bar has a higher rate of absorption of the active ingredients than would be desirable, but the risk of damage from the sun's rays is greater than the potential risk of the drugs. for the time being, the effect this has on the human body. Animal experiments indicate that oxybenzone in particular can have a negative effect on the hormonal system. Chemical broadcasters are more prone to enter the cells because they actually absorb light. According to the FDA research oxybenzone can also be detected in breast milk, amniotic fluid, urine and blood.This current research was a smaller clinical trial, so it seems certain that further research is needed. Good starting point, but the relevance of the result is unknown - they said. The FDA requires manufacturers to provide accurate data on what ingredients, what health risks they have, by November 2019. The purpose of this study is also to put pressure on the manufacturers and adhere to the deadline. Those who are concerned about the safety of chemical fluids can opt for physical fluxes. Physical transmitters, unlike chemists, do not absorb the sun's rays, but reflect them. These broadcasters rely on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (via
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Piercing in pregnant women: solution to the most frequent doubts

Piercing in pregnant women: solution to the most frequent doubts

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How to treat childhood bronchitis with reflexology

How to treat childhood bronchitis with reflexology

Bronchitis are very common in children. It is estimated that 30% of children under three years of age suffer from bronchitis at some point. These are inflammatory processes of the tracheo-bronchial tree, causing congestion and edema of the airways with secretion.

Accompanying your children in the recovery process applying reflexology, will not only relieve the little ones, but also the older ones, you will find in this therapy a fantastic ally to not feel so powerless in the face of this disease.

Bronchitis usually starts with a cold that as it progresses it produces respiratory distress, coughing and whistling, also called wheezing. In the infections that children suffer, viruses are the real protagonists, so the more exposed the child is to viruses, the greater risk they will have of contracting a picture of bronchitis. Fortunately, as the child grows, bronchitis tends to disappear or is much more occasional.

Is there a way to avoid bronchitis? According to pediatricians it is not easy, no matter how much we apply ourselves to prevent the child from getting cold, to clean the mucus, to give antipyretics or other medications.

And how can we identify that bronchitis begins? In the beginning, several factors usually converge. The child's mood is usually lower than usual (not always, sometimes they are still happy and do not flinch despite breathing badly), their appetite tends to decrease and the cough becomes drier. But the most characteristic is respiratory distress coupled in severe cases with audible breath sounds and change in skin color. Children increase the respiratory rate by increasing the use of the thoracic muscles to breathe, this is what we know as tirage (the ribs are marked when breathing). Consulting the pediatrician is very convenient to be prevented in case of complication.

The reflex points that we will have to work on will be the following: Digestive System, Urinary System, Solar Plexus and Bronchi. I recommend you work it at least three times a day until the symptoms subside. Do not forget that you have a sick child with greater sensitivity, our movements will be precise but smooth and slow.

Your attitude helps, so show empathy and calm. In moments of crisis, reflexology works on the child, you will be surprised by the excellent results it has.

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Name Lancelot - Meaning and origin

Name Lancelot - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Comes from a Norman word ancel, which means "servant".
Lancelot as the name of the handsome knight, lover of Queen Guinevere, in the cycle of Knights of the Round Table. This name was probably imagined by one of the first authors of the Arthurian legend. If, in the Middle Ages and the classical period, the name Lancelot was little used, the romanticists of the nineteenth century put it back in fashion in England. He arrived in France around 1980. Do you like it?
The Lancelots are celebrated on November 8th.
Its derivatives: Lancel, Lancelet, Lanze.

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