Fathers Day Gift Idea . How to make Letter A Cupcake Box. Beautiful Floral Piping Video

Fathers Day Gift Idea . How to make Letter A Cupcake Box. Beautiful Floral Piping Video

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The bunny basket for Easter eggs

The bunny basket for Easter eggs

Easter egg hunt, an activity your chicks love! This year, offer them a nice rabbit basket to pick them up. Easy with this video!

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Production : Our family

Name Loélie - Meaning of the Name

Name Loélie - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Cléa, the name Loélie comes from the Latin "lenire" resulting in "soften".


Not yet known Loélie ...
St. Clelia or Clelia Barbieri is an Italian nun of the 19th century. She was beatified in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. She is the youngest congregational founder in the history of the Catholic Church. Clelia is the patron saint of catechists as well as people persecuted for their faith.

His character :

Loélie is an extrovert and very open-minded person. Friendly and communicative, she is always in a good mood. She likes to entertain and entertain those around her. Sweet and emotional, Loélie needs others to feel alive. With a great flexibility of mind, it adapts easily to all situations. Loélie is a remarkable hostess who loves human contact. It has a natural charm that makes it irresistible. Curious by nature, Loélie is original and non-conformist, she often comes out of the box.


Cloélia, Loélia, Laélie, Laelia, Laela, Clélia and Loély.

His party :

People named Loélie are honored on November 13th.

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Child protection levels

When you think about child protection, you need to see it in terms of "levels." The concept of protection levels is based on the fact that there is no magic instrument that guarantees absolute safety under any conditions. When you apply successive levels of safety, you significantly increase your chances of success: if one level falls, the next level comes!

In any case, each level is as important as the other. It makes no sense to consume time and effort to add an easily exceedable level of protection. Equally allocate time and energy to the construction of each level, and remember that at the first level is the Child, who is also the most vulnerable.

As an example, let's see how you can protect your child from drowning if you have the pool:

Action 1: identification of the risk area: Swimming pool

Action 2: identification of the minimum level of protection: The child

Now you start applying the protection levels around the child:

Level 1 - Your child

Invest in a safe and preventive education pool. Teach your child to swim as early as possible and teach him the rules of playing in and around the pool. Keep the child away from the pool when not supervised by an adult.

Level 2 - Alarm bracelet

Buy an alarm system in case of water immersion of the child. There are systems in which the child wears a watch-like bracelet, which alerts you if the child has come in contact with water.

Level 3 - Swimming pool alarm system

Install an alarm system in the pool that alerts you in case of movement inside the pool.

Level 4 - Physical barriers

Prevent access to the pool by installing a small fence around it. Secure the fence with a secure gate with a self-closing system.

Level 5 - Door alarms

If your child can open a door by himself, install door alarm systems at each of the exit doors of the house.

Level 6 - Supervised, supervised, supervised

There is no better way of protection than one's own supervision. Nothing can truly replace this.

The process of creating protection on the levels used in the example above is a good model that you can use in protecting the child from any other risk. And do not forget that the last level of protection is always you, parents!

In order to be sure that you understand correctly the use of protection levels, you should always be able to complete a few simple actions:

1. Always be aware of potential risks.

2. Start with a minimum level of protection.

3. Build from that level.

4. Complete the process with parental supervision whenever possible.


Give your child protection through the MySafeKid Alarm System in the event of a disappearance.

Emotional intelligence in children's education

Emotional intelligence in children's education

The age of entry into sexuality has fallen, diseases have ceased

The fall of the entry age and sexuality in Turkey polygamy increase was led to an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Aykut Coşkun on the subject: Women with unprotected sexual intercourse; “HIV (AIDS), HPV (genital warts and cervical cancer virus), herpes (genital herpes), syphilis, syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea (gonorrhea), chancroid (soft wound), granuloma inguinale, mycoplasma, ureoplasm, chlamydia , molluscum, pubic lice and scabies are faced with many infectious infections. All of these infections are transmitted through sexual intercourse and cause chronic pelvic infections, chronic pelvic pain, infertility, cervix, vagina and vulva cancers, systemic diseases leading to hepatitis B virus and liver cirrhosis and HIV and AIDS. Furthermore, women affected by these infectious agents play an active infectious role. In men; genital warts, penile cancer, chronic prostate inflammation and systemic diseases also cause hepatitis and AIDS.

Babies are born sick

The most striking point is newborn infections. In infants of infected women born with vaginal birth; syphilis, warts, herpes can be encountered in different parts of their bodies. In addition, all forms of birth are exposed to systemic infections. ”

Kiss. Dr. Aykut Coşkun continued as follows: “Today, condoms should not only be used for birth control;

Condom use should be encouraged

Harex Piltan, General Manager of Safex, said: kadınlar Women suffer more harm in unprotected relationships than men. Safex as Turkey, especially on the health risks of unprotected intercourse aim to inform our women. At this point, our effort is not enough, of course. The Ministry of Health and the relevant ministries need to take serious measures about sexual diseases. Because the bill of these diseases is ultimately charged to the institutions of our state. It should be well explained that the awareness of using condoms is not necessarily a contraceptive tool and that it is the best way to prevent many diseases, especially AIDS, which will cause sexual dysfunction and decrease the quality of life. The condom should be a quality standard, its compliance with European norms should be checked and accessibility should be facilitated. Condoms should be encouraged in hotels as in developed countries. Our country is far below the European average in the use of condoms. Conducting widespread information efforts on this subject, our citizens should gain the habit of condom use. For a while, our ministry had carried out an informative study, but this work did not continue.

Our community is still ashamed to buy condoms. The interesting thing is that the condom buyer is viewed with a different eye. These must now be overcome.

Safex order to create social awareness about the use of condoms as Turkey, we are ready to give our best to support our ministry and civil society organizations. "He said.