Best positions for breastfeeding to avoid neck and back pain my Physio SA Adelaide Physiotherapist

Best positions for breastfeeding to avoid neck and back pain my Physio SA Adelaide Physiotherapist

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How to keep the green fir?

How to keep the green fir?

5 tips to take care of children's voices

EveryApril 16 is World Voice Day. The voice is a very important instrument of the human being. It allows us to express ourselves, relate to others, share our ideas, say what we like and what we dislike ...

We do not usually appreciate how important the voice is until one day, we become hoarse. It is then, when the impossibility of communicating with the voice despairs us.

Dysphonia affect children and adults. They can be caused by diseases of the throat or respiratory system such as colds, flu, laryngitis or asthma. Hoarseness can be a great frustration for those who suffer from it, the impossibility of making themselves understood or having to keep quiet is not easy, especially for children.

Here are some tips and ideas to help prevent hoarseness in children:

1 - Insist the child not to yell and to use a normal tone of voice when speaking.

2 - Prevent your child from being in smoke-filled environments.

3 - Do not give very cold drinks.

4 - Avoid sudden changes in temperature

5 - Monitor the child's diet, that it is rich in vitamins A, E and C and vegetable fiber, avoiding sweets or highly spicy foods as they thicken saliva.

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Muscle Car Theology. The Gas and Brakes Prayer

Tips for educating children to be honest

Tips for educating children to be honest

Educating our children in values ​​is one of our obligations as parents. Values ​​are taught, especially by example, but our children can also be helped to acquire them in many ways. On this occasion, we give you some great tips for educating children to be honest. With these examples, you can get your child to always tell the truth. Write down the tips and put them into practice with your child.

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It is those intense pains you feel in the lower back during contractions or even between contractions. These pains are usually put on account of the pressure exerted by the head of the fetus on the bottom of your back, but can also be caused by other factors.

Some women complain of middle pain during menstrual cramps. A study has shown that those women who experienced middle pain during menstruation feel the same pain during labor.
Specialists have observed that women accuse these middle pains during labor when the baby is born face up and have reasoned that they are caused by the back of the baby's head that presses on the mother's spine.

In 2005, a study was conducted on 700 women who showed that this is not the real reason for back pain during labor.
What can I do to relieve mid-term pain during labor?
Although you can do nothing to prevent these pains, you can use one of the following tactics to decrease their intensity:
Stand in four legs!
This helps reduce the pressure the head of the fetus exerts on your spine.
Do easy gymnastics exercises!
They also help to reduce the pressure exerted on your spine. Ask your husband to massage your middle between contractions or during their time! Tell your husband to punch you in the middle or massage you with a tennis ball.
Apply hot or cold compresses! Take a shower, or a bath, or apply warm compresses in the middle. Heat can reduce pain. Depending on the body of each one can have the effect of hot compresses, or cold compresses and warm and cold ones.
If your heart does not withstand a natural birth, ask your doctor to do an epidural anesthesia that will help you to stop feeling the pain.

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Retardation of speech development is delayed

Communication skills are useful when parents focus exclusively on the seedling, according to a recent study.

Based on the results, a TV left in the game may delay the small language development. The experts observed a stream of communication between the 49 parents and their children enrolled in the study at 12, 24, and 36 months of age, with one game at a time. Half of it switched on society, broadcasting a program for older children and adults. the amount of words and expressions used - and with us the new word - was lower with the gadgets turned on. This suggests that parents are attentive to the father even when the little ones are not. The words spoken were not long influenced by television.

Retardation of speech development is delayed

The data is extremely important, because in Western societies, the majority of young children are lost more than once a day - in the United States, for example, under two years are more than twice a day. The paper was published in the June 11 issue of the Journal of Children and Media. "Current results, along with previous research, have highlighted the negative impact of television as a background noise in the play of young children and in the interaction between parents and children. authored by Tiffany Pempek, professor of psychology at Hollins University in Roanoke.
"Although it is not practical and it is not desirable for parents to play together with their seedlings, it is very useful for young children to involve them regularly in games. Ideally, they do not go to television.

Frigidiana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Frigidiana

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Frigidiana.

It owes its diffusion to Saint Frigdiano, Bishop of Luke.

Of doubtful etymology it can come from the Latin frigidus: "cold" with the patronymic suffix -ianus.

March 18 and November 18


  • Freda Jackson, English actress (1907-1990); Freda Meissner-Blau, Austrian politician (1927-)

Frigidiana name coloring pages printable game

Frigidiana: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Frigidiana name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Frigidiana coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Frigidiana name to color and print

Beef chukka recipe in Tamil. delicious beef chukka Tamil recipe. beef chukka delicious recipe

Tricot-layette spring-summer 2013 View the slideshow

At your needles! For sunny days, knit soft outfits for your baby. Sweater, vest, dress, jumpsuit, bloomer, slippers and cuddly ...

Tricot-layette spring-summer 2013 (19 pictures)

Vest with floral neckline

A nice vest for your little flower! Knitted in jersey place with borders in garter stitch, it pricks of flowers in fancy thread.
See explanations.

Pocket suit

This pretty combi with punchy colors plays contrasts highlighting borders and pockets and is knit in jersey.

See explanations.

Rosebud slippers

All sweet little ones! Standing well on the feet with their buttoned bridle, these rosebud slippers are made in garter stitch and jersey.
See explanations.

Foamy panties

So cute ! Made in a speckled ribbon yarn, this bloomer panties takes volume in the retro way. Soft, she is knitted in jersey place.
See explanations.

Openwork bloomer

A small lace point and a contrasting border make all the charm of this bloomer ideal for your little end. Nice little detail, the pearl gray border at the bottom of the legs.
See explanations.

Jacquard frieze tunic

This pretty tunic is lined with a repeating pattern and has a V-neck closed by a lace stitch application. Sleeveless, it closes in the back by 2 small buttons.
See explanations.

Twist yoke sweater

This pretty little top plays flat twists to form his neck. Made in place jersey and fancy stitch, it closes with two small buttons on the neckline.
See explanations.

Butterfly sweater

Butterfly is flying! Realized in an alternation of points following a grid, a pretty pattern is outlined in relief on the front.
See explanations.

Tricot Tunic with Tunisian neckline

A holiday look ... With its crocheted neckline and straight sleeves, here is the miniature version of the comfortable tunic.
See explanations.

Hooded sweatshirt

Inspired by streetwear, this sleeveless vest is made of jersey in a plush effect thread. Tonic notes, pockets and red borders.
See explanations.


What a pretty blankie! It borders naturally thanks to the fancy yarn used to knit it. Made in jersey place, it will follow your baby everywhere ... like a sheep.
See explanations.

Vest edged with pink

A few rows of moss stitch in a fancy yarn create an original border on this vest in openwork jersey. With its sleeves, it will keep warm on summer evenings.
See explanations.

Two-tone espadrilles

Cocoon touch for these little slippers knitted in garter st and jersey place in an alternation of threads.
See explanations.

Bi-material bra

A slightly silky yarn for the body in jersey place and a ribbon yarn for the top ... and here is a very simple knitting fashion knit.
See explanations.

Multicolored top

Cap on the ripples! Easy to knit, this top is made in jersey place in a cotton thread.
See explanations.

Zig zag waistcoat

A spring model! The color scheme renews this classic model that knits in jersey.
See explanations.

Sun sweater

A nice sweater for your sun to you! Knitted in a set of dots, this sweater draws its pattern in volume and two-tone.
See explanations.

Plumetis dress

Spring look for this pretty short-sleeved satin dress that will delight your choupette! Made in a fancy yarn, she puts on the sweetness.
See explanations.

Pointillist pants

For your chick! Of simple form, all its originality is with its thread fantasy.
See explanations.

These models were presented in the March - April 2013 issue.

All our knitting patterns.