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Almond milk for children: advantages and disadvantages

Can children drink almond milk? From what age? On our site we tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of introducing this drink of plant origin in the child's diet as a substitute for cow's milk.

First of all it is convenient to know that breastfeeding is essential during the baby's first yearIt contains the optimal nutrients that guarantee adequate growth and that stimulate the defensive capacity, both at the level of the immunity of the digestive system, and at a general level. During the first 6 months, breast milk should be the only food, and then continue breastfeeding accompanied with solids during the first 12 months.

If infants are not breastfed or weaned before one year of age, nutritionally complete infant formulas should be used, with soy-based formulas being another and only option.

The almond drink is obtained by grinding dry, peeled almonds and then adding water. Therefore, being made with nuts these nor they can be introduced before the age of 2 in children with a predisposition to allergies.

- It is an easily digestible drink and recommended for lactose intolerant children.

- If you are celiac, you can use this type of almond drink in moderation.

- It is rich in electrolytes such as potassium, it can be used as an option in case of diarrhea and vomiting, as it helps to recover this lost mineral.

- Contains fibers that help the wall of the intestine, especially the colon, improving intestinal transit.

- Does not contain cholesterol and also provides good quality fats that help maintain a healthy heart.

- Provides calcium, essential for bone growth, although it is important to choose these drinks always enriched with calcium. It also contains magnesium and folic acid.

- It also provides vitamins B1 and B2 that help to strengthen hair and nails.

- The almond drink contains a large amount of sugar, since most of those that are marketed add sugars to give it flavor. The ideal is to prepare it at home.

- Although it is a drink that contains calcium, it is not the same as consuming whole almonds, it is ideal to buy the drinks that are enriched.

- The content of vitamins and minerals is not very high.

- By having low nutritional contribution in the almond drink (the same does not happen if we consume the whole almond), It is not recommended as a substitute for milk for optimal development and growth of the child.

- In case of being allergic or having a predisposition to allergies, do not introduce until after 2 years, following the medical recommendation.

- From 2 years of age use it with measure, apparently the almond drink contains chemical compounds that inhibit the absorption of iodine.

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What is ultrasound?

What is ultrasound?

What size for your baby this week?

View the slideshow

From the size of a small seed to that of a pumpkin ... the development of your future baby during these 39 weeks will be spectacular. Visualize in pictures of fruits and vegetables how it "grows" in you and how big it is each week.

What size for your baby this week? (37 photos)

Week 3 of pregnancy (5 weeks): a sesame seed

So small and already present! It is just 2mm in size and its size and weight will increase at lightning speed or almost from now on.

Your 3rd week of pregnancy

Week 4 of pregnancy (6 weeks): a lens

It measures 4-5 mm and weighs less than one gram ... the size of a lens with a small tadpole shape. His organs are starting up.

Your 4th week of pregnancy

Week 5 of pregnancy (7 SA): a bean

At this stage, your future baby measures in all and for all 12 mm. At the end of this week, it will look like a "comma" with a pregnancy head (the brain is in place and the heart starts beating).

Your 5th week of pregnancy

Week 6 of pregnancy (8 SA): a blueberry

About 15 mm of pregnancy (1.5 cm) and 1.5 g ... Each day, it grows by one millimeter. Its cartilage evolves into bone and its musculature becomes more precise.

Your 6th week of pregnancy

Week 7 of pregnancy (9 weeks): a raspberry

His measurements? A little over 2 cm, about 2 g. The bones, the muscles, the fingers and the toes begin their formation. The other organs continue their development, each at their own pace.

Your 7th week of pregnancy

Week 8 of pregnancy (10 SA): a cherry

3 cm for about 3 g! unbelievable but true, now all organs are formed and his heart is already beating!

Your 8th week of pregnancy

Week 9 of pregnancy (11 SA): a fig

His measurements this week? 4 cm from the head to the coccyx of pregnancy (the echograph speaks of the cranio-caudal length or LCC), 5.5 cm from the head to the heels, for 10 g. He changed status: from embryo, he became a fetus.

Your 9th week of pregnancy

Week 10 of pregnancy (12 weeks): a lime

Your future baby now measures 5 cm from the head to the coccyx of pregnancy (7.5 from head to heels) and weighs about 18 g. His head is still very big compared to the rest of the body.

Your 10th week of pregnancy

Week 11 of pregnancy (13 SA): a tangerine

This week, he measures 6 cm from the head to the coccyx and weighs about 30 g. At this stage, it is especially his head which is voluminous ... The bones of his pelvis and his ribs are formed.

Your 11th week of pregnancy

Week 12 of pregnancy (14 SA): a snow pea

It measures 7 cm from the head to the coccyx of pregnancy (10 cm from the head to the heels) and weighs about 45 g. He starts to test his motor skills ... it's good, he still has plenty of room!

Your 12th week of pregnancy

Week 13 of pregnancy (15 weeks): a lemon

Your baby is about 8 cm tall at the tailbone (12 cm from head to heels) and weighs about 65 g. He yawns, frowns, makes noises with the lips when he touches them and moves his limbs. Sounds skeleton ossifies.

Your 13th week of pregnancy

Week 14 of pregnancy (16 weeks): a nectarine

What measurements? A height of 9 cm from the head to the coccyx of pregnancy (14 cm from the head to the heels) and a weight around 110 g. Your baby is becoming more and more "human" ... and his brain has its main structures.

Your 14th week of pregnancy

Week 15 of pregnancy (17 SA): a lawyer

10 cm from the head to the coccyx and 16 cm from the head to the heels for about 130-140 g. it moves a lot, even if you do not feel it necessarily yet.

Your 15th week of pregnancy

Week 16 of pregnancy (18 SA): a big tomato

He now measures 11 cm from the head to the coccyx and 17.5 cm from the head to the heels and weighs about 160 g. His eyes are drawing.

Your 16th week of pregnancy

Week 17 of pregnancy (19 SA): a sweet pepper

At this point, your baby measures 19-20 cm from the head to the heels of pregnancy (12-13 cm from the head to the coccyx) and weighs about 200 g. Meconium is formed in its intestines.

Your 17th week of pregnancy

Week 18 of pregnancy (20 weeks): a pear

It is 20 cm from the head to the heels of pregnancy (13 cm from the head to the coccyx) and 240 g approximately. The multiplication of nerve cells is over: your baby has about 13 billion connections!

Your 18th week of pregnancy

Week 19 of pregnancy (21 SA): a banana

His measurements? About 21-22 cm from the head to the heels of pregnancy (14 cm from the head to the coccyx) and 330-340 g. He is a cabor, but mostly sleeps a lot: up to 20 hours a day.

Your 19th week of pregnancy

Week 20 of pregnancy (22 SA): a carrot

Your baby is approximately 23cm tall from the head to the heels and weighs around 400g. His muscles are getting stronger and his movements are increasing. Hello galipettes!

Your 20th week of pregnancy

Week 21 of pregnancy (23 weeks): a mango

24 cm from head to heels, for about 450 g ... ill looks more and more like a "real" baby. His hair and nails continue to grow.

Your 21st week of pregnancy

Week 22 of pregnancy (24 SA): an artichoke

Your future baby is now about 26 cm from the head to the heels and weighs 500 g. The appearance of his face becomes clear ... patience! He yawns, plays with his feet and hands, sometimes sucks his thumb ...

Your 22nd week of pregnancy

Week 23 of pregnancy (25 SA): an ear of corn

His measurements? 28 cm from the head to the heels and about 560 g. He is more and more active and performs on average 20 to 60 movements per half hour! His baby teeth appear in his jaw.

Your 23rd week of pregnancy

Week 24 of pregnancy (26 SA): a turnip

Your future baby is about 30 cm tall and weighs about 650 grams. He moves a lot and he sometimes bumps into the walls of your uterus. Its pulmonary alveoli are formed but filled with amniotic fluid.

Your 24th week of pregnancy

Week 25 of pregnancy (27 SA): a papaya

This week, he measures 32 cm from head to heels and weighs about 750 g. His nerves are formed, his bones harden, his skin begins to cover with fat and his brain continues to mature.

Your 25th week of pregnancy

Week 26 of pregnancy (28 SA): a broccoli

Your future baby weighs about 900 g and measures 33 cm. Like you, he's rounding himself! Side look, it is increasingly beautiful with its skin that thickens under the action of fat. His eyes are opening ...

Your 26th week of pregnancy

Week 27 of pregnancy (29 weeks): an eggplant

He has still gained weight and this week weighs about 1 kg and measures 34 cm. It is better that it stays warm. Admittedly, it would be viable but it is still very vulnerable. His hair and nails continue to grow.

Your 27th week of pregnancy

Week 28 of pregnancy (30 weeks): a zucchini

This week, he measures 35 cm of head in heels and weighs about 1.2 kg. His body takes a shape of "real" baby. He becomes sensitive to caresses ...

Your 28th week of pregnancy

Week 29 of pregnancy (31 SA): a little cabbage

Your future baby is about 36 cm tall and weighs between 1.2 and 1.5 kg. Beautiful measurements but it still has enough space for its activities. The growth cartilage that builds up in his bones will allow him to grow.

Your 29th week of pregnancy

Week 30 of pregnancy (32 SA): a coconut

37 cm from head to heels and about 1.5 kg ... it's almost fat! It is active and when it moves, it does not go unnoticed! Her kidneys and intestines work.

Your 30th week of pregnancy

Week 31 of pregnancy (33 SA): a celery

This week, he measures 38-40 cm from head to heels and weighs about 1.7 kg. It feels more and more cramped in your uterus but that does not stop it from moving, certainly less, but still regularly. His organs grow.

Your 31st week of pregnancy

Week 32 of pregnancy (34 SA): a pineapple

Measurements this week? 40.5 cm and almost 2 kg. It continues to grow steadily and is increasingly chubby.

Your 32nd week of pregnancy

Week 33 of pregnancy (35 SA): a big melon

Your baby is now 42 cm tall from the head to the heels and weighs about 2.1 kg. His immune system and his brain have reached maturity and he has probably already returned, in the ideal position for delivery, that is to say upside down.

Your 33rd week of pregnancy

Week 34 of pregnancy (36 weeks): a cucumber

43 cm and 2.2 kg on the counter, it is rounded again! Aside from the lungs, most of its organs have finally reached maturity.

Your 34th week of pregnancy

Week 35 of pregnancy (37 SA): a blette

His measurements? 45 cm from head to heels for about 2.4 kg. What to kick more and more vigorous. It takes about 200 g per week at this stage.

Your 35th week of pregnancy

Week 36 of pregnancy (38 weeks): a romaine lettuce

Your future baby weighs about 2,650 kg and measures 46-47 cm from the head to the heels. Given its size, it does not move much: upside down, arms and legs bent on the chest, it is about to engage in your pond to be born soon.

Your 36th week of pregnancy

Week 37 of pregnancy (39 SA): a bunch of leeks

Your future baby is now about 48 cm long (from head to heels) and weighs about 3 kg. It moves much less than before because it has more room. All of her physiological functions are functioning and her lungs are finally mature.

Your 37th week of pregnancy

Week 38 of pregnancy (40 SA): a watermelon

3.3 kg and about 50 cm. Its size now will evolve very little. However, it continues to "fill up" and takes 20 to 30 g per day.

Your 38th week of pregnancy

Week 39 of pregnancy (41 SA): a pumpkin

Around 3.5 kg and 50-52 cm, these are the measurements of your future baby near his birth. Although he has almost no room and now lives with his arms and legs folded back on himself, he savored his last days, warm in your womb.

Your 39th week of pregnancy

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Flower Apron Gift Idea

This arched apron with shimmering flowers and lace borders will surely enchant your mom: 24,90 € (Gift idea)

This arched apron with shimmering flowers and lace borders will surely enchant your mom: 24,90 € (Gift idea)

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IMOin my opinion
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ITAI totally agree
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IVFin vitro fertilization
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JK or J/Kjust kidding
JMHOjust my humble opinion, or just my honest opinion
KWIMknow what I mean
L&Dlabor and delivery
LOlittle one
LOLlaughing out loud
LPluteal phase
MC or M/Cmiscarriage
MLmaternity leave
MMmother's milk
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MYOBmind your own business
NMSnot my style
NMSAAnot my style at all
NPno problem
OHother half
OMGoh my gosh, or oh my god
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OPKovulation predictor kit
OToff topic
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POASpee on a stick (i.e. pregnancy test)
PPprevious poster
PPDpostpartum depression
REreproductive endocrinologist
ROFLrolling on floor laughing
SAHDstay-at-home dad
SAHMstay-at-home mom
SAHPstay-at-home parent
SDsperm donor
SOsignificant other
TCOYFTaking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler
TIAthanks in advance
TMItoo much information
TTCtrying to conceive
US or U/Sultrasound
VBACvaginal birth after cesarean section
WAHwork at home
WOHwork out of the home

Diseases of the digestive system in children

Pediatric Fundoplication for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease GERD

Why chicken broth is good for a cold

Υπέροχος σπιτικός βοδινός ζωμόςζελέ-Homemade beef broth