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Overwhelming, childhood obesity is becoming more common

Small flowers on the sleeves and holes in the bottom ... admit it is nice! Presented in the September 2011 issue of, it is made in stock jersey, fancy stitch and 2/2 ribs.

Sizes: 2 years - b) 4 years - c) 6 years


Phil light quality from PHILDAR

a) 2 - b) 2 - c) 3 Balls coloring Buvard

Needles N ° 3 and N ° 3,5

Guiped elastic thread (lastex)

Points used

Jersey end. : * 1 row in row, 1 row in reverse * repeat these 2 rows

Pt fantasy: see diagram and legends

Ribs 2/2: 2 rg end., 2 rows approx.

Decreases to 2 m. edges:

Right: knit 2 sts. place, 2 m. together at the place

Left: knit every m. except 4, make a simple overcast (slip 1 st at the right side, knit the next st at the right side, slip the st in the knitted st), knit the last 2 sts. at the location.

Decrease double fantasy to 2 m. edges:

Right: knit 2 stitches, slip the next 2 stitches on a twisted needle placed behind, work together the next stitch of the left needle and the first stitch of the twist needle, then the next stitch of the left needle and the last stitch of the twisted needle.

Left: Work all sts except 6, slip two sts on a twisted needle placed in front, work together the first stitch of the twist needle and the next stitch of the left needle, knit together the last stitch of the twisted needle and the next stitch of the left needle, then knit the last 2 stitches in place.


They are essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm stockinette, ea. No. 3.5 = 22 m. and 28 rows

10 cm rib 2/2, ea. No. 3.5 = 26 m. and 32 rows

Download the diagram and the pattern.

1 2 3 4 5

What happens if I'm high during labor?

What happens if I'm high during labor?

Pain Management Series: Breathing for pain relief during labor

Name Freda - Meaning of origin

Origami and Halloween drawings for children

Origami and Halloween drawings for children

Have fun with little Halloween kids making origami models with ghosts and bats or making Halloween Halloween spiders and spiders. Some models involve a greater degree of difficulty for the child, but there you will intervene and help him.
For lightweight paper templates for little ones, try searching the internet for the words "origami kids halloween" and choose the results that are images or videos. That way you will show them exactly how it is done and it will be very easy for them.

Origami for kids, Halloween

It depicts other gallant and energetic activities, such as fishing for apples from the water of a mouth-watering vessel, slipping and relaxing activities, in which to develop their imagination and skill of the little ones.

Creates faces of mummies, black cats, witch hats, witch matures or bats. For more models and directions step by step search the internet.

Let's make a mummy!

A mummy girl doesn't get very hard. It all starts from a square sheet of paper, which you fold on the width as many times, randomly, until you get a model as for the fan, only a little more messy. They will be stuck in an ice cream parlor. So bend the side edges toward the center and smooth, then bend each of the four corners inside, to give the face an oval shape.
For younger children it may be a bit more demanding to bend a little from the side edges to finish the face shape. Your mummy is now face down, so turn it around and draw her eyes and mouth with a marker or glue some plastic eyes. Then stick the top half of an ice cream stick on the back and it's ready!
When you think things get too complicated, you can always cheat, showing the little ones how to use a scissors to cut out the ears or make up the two-piece creation.

Uses of the models obtained from origami

If you make them before the party, the origami models can decorate the Halloween table sprinkled on it or hold cardboard boxes for each Comesian name. They also have party invitations or thumbnails for a Halloween model (use a thread to hang your creations). Decorate the fridge with them or make a Halloween garland.

Halloween drawings of targets or paper bullets

Today's kids are not having too much fun with such classic games as Targets (the one where you place some colorful plastic needles in a plastic drilled hole to get pictures). Of course they are in bookstores, if you want to buy something like that. You can instead use sheets of paper, which the little ones use glues and bullets of colored paper to obtain the models, only that in this way they will not come out beautifully geometrical.
Prepare Target games to create Halloween models, such as skeletons, spiders, bats, Halloween Bostonians, black cats, or even Frankensteins.
Use white and black targets (or bullets) for a skeleton or you could use phosphorescent if you have, and for the design of the Bostan you need orange body and black targets for the eyes.
At the spider it puts black targets for the body, yellow for the eyes and for the smiling mouth, as well as for the bat or the cat, to whom instead of yellow eyes you can put phosphorescent targets.
If you have no idea how to shape the elements presented, you will find coloring pages for Halloween on the site. Success!

Tags Halloween Halloween activities family Halloween kids Halloween decorations

Origami, how to make a pencil out of paper

Origami, how to make a pencil out of paper

Make a fun origami pencil. A very simple craft to do that will entertain children while helping them develop motor coordination and concentration. Follow this simple video tutorial step by step to learn how to make paper figures to play and enjoy making crafts with children.

Figure made by Alejandro Pascual Márquez - elrincondelorigami.blogspot.com.
Realization: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

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The box of kisses. Christmas story for children

Christmas It is time to spend with the family, with the children ... and also, of course, an ideal time to tell stories that transmit values.

'The box of kisses' tells the story of a little girl who knew how to teach her family that the heart and love are above any material good.

The story goes that some time ago a man punished his 5-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold paper for gift wrapping. It was the prettiest paper, and the little girl used it to wrap a box ...

The problem is that the family had very few resources, they had very little money, and the father was very upset when he saw that the girl had glued all the gold paper in a box that he then put under the Christmas tree.

The girl went to sleep sad, and the angry dad. However, the next morning was Christmas. The girl brought the box wrapped with the gold paper to her father: 'this is for you, dad.' Dad was embarrassed that he had been so upset the night before, but his anger flared up again when he checked that the box was empty and said in an annoyed tone: 'Don't you still know that when you give a gift there must be something inside? ? '.

The girl turned around when she saw him so angry, and with tears in her eyes she said: 'But daddy, it's not empty. I put kisses on him until he was full'.

The father was moved, fell to his knees, hugged his little daughter and asked to be forgiven for his inconsiderate courage. They say that the father kept the gold box next to his bed for the rest of his life. And when the little girl grew up and left home to start her own family, the father, every time he felt lonely and discouraged, would put his hand in the little golden box and took an imaginary kiss from her. There is no more precious gift that one can receive.

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A Box Of Kisses. Inspirational Story. Never Judge Anyone. Christmas Gift