BULLYING: How To Stop a Bully. Why I Was Bullied. Simple Ways To Deal With Bullying. #AnmolTalks

BULLYING: How To Stop a Bully. Why I Was Bullied. Simple Ways To Deal With Bullying. #AnmolTalks

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Clean, pбrбs levegхt!

Clean, pбrбs levegхt!

With colder time, obesity becomes more common. The dry air of the heated room diminishes the resistance of the mucous membrane to the pathogens.

Clean, pбrбs levegхt!

The whispers in our noses, the scratch in our throats, our eyes - these symptoms are extremely disturbing even if we are not sick, just enjoying the "blobs" of the overflowing room. It is important to ensure healthy room air. Breathe oftenin the case of old houses, if we have good attic, there is also some "natural ventilation" through the windows and doors. Lift the apartment humidity to 40-60 percent! For our health and wellness, this is the coolest, with a higher relative humidity that favors the growth of fungi and dust. pбratartalom-mйrхt (hygrometer) and placed in the nursery and the living room. In small children, allergies, and asthma, we strive to provide healthy air, and smoking is inevitably ignored.

Natural air humidification

The simplest way to humidify the air is if water is evaporated in the room. In ceramic bowls placed on the radiators, even a few drops of aroma oil can be added to the water so that a pleasant scent is added to the atmosphere, but the humidity of the air is only slightly reduced. It is more effective to apply damp cloths, sheets or textiles to the heater until the humidity is sufficient. Of course, this reduces the efficiency of heating: in homes with a tendency to overheat, it may be a good solution, but you should think about individual heating. It is quite ugly, but an energy-saving solution if you set the clothes dryer in the nursery for the night, or put two pieces of clothing on the baby's sponge.

Hot or Cold Meat?

High performance evaporators are suitable for high performance, cheaper heat evaporation. Since water is boiled in the form of steam after boiling, it is hygienic, and we do not need to pay special attention to its purification. Aroma oil can also be added to it. We need to fill some types with distilled water. Warm humidity is a potent potent catarrhal cough, often in the presence of inhalation suspicion. However, constant warming of the room favors the growth of house dust mites and is therefore more harmful.In the case of asthma, allergies, croup, the room is recommended by professionals for cold mating. Cold vaporizers atomize water droplets and soak the air 2-3 degrees Celsius cooler than the air in the room.The fan-operated vaporizers are the simplest. Ultrasonic nebulizers break the water into microscopic droplets, creating a delicate mist that is instantly distributed throughout the room. The quality equipment also has a robust, timer and built-in water control, which simplifies the controls: the desired humidity and the operating time. The purity of the mate- rials should be checked regularly to prevent sprouts and algae from settling on the ripe. Wash the parts with vinegar-free water without chemicals. Replace the filter every two or three months with a water-tight cartridge. Generally, aroma oil should not be added to the cooked cookware. The so called steam cookers also provide air purity in addition to the correct humidity. Particularly for children with allergies, they are recommended for indoor use or in penthouse flats. She speaks the air in the room and filters out dust, smoke, pollen, gases and chemicals that are harmful to her, and then expels it. These preparations can be added with aroma oil in accordance with the directions for use. The presently available fragrances are silent, small in space and aesthetic. Before you select one, consider your operation, consumption and maintenance costs, ask for your needs and ask your pediatrician's opinion. Buying expensive equipment is recommended when the health of the child justifies it, and natural and cheaper solutions have failed.

The secrets of healthy indoor air

The heated room air is dry and that's it irritates the respiratory tract, the resistance of mucous membranes to pathogens decreases. Do not overheat the room, with a celsius living room and a slightly colder night-time temperature enough. It is also important to adequate humidity take care. High-quality steaming equipment guarantees not only moisture but also air purity and freshness, and humidity control. Other vaporizers only filter a handful of water drops in the immediate vicinity of the unit, while the air in the room remains the same. The mushrooms easily settle in these plants, so they also filter out unwanted spores along with the couple. This can cause allergies over time. Natural steaming is also very effective. We can spread a wet towel or blanket around the baby's bed. Another problem with new homes is that with perfectly closed lintels, the "natural" penйszgombбk szaporodбsбnak. Ventilate very often in such an apartment! Let's also think that the baby at dusk is cooler by degrees - unless you have flatulence in your home. Let's check this once with the thermometer on the floor!

Healthy humidity

In a heated home, we should especially treat healthy indoor air. Ventilate frequently and do not heat it too hot (20 degrees Celsius at daytime, 18 degrees Celsius at night). Dry air causes coughing, and dry mucous membrane is less resistant to pathogens. Ensuring the correct humidity is important. This is the easiest way to do this by spreading a damp cloth, bedding on the edges of a lint-free bed, or on the body of the heater, possibly on the strainer. While houseplants overheat the air, molds can proliferate in the ground and cause allergies. Care should be taken to regularly and carefully clean the evaporated equipments, as they may also easily contain molds. The most potent are to spit out water in the form of cold vapors, and to clean room air from dust, smoke and pollen. Because excess moisture promotes the growth of molds and dust mites (which are common allergies to fungus and mites), it does not matter how much moisture is contained in the apartment. The relative humidity of sixty percent is just fine. A humidity meter can be purchased at a health care tool store or Obi clothing store for $ 5,000 to $ 9,000.

We head, he says!

Little babies who have given up suffering during pregnancy are hardly waiting to be captured. However, they are advised not to smoke during breastfeeding because the harmful components of nicotine pass into breast milk. The smoky air every baby is damaging, increases the risk of sudden infant death, asthma, respiratory disease, otitis media. By no means do you smoke cigarettes with your baby in one place, or even in another household. Research has found that cotinine (a decomposition product of nicotine) can still be detected in the baby's hair, even if the family members are smoky. Similarly, we star our baby when we smoke outside, but in the immediate environment: above the baby's head in a kangaroo, sitting on the sandy ledge, pushing the stroller. "Bring your cigarette here, please!" - ask the little toddler who is there to help - as you learn that smoking is part of the adult life. If a child over the years has found that no parent smokes, he has a lower risk that he will once again become a heavy smoker.

School dropout is one of the most serious problems facing the education system in Romania. Save the Children data shows that one in 10 children between the ages of 7 and 10 does not attend primary education, although it is of appropriate age. In 2013, the number of children between the ages of 3 and 17 who were not enrolled in any form of education amounts to about 366,000.

For 25 years, Save the Children has been making every effort to reduce school dropout and help as many children go to school. The main event by which the organization finances the programs dedicated to the disadvantaged children is Christmas Tree Festival.

This year, the Christmas Tree Festival reached its fifteenth edition. Over the years, Save the Children has gathered through the Christmas Tree Festival about 3 million euros, through which over 20,000 beneficiaries have been helped, through the educational programs Summer Kindergarten, Second Chance and School after School. So far, the impact of these programs on the target categories has been a major one:

  • Summer Kindergartens - 96% of the beneficiaries were enrolled in kindergarten or in the preparatory class;
  • Second Chance - 97% of the children passed the exams for the 2014-2015 school year;
  • School after School - 97% of the children promoted the 2014-2015 school year, and 20% of them also received prizes at school competitions.

The programs developed by Save the Children have also contributed to an increase in the attention paid by parents to children's education - 87% of them expressing their interest in the educational evolution of the children, as well as in the participation in the activities. of parental counseling.

In 2015, thanks to the sums collected at the previous edition, SAlvati Copiii supported 2,560 children, of which 560 benefited from support in the Summer Kindergarten program, 413 were reintegrated through the Second Chance program, and 1,587 children benefited from support in the school after school dropout prevention program.

Together with them, they benefited from the funds raised and 1,023 parents, who enjoyed social, legal and psychological assistance. Also, for the support of children and parents, 386 specialists with attributions in the rights of the child and education were trained. In total, 9,500 children were informed about the educational and social services developed by Save the Children Romania.

"Being generous today means investing in the future of children. We want this year to raise funds for as many children who, for various reasons, cannot go to school. Through the Christmas Tree Festival, Save the Children Romania funds the educational programs. without reducing the generosity of our sponsors, this would not be possible. We thank all the companies, designers, public persons and not only, who support us and trust that together we can give these children the chance to education and to a decent future. " - Andi Moisescu, President Save the Children Romania.

The Executive President of Save the Children Romania, Gabriela Alexandrescu, has shown that the investment made today in education means, in fact, smaller investments in the adults of tomorrow, since the dropout is not just figures with and about children who cannot go to school.

"Every year, thousands of children are not enrolled in school or drop out due to lack of education. Without investment and aid, these figures will not decrease. For this reason, we have long advocated for allocating 6% of GDP for education. the lack of this measure, we try to fill as much as we can with the lack of investment in education through our programs. The Christmas Tree Festival is dedicated to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and is their only chance to continue their studies, "said Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President Save the Children Romania.

In the 15 years since its launch, the Christmas Tree Festival has become a reference event, attended by the most influential managers of companies, entrepreneurs, public persons, business people and media, in order to raise funds to support educational projects. of Save the Children Romania. The event is organized in the form of a special auction of Christmas trees, designed exclusively for this occasion, by some of the most famous designers in the country.

The creators invited to participate in the 2015 edition are: Doina Levintza, Stephan Pelger, Irina Neacsu, Carmen Ormenisan, Malvina Cservenschi, Iris Serban & Lama Arhitectura, Hamid Nicola Katrib, with the support of Pop Art Design, Omid Ghannadi & Amalia Enache, MATIUS & Philips Romania, Zenya Atelier & Madalina Stan, Dragos Epure & Anca Lungu, PNK Casual, Ioana Ciolacu, Cristina Savulescu, Mihai Topescu, Cornel Ilie & Adelina Ivan, Bogdan Adrian Lefter & Honeywell, Tudor. Tailor staff, in collaboration with Miso Architects, Marioara from Tara, with the support of Wild Olive, Rozalia Bot, Diana Stoicescu & Miruna Darie by Createlier, with the support of Euromedia, Save the Children & Stefania Mircea.

Last year, auctions for fir trees reached amounts between 700 and 16,000 euros.

Baby sleep: the tracking chart

Baby sleep: the tracking chart

Following your baby's sleep is important for understanding your rhythm. This table to print each month will be convenient to note the ranges of sleep of your baby and small useful infos. Print it fast!

Practical, our table of monitoring of the sleep of your baby will allow you day by day to understand and follow the rhythm of your toddler. You will be able to note the first name of your baby, the month, to indicate its beaches of sleep or to note some small infos. Print it fast, it's free!

Click on the image below to download the PDF of your tracking chart to print

Evelia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Evelia

Evelia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Evelia

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Evelia.

It owes its diffusion as a baptismal name to Saint Evelius, a martyr in Rome in the 1st century.

It comes from euilios: "sunny"

May 11


  • Eustache Descamps, French poet (1346-1406)

Evelia name coloring pages printable game

Evelia: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Evelia name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Evelia coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Evelia name to color and print


It's not uncommon for children to have problems eating. In fact, when you look at a lot of children are either an appetite and eating ite poop or unfortunately faced with obesity problem. These two extreme eating problems can sometimes be caused by similar reasons. What do we see most frequently, primarily the alienation of children from their own bodies, feelings of hunger, the deterioration of natural balance. And, of course, power struggles, forced feeding are not age-matched expectations.

Obesity is one of the biggest males of our time. Now it is much more common in childhood. We know that there are many causes from genetics to viruses, from modern lifestyle to stress. Day by day we learn new things. Nutrition is very important to ensure the best growth and development in childhood. However, preventing obesity has become one of our priorities. Let the child eat healthy, growth, development of brain development enough to work the immune system, and not be obese. No loss of appetite, eating of children should not be perceived as a problem at home. How is all this possible? I'm sure there will be people who think this isn't possible. But possible, absolutely possible!

It's actually a matter of consciousness. The change in thought and approach to the child can take the child's nutrition to a whole new level. Two things are very important: one is a holistic perspective and the second is respect for the individual rights of the child (and even the baby).

Child health is a whole. In fact, the health of the child is part of the whole family and community health, and nutrition also functions within it. Everything from the child's psychology to the smell of smoke, the growth stages of the nose, the runny nose, the mother's dislike of spinach to the grandmother's illness can all affect nutrition.

One important thing about nutrition is that the child is born as a natural organism, born with hunger and fullness instincts that will enable him to continue his life and species and to feed him in the best way. In fact, the body itself knows how much it needs to eat. In their natural state, babies and children are sufficiently fed to become obese. But unfortunately, many things from food additives, excess sugar stress to the attitude of parents
instincts. Stubbornness, food wars can bring the child to the point that he says 'I won't eat' to put his control in his life. However, the aim is to make the child's healthy eating habits, feel free to eat, eat because it needs, and enjoy eating. To teach the child that he eats for himself in time and to gain this in health consciousness duymak To respect his individuality. Allowing them to have a say in relation to their needs and choices.

Of course it is easier to practice them in infancy. Healthy eating habits are much easier if we are to breastfeed the newborn, especially if we are breastfeeding, and if we understand the baby's tongue from the beginning, we will allow him to say when he is hungry and fed and hungry. Not accustomed to sugar, additive food additives used in the baby's own needs and wishes by feeding the healthy eating habits can be developed with pleasure. Both what we give and how we give are important. It is very important that children start to eat independently at an early age (worries such as going down will be detrimental to the child), allowing them to speak, allowing them to become hungry and express their satisfaction. Feeding the baby according to the baby's signals also provides better results in the long term.

Instead of imposing its own rules on the baby, the mother understands the baby's language, character, desires and periodical needs, and accordingly regulates her eating habits in a healthy, uncompromising way, as enjoyed by both sides.

Further, things get a little more complicated. If our child is having eating problems, we need to stop and think seriously, and evaluate everything in a holistic way. In order to improve eating habits, it is necessary to learn the needs of the child and not to force them unnecessarily. As the relationship between parent and child develops, food wars will decrease as stubbornness and power struggle factors diminish. Giving options, reaching the child's awareness of nutrition at an early age (this happens with knowledge and good sampling according to age).
It is very important to provide an eating habit that is eaten according to the requirement. The goal is to feed a team game that results from the “joint work” of the parents, children and other family members and the beautiful and pleasant relationship of a stressed mother running behind the child with a spoon in her hand. The aim is both lifelong health and health awareness!

Wishing all children healthy, healthy nutrition

Whether they are crushed, pressed, chopped or ground, the natural ingredients give a special taste to your food. You will always prefer chopped eggplants, freshly picked from the grill at home, those purchased from the supermarket or bread baked in the personal oven to the one purchased from the store. Such wise culinary choices guide your life and help you enjoy your loved ones every day with tasty recipes that preserve the aroma of the food of another time.

And because we want to be with you, we have gathered in Unisol oil all the natural goodness of sunflower seeds, obtained from their first pressing. Thus, we collect the best seeds, carefully chosen when they are perfectly cooked, and press them only once, then carefully refine them to preserve the whole flavor and essence of the core. In this way, we make sure that Unisol first-press oil enriches the taste of home-cooked recipes and that you will find in it a trusted ally for the times when you need to cook for the whole family.

Last but not least, for five years Unisol has been supporting the efforts of the households to prepare winter preserves, maintaining an authentic Romanian tradition. Thus, this year, Unisol helped romance people who appeal to the whole family to create creative canned recipes to say a "Thank you!" sincerely to the whole team.

Allergy and immunology specialist

Allergy and immunology specialist

What is an allergy and immunology specialist or allergist?

An allergy and immunology specialist, or allergist, is a medical doctor with special training and skills in diagnosing and treating allergies and diseases of the immune system.

Why your child might see an allergy specialist

Your child might need to see an allergy specialist if it looks like he has allergies including food allergies, eczema, asthma, moderate to severe hay fever, or severe and potentially life-threatening non-food allergies - for example, to medications, insects or latex.

Allergy specialists also diagnose and treat allergic eye diseases, hives, chronic cough and frequent colds or bronchitis.

To see an allergy and immunology specialist, you need a referral from your GP. Your GP can help you decide about seeing an allergy and immunology specialist and help you find someone who's right for your child.

Before going to an allergist

Before seeing the allergy and immunology specialist, it's a good idea to find out about the following things:

  • Why you're going to the specialist: talk with your GP about why your child needs to see an specalist.
  • Waiting lists: how long before you can get an appointment to see the specalist?
  • Making an appointment: it might take you more than one phone call to make an appointment.
  • Is there anything you can do while you're waiting to get the appointment?
  • Costs: how much will the appointment with the allergy and immunology specialist cost? It might be expensive, so you could check whether you can get money back from Medicare or private health insurance or whether you can get some other kind of financial help.
  • Locations: find out where you have to go to see the allergy and immunology specialist - for example, a public or private hospital, or consulting rooms. You might have to travel further than you expect, depending on your child's needs.

You might want to talk about these things and any other questions you have with your GP before you go to the allergy and immunology specialist. You could also ask the allergy and immunology specialist's clinic when you make the appointment. It's a good idea to write down any questions you have, so you don't forget.

Children's pearls about Easter

Children's pearls about Easter

Easter holidays with children can prove to be true sources of humor. Any novelty in the child's daily routine, as well as some traditions of this holiday, make the child to make all kinds of pigeons. Here are some of the funniest pearls that children say in this period!

  • "Mommy, why did you paint the red eggs? The hens can't make them directly like this?";
  • "Andrei says that Easter bunnies must be pink, so I painted all the rabbits (plus) so";
  • "Mommy, we were looking at the eggs (the red ones) for a few days almost continuously, but none of the chicks came out, as I drew on paper the previous days";
  • "Did these rabbits bring me these rabbits? But I saw them last days in the closet!";
  • "No, I didn't eat the cake prepared for Rabbit! He did it! I don't know why I have chocolate in my mouth!";
  • "Mommy, but how do we realize that we found all the eggs that the rabbit hid?" (at the egg hunt ";
  • "I don't understand anything! Is the pasta about chickens or rabbits?";
  • "The rabbit hammers at the door before coming, how do we do when we go to the grandmother? No? Then we have to leave the door open, right?";
  • "If the chickens give eggs to be painted red, then why don't they bring the Easter presents and leave Rabbit?"
  • "If Jesus Christ resurrected after he died, does that mean I will suffer?";
  • "Mommy, do you eat red eggs with shell?";
  • "Why do we have to boil and paint new eggs, we can't tell the chickens to do it ?!";
  • "Mommy, to say 'Happy Easter!' I knew that only cows and sheep graze ... and we people eat? ";
  • "Easter is a holiday where the chickens become friends with the rabbits. The chicks give the eggs to the rabbits and they bring presents to the children!"
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    What can you do if you reject the party again? We give you some tips!

    What can you do if you reject the party again? We give you some tips!