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Óptima: origin and meaning of the name for a girl Óptima

Óptima: origin and meaning of the name for a girl Óptima


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Stop working to dedicate yourself to raising children or not, what to do?

Every day I hear more mothers that even with the financial complication that it can mean for the family, they wonder if stop working to dedicate yourself to raising children. I myself went through that questioning countless times when my children were younger and I also fantasized about being able to become independent so I would not have to meet rigid schedules that were so distressing when I had to go out to take the children to the doctor for an extracurricular activity.

However, today that they grew up and I was able to overcome that most complicated stage, I think it was a good decision to continue working and I want to share my points of view moms who sit between a rock and a hard place right now.

- In the first place, life expectancy increased and in fact almost doubled in a few generations and today when our children have grown up and do not even give us the time, we still feel strong and energetic. We have a lot to give and probably if we don't have a job we will feel empty.

- On the other hand, society should not lose our talents. And we should not miss the feeling of happiness and well-being that comes from doing something for the rest by exercising our abilities.

- I also consider that there is generally a situation of abuse of power, however subtle it may be, when the man is the only provider.

- And finally, because it is too great a burden for the children, to feel that we are at home only for them.

The latest research shows that children raised by parents who work and both share chores perform even better than with one parent at home and that the fact that the mother works forces a more involved father, which benefits both the man and the to the children. In the book Getting to 50 50 they point out that the whole family benefits from shared parenting, where the father is more emotionally involved with his children and the balance of the couple is healthier.

The important thing is to connect with yourself to discover your own truth about motherhood. Osho says that the difference between scientific and truly spiritual truth is that the former is social and the latter individual. This means that once there is a scientific discovery that is taken as valid, everyone accepts it, incorporates it and the following generations build knowledge from that truth. But spiritual truth is unique, each person must discover it for himself through a deep process that never ends and that is impossible to transmit in an absolute way.

And I think that with motherhood it is more or less the same. There is no one way to be a mother, it is not better to stay home and postpone professional development, nor is it better to work outside. There is a way that works for each and every family. Finding it is a challenge. But it is in individual solutions that human diversity is manifested and that is the secret complex of existence.

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7 reasons why you should never give your child a dog as a toy

A dog is not a toy, it is an animal. It seems obvious, but many parents forget this and decide to give a dog to their child without advising him of the responsibility and care that comes with it.

A dog brings many benefits to children. They give a lot of affection and teach basic values, but it takes away freedom because it requires attention and a lot of time. Therefore, before looking for a pet for your child, think carefully. Te we help: review these 7 reasons why you should never give your child a dog as a toy.

Dogs and any pet is a living being, which It involves a series of basic care and attention. Therefore, a dog can never be given to a child as a toy. Here are some reasons why you should never gift a dog as a toy to your child:

1. A dog is a living being. As such, it needs a series of basic care that cannot be forgotten: food, hygiene, walks ...

2. It involves a lot of responsibility. Having an animal is not the same as having a toy that you can put away and put aside for a while. A dog implies daily and constant attention.

3. It will rob your child of a lot of time. Dogs need to go out, play, be fed, cared for. It involves spending a lot of time on them, and it is something that the child should know from the beginning.

4. He is one of the family. Your child must be clear that dogs are part of the family, and that they live for many years. All that time it must offer you quality of life.

5. You have to educate them. Dogs, as puppies, are a lot of work. The most normal thing is that when they are small, dogs only want to play, do not obey orders, pee and poop at home, and even bite ... They need a lot of perseverance, establish rules and limits and be persistent in their education.

6. Limit the way you travel. There will be places where you cannot take your pet. You must take this into account. If you really like traveling to exotic places, keep in mind that many of these places you will not be able to take your pet with you.

7. It costs money. The vet, vaccines, possible problems that arise ... The pet is an extra expense that must also be taken into account.

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Letter to the Three Wise Men from a girl victim of bullying

This is the moving letter that an 11-year-old girl write to the Magi. He doesn't want toys or clothes. Neither video games. He doesn't want anything material. She just wants the kids in her class to stop making fun of her. It is the Christmas commercial of a campaign against bullying of the Spanish Association for the Prevention of School Bullying.

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Two blood samples taken from the baby's heel, one at birth and one a week, are those that are needed to give your newborn the heel test, a screening test that detects the possible presence of congenital diseases in the newborn. Detected early, these diseases are treated and thus evita that cause brain damage or mental handicap.

This small and fleshy area of ​​the foot is used to extract a few drops of blood from the newborn, which will then be analyzed in the laboratory to determine if the child was born with a congenital metabolic disease. The first extraction takes place within the first 48 hours of life and the second, around the seventh day of life.

To obtain the blood sample, the baby is pricked in the lateral area of ​​the heel and the sample is collected on blotting paper. The circle of the blotting paper should be completely impregnated with blood until it passes to the other side. The sample is dried with ambient heat.

The laboratory techniques used are not exactly the same in all countries, not even in all autonomous communities within the same nation. In most maternity hospitals A sample is collected at the maternity ward, before discharge, for the study of hypothyroidism and, a few days later, a second sample is collected at the health center for other diseases. In other places, a single blood draw or sample is done on the third day of life.

After a thorough laboratory analysis, the result is sent to the parents to confirm that the baby is well and that they do not have any disease with a negative result, or to warn them that they should go to the specialist and begin to take a series of measures aimed at acting quickly in the solution of certain health problems for which, time, is a fundamental factor.

Some of the metabolic diseases, such as hypothyroidism or phenylketouria, do not cause symptoms at birth and when they appear so that doctors can identify them it is too late because they have caused irreparable damage to the baby.

Congenital diseases can exist from the formation of the embryo and constitute an important group of deficiencies. Its origin is found in genetic errors or in exogenous, toxic factors, drugs or radiation, which act through the mother's body.

Heel test in baby or natal screening It has been around for more than 30 years and started in New Zealand. Since then, the results have improved considerably. Thus, while in 2009 only seven diseases were detected, today, with the application of new technologies it is possible to diagnose more than thirty hereditary diseases from a newborn blood sample.

Marisol New.

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