Section 27  The Aesop for Children  Learn English through story

Section 27 The Aesop for Children Learn English through story

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The 12 most important tips for having a good time with your baby

Is it worth to be vaccinated?

The number of people with influenza is increasing and the risk of developing influenza is increasing. Many people have not always decided whether to survive the disease vaccine.

Influenza is a major threat to children and the elderly as their immune systems make it more difficult for them to fight the disease-causing virus. Below, Dr. Péter Krivácsy, Buda Health Center Children's Crib tells about vaccination information. "The children of уvodбban, megfertхzхdhetnek kцnnyebben iskolбban, нgy mindenkйpp take care of megfelelх vйdelemrхl йrdemes idхben. As szervezetьk kevйsbй ellenбllу than felnхttekй, kцnnyebben sick йs common in szцvхdmйnyek kialakulбsбnak kockбzata well. Leghatбsosabb vйdelmet against betegsйg the vйdхoltбs nyъjtja, but also only if given in time, because the deficiency develops in less than a week, "said Dr. Peter Krivabcsy.
"The influenzбnak be szбmos szцvхdmйnye as pйldбul common tьdхgyulladбs or kцzйpfьlgyulladбs. Influenzбs idхszakban kйzmosбssal, szellхztetйssel йs vйdekezhetьnk also kerьlйsйvel the zsъfolt points against betegsйg. If gyermekьnk kimerьlt, kцhцg or lбzas not vigyьk kцzцssйgbe but keressьnk a pediatrician. Early diagnosis of the disease can prevent the development of more serious illnesses or events, "the doctor added.



Very widespread in nature, potassium is in the form of salts and acts mainly on the level of electrolyte balance.

Recommended daily dose: 3500 mg (3.5 g).


Poultry, fish, fruits (bananas, apricots, dried plums, cantaloupe), vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, potatoes) are the most important sources.

Roles and characteristics

- is an important regulator of blood pressure because it extracts sodium from cells, which reduces the volume of fluids in the body;

- participates in chemical reactions involving proteins and carbohydrates (stimulating insulin secretion);

- activates the renal function;

- influences cardiac and neuromuscular electrical phenomena (rapid passage of nerve influx, excitability and contraction).

Disorders - deficiency or excess

Disorders attributed to potassium deficiency

Alcoholics, those who drink a lot of coffee, consumers of sweets, diabetics, those who abuse diuretics and laxatives, as well as people who have been on prolonged anti-inflammatory treatment, cortisone, are prone to developing potassium deficiency. Potassium consumption statistics indicate that most young people do not consume enough of this important mineral. The situations listed above greatly increase the risk of hypokalemia - low blood potassium concentration.

Potassium deficiencies cause hypertension, fatigue, heart rhythm disorder, muscle cramps and even confusion and irritability.

Disorders attributed to excessive potassium consumption

Higher doses of 5000 mg / day may affect mineral balance. Cardiac and renal problems are also reducible. A dose of 25 g of potassium chloride can cause severe poisoning of the body.

Useful note

Potassium supplements are totally not recommended for people suffering from diabetes or kidney failure, or taking medicines with diuretic or hypertensive action.

Meaning of the name Malaquías. Name for children
You can expect stupid robots to arrive

But that's nothing! You can expect a Halloween party at the zoo and now is the World Animation Day.

Stupid robots

Like last year, useless but funny robots arrived in Trafu from all over Europe to star in the fourteen most exciting lives in front of the jury.
In the competition, one of the three requirements for the planned machine to meet the simple criteria was:
- the robot must not have any useful function,
- the robot must be funny enough to laugh at the public,
- the robot must be a mechanical drive.
Nominees have arrived from 2011 from Bacarobo 2.0. On the last Sunday in October, the live on the Trafou Stage will feature the Funnel Sweep Robot, who sees the Father instead of the Man, the Soapbubble-sacked Robot, the Host Elf the fбt.
Surprisingly, a lucky child can be added to the jury among visitors. It happened last year!


On Saturday, October 29th, at 11am, you could watch the fairy tale.
Kids create tiny performances with their imagination, theater-like creativity, and witty imagery - along with Birkka's plays.
Contrary to the usual familiar fairy tales, children can not only look and enjoy the show, but also play an active, creative part in it. Together - here and now. The tale will always be different - always new and spontaneous, tailored to the ideas of the day. We also create scenes, costumes, décor, and face painting with the help of direction and help from the actresses.
The total duration of the program is approx. 3 hours (you can pause at any time during the program between each station).
Because of the creative profession (painting, drawing, gluing ...), the appropriate, comfortable clothes are recommended!

Halloween at the Budapest Zoological Garden

Some of the inhabitants of the Budapest Zoo look like they were wearing a frightening costume for Halloween ... So they may pay less attention to them than animals that look nice and have a sweetheart. And that is how we want them to be! Don't wait, come and see them at the Budapest Zoo now!
From October 29th to November 6th, admission is free for children under 14 years of age who are in halloween, dress, face painting, plush, drawn, painted or printed bats, other Бllatkertbe!
Costume competition is waiting! During this time, at 14 o'clock every day, the Zoo Representative at the Main Gate Square will select the most costume outfit among the young children who sign up and reward them with kind gifts. Between the 29th of October and the 6th of November, the elephants at 12 o'clock every day, and at 13 o'clock the gorillas will delight in the hallow! Check them out too!

Pagony - Retrу mesedйlutбn

On Wednesday, you will be told by a story and illustrator, Csilla Geva, to tell and create together. We are waiting for you from two years! The program is free, please enter exactly.
Feel free to slide over. From nappies to Bogyu and Babuć, from Arthur Gombuc to Suttog to pine, you could drop in diameters in the frenzy of Pentecost. The program is free.

The best animated movies

Similar to the past years, the Hungarian Animation International Film Animation Group, that is ASIFA Hungary, will celebrate World Animation International Day on October 28th. This year, the World Day programs are not just one, but last three days! Among the programs for the multi-day event, fans of the animation genre, regardless of age, will find their kind requests. The three-day event will be held this Friday, October 28, on Budaörs (the square in front of the town hall) and on the weekend of October 29-30, at the Tabany Art Cinema in Budapest.
I'm wondering what's going to happen in three days! Kids' First Show Daily Free!

Your 8 1/2-year-old: Collecting

Your 8 1/2-year-old: Collecting

5 Social Security Mistakes That Have BIG Consequences

Yoghurt contains more sugar than yoghurt