30 names very ... in love

30 names very ... in love

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Natural ways to strengthen hair after delivery Hair problems very often appear already during pregnancy. The body is weakened, and we lack the time and energy for additional care. It is even worse after childbirth, taking care of the baby means that we do not have time for a proper diet and even more so for hair care. stress and fatigue.

Usually enough time for washing and brushing, although it was done at an express pace. Childbirth, sleepless nights, lack of time for a balanced meal, breastfeeding are additional causes of poor hair condition. The wisps are not only overdried or vice versa with a tendency to be greasy, but also unfortunately begin to fall out. If we only notice this problem, we can try to strengthen it.

Proper diet

It's best to start with proper diet, rich in vitamins and microelements, you can help with appropriate dietary supplements, which additionally contain a large dose of vitamins. Make sure that your diet does not lack vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, selenium. You have to remember about consumption Dairy dishes, eggs, fish, oatmeal, legumes and nuts. Let's not forget about consumption vegetables and fruitthat provide many valuable ingredients needed for proper hair growth.

Hair care cosmetics

The cosmetics we use for hair care are also very important. If the strands fall out, shampoo and conditioner should be intended for such weakened hair. While washing, treat your hair gently, try not to rub, just massage the head, also when wiping with a towel, gently dry the hair. Combing the hair should be equally gentle, and for this purpose brushes from natural bristles will be best.

Daily care

Falling villi do not look good, so most women try to pin them, which causes them to be squeezed with an elastic band or clip, so it weakens them additionally. It is best to give up at least for some time the hair styling cosmetics (varnishes, mousses), as well as paints and perms. We also give up a dryer, curler or straightener.

If you do not want to use too much chemistry to improve the condition of our hair, it is worth reaching for homemade, natural and grandma's methods. Just choose the right ingredients, which are usually available in kitchen cabinets.

Eggs and olive oil

Eggs have been known for many years for their valuable properties. They contain vitamins (A, B, D, E, H) as well as iron, zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, potassium. With a problem with hair loss it will be great same egg yolk.

Olive oil, on the other hand, contains vitamins (B, C, E) as well as iron and phosphorus. Olive oil works great on dry and damaged hair, gives them vigor. Eggs combined with oil is a huge healing injection for hair. All you need to do is mix the egg yolk well with a few drops of oil, apply to your hair, cover your head with a plastic bag and wrap in a towel. After one hour, wash the mask with lukewarm water.

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Here is a simple and easy activity to do with your DIY apprentices as Christmas approaches, make a little Christmas decoration with straws. Let's go for the video!

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