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Gas problems during pregnancy

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Financial times about the child protection system in Romania

Financial times about the child protection system in Romania

All Romanian Euro-observers in the European Parliament have made a common body and have reacted to the statements recently published in the Financial Times daily regarding the child protection system in Romania.
The deputy of the Democratic Party (PD), Euro-observer Roberta Anastase, said in a press conference on Thursday that their request was supported by MEPs Emma Nicholson and Anna Gomez.
According to Roberta Anastase, Baroness Emma Nicholson said that the extremely hard text in the Financial Times was paid for by organizations that deal with international adoptions and that benefit from this activity.
The Financial Times published on Tuesday a letter signed by Baroness Emma Nicholson, former rapporteur for Romania of the European Parliament, in which she makes a series of clarifications as a reply to an ad in the same newspaper, on a full page, in advertising, at 12 June, under the title
"The hidden crisis of child protection in Romania".
"The advertising announcement supports the reintroduction of international adoptions in Romania, and its publication was paid for by a group of 33 non-governmental organizations, some of which have a strong financial interest in resuming this extremely profitable business of international adoptions," it is shown in letter.
Emma Nicholson states that Romania banned international adoptions in 2001, "because they represented a diabolical trade with children, in which adoptive parents were drawn to unscrupulous adoption agencies; children were illegally selected based on photo presentations and video, and social services were eluded. "
"The pro-adoption lobby continued to spread false information about the number of abandoned children in Romania. According to the Financial Times advertising page, these children were crammed into hospitals, not included in government statistics and kept in steel cribs over 23 hours a day. for several months or years, 'Baroness Emma Nicholson said.
June 16, 2006

The stages of pregnancy


Active rejections of the stomach, unlike referrals or regurgitations, they often translate a transient digestive disorder.
Vomiting may occur occasionally, dental flare, otitis, nasopharyngitis and is not serious.
However, if they occur after a fall, are associated with high temperature, headaches or abdominal pain, a medical consultation is required.

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The pelvic floor in pregnant women

The pelvic floor is the set of muscles located at the base of the pelvis, arranged like a hammock, and which support the bladder, the large intestine and the uterus. It could be said that it is divided into an anterior area where the vagina and urethra meet, and in another posterior area where the anal opening is located.

As a set of muscles, these can also be exercised and it is vital to avoid dysfunctions that are so. The good anatomical condition of the pelvic floor prevents alterations such as prolapses, sexual dysfunctions and urinary incontinence.

During pregnancy, women, due to the relaxation of the urethral sphincter and the weight that the baby gains, may have urine leaks. Therefore, if the pelvic floor muscles are in good condition, these small leaks can be avoided. It is also important to know how to contract and relax it at will in order to have total control of the pushes during labor.

A good pelvic floor ensures a speedy recovery and decreased chances of stress incontinence. Last but not least, it is to have elastic muscles in the perineum to prevent tears during childbirth.

The pelvic floor, as a set of muscles, can contract and relax at will. Kegel exercises are the best known and used by women for their easy understanding and the possibility of being able to perform them at any time and anywhere with total discretion. It is important that we can control both contraction and relaxation, since hypertonised muscles are just as harmful as weak muscles.

In order to achieve an elastic musculature that gives itself during labor, it is essential to massage the area regularly to promote good irrigation of the area and thus increase its elasticity. It would be interesting if, as far as possible, the woman requests an assessment of her perineal state, to see what state she is starting from and better focus on the exercises or possible treatments for her care.>

After giving birth, as long as the baby has passed through the birth canal and was not delivered by caesarean section, the pelvic floor can be affected by the baby's passage, instrumentalization, episiotomy or tears. A prompt intervention of re-education and rehabilitation of the same, from the first days, shorten the recovery time of the pelvic floor.

If an episiotomy has been required or there was a tear, we must take good care of the scar so that keloids (tissue thickening) do not form, using special dressings, laser treatments or massages. Pelvic floor maintenance should not focus only on the pregnancy or postpartum period. The woman throughout her life must pamper and keep the area in good condition, as it will prevent possible complications in the future.

Marián Zamora Saborit
Pilates physiotherapist and technician
Psychomotor in Early Childhood Education
Contributor to our site
Marián Zamora's blog

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Simple exercises and tips to prepare body for easy labor

Baby's first contact with water, exercises with material

Baby's first contact with water, exercises with material

Today is one of Noah's first days with water and he teaches us what kind of material is good for improving his buoyancy and balance.

Is very good start babies in water activity, the smaller the better. Exercises in the water promotesensory stimulation Y psychomotor development providing confidence and security for your baby. Body contact is constant, and interaction with parents favors the affective bond between mother and child.

The aquatic stimulation allows to have more motor coordination and improves the cardiorespiratory apparatus. Besides that it will allow the baby to lose the fear of water, giving him more security and independence.

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I'm proud of you! - Application Let May 2016 be the month of praise!

I'm proud of you! - Application Let May 2016 be the month of praise!

Our Common Approach announces a special, unique application - May 2 - May 22, 2016.

The purpose of the application is to draw attention to the the importance of praise reinforcing children's confidence and motivation. In parenting, we often focus on the points that are troublesome: how do I get to brush my teeth, unpack my toys, do my lessons? What should I do if the brothers and sisters are constantly arguing? I don't want to punish you, but I have no idea yet ...
But parenting, living with kids, and not just the challenges, the challenges! Perhaps it is sometimes harder to see the awful details, even though they are there. This application deals with the recognition of these star points We understand, by submitting your application.

I'm proud of you!

Who knows We understand activity and all that parents, educators, are given, you know that praise to them is much more like: You can be proud of yourself! She has been following her research findings for years, gathering domestic experiences and findings that were born out of praising children.
For children, it is much more important when we are actually signaling something to them, that is, their ability to be recognized. When the "be proud of yourself" we use the expression, it really puts the power of the child into focus, as opposed to when we put ourselves in the center, "I'm proud of you" felkiбltбssal. The diversity of the bar does not seem to matter, but from a parenting perspective, it is very important from a child appreciation point of view.
The We understand Its creators strive to get parents to learn the difference between the two, and to use the best possible way of praise that emphasizes the effort of the child. Given the importance of this topic, they are looking for stories across and beyond where children feel that we are proud of them and love them as they are.


From application to teacher / teacher max. They are expecting 2,000-character, true, story-telling stories that present situations in which children could be proud of themselves. And when, of course, the parent / educator was proud of the child. You do not need to be included in the application, "be proud of yourself" expression only if it was actually spoken.
When it comes to appeals, it is not the style or the literary character that determines the emphasis, but rather the emphasis on history, the relationship between children and parents, and their relationship to praise. Applications are judged by a five-member jury and the prizes offered are awarded by the jury, based on the jury's decision, to those whose experience best recognizes the appropriate praise.
The jury members are:
Szab Katalin Editor-in-Chief of KЙPMБS Family Magazine, mother of three children
Sřrosdi Virбg, pediatrician, speech therapist, mother of six children
Great Rick Цkoanyu, Цkoanyu, obkobaba and Цkoanyu in the kitchen c. the author of books, the mother of a child
dr. Skita Erika - communication communication, EQ trainer, Our mother in law - mother of two children
Szabolcs Turbani - relationship, our father is - father of two children
  • 3 days 2 nights with the offer of the Kolping Hotel in Alpspokhok
  • 1 x 5000, 10000 and 20000, - Ft worth of gift vouchers that can be redeemed in the webshop
  • 1 $ 10000 worth of gift vouchers that can be redeemed on kid's webshop for downloadable items
  • 3 Gift Packages Offering Our Value - Includes An Online Trend, A Social Intelligence Booklet, A Social Card Package And A Gift In The Transylvanian Christian. New EI from our storybook!
  • Subscribe to 3 1-Year KPPMŽS Magazine Offers
  • 1 db Цkoanyu c. book offering Rick the Great
  • 1 of his own tales by Esther Kissné Nezvlal in the Tales

  • The award ceremony and announcement of the results will take place on the 27th of May 2016 in Bartu Pagan. The application website can be viewed here!
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    History of the name Joana

    Portuguese and Catalan form of Juana.

    Meaning of name Joana

    "God's compassion, God has compassion"

    Origin of the name Joana


    Famous people with the name Joana

    • Jazmín Castro, Colombian model (1988)

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