Atopic dermatitis in infants - how to recognize and how to treat?

Atopic dermatitis in infants - how to recognize and how to treat?

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Children in front of television

Television can be used as an educational element for children since it simultaneously uses different ways of offering information, stimulates sight and hearing at the same time, it can be somewhat participatory, if we have the opportunity to speak as a family about what we are seeing, and finally, it offers messages and insights quickly.

There are some programs with a high educational content and that are very useful for children because they allow them to expand their knowledge while entertaining, such as quizzes, documentaries and certain programs that help develop skills or transmit positive values. The key is to select what we want our children to see without turning on the television, simply because we have just entered the house.

And it is that television cannot supplant family life. The resource of turning on the television should not only focus on filling a void and it is an important mission of parents to teach our children to use this device correctly: selecting programs, talking to them about the effect of advertising resources, offering them alternatives and detecting possible detrimental effects on our children.

In 1996, the General Assembly proclaimed on November 21 World Television Day, in commemoration of the date of the First World Television Forum at the United Nations in 1996. States were invited to observe World Television Day by promoting global exchanges of television programs focusing on issues such as peace, security, economic and social development and the promotion of cultural exchange.

The effect that this device can have on children or adolescents depends on the correct use made of it, mainly on the content of the programs and the time spent watching television. The contents have effects of influence and persuasion in the short term in children, while in the long term the effects are mainly directed to the cognitive area. The child learns largely by imitating the people who are most interesting or attractive to him. These people can be the parents themselves or other characters that are within reach. Therefore, these models can have important consequences for their future behavior.

On the other hand, during adolescence the person's reflective capacity develops, and television is not the most appropriate medium for this. However, one of the factors that influences the detrimental effect of television on children is the excessive time that is spent on it. Some statistics describe up to an average of three to four hours a day of television exposure in children, that is, considering that they spend about eight hours at school, we must assume a close competition between both sources of information. In addition to the fact that the abusive use of television does not promote the ability to think about children and adolescents, it increases the risk that they will watch programs in a time slot typical of adults. In this sense, it would be necessary to determine to what extent that strip intended for children is respected.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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Christmas plans for children from 2 to 3 years old that you cannot miss

Thinking of plans and ideas to spend Christmas with the children? The Christmas holidays are the best time to spend time with them and enjoy these magical dates with their illusion. Since we want to propose you some ideas of Christmas plans for children between 2 and 3 years so that these days are unforgettable.

Surely you think that just a few days ago your little one was a baby, but now he is discovering the world and wants activities that amuse him, but also that help him to function in his little world. These are the activities that we suggest you to do with him this Christmas, both inside and outside the home.

Make no mistake, those of us who win when it comes to finding fun and family Christmas plans for our children we are the parents. And it is that seeing her happy face and hearing her laugh are the best of gifts. It does not matter if you are a fan of Santa Claus or if you continue to get excited with Christmas carols, with a child at home the Christmas spirit invades us and you just have to let yourself go to enjoy.

If you are one of those who prefer to stay at home because of the cold, but not always do the same as children 2 to 3 years old, these are some of the best activities you can do with them.

1. Make magical crafts
Children under three years of age really enjoy painting, sticking stickers, using glitter ... The more colors there are on the table the better! And what they like the most is, without a doubt, the applause of their parents when the craft is finished. They will feel older (which they love) and important helping Mom and Dad decorate Christmas cards for the family.

You will also have fun if you help them make the ornaments themselves to decorate the house. Remember that they must be crafts according to their age! Do you dare to make your own Christmas tree with cardboard?

2. Assemble the Christmas Tree and Nativity
With them we kick off Christmas at home. And it is that, both are a symbol of these dates. Surely your child wants to crown the tree by putting the star of wishes at the top. Our children will be able to display more imagination when putting the Nativity scene. Even among the cowherd boys, a doll of our little ones' favorites may slip into the procession.

In addition, we can take advantage of this moment to teach them the tradition, the reason for things and the origin of these magical dates.

3. Prepare some delicious sweet recipes
The Christmas atmosphere promotes the union of families and friends. We will surely have guests and we will spend hours in the kitchen to entertain them. Although our children are still very young, they are at an age where they want to imitate us and help us in everything. Let's not forget that we are his favorite toy!

Therefore, always away from fire and dangerous utensils, we can let them beat eggs, make figurines with the cookie dough ... They may not end up being the most exquisite Christmas sweets, but sure they will be the most fun. Hands to the dough!

But, since we are not going to spend all Christmas at home, we also propose some Christmas plans outside the home. At parties, the offer of possibilities to do with children multiplies ... Here are some very fun activities!

4. Marvel at the shows
Among the classics, such as storytelling, plays, puppets, music concerts ... We want to highlight the circus for this holiday. The magic of the circus is one of the most complete shows there is. Lights, music, clowns, jugglers, magic… everything fits together under the director's baton. Excitement and surprise will be the stars of that afternoon.

5. You have to go to a parade or parade!
Parades and parades are a classic and the most awaited moment for our children. The streets of our cities or towns are adorned with striking Christmas lights. They are the best way to receive santa claus, who travels in his sleigh from the North Pole, at dawn on December 25 to sneak into our houses; and to wise men, who, laden with gifts, make a long journey from the East to be seen in the parade at dawn on January 6.

Children, as if it were magic, will love being able to greet them and shout at these great protagonists so that they do not forget to stop by their houses and leave gifts.

6. And don't forget to enjoy the street
We can also enjoy our city or even take a Christmas trip. The street fills with people and thanks to the school holidays the parks come to life. Although our little one still does not know how to skate or enjoy the snow skiing, we can take a pleasant walk, play races or discover new species of trees and animals.

When the children in the family are of different ages it can be a problem to find activities that they can all enjoy together. The truth is that the plan that you organize has to be compatible with all members of the family, since otherwise some could get bored. It is about finding a balance that guarantees family leisure. To make the holidays fun for everyone, write down these plans for children according to their age.

- If you have a baby up to 2 years
Sometimes it is impossible to take babies to all the places our older children want to go. Therefore, sometimes we can stay with them at home organizing a fun afternoon of games for him or her. However, it can also be very stimulating for younger children to visit the streets full of lights and Christmas decorations.

- Plans for children from 4 to 5 years old
If what you are looking for is an unforgettable plan for your 4 or 5 year old son, bet on magic shows or musicals. Try to find a show that your youngest child can also enjoy. In this way, fun for the whole family is guaranteed.

- Children from 6 years
Skating, crafts, pajama party ... Finding Christmas plans for children over 6 years is easier since the offer is wider. You can also organize games for him and all his friends in your house, which will be more decorated than ever.

May these Christmases be the most magical!

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Poems hъsvétra

In kindergarten, children are sure to prepare Easter poems and sayings. We also collected the parsley, you can teach them smaller ones.

Poems hъsvétraIt's a good idea to prepare for each holiday with a little tuning in. Easter is especially rich in themes: spring, egg, bunny, baby. Poems, sayings, improve memory from the very beginning, call attention to the regularities of the mother tongue, enrich the poetry, the rhythm, and the mythical to the female.
he comes to the forest,
you are taking eggs
the basket. The eggs
kosбrцlben.Devecsery Lszszl: HъsvétWind running, wind blowing,
it gives a damn.
The sun is warm, the light tells us,
when the end is over.
and the bark breaks the bar.
Spring is here: east,
and HALL IS NEARBY.László Szabó: Sunday Sunday
a dozen
you find eggs in the
under flowers.
Here? There! Where? There,
in the bush!
Run here, amoda,
fuck the ball!
Fésûs Йva: Hъsvét
Bushes at the bottom
I found a red egg,
they say
bunny walked in the garden.
all the violets,
they laughed at me:
such never happened!
Nor am I sorry
if it's a spring joke,
all so beautiful today!
birds are yen,
ringing in the morning
barricades were born.
Barkabs бgon
breeze flutes,
lilaruhбs jбcint.
Brother is coming,
the cat is washed,
green in the eyes
little golden rays.Nйpkцltйs
Bidder-curly bear,
there is a ribbon on the back.
There's a ring in my neck,
led by Gergh.
This is how the bear goes,
like a little king,
kind of loyal,
She's wearing new clothes.
Gergõ it anyway!
Х and the goblin.
S Treasure Character:
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What a 'tough face' some parents have

What a 'tough face' some parents have

Highly sensitive children

Sensitivity is a quality you are born with. Thanks to it, the child will have the ability to relate everything he does with his emotions and senses.

The highly sensitive child (PAS) does not suffer from a disease, nor does it have a syndrome. It is a type of temperament that children have, and that makes them live things in a deeper way, experiencing emotions in a very intense way.

It is convenient to remember that every child is a world. That is, everyone has their own needs. Therefore, it should be considered that the fact that a child behaves differently from the rest, or sees the world more intensely or differently, should not be a problem. We can recognize this type of highly sensitive children thanks to a series of characteristics:

- They are more affectionate than average and they like personal and physical contact.

- From a very young age are attracted to art and music. In his drawings his representations go beyond the common aspects. They put momentum into details that are unusual for other children.

- They are empathetic and more in tune with the other. They have the ability to "read" the expressions of the face, the gaze of the other, so it seems that they are able to predict what the other will do or feel and act accordingly.

- This type of children lies do not fit well, criticism, or an attempt to harm another person.

- They are children with a "deep" moral and philosophy. They suffer when they read a story or watch certain situations on TV and see people suffer. Also, when they scold them, they become deeply saddened.

- They are children who enjoy doing things alone more than in company. Which does not mean that they avoid relating, but that sometimes they enjoy their solitude more. Nowadays, high sensitivity must be accepted as one more type of personality that fits within the area of ​​introversion, but without being withdrawn children.

PAS children need to feel loved and valued. To do this, adults should avoid:

- Correct them in public. Let them not be ashamed and feel valuable for who they are.

- Overprotection. Life experiences are what will help you develop tools and strategies to deal with problems. Let him face it.

- Situations that exceed your abilities. Each situation must be faced from a sufficient maturity to win competitions.

- Do not hold back the expression of your emotions.

Additionally, parents can:

- Avoid sources of stress. They are not worth putting them in situations that undermine stability and cause unrest.

- Respect your independence. Allow me to do things just supervising. This loneliness allows you to settle ideas and feelings. Later talk with the child trying to empathize but without giving a sense of control over their actions.

- Boost your self-esteem. It is something that cannot be neglected since it is an important pillar in the child's personality. Seeing the world differently makes them feel vulnerable, that is why parents must value every reasoning that the child makes, make him see that it is not bad to feel things differently from others, that he learns to accept criticism and make him see that he is strong and capable of doing things.

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Low birth weight child

Low birth weight child

Weight loss diet, cancer risk

Weight loss diet, cancer risk

Slimming diets melt extra pounds, but they make the colon sick, says a study by British specialists at Rowett Institute, Aberdeen. According to them, strains that require low carbohydrate intake, such as the Atkins diet, promote the development of colon cancer, reports The Daily Telegraph.
They found that low-carbohydrate diets cause a fourfold decrease in the number of bacteria that produce this acid used to destroy cancer cells. The Atkins diet begins with the elimination of almost all foods containing carbohydrates (potatoes, fresh dairy products) and alcohol, which gradually increases the carbohydrate level.
(Mirela Dadacus)
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June 27, 2007

High-tech beauty accessories

High-tech beauty accessories View the slideshow

Clean and radiant skin, supple hair and full of vitality ... that's what promises our selection of beauty accessories. Here are 9 mini technology jewels.

High-tech beauty accessories (10 pics)

9 high-tech beauty accessories

Clean and radiant skin, supple hair and full of vitality ... that's what promises our selection of beauty accessories. Here are 9 mini technology jewels.

Effective drying

If you blow dry, you need a professional blow dryer that will blow hard. Hot air is used to dry and comb the hair. Reserve the cold air for the finish. On tips, nozzles (or concentrators) are intended for blow drying. Narrow to locate the heat on short hair, medium length, fine or precise work on the locks. Wide for long, thick hair. It is always used on a wrinkled hair.
Pro Dryer from Babyliss. It provides ultra-fast drying, diffuses ions for enhanced brightness and high precision thanks to three concentrators: one of 4 mm and 2 of 6 mm. Without forgetting 8 speeds / temperatures adapted to all the types of hair: 99,90 €.

Heated curlers for voluptuous curls

You are not a follower of iron curling? These rollers to heat may be made for you.
Big Style Remington. It creates both voluptuous volume and voluptuous way Hollywood star with 15 hair curlers of three different sizes. The principle: to wind a wick, to heat it for 10 seconds, to fix with cold air, a beautiful loop is realized: 49,99 €.

Rotating brush for a radiant face

After your cleansing or makeup remover that rids your face of impurities, your skin will be quite clean thanks to this motorized brush. To use without pressing too hard and with the brush adapted to your type of skin.
Vitry rotary face brush. Two speeds, one slow for a gentle cleansing, a fast one that eliminates dead cells for a deeper action. Its micro-return system reduces the movement of the skin. Two heads: brush or conical sponge tip: 39,90 € with a cleaning foam.
More informations

Blower brush for successful brushing

Blow dry, the brush in one hand and the hair dryer in the other is more acrobatic than pleasant! Especially with long, thick hair. So long live the blower brush: it dries, smooth, gives volume, loop ... to each according to his desires.
Philips Brilliant Brush HP8657. A new version with a flat brush coated with a noble material, tourmaline that shines and shines the hair. It diffuses 4 times more ions that fight against rebellious frizz and static electricity. And in addition, she has a nice pearly handle: 60 €.
Where to find it?

A hair straightener on revitalized hair

To get straight hair, we adopt the straightener (with ceramic plates that do not damage them). To get the best result, first make a disciplinary shampoo and dry your hair.
Infusion Straightener by Toni & Guy. With its integrated reservoir system in which one can pour a revitalizing care, it protects and prevents the dehydration of the hair fiber throughout styling: € 69.
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A masseur to say goodbye to cellulite

We do not always have the time (or the means!) To be massaged by a professional! This small device reproduces the gestures of palpate rolling, the massage used to remove the orange peel. To try daily on the areas to be treated.
Nocibé anti-cellulite massager. Featuring six swivel casters, two speeds and an ergonomic shape, it stimulates blood circulation, promotes tissue drainage. Its regular use guarantees a better result. It connects to the mains: 39,90 €.
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Nickel feet to heels

To slip one's feet in cut sandals as soon as the beautiful days appear demands that they be well cared for: no question of displaying calluses on the heels! This is where this new electric grater comes in.
Velvet Smooth Express Pedi by Scholl. Its rotating head equipped with micrograins eliminates dead skin in an instant. Its curved shape adapts perfectly to the arch. It is equipped with a safety catch and ensures without fail for 1h30: 39,99 €.
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Curling iron for beautiful locks

You dreamed of a curly hair? It's up to you to play now, just follow these 3 steps: 1) Heat the curling iron and make sure your hair is dry. 2) Brush your hair well to avoid knots that could bother you. 3) Wait until the iron has reached sufficient temperature, otherwise your loops will not hold.
Infra Radiance Vidal Sassoon Curling Iron. Tourmaline ceramic plates, temperature up to 180 °, diameter 25 mm, and automatic stop after 60 minutes: this iron is top! Its new Infra Red technology protects the hair fiber and diffuses a homogeneous heat: 39,99 €.
Where to find it?

A new design bathroom scale

Pregnant or after-baby, there is always a good reason to monitor your weight. So both choose a bathroom scale design and colorful.
Pop range of Terraillon. Its oval shape, ease of use, large glass tray and matching LCD screen should seduce you at first glance: 35 €.

Monique Fort