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A new method can eliminate the risk of premature birth

Name Charles-Antoine - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Germanic, Greek, Latin

Meaning of the name:

The composite name Charles-Antoine is a derivative of the Latin name "Karl" which means "man" and the Greek word "anthos" which means "flower".


The French painters Charles-Antoine Coypel, Charles-Antoine Flajoulot and Henri Charles Antoine Baron, the French sculptors Charles-Antoine Bridan and Charles Antoine Callamard, the prince Charles-Antoine de Hohenzollern, the writer Charles-Antoine Jombert, the clockmaker Charles -Antoine Croutte ...

Saint Charles Borromeo is an Italian bishop of the sixteenth century. Born in a family of the high aristocracy of Lombardy, he chose to devote himself to religion. He is known for his integrity, his virtue and his wisdom.

His character :

Charles-Antoine is someone who likes to share. He is not selfish and enjoys spending time with his loved ones. He is a very sociable person who will not hesitate to interact with others. He will be able to listen to his friends' problems without judging or blaming them. He is thus the confidant of many people. Enthusiastic and friendly, Charles-Antoine also loves travel and adventure.


Antonio Carlos, Karl, Charles, Antoine, Anthony, Antoinet, Tonio

His party :

The Charles-Antoine are celebrated with Charles and Antoine. Thus, they can be celebrated on November 4th or June 13th.

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Victor the mascot, La Grande Récré

Victor the mascot, La Grande Récré

The first supporter is him! Mascot of the Euro, it will also become that of your toddler from 3 years! 19,95 € (The Grande Récré).

Where to find it?

Did you hear the big news? The Minimax caravan starts again on the road and comes to your city! Between June 24 - July 4, the Magic Bus, the well-known cartoon series from Minimax, goes beyond the limits of the television and sets off on a real adventure, full of surprises across the country.
Equipped with the most diverse educational games, huge screens, interactive panels and last but not least, toys, the Magic Bus will leave for the trip with the Minimax team and will spend a whole day in the cities: Oradea, Sibiu, Brasov, Bucharest, Braila , Galati, Constanta and Mangalia.
Children with parents are expected to discover new and interesting things, curiosities of nature, experiments and games in numerous fields such as science, astronomy, biology, general culture, environment, but also to participate in the fun activities organized in the specially designed play area.
How does the heart work or how many bones does the human body have? What is the solar system formed or how can the environment be protected? All these and many other topics will be addressed in the activity workshops, carefully coordinated by professional moderators, who will explain the theoretical notions and then apply them together with the children in an interactive way, thus focusing on stimulating creativity and creativity. developing the learning skills of the little ones.
There will be no lack of thousands of prizes consisting of children's books, toys and trips abroad for the whole family, the cartoons that will run permanently on the screens, as well as the beloved pets Mini, Max, Cutulache and Kitten that will animate the atmosphere.
Minimax Caravan Calendar:

  • June 24 - Oradea, Children's Town;

  • June 25 - Sibiu, Esplanada-Cazarma;

  • June 26 - Brasov, Civic Center;

  • June 27 - Bucharest, Children's Park (near Children's Palace);

  • July 1 - Braila, Danube Esplanade;

  • July 2 - Galati, Danube Esplanade;

  • July 3 - Constanta, Entrance Port 2;

  • July 4 - Mangalia, Marina.

  • To be always up to date with the latest details of the Caravan, we invite you to continue watching the Minimax channel.
    More information about the Minimax Caravan, the complete program and the locations are also available on the site and in the magazine Minimax Magazin (at all newsstands in the country).

    Poos and wees

    Poos and wees
    Sears of horseradish

    The horseradish sauce is very quick and pungent to taste and goes perfectly with different types of roasts, because it has the role of "cutting" of the fat content of some and to spice up the food a bit! It is a perfect sauce with lamb, beef and other pork preparations!


    Preparation time

    40 min.




    4-5 horseradish roots

    2-3 tablespoons cream

    1 teaspoon old



    Method of preparation

    Clean the horseradish roots and wash them thoroughly. Give them on the scrapers, on the smallest side.

    Make sure that the room you are in is well ventilated, because the strong odor will be quite insecure.

    Over the grated horseradish, add the sugar, cream and a few sprinkles of vinegar, to taste, and mix very well.

    There are several variants of horseradish sauce, but by far this is the simplest of them and has a guaranteed success.

    Tags Sauces recipes

    Caused hair loss in a small child in Spain

    Infants who have inflicted insignificant hair on the body have a mixed, improperly packaged drug.

    Marna Luisa Carcedo the Spanish Minister of Health said the manmade minoxidil was added to omeprazole labeled bottles. The former is effective in stopping baldness and hair loss, and the latter in reducing stomach acid.Caused hair loss in a small child in Spain Spanish health authorities are aware of seventeen cases in which parents have experienced an overgrowth of children because of the drug - added the mistress, he said.
    The gift came from pharmacies based in Farma-Quнmica Sur, the capital of the United States.
    "My child has had his forehead, face, arm, foot (...) sputtered like an adult," he said. Бngela In this she's worried about what bodily changes her six-month-old baby went through. Another, mother-in-law, mother-in-law talked about taking her three-month-olds from one doctor to the next, but they didn't find any explanation. We hypothesized that genetic hypertrichosis, or woodcock syndrome, could cause the symptoms. Parents were told by doctors that the hair will unexpectedly disappear from children's bodies, but it may take months.This page also states that further examinations are needed to determine what other side effects of the drug taken by mistake might be in the body of children, as there is no research. Because minoxidil is degraded, heart failure can occur.
    The province of Cantabria, northern Spain, has ordered an investigation into this case, following a report of a family that has been defamed.
    • Is Pregnancy Vitamin A Really Hairy?
    • Watch out for this when your child is taking medication
    • 5 Common Mistakes We Make About Kid's Medication

    Just as important as what you eat is what you should not eat in the months before pregnancy and during pregnancy. Some foods may contain substances, which can be harmful or harmful to your future baby or affect fertility. Sometimes they can be responsible for causing illness, as there are some viruses and bacteria that are capable of crossing the placenta.

    Therefore, if you are thinking of getting pregnant and want to take care of your diet to enjoy a good state of health, it is convenient for you to know where are those substances that can be toxic or harmful for your well-being and that of your baby:

    1. Unpasteurized soft and dairy cheeses
    Listeria is a harmful bacteria found in ready-to-eat products such as unpasteurized meats, soft cheeses, and dairy. Recent research has revealed that pregnant women are 20 times more likely to get sick from eating foods with listeria than other adults.

    For this reason, if you are thinking about getting pregnant, take extra precautions because listerosis can cause a miscarriage early in the first trimester, possibly before you know you are pregnant.

    To end listeria, microwave high-risk foods until they are smoking hot and keep cooked food in the fridge below 4 ° C.

    2. Raw meats and poorly washed vegetables
    About 50 percent of toxoplasmosis infections occur from eating raw or undercooked infected meat. Sausages, in general, can transmit the disease. However, you can also get the parasite in other ways, such as eating contaminated fresh fruits or vegetables, drinking contaminated water, or touching litter from a cat's litter or infected meat.

    There is a small risk of infecting the baby if you contract the infection a few months before you get pregnant. If you know you have recently contracted the infection, it is a good idea, according to some experts, to wait at least 6 months before attempting pregnancy again.

    3. Alcohol
    Studies linking alcohol intake to fertility are not yet conclusive. However, some research has shown that women who do not drink alcohol are more likely to conceive. Therefore, make sure not to drink any alcohol between ovulation and menstruation, that is, at the reproductive time of the cycle. However, if your cycles are irregular, play it safe and avoid alcohol altogether.

    4. Caffeine
    Recent research suggests that heavy coffee consumption narrows blood vessels, which can slow blood flow to the uterus and may affect fertility in some way. In addition, gynecologists also recommend reducing your coffee consumption during pregnancy, so if you are looking to get pregnant, it is best to try to reduce your coffee consumption gradually, since it is related to miscarriages and premature labor.

    You can read more articles similar to Diet to get pregnant. What you should not eat, in the category of Getting pregnant on site.

    Collective structures

    Question 9.
    Since your child was born, have you come close to collective structures (PMI, parents' networks, neighborhood associations ...)?
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    9. Since your child was born, have you been close to collective structures (PMI, parents' networks, neighborhood associations ...)?

    Yes No.