When the baby begins to put everything in his mouth

When the baby begins to put everything in his mouth

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Kidnapping of children. Watch your son

I have received, through an email from a friend, a letter from a mother asking all parents to watch over their children in places where there are more crowds of children such as theaters, parks, circuses, social clubs, etc. ., to prevent them from being victims of kidnappings like the ones that are happening lately all over the world.

It is not my intention to alarm you, but what this mother tells us is disturbing. It comes to join the large amount of news about the so-called kidnappings express that are happening mainly in the big cities.

In an oversight, they kidnap the little boy and take him to a place out of sight of his parents, in a trunk of a car, without anyone noticing. When they observe that the mother begins to look for her son and realize that he has disappeared, someone approaches her and offers to exchange her son for money. They usually ask for quantities that they can get more quickly. Accompany the mother or father to the cashier, and return the child.

I reproduce the letter, mainly so that they can spread it and thus alert other parents about the need to give more attention and protection to their children. Remind you that kidnappings are not always that fast. Others endorse the trade in children by mafias that are dedicated to sexual exploitation, organ trafficking, etc. Well, follow the letter:

"Dear all, I dare to take a few minutes for a very important issue. This weekend they almost kidnapped, kidnapped a 3-year-old niece of mine. It was in Madrid, in a central street, going with her parents to the theater to see a children's play. Thanks to two Mexican ladies, who must be very sensitive to these things, they stopped the lady who was taking the girl. They found the girl's attitude very strange and they had the courage, and they took the Annoyance to stop this woman. The thief had a car waiting for her 3 meters away, where she fled. Thank God without the girl.

With this I tell you that it was an organized robbery, and thankfully, frustrated. The organized mafias have arrived, we do not know if for organ trafficking or the sale of children. Just ask all of you to be very careful, in places where children are agglomerated, theaters, parks, circuses, social clubs, etc., and if you see something strange, we dare to stop people and even call the police. We can save a child.

Please forward this to everyone who has children, nephews, etc. I think it is very important that we all become aware of the danger our children run. A very strong kiss to all. Adela De Juan ".

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The effort of parents to bring their children forward

Does it cost more today to raise your children than before? Thanks to effort and work, the grandparents have seen their children grow up and form a couple with the house set up and the car at the door. We had our lives resolved and now we have had a particularly hard time. An older woman commented with me the other day that it caused her great sadness to see the situation her daughter and many women like us were experiencing.

Now that we have it easier in terms of education and technology to raise children, the effort of parents to raise their children is increasing. Lack of time and financial resources to make ends meet leaves families exhausted.

Those who have the wisdom to see life from the highest step of age, look down and make comparisons. They do not want to forget their past because this was the basis of what they have now achieved both personally and at work. They lived through difficult times and are proud to have made it through. They started alone with nothing, without subsidies, unemployment, or credits ... going through hardships and discomfort. And they did not want their children to go through the same thing.

Thanks to their effort and work, they have seen their children grow up and form a couple with the house on and the car at the door. We had a determined life and now we have had a particularly hard time. I include myself because I don't want my children to experience discomfort either. As my parents did with me, I have always tried to protect them, without overprotecting them, making life pleasant for them as much as possible, especially now that they are young. Childhood is a time of life that must be protected.

And now many parents like us ask ourselves if that is the way to go on this journey that we have had to live, especially when we look towards their future and all the conditions are so unpromising and even pessimistic for them, I would say. Those who went through difficult times and got ahead came out strengthened both materially and spiritually, but those who have had it easy and now must descend several steps on the ladder of social welfare, how will they recover?

It would be desirable to continue to be able to leave the children at the door of the school so that they do not walk or to live with the peace of mind that nothing undesirable happens to them, or to be able to continue simplifying their lives so that they do not have to fight or suffer. But, life itself is showing that this is meaningless. Later, when these children become independent, the parents continue trying to solve them down to the last detail.

Marisol New. Copywriter

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14χρονη μαθήτρια σε έκθεσή της στο σχολείο αποκάλυψε ότι ο νονός της την κακοποιούσε σεξουαλικά

When is my delivery planned?

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When you feel deprived of energy, your memory plays a part, and your reaction power is slower than your grandmother's, so you tend to believe that the older you speak the word. In fact, all of these problems could be caused by a number of foods that you consume without knowing that you are aging.

The secret of the people who manage to maintain their pleasant physical appearance despite the passing of years is the correct nutrition.

what foods it is recommended to avoid to prevent premature aging.

Simple sugar and carbohydrates

Simple sugars and carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose) give you an immediate energizing sensation, as the body rapidly metabolizes these substances. In a short time, however, fatigue and reduced reaction speed are installed. In addition, dermatologists have detected an effect of premature aging sugar on the skin, by destroying elastin and collagen in tissues.


Canned foods may have a relatively low content of lead, a metal that lowers hormones, which play a major role in memory functioning, norepinephrine and dopamine. Long-term effects can be devastating: nervous system dysfunction, memory loss or senile dementia.

Pickled foods

In the process of preserving pickled or stored foods in the brine, the salt turns into nitrites. Once they reach the bodies, they interact with the cells of the body and predispose you to premature aging or even cancer.


Although you consume caffeine for its tonic effect, this excess ingested substance dehydrates your body and causes accelerated skin aging. Soluble coffee can lead to nervousness, irritability and insomnia, three long-term stress triggers.


Regular alcohol consumption causes inflammation of the liver, disturbance of the menstrual cycle, inhibition of ovulation, loss of libido and deformation of facial features (bags under the eyes, wrinkles). All these phenomena speed up the aging process and predispose to premature death.

Red meat

Red meat contains many proteins that are beneficial for tissue regeneration. In contrast, the excessive consumption of animal protein causes the loss of calcium in the bones, leading to osteoporosis.

French fries

Foods prepared at very high temperatures are high in trans fats, associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease.

Boat yoga pose. Yoga asanas for kids

5 Simple Yoga Exercises To Lose Belly Fat In 2 Week. 5 Yoga Poses For A Flat Stomach

Sibylle pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Sibylle pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

From the Greek "sibylla", meaning who knows the will of the gods, the prophetess. In Rome and Greece, the name "Sibyl" was given to women who read the future in oracles. Today, the adjective sybillin means an obscure or ambiguous speech. As first name, Sibylle is attested in France in the Middle Ages, especially in the region of Dijon. Sainte Sibylle was a 13th century Cistercian nun, of Belgian origin, of whom very little is known. His birthday: October 9th. Its derivatives: Sibille, Sibby, Cibilla, Sibel, Sibilla, Sibyl (England) ...

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