Cystocele (prolapse of bladder)

It’s not just leakage, I had a baby and pee my pants on the regular

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The most common skin diseases

We have a wide variety of symptoms on our skin - and countless causes. List the most common skin diseases.

If itching on a kid's skin, the sooner we find the cause


The dye pigment cells, which are evenly distributed in the skin, are complex in certain places and work more intensively than usual - thus forming moles. Extraordinary factors determine the position, number and size of moles. Show very dark or large, irregularly-shaped moles as leathery. They may develop at higher rates of malignancy. Your doctor will usually recommend a check-up once a year. In this case, he mounts the mole so that any change can be traced. Very rare in young children a melanуma (malignant skin cancer). The birthmark is usually removed when it is in a place where it is aesthetically disturbed, or where it is or will be affected by regular physical stimulation, such as in the lower brachial plexus.


We cut the fingers' fingers rounded, with the toes straight to prevent the ingrowns. The skin of the injury often touches the nail and then ruptures, leaving it completely exposed. This kid will flush it out and it will be so inflamed and inflamed. After bathing, lightly replenish the softened skin of the baby's baby with a little bit of your own caramel, then lubricate it with vitamin A oil twice a week. It is absolutely essential to cut toe injuries, as tight shoes can squeeze back, and socks can catch on. After bathing, we also try to have a mouth wash once a week, most often the inside and outside of the big toe. Don't cut it, get it dirty! Make overnight tomato or sour cream toppings. Use a small handkerchief and plastic wrap to wrap around the sourdough, inflamed area. If two or three nights do not bring complete healing, seek medical attention.The little toe is so tiny that it is almost impossible to fall, even though it often breaks. Glue until the torn part is completely covered, then cut off the broken part. Even the slightest bite in the foot causes all day pain, so pay special attention to the care of the foot.


Almost everyone has come across this phenomenon: in some parts of the skin, almost swelling, very itchy swellings appear, similar to what our skin will have if we are deceived by our bare shoulders. You know that fraud (medical name for urticaria) is the most common sign of malaise, and it is usually not at all or at least every day that you think about it. If you are having the same food more than once, it is clear that you should keep tabs on it. Many times the strawberries, bluebells, eggs are suspected, they often cause allergies. It can also cause fraud, such as serum injections, mites or mosquitoes, woolen clothing, can cause certain illnesses, but it may not be light for the selected factors. Fenistil gel or another anti-itching agent, or put the child in a warm bath bicarbonate bath. Let us filter two cups of water into a bunch of water.

Eczema skin

Initially dry, fat skin gradually develops red, itchy patches, mostly in infancy on the head, in the armpit, and later in the elbow and hips. Soothe itching, help lighten areas that are swollen, and try to find out what the little one might be allergic to. It is common for milk and dairy products to cause skin conditions.Will the situation be improved if we do not give any cow's milk for about a month? The little kid is really suffering from itching, so he's scratching. However, this does not soothe the skin, but it does: the skin becomes plaque, it may also be a bacterial, fungal or bacterial infestation. In case of rashes, . Enhance the effect of the skin by applying a cream that is first greasy. Add a light linen cotton or silk garment. The wool causes itching, the skin gets cold under the nylon, viscous, polyester.If you scratch yourself regularly for a while, add a loose-fitting, airy, tight-fitting wrist to your long sleeves. Fresh air and sunshine are goodsuch as cold, humid or dry, cold weather and stress can make the situation worse. In any case, avoid any further skin cleansing. We do not cook daily, for short, purposeful showering, even sometimes "cicamosdáss". Instead of soap, use ointment (hydrophilium nonionicum) or drip into the oil. Your doctor will usually prescribe ointment containing cortisone to treat your acute symptoms.

Itch, scabs, wounds

Also called atypia eczema neurodermatitis most commonly, complaints starting in infancy and toddlerhood. The skin is dry, itchy and itchy, and the result is permanent scratching. You can easily become infected in this condition. Sixty percent of the cases can be attributed to deleterious factors, and this is a skin problem among family members by blood. Often there is an allergy to the problem (animal hair, house dust, a variety of food). The disease is incurable, but it is asymptomatic and occurs during periods of onset. Critisone ointment is usually prescribed by the physician during critical periods, though other symptoms are also suitable for long-term effects. It is important that you do not let skin dry during the asymptomatic period. Avoid long baths, short showers, washings and oily lubricants for cleansing. Use soft, airy linen to prevent skin rubbing and irritation. Notice the times when the symptoms flare up: what foods the baby ate, what clothes he wore, and whether we changed the well-used laundry detergent. A stressful situation (sibling birth, moving to a community, moving house) can make things worse.

White patches on the skin

If one-dollar white spots appear on the tanned skin, probably fungal skin infection has szу (pityriasis versicolor). Most blemishes on the face may be itchy, or they may even be completely pain-free, touching slightly. The fungus inhibits the production of skin tint, leaving the affected skin white. Although no problem for the skin, let's go to skin care, a simple antifungal ointment can remedy the problem.


After losing the first babe hair, there is usually no characteristic hair loss. However, it may be that fungal skin infection We discover a round, bald, red-red patch on the head and we find that the little one is scratching a lot. Your doctor will usually recommend a shampoo and medicine that contains an antifungal agent. In this case, it is worthwhile to find out where the infection is coming from, as this is the only way to prevent the disease from developing. Are you family-friendly, cheerful, cheerful, bed-ridden? In this case, care should be taken to keep the tools clean and that everyone is using theirs. If other members of the family are infected, they naturally need to be treated. The fungus can also come from the bed, the small toy carpet, and in this case you can see similar circular patches on the fur. Show your pet a vet, there are also effective remedies for their cure.


Different creams and brushes help the bladder to heal as quickly as possible, but there is no effective remedy against it. THE lurking in the body it causes complaints when the immune system is in a very weak state. Even a small amount of stress is enough for the defense system to "revive" the herpes virus. Thus, uncomfortable blisters can appear as a symptom of nausea, stomach upset, or on days of distress, less rest, but also a blanched, blotchy, leached skin that is "reddened" to the skin. it may be if the digestive system is overloaded, the baby is allergic to it, or his or her acidity erodes around the mouth. Notice when you come out of your baby and try to prevent these situations.Hint: Medicinal paste is a lassari thick, white, zinc-containing ointment that quickly removes initial cold sores.


How does it look? The nappy area will turn red and then subside.What age group is most common in children? All diapers can occur in children.What causes it? Poorly ventilated, fluffy diaper diaper, allergy to cream or textile diaper for laundry detergent, rinse, irritation caused by mechanical rubbing, stomach and urine irritation, or too. The bright red, almost light butt, with small tiny tips on the wings, refers to a button. In this case, aeration and fungicidal ointment is not sufficient.What can a baby do? More frequent than usual diaper changes, regular and long-term ventilation of the buttocks, as well as non-inflammatory ointment prescribed by a doctor help. The child's buttocks should not be thickly scratched. If the fungus is sinful, it will only multiply more of the nutritional creams. The dryness, the lightness, is much more conducive to healing.How long does it take to disappear? It can develop under your eyelids, but healing can take up to several weeks. The warm, wet medium helps spread out. It is not dangerous, but the painful butt is extremely painful, so the child is asleep badly and impotent.


How does it look? Generally, red spots appear on the face, around the mouth, but they can occur on any part of the body, especially on the vertebrae. These transitions develop purulent acne within a few days. The cracked projections give rise to a thick layer of mist on the wet surface. Especially after bathing and getting itchy.What age group is most common in children? Typically, children who come into the community give one another.What causes it? Purulent bacterium. Common cups, cutlery, blushes, frequent washes, and personal hygiene standards hinder their spread, but unlike public transport not caused by a lack of washing. Items that come into contact with the patient should be disinfected daily and washed to prevent the spread of infection. It is especially dangerous for newborns and infants because it can affect large areas of the skin.What can a baby do? After removal of the mites, it is quickly treated with an uninfected brush and cream. Under no circumstances should the dry spats be violently removed. It is best to soak it for 15 to 20 minutes with warm chamomile milk and then gently remove the dry parts and then apply a drip to the doctor. If external treatment is not useful, antibiotics may also be needed.How long does it take to disappear? Without treatment, it will get fatter and purer, but with the help of the right agents, it will disappear without a trace in three or three days. As long as there are visible traces, the child cannot go to community.What not to do? Scratch, because the worms carry the infection, and the scars left behind can leave scars permanently unscathed.

The stubborn grain

Unfortunately, it is easy to obtain, but it is harder to get rid of it. About fifty different vermin can circulate, and these are very viable breeds that can sleep for up to twenty months on shoes, rides, wooden benches used footwear. If the skin is dry, consult your skin specialist. Whether with a prescription drug or a non-prescription ointment or gel in the pharmacy, it can take a long time for the medicine to heal. the grain returns even if you have completely eliminated it before. If you are in a very disturbed place, such as on your feet, your doctor will remove it with local anesthesia. It also happens often that it heals itself.

Itchy skin

Allergies, eczema skin disorders are the biggest concern of parents to prevent the party. At the same time Environmental damage occurs: if the skin is itchy, the little child will start scratching unintentionally, and this will worsen the situation. Weak touch often exacerbates itching and delicate rubbing can relieve it.- Use bath oil to help dry skin. Cool showering is also more useful. Even with sudden itching, it is good to keep the affected area under cold water.- Carefully wardrobe your wardrobe. Wool, thin, loose fitting, dyed linen and cotton-like garments have less itchy skin than body-dyed, chemical-dyed, bulky items. Do not add wool, angular or other fluffy or fibrous material at all. The big sleeve sleeves have a close-knit handler for airy wear, while preventing the little one from easily accessing the blighted blind climates. During exercise, the released energy is released and juvenile hormones are produced.More articles on dermatology:
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    Why do you sweat in your mind?

    9 unmissable Christmas markets in Spain. Christmas plans with children

    Don't be surprised if your third grader thinks math is fun (and don't try to convince her otherwise!). Math skills build self-esteem and a sense of mastery — essential for children this age. Your third grader may even start showing off by doing math problems in her head. Science curriculum this year is all about making predictions, experimenting, researching answers, and inventing things. The main focus is physical and environmental science — force, matter, geology, ecosystems. Here are some specific math and science milestones you can expect your third grader to hit this year. Keep in mind that educational standards vary from state to state, and even from one school district to the next. And that children develop at different rates, so your child may not do everything on this list.

    In third grade, your child will learn to:

    • Count, group, and estimate. For instance, when given 100 beans, she'll be able to count them one by one, sort them into groups of five or ten, and then show how she can quickly take a shortcut and count to 100 using the groups of five or ten.
    • Read and write decimals and numbers with up to six digits, identifying the place value for each digit. For example, in the number 1,234, she will understand that 4 is in the ones place, 3 in the tens, 2 in the hundreds, and 1 in the thousands.
    • Round a whole number to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand.
    • Understand more complicated fractions, mixed numbers (such as 2 1/2), and decimals.
    • Solve multi-step math problems.
    • Determine if the answer to a problem is reasonable
    • Understand the basics of geometry. For instance, she may observe that a square has four equal sides and four equal angles.
    • Collect, organize, and interpret data using charts.
    • Use a thermometer to measure everything from the air temperature outside to the temperature of the soil in the class garden.
    • Describe different food chains within a habitat (the sea, the forest, etc.).
    • Understand how humans affect the environment.
    • Understand how simple machines such as wheels, levers, pulleys, and screws work.
    • See the world in geologic terms — rivers, streams, mountains, oceans, lakes, plains, etc.

    How the teacher will help promote these skills

    To teach fractions, your child's teacher may use two square pieces of paper of equal size, one red and one blue. She'll leave the blue one whole, and cut the red one into six equal pieces and label each one 1/6. The children will then see that putting the six pieces together makes the whole. The teacher may also show your child how to use a calculator to help solve certain math problems, and present your child with math problems in a variety of forms — word problems, puzzles, etc. She'll apply math concepts to real life by introducing the idea of economics — people work to earn money, they need goods that cost X, and so on. To learn science concepts, the teacher may have your child research a food chain, for example, and write each item on a piece of paper that the children later attach to create a chain. Lessons on recycling and garbage help bring home the importance of concern for the environment. Geology lessons can start with the local area — is it mountainous, arid, farmland? Where is the nearest lake, river, ocean? How do these different formations work together?

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