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10 songs from your childhood that your child should know

If your child hums non-stop the soundtrack of Doramon, Peppa Pig, La Paw Patrol or Pocoyo but, suddenly, you throw the phrase "Hello Don Pepito ...." in the air and they look at you as if you were going crazy, it is time to remedy it. If your children do not know the songs of your childhood, this must be solved.

When we perceive sounds, songs or smells from the past, something is automatically activated in the brain that takes us back to our childhood. That is what happens with this list of songs from your childhood that, if your child does not know, you must solve it.

1. Hello Don Pepito, Hello Don José. Always songs

They were two quetinos guys
they were two half nutty guys
they were two almost divine types
They were two broken guys

If they were in a corner
or were they in the cafe
it was always heard with a very fine voice
the health of Don José

- Hello Don Pepito
- Hello Don José
- Have you already stopped by the house?
- At your house I walk
- Did you see my grandmother?
- I saw to your grandmother
- Goodbye Don Pepito
- Goodbye Don José

2. Cu-cu the frog sang. Always songs

Cucu cucu

Cucu cucu

Cu cú the frog sang

Cu cu under the water.

Cu what a gentleman happened

Cu cú with cape and hat.

Cu what happened a lady

Cu cú with tail suit.

Cu what happened a sailor

Cu cú selling rosemary.

Cu cú asked him for a bouquet.

Cu cú did not want to give.

Cu cú and he started to cry

3- I have a dairy cow. Children's songs

I have a milk cow,
it is not just any cow,
gives me condensed milk,
for all week,
Toulon, Toulon, Toulon, Toulon.

I have bought him a cowbell,
And my cow liked it
He walks through the meadow
Kill flies with the tail
Toulon, Toulon Toulon, Toulon

I have a milk cow,
it is not just any cow,
gives me meringue milk,
Oh! what a salty cow,
Toulon, Toulon, Toulon, Toulon.

I have a milk cow,
it is not just any cow,
makes me cherry cake,
Oh! what a naughty cow,
Toulon, Toulon, Toulon, Toulon.

4- Don cat. Popular songs for children

There was Mr. Don Gato
sitting on his roof
marramiau, meow, meow,
sitting on his roof.

Have received a letter
in case you want to be married,
marramiau, meow, meow, meow,
in case you want to be married.

With a white kitten
niece of a brown cat,
marramiau, meow, meow, meow,
niece of a brown cat.

The cat for going to see her
has fallen off the roof,
marramiau, meow, meow, meow,
It has fallen off the roof.

He has broken six ribs
the spine and the tail,
marramiau, meow, meow, meow,
the spine and the tail.

They already take him to bury
down the street of fish,
marramiau, meow, meow, meow,
down the street of the fish.

To the smell of sardines
the cat has risen,
marramiau, meow, meow, meow,
the cat has risen.

That's why people say
seven lives has a cat,
marramiau, meow, meow, meow,
seven lives has a cat

5- Under a button. Always songs

Under a button, ton, ton,

What did Martín find, tín, tín,

there was a mouse, ton, ton

oh what a little boy, tin, tin,

Oh that little boy, tin, tin,

it was that mouse, ton, ton,

that Martin found, tin, tin,

under a button, ton, ton.

6- I run from the potato. Songs to dance

At the back of the potato,
We will eat salad
how the lords eat,
oranges and lemons
cuddle, cuddle,
I sat down

7- I have a doll. Childhood songs

I have a doll dressed in blue,
with her shirt and yoke.

I took her out for a walk and she constipated,
I have her in bed with a lot of pain.

This morning the doctor told me,
Let him give him syrup with the fork.

Two and two are four, four and two are six,
six and two make eight, and eight sixteen,
and eight twenty-four, and eight thirty-two.
Blessed souls I kneel

I have a doll dressed in blue,
white shoes and tulle hat.

I took her for a walk and she constipated,
I have her in bed in great pain.

Two and two are four, four and two are six,
six and two make eight, and eight sixteen,
and eight twenty-four, and eight thirty-two.
These are the accounts that I have drawn.

8- Let it rain, let it rain. Children's songs

Let it Rain, let it rain,
the Virgin of the cave,
the little birds sing,
the clouds rise,

let a rain fall,
with sugar and nougat,
that breaks the windows of the station.

Keep it raining
the birds running
the meadow flourishes
in the spring sun

let a rain fall,
with sugar and nougat,
that breaks the windows of the station.

9- Five little wolves. Songs for babies

Five little wolves
has the wolf,
five little wolves,
behind the broom.
Five little wolves,
five gave birth,
five raised,
and at five,
At the five
titita gave them.

Thumb, thumb,
this is called,
this is called index
and serves to point,
this is called heart
and here the thimble is put,
here you put the ring
and it's called annular
and this so little
Pinky, pinky!

10- We are going to tell lies. Always songs

Now that we go slowly, (bis)

we are going to tell lies, it will tell, (bis)

We are going to tell lies.

Hares run through the sea, (bis)

by the mount the sardines, tralará, (bis)

the sardines through the mountains.

I left a camp (bis)

hungry for three weeks, tralará, (bis)

hungry for three weeks.

I found a plum tree (bis)

loaded with apples, tralará, (bis)

loaded with apples.

I started throwing stones at him (bis)

and hazelnuts fell, tralará, (bis)

and hazelnuts fell.

With the noise of the nuts (bis)

The master of the pear tree came out, he will tralará

the master of the pear tree came out.

Kid don't throw stones (bis)

that the melonar is not mine, it will be, (bis)

that the melonar is not mine.

What is from a foncarralera (bis)

who lives in El Escorial, tralará, (bis)

who lives in El Escorial.

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Children talking late

Children talking late
Why a mother and her biological child can be the same age

For most women, the early indication that they might be pregnant refers to changes in the bust area. Future mothers are seeing an increase in size and increased sensitivity of the nipples just before the news is confirmed from a medical point of view. Here are the first changes of the breasts during pregnancy and how they are explained in relation to the physiological changes resulting from conception.
Throughout the pregnancy, breasts will increase their volume under the influence of hormones. This is a positive sign that ensures that your body is properly prepared for lactation.
What exactly is going on?
The hormone called "progesterone" increases the size of the mammary alveoli, those constituent units of the breast that are responsible for milk production. Galactophore channels (the circulation pathways of milk) are those that transport milk flow to the nipple. The alveoli look like a miniature grape bun:

The increased level of estrogen caused by the evolution of pregnancy also supports the whole mechanism of production and secretion of breast milk, and other hormones such as prolactin play an important role in modifying breast morphology so that the important process of breastfeeding can be performed under optimal conditions.

Modification of the mammary areola

Many women notice, from the first trimester of pregnancy, that the skin around the nipple (breast areola) becomes darker in color, increases its diameter and swells.
Experts believe that changing the color of the areola is a trick of nature to help the baby observe the nipple more easily. The Montgomery glands, present in the areola structure, also increase during pregnancy, as they play a very important role in protecting against infections once they secrete an antiseptic lubricant.
Pregnant women should avoid soap or other products that could dry the sensitive tissue of the nipples, believing that this can reduce the sensitivity of the breasts. The only effect in this case is to compromise the efficiency of the Montgomery glands by removing the natural substance produced by them.


During the third month of pregnancy the first forms of colostrum begin to appear, a viscous yellow liquid meant to immunize the baby in the first days after birth. In the second trimester, the actual production of colostrum begins, when some women may notice small leaks from the nipple accompanied by thin traces of blood.
This phenomenon should not worry the pregnant woman because the blood comes from the accelerated blood flow in the breasts meant to increase the volume of vessels and channels that carry breast milk.

Breasts in the last trimester of pregnancy

In the last trimester of pregnancy, breasts continue to grow under the action of increasing milk. If the baby is born prematurely, the milk of the mother will be slightly different from that of the women who give birth, because its composition will be more suited to the various special needs of immunization of the premature newborn.

How do you prepare for breastfeeding?

The most important thing that a future mother can do in order to be ready for breastfeeding is to be thoroughly informed: the special courses in this regard offer all the necessary guidance regarding the problems related to breast feeding of the baby.
Specialty books, the gynecologist and the wisdom of past generations (mother, grandmother or a close relative with experience) are other sources of trust to rely on in order to prevent current dysfunctions at this level.
Avoid believing in commercial brochures or advice from unauthorized persons. Remember that your breasts are designed to breastfeed, it is rare that breastfeeding problems are caused by the incorrect functioning of the breast organs.
Most obstacles to breast feeding the baby are caused by the wrong breast handling techniques before and after birth.
Knowing the right ways to care and the support provided by the people who assist you is the key to a wonderful experience: breastfeeding.

Tags Breast changes pregnancy Breastfeeding Estrogen pregnancy Progesterone pregnancy Physical changes pregnancy

This recipe is a delight and allows children who do not like vegetables to eat it.


  • * Milk: 1 glass
  • * Complete flour: 1 glass
  • * Grated various vegetables: carrots, leeks, zucchini, .etc. : 1 glass
  • * Egg: 1
  • * Chopped onion: 1 tbsp. coffee
  • * Garlic and chopped parsley: 1 teaspoon


-Well mix all the ingredients together -Put small shells -Pour all in the oiled and hot pan (very hot!) -Lake on one side, then turn them over -Stake on high heat

The first four months of a baby's life are very important to get the little one to acquire good sleep habits. At this stage, the baby needs, in addition to affection and care, sleep and be fed; It's that simple. His sleep is as irregular as his diet, so he needs to be educated.

Every father or mother has an opinion about how to deal with the subject of sleep with their baby, but few know that this matter can be agreed upon from when the baby is still in the womb. In the mother's womb, a seven-month-old baby already responds to stimuli that come from outside, that is, to lights, noises, songs and caresses. It is important, at this stage, for mothers to observe what calms their baby and guide their sleep according to their hours of rest, singing a lullaby, talking to him or doing a belly rub, etc.

The sleeping habits of the baby in the mother's womb must be transferred outside after birth. Says the doctor Eduard Estivill in his latest book and in an exclusive interview on our site. The baby is awake for about 20-30 minutes in the womb and then spontaneously falls asleep. When the baby is born, it is advisable to take advantage of the time that the little one is nursing to keep him awake with small caresses or talking to him. Thus, the child can be made to associate being awake with food.

After eating, it is advisable to hold it for about 10-15 minutes in your arms and sit up so that it removes the air that has been swallowed and avoid colic. Then it should be changed and put in the crib again, always awake. If done like this, the baby will learn to sleep from day one, or rather, he will not unlearn what he already does in his mother's belly in a natural way. The baby falls asleep only while it is still in its mother's womb.

A newborn baby sleeps an average of 17 hours a day, in 6 or 7 different periods and when he is tired. How do you know? Well observing signs such as restlessness, yawning, loss of interest in the game or a 'lost' look. Mothers also need to be aware that babies pick up not only outside noises and lights, but also their mood, both during pregnancy and after delivery. What means that a mother who feels insecure or nervous about putting her baby to sleep will be transmitting all this anxiety to her little one, making it more difficult for her to fall asleep. Something to keep in mind, right?

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FDA: Don't use CBD products while pregnant

Here's why the FDA is concerned about CBD (and any other marijuana product) and wants you to avoid it during pregnancy and while breastfeeding:

  • One study found that when pregnant animals were given high doses of CBD, their male babies suffered reproductive problems.
  • When you use CBD while breastfeeding, some of it likely gets into your breast milk, which means your baby will consume it.
  • CBD products may be contaminated with harmful substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and fungus.
  • Clinical studies in humans show CBD side effects can include liver damage, extreme sleepiness, and harmful interactions with other drugs, according to the FDA.

The fact that CBD doesn't make users feel "high" may lead some to assume that CBD is harmless. But even though CBD products are being widely marketed as cure-alls, they have not been tested for safety or approved by the FDA (with the exception of one prescription-only drug used to treat rare seizures in children). If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, the lack of research on how CBD might affect you or your baby is worrisome.

Meanwhile, evidence is mounting that marijuana products with THC pose a risk to pregnant and breastfeeding women. THC can cross the placenta and pass into a baby's brain, and it can also linger in breast milk for up to six days after use. Studies show that using marijuana while pregnant may increase the risk of premature birth, having a low-birth-weight baby, and possibly stillbirth. Babies exposed to marijuana in breast milk may suffer from hyperactivity, poor brain function, and other problems, according to the U.S. Surgeon General.

There is one cannabis-derived product that appears to be safe, however. Hemp seeds, used in food, contain only miniscule amounts of THC and CBD, and don't pose a threat to pregnant or breastfeeding women, the FDA said.

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Scented atmosphere for Christmas

From December 1st to the 25th, you have one idea a day to accompany your children around Christmas. A nice way to put your heart into a party and calm impatience. Today December 1st: place to a scented atmosphere.

From 4 years old

  • A house or an apartment that smells like the sweetness of the holidays, it's so nice! In addition, it's very easy!
  • 1st step : you buy some oranges, clementines, tangerines, limes and yellows and a box of cloves.
  • 2nd step: you show your children how to prick cloves in the skin of citrus fruits. By watching that they do not put them in the mouth!
  • 3rd step: you draw all kinds of geometric figures: lines, curves, croissants, hearts, etc ...
  • 4th step: you have in pretty cups ... And the house embalm!

The little more

You can also hang the fruits by surrounding them with a pretty Christmas ribbon.

All our news Christmas.

At birth he had only 500 grams and measured 24 centimeters. You could catch her in a palm. But through the skin almost transparent his heart was beating the mother of fire. And that saved her. Although expected only at the end of January 2007, Maria came to the world prematurely, on October 17 last year, in the 25th week of pregnancy. The baby girl was born after three days of labor. He had no 24 centimeters, 500 grams and an Apgar score of 2/3. Being convinced that he would not last more than an hour or two, the doctors did not forget if he was a girl or a boy. Despite the forecasts, he lived.
In January, the girl was transferred to the Cluj Emergency Hospital. For the doctors of the Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Oradea, Maria's case represents a happy premiere, being the only child with such weight who survived without the sequelae. Especially since the unit has an acute lack of equipment. If in January, at the discharge from Oradea Maternity, only 1.3 kilograms, now Maria already has 3.5 kilograms. She is tonic, healthy and smiles as soon as she hears her mother talking. Parents are already thinking of visiting the gynecologist who declared her dead before she was born. To show them that life beats the diagnosis.
(Elena Muj)
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April 6, 2007