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Fever in Big Kids

Kids get fevers – and knowing what to do can give you peace of mind. Find out how to tell when fever is a sign of something serious. Read up on techniques for taking your child's temperature, bringing the heat down with a soothing bath, and how to handle a febrile seizure: a frightening but not usually serious result of fever in some children.


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Expert answers

கயசசல வநதல உடனடயக இத சயயஙக.. Fever Treatment, Causes and Home Remedies

The child is angry ... How to react to tantrums?

The child is angry ... How to react to tantrums?

Reading to your baby, even at this young age, will pay off. Hearing you read helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of spoken language. Varying the pitch of your voice, using accents, and singing will make the connection between you and your baby that much more interesting more


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Summer sports with tummy

The most appropriate exercise is for wakefulness and water gymnastics, aerobics, especially for those with greater weight.

In summer, the water is pleasantly refreshed, the weight of the mature skin is affected by the weight of the water, and the spinal column is relieved by buoyancy. If we can do it, let's get together more often at a comfortable pace. Especially the back is good for our waist. If we live on the waterfront, we should walk half an hour to the water every day. We need to exert more force, but very good cure for varicose veins is the movement of cool water.
Let's switch to general walking instead of running. For athletic, skinny builds, this is great, but also great for bodyweight little babies. In good air, in the shade, in comfortable, closed sports shoes, preferably on natural ground (ground, lawn). Every day, up to one hour from home, from home to work, it encourages blood circulation and improves the body's oxygen supply.
If we're doing what we're doing every day in the pregnant gym, we've done a lot of health in March. During isometric exercises, the muscles become tense and relax: for example, push the wall for six seconds and then stretch the legs of a white foot. We will be refreshed soon, fresh blood will come to our members, we will come to life.
Cycling at a comfortable pace is also useful and pleasant, but due to the risk of falling, we do not recommend it. To keep your hips in motion with a slow, delicious dance, the belly is especially recommended for pregnant women.

The diagnosis of childhood autism. Testimony of a mother

The diagnosis of childhood autism. Testimony of a mother

The day that parents receive a diagnosis of severe autism for their child, it is very hard. His life changes completely. The objectives change. Even more so if the autism spectrum is accompanied by a picture of intellectual disability, a very high level of dependence and epilepsy. This is the case of Vanesa Pérez Padilla, a psychologist and mother of a child with this clinical picture.

Don't miss the testimony of this mom. Explains us how was the moment in which the diagnosis of childhood autism was communicated, how was the acceptance of this disorder and how was his day to day from that moment. A testimonial that can help many other parents with children with some degree of the autism spectrum to accept this disorder and to move on.

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Mother Refuses to Accept Early Autism Diagnosis

Asthma in pregnancy, how the asthmatic woman should take care of herself

Asthma in pregnancy, how the asthmatic woman should take care of herself

How should an asthmatic woman take care of herself during her pregnancy? The risks of an asthmatic attack during pregnancy.

In this video of, the doctor Olga Cortes gives us advice on how to cope with asthma symptoms during the nine months of gestation. How to fight asthma while pregnant.

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5 SELF LOVE Habits That Changed My Life. Self Care Day

The miracle of children's speech, smiled with examples

The miracle of children's speech, smiled with examples

One of the greatest wonders of our everyday lives is how your child throws up a whole language system from scratch, the way in which the ability to speak and talk develops parallel, and the child can translate his thoughts into spoken words.

Speech Development - Speech Development

Your child in the wild - the real Maugli

An impotent infant will become a talkative, talkative man: of course, he needs environmental stimuli.

Children of a couple of months old are capable of publishing all kinds of voices, so I can record voices in Chinese, even German, and in other loud languages.

There are many legends about how the human environment is able to learn how to speak, whether wild, wild, or raised in the wild. The problem with these stories is that they are typically not sufficiently documented to be of scientific benefit. Something common in these narratives is that children deprived of their linguistic environment will be unable to speak at least, but at least they will have a poor linguistic proficiency. Due Йdesanyja agykбrosodбs could not learn beszйlni, нgy kislбnya, Izabella is native stimuli nйlkьl raised in termйszetesen х none of them could work out beszйlni the йdesanyjбtуl who talбltak egyedьl, tбrsadalmi kapcsolatoktуl isolation йlt.Amikor rбjuk, child kerьlt kуrhбzba, began elsajбtнtani йs bбmulatos gyorsasбggal anyanyelvйt , 20 months after finding it, he has created complete sentences and requests. However, all of this highlighted an important legacy: Isabella's success in language acquisition is primarily attributable to a relatively young age.
- You know, you're a kid, you have to sleep a bit in the South. I don't need to because I am an adult. Kirb also needs to sleep (the little one)!
He thinks so and says:
- Mom has grown up. Kira's been down for a while.
vio1 Legitimacy is the following: The ability to learn a mother tongue is (also) linked to age, so someone can learn to speak only up to a certain age. learn your mother tongue (even if you are multilingual in your surroundings) .The other border can be set in adolescence. If the child is not at all linguistically stimulated by the age of 10-13, he or she will not be able to speak. However, as I noted at the beginning of this article, there is scientific contradiction to the contrary, and recent research has, to some extent, challenged this critical period.


Learning the mother tongue is a complex process, one of the elements of which is that the child first understands the rules of structures and builds on the whole language system. It is also important to note that children begin by repeating almost anything they hear and then, by analogy, formulate rules. My 4 year old son is a big speaker. You have to know that he was sick a lot, we came back for ophthalmologists, eyelashes, and many similar "kits".
"I'm Nabths. We have to go to Nabath!"
Cili As a result, in the initial period, frequent "errors" resulting from overdetermination are common, for example, the verb that expresses the elapsed time is usually as follows. After all, it makes all the difference, and does not take into account the differences caused by variations (eaten and not * eaten). . In the background, this recognizes that speech is actually an action that is implemented using language.

My sweetheart is mercy.
- Yeah, but only one! - I say.
- Couldn't it be two-two? he asks.

The language of the child is gradually becoming more powerful and aware of the rules. The law of Stern, published in 1907, highlighted mysterious connections: the child does not say much he hears, but he says many things he has not heard. It is also true for adults that they always understand more than they can say.

Are we programmed?

Our mother tongue is singled out in an extraordinary way, unlike any unique learning process, but exactly what it is, there is more than one scientific theory. It is worth emphasizing in particular that we learn and do not learn our mother tongue like foreign languages ​​in general.One of the scientific theories about mother tongue acquisition is empiricist theory: According to this, through an experiential way, listening to, and repeating the speech spoken in the environment, the child learns the language. So you have to understand the language system you hear, experience it for yourself.Another approach to rationalist conceptionthat is, because we have a basic knowledge of linguistic principles from birth, the human brain is actually programmed to do so. With the help of these rules, the child is constantly learning his or her mother tongue from environmental stimuli. The third significant theory is the generative languageapproach to a very significant 20th-century linguistic school, which is a combination of empirical and rational models, and thinks more. He does not hear lewd words in living speech, but intertwined entities, structures that typically coincide with sentences. How could a child who is not yet proficient in the language be able to decompose the sound into a single column?

To the neighbor's cheated mum, Csilla rushed to open the door and came back with a pumpkin.
- Look at Mom's cucumber!
Mommy Bears: That's it, you!
Csilla: Yeah, look how big it was!

Often, the child draws basic rules from the often used sentence structures. One should think of such simple rules that the sentence is characterized by the fact that the words are grouped together in the verb.
Of course, the child cannot formulate these rules, only he / she knows and applies them. When the child begins to imitate and repeat what he or she has heard, he or she does so with interpretation and practice. In other words, it follows what you have written and what you can rule. It is very exciting to approach generative linguistics because, in our understanding, the inherent competence of every human being is the ability to acquire language. The human brain is programmed with a universal grammar. This is not a hollow native language, but the basis of a common system. Due to environmental influences, stimuli, and individual abilities, this language acquisition ability may develop and, at worst, may not develop properly.Literature used: Gуsy María: Psycholinguistics. Osiris Publ. Budapest, 2005.
Nйvjegy:dr. Bуdi Zoltбn
Dr. Zoltán Bуdi linguist, assistant professor of college at the János Kodolányi College of Communication and Media Science. His research interests include living language and linguistic changes. Secretary of the Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language Teachers. Related articles:
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  • When it comes to establishing what to eat, it is quite common for us to get carried away by topics, and everything that has to do with good nutrition, in which we do not go beyond the typical regime with which we feel healthy and beautiful but what is pretty boring.

    If we want to innovate while nurturing ourselves and establishing new food guidelines, it is best that we look at beauty and nutrition professionals. According Myriam Yébenes in his book 'How to like and like you. My beauty secrets', there are ten key foods that we have to establish in our diet to be and feel better.

    These ten superfoods that stand out are as follows: black garlic, spirulina, kelp seaweed, chorella seaweed, acai berry, turmeric, ginger, sacha inchi, chia seeds, and Andean maca. Among some of the properties that these foods have for our body, we can highlight the help in the battle against cholesterol in spirulina, the antioxidant properties of spices with turmeric or the elimination of toxins that we get through kelp seaweed.

    In the case of chorella seaweed, one of the advantages of ingesting it on a regular basis is that the immune system is strengthened, something that it shares with the seed Sacha Inchi, which in addition to strengthening the body, also regulates blood pressure.

    On the other hand, we can know that chia seeds, for their part, help to give us the energy we need; the ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, or that the tuber that is called Andean maca regulates hormonal balance and promotes fertility among other benefits. Finally, the black garlic is diuretic and acai berry reduces the effects of aging.

    Once we know these new additions to our daily diet, which we can use in the most varied and healthy menus, we have to know that although we eat wonderfully, nothing will be the same if we do not practice exercise.

    Walk twenty minutes a day, run, swim, do aerobic exercises, practice disciplines such as yoga or Pilates ... depending on our physical abilities, the free time we have and our tastes, this can be our sports routine, which will help us feel better inside and out.

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    How to Create a Healthy Plate

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