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Home work can extend your life by 3 years, but only if you are a woman

Home work can extend your life by 3 years, but only if you are a woman

Danone launches the educational campaign "1 yogurt a day, your health will keep you", with the objective of informing Romanians about the importance of yogurt as part of a balanced daily diet. The campaign was launched as part of an event attended by Prof. Dr. Nicolae Hancu, Honorary President of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, representatives of the media and social media.

The "1 yogurt a day" campaign will run from November 2013 to December 2014 and is considering actions to inform the general public through TV, print and online media, but also social media, which will encourage consumers to make the most appropriate choices to maintain their health. The campaign also includes nutrition courses for young people and children, as it is well known that good habits occur at a young age. The first stage of the campaign involves those who consume yogurt to share their personal stories in the dedicated online application, having the possibility to reach even the ambassadors of the pro-yogurt campaign carried out by Danone.

Through this initiative, Danone aims to remind the importance of a balanced lifestyle and the main benefits of daily consumption of yogurt, in the context in which more and more Romanians face health problems caused or favored by unhealthy eating and lack of movement. Obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are the diseases that must be addressed with the highest priority according to a study on the health status of Romanians by Danone.

The general opinion of the respondents who participated in the study conducted by Danone is that these health problems are generated by lifestyle, mainly sedentary and an unbalanced diet. In addition, 9 out of 10 respondents believe that Romanians eat unhealthy, according to the study "Eating habits" conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy in 2013. One of the handy solutions, which can be easily introduced and without significant costs in the diet daily of Romanians, is the daily consumption of yogurt. Yogurt, like the milk it is made from, contains valuable proteins and calcium, along with other minerals and vitamins needed for growth and health throughout your life.

Despite the many benefits of yogurt, recent studies show that Romania is on the last position at European level, in terms of yogurt consumption. According to statistics, a Romanian consumes on average 1 fresh dairy product per week, compared to French - 5 products per week, Bulgarians - 3 products per week and Poles - 2 products per week.

Health data, correlated with the lowest consumption of yogurt and fresh dairy products in Romania, prompted Danone to launch a long-term information and education campaign about the benefits that daily yogurt consumption can bring. This focuses primarily on the consumption of yogurt, but it also recalls other simple principles that are the basis of proper eating habits, through which the quality of life can be improved.

"Our lifestyle and nutrition are some of the main causes of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For a balanced diet we need to consume 2-3 dairy products every day. Yogurt helps ensure optimal intake of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, protein and active dairy ferments and low in calories The nutritional benefits of yogurt recommend this product as a simple and handy solution, especially in the contemporary lifestyle. As a doctor, I find myself more and more often in cases of serious pathologies, which originate from disregarding the real, basic needs of the body. With all the challenges brought about by changing our lifestyle in the last years, the correct nutrition becomes a condition for maintaining the health. new role, central, in our life. The choice is with us. We decide what and how good to eat, and my duty as a doctor is to explain, to guide, correct, maintain healthy eating habits. And such a habit is to consume yogurt daily, food as valuable for health as fruits or vegetables. Yoghurt is also a factor of re-balancing the diet, in relation to the excess fat and carbohydrates from other food categories ", says Prof. Dr. Nicolae Hancu, Honorary President of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, present at the launch of the "1 yogurt a day" campaign.

"For almost 100 years, Danone's mission has been to bring health through food to as many people as possible. The" 1 yogurt a day, your health "campaign, which we launched nationwide, has The role of educating Romanians on the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, highlighting the many benefits offered by the daily consumption of yogurt. Danone takes an important first step through the "1 yogurt a day" campaign, but to increase the impact of this mission we invite you to join us. and other Romanian dairy producers, retailers, government institutions, so that together we can bring health through balanced nutrition closer to as many Romanians as possible, "says Dieter Schulz, Danone General Manager for South East Europe.

Health data

Other issues that affect long-term health and quality of life, identified in a qualitative research commissioned by Danone at the end of last year, which targeted both the opinions of doctors and the general public in Romania, are high blood cholesterol, deficiency of calcium and vitamins, digestive disorders and chronic fatigue.

The results of the Danone research are in line with the studies published in recent years by the Ministry of Health, which shows, among other things, that almost 40% of Romanians are overweight or obese and that they have insufficient calcium in relation to the recommendation of specialists (743 mg / day in men , 635 mg / day in women compared to 800 mg daily recommended calcium intake).

The benefits of yogurt

1 yogurt a day is an example of small change and simple choice in the life of every Romanian, which can have a major impact on the well-being. Yogurt brings us all the goodness of milk daily, to which is added the power of active lactic bacteria, beneficial for the intestinal flora.

Yogurt plays an important role in the proper and balanced nutrition of the body: several studies on the concentration of nutrients correlated with the level of energy generated place the yogurt with fruits and vegetables in the hierarchy of nutrient dense foods and beneficial for health.

Yogurt plays an important role in digestion due to the calcium and live bacteria it contains. The balance of the intestinal flora and its quality influence the functioning of the digestive system and the overall health. Yogurt plays an important role in the development and maintenance of tissues (muscles, vital organs), as it is a source of high nutritional value proteins, which provides the body with all 9 essential amino acids.

Yogurt is easier to digest than milk from which it is obtained because fermentation bacteria help the lactose digestion, which some of us tolerate harder.

Yogurt is a re-balancing factor in the diet, in relation to excess fat and carbohydrates from other food categories. Daily consumption of yogurt helps to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, at all stages of life.

If you have influenza in the toddler - You are here and there

If you have influenza in the toddler - You are here and there

It's the flu season, and unfortunately this can affect young children as well. What to do with an influenza trifle? How can we accelerate healing?

First and foremost, it is important to decide whether you really have flu. Of course, this can only be decided by a lab test, but there may be a slight indication that it is not simple. THE typical symptoms of freezing among them are heat rises, nighttime coughing, and runny nose - and, of course, the little one is tighter than usual. The flu on the other hand, it is accompanied by high, hard-to-quench heat, sore throat, dry cough, nasal congestion, chills, and generally nausea. Influenza children can have diarrhea or vomiting, and are more fallen, more demented, leaner than other upper respiratory illnesses.What to do if your baby has flu

How can you help a small child?

Relax a lot!
it's okay for a sick baby to sleep more than usual. If you want it, go for it, do more!Get in the inn!
Children with influenza often have no diarrhea, and due to weight and diarrhea, they may be more at risk of outbreaks, which can make it harder to fight infection. Freeze often with water, diluted fruit juice, tea, even broth or yoghurt!Soothe the fever!
Unfortunately, the very high, fatty lumps do not harm the body, so it is worth dampening it with medication.Give him some honey!
Baby-free antitussives are not good for children, but water is sure to reduce hunger, relieve throat nausea, and give your child a good night's sleep. But for a baby under the age, don't give up!Use a nasal spray!
Seawater nasal spray helps to dissolve the sticky skin, so it's easier to remove it, so the little one gets air more easily!Pбrбsнts!
Dry air can irritate other inflamed mucous membranes, so the little one can cry better, especially at night. Use a frying pan or place (securely fastened!) A bowl full of water on the heater. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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  • Why is Infant Dangerous?
  • Influenza And Cold Sores - 5 Severe Fever

Knitted vest-vest with shawl collar and slit pockets: 24,99 € (Tape to the eye). Sales outlets

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Water retention

We talk about water retention when the body or parts of the body are overloaded with water. It is a physiological phenomenon that affects future mothers, mainly during the third trimester of pregnancy. This phenomenon is common and should not worry you. However, it is advisable to talk to the doctor to avoid a possible more serious illness.

More about water retention

When a party or summer vacation begins to approach, the shopping list thickens and the planning of the menus brings us headlong, especially when we have babies and young children. One of the questions that, as parents, we ask ourselves when preparing holiday menus is when can my son eat seafood.

Obviously, if your child has not tried seafood - or that species of shellfish specifically -, a party or celebration such as Christmas is not the ideal time to test whether he likes it or not, especially because, although it is not very common if there is no family history, shellfish allergy is a relatively common allergy, specifically one of the 7 most common food allergies.

Its symptoms, as in other allergies, can be more or less severe depending on the sensitivity of the individual, although they have a certain tendency to be quite serious symptoms. Moreover, unlike many food allergies that can be overcome over the years, la shellfish allergy, either to mollusks, crustaceans or both, it is usually permanent.

Under normal conditions, and if they do not exist Family history of allergies shellfish can be introduced into the baby's diet as soon as desired, ie when starting complementary feeding.

Although not too long ago it was recommended to wait to introduce the seafood in baby's dietAs with other potentially allergenic foods, there is no scientific evidence to support late introduction as prevention of the development of allergies, so if shellfish are common in the family diet, the baby can start trying them from the 6 months.

The shellfish allergy symptoms they are not the same as a fish allergy. The shellfish can be crustacean (prawns, lobsters, crabs) or mollusks (clams, octopus, squid, mussels, oysters, scallops). When a child is allergic to shellfish, their immune system reacts disproportionately to shellfish proteins. Your body will identify them as harmful invaders and will defend itself by releasing a series of chemicals such as histamine. That can cause symptoms, which vary from child to child, such as:

- Difficulty breathing. You may have wheezing, wheezing

- Insistent cough

- Urticaria on the chest, arms

- Throat tightness

- Vomiting and diarrhea

- Red pimples around the mouth and body

If the child is not cared for quickly and adequately, the symptoms can lead to an anaphylaxis reaction and to faint.

As in all cases in which a potentially allergenic food is introduced into the baby's diet, it is better to:

1. Do not offer any other new food for at least 4-5 days after the introduction of the shellfish.

2. Do not introduce shellfish at dinner, but at lunch, to observe possible reactions.

3. Keep in mind that a serious reaction to shellfish can occur even if the previous reaction was relatively mild or non-existent, since shellfish allergy It can manifest itself even if it has not been observed before when consuming it, generally up to 7 years.

4. Make sure the seafood is well cooked to offer it to babies and young children, so as not to incorporate risks of food poisoning.

Although the high allergenic potential of shellfish may initially be scary, its nutritional composition is very interesting for children, since they contain numerous minerals and trace elements difficult to find in other foods and whose implication in growth and development during childhood makes them great interest.

Selenium, zinc, iodine and copper, in addition to omega 3 fatty acids, are really important in the child's diet, so much so that some of them are essential for intellectual development and for the functioning of the brain and connections. neuronal cells, and shellfish, in addition to fish, contain optimal amounts of these micronutrients.

Whether you are at Christmas or on a special date for the family, follow our recommendations if your child wants eat seafood.

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What Causes Food Allergies?

The child with epilepsy at home and at school

The integration of the child with epilepsy at home and at school begins with understanding the disease. Childhood epilepsy consists of repeated seizures, called seizures, which affect approximately 1 percent of children. It manifests as seizures that can appear as generalized seizures characterized by disorderly activity of the arms and legs usually accompanied by loss of consciousness and perhaps biting of the tongue and passing urine.

But how does all this affect the family and children with epilepsy? To answer all these questions, GuiaInfantil.com has interviewed Francisca Lozano Garcia, President of the Spanish Association of People Affected by Severe Epilepsy.

How do you know if a child has epilepsy before a seizure occurs?
Sometimes there are crises that are very subtle and difficult to perceive and detect, which are called 'absence crises'. The child remains immobile with the lost knowledge and, sometimes, with a fixed gaze, they only last a few seconds, people who are not used to seeing this type of crisis may confuse them with daytime reverie or with an absent-mindedness, such as As a result of all this, poor school performance can occur.

How does epilepsy affect families in a child?
The diagnosis of epilepsy produces a change in the family structure, breaks all the schemes, illusions and projects. The attention of other children decreases, there is a refusal to have more children, the dynamics of the couple changes in terms of relationships, roles ... Family habits, schedules, activities, projects are modified ... Doubts and difficulties arise in the communication of the problem to other family members and how to make them participate. There is also social and family isolation, since you do not have time for family and friends (you live for and for your child).

Can the family prevent epileptic seizures?
The family is the key element in the evolution of the patient with epilepsy, therefore favorable conditions must be created to prevent seizures such as:

- Teach them to take their medication daily
- Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
- Control the fever.
- Create a suitable atmosphere of emotional stability.
- Make use of seat belts in cars.
- Providing them with a good preventive education against drugs and alcohol.
- Wear a helmet when using the motorcycle or bicycle, etc.

Can television and video games trigger an epileptic seizure?
Nowadays, televisions and flat-screen computers do not produce flashes, so they do not affect crises, although it is advisable to take certain precautions:

- Maintain a safe distance from the screen / monitor
- Control the exposure time and take regular breaks to rest your eyes.
- Avoid excessive flickering, reduce the brightness of the screen and avoid being exposed to this type of stimulus in rooms with poor lighting.

What is the diet recommended for children with epilepsy?
This diet is used in children with difficult-to-control epilepsy. It consists of meals with a high level of fat, a minimum of protein and no carbohydrates. Correct diet requires a dietician and detailed control of menus, calories, and fluids. All ingredients have to be weighed to the gram for the diet to work.

What should we do at home when a child has an epileptic seizure?

- Keep calm.
- Prevents the patient from hurting himself.
- Move away the objects around him.
- Put something soft under his head.
- Do not put anything in his mouth.
- Do not hold him or try to revive him.
- Do not give him anything to drink or eat.
- Do not give him artificial respiration.
- Notify the doctor if the crisis lasts more than 5 minutes or repeats.

What recommendations should children with epilepsy follow at school?

- Properly informing the center of your disease and the side effects of pharmacological treatments.
- Not rejecting it.
- Teaching them skills related to their illness.
- Speaking of epilepsy naturally.
- Giving answers to questions related to your illness.

Marisol New.Copywriter

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Tonic Clonic Seizure

Lipscani special show: a pregnancy chorus accompanied by JOJO sang especially for moms

Lipscani special show: a pregnancy chorus accompanied by JOJO sang especially for moms

In theaters on July 29, 2015, the latest film by Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda) proposes a modern and poetic journey to the country of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince. Do not miss it with your little movie buff from 4 years old. Quickly discover the trailer.

Production : Mark Osborne
Montage: Mark Osborne
Production : Mark Osborne