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Pregnancy, curvature of the legs, not just decorating, can be a bit of a letdown for our everyday lives. It's an unpleasant thing, and we know very little about it. Can we exercise with varicose veins in general?

I have had three children and have been living all my life. They all play a factor in the development of varicose veins in my leg. And even though I have been running regularly for years, I didn't even think about whether or not I was doing it or just benefitting from my feedback. So I thought I was wondering about a nice running gym, a competent doctor, what kind of sport I do for my varicose veins.

Hell, come back!

Dr. Oberna Ferenc, facial, tibial, and maxillofacial and active runner-up, civilization sickness we can talk about the return. Since the total weight of our body rests on the lower extremities, it is possible to say with a little heat that walking in two legs is the root cause of cancer. Cells have an important role to play because they deliver blood from the tissues of our bodies to the heart, which is used and decomposed. Healthy males can easily cope with this task, but over time, the old men will run out and the keys on them are not locking perfectly either. are prone to inflammationas well as other uncomfortable symptoms that can lead to thrombosis, varicose veins, or foot conditions. "Rehabilitation and the complaints it causes are slowly and gradually developing," explains Dr. Ferna Oberna. wine thrombosis, smoking, conception, pregnancy, menopause, tight clothing and high heels, also in the elderly or with reduced mobility. " The good news is that the appearance of complaints and the development of minor events along with medical treatments good lifestyle, sports influence, inspiration.

Running can reduce the rate of feedback and events

Move is the solution

The specialist emphasizes that we ourselves can do a lot to maintain our existing feedbacks and to prevent us from this unpleasant disease in the future. "The aktнv йletmуd, megfelelх diйta alkalmazбsa, testsъlycsцkkentйs the zsнranyagcsere karbantartбsa, lбbtorna, megfelelх cipх befolyбsolja the tьnetek alakulбsбt.A lбbizompumpa-fokozу sports like futбs, lйpcsхzйs, ъszбs or kerйkpбrozбs viselйse also kedvezхen, csцkkenthetik the visszйrtбgulatok йs szцvхdmйnyeik However, since increased weight loss plays an important role in the development of malady, those sports that great physical strain or increase the pressure on the veins to prevent them suffering from recurrent disease. Such sports include body building, weight lifting, and permanent jumping, strenuous, exhausting, weight-bearing gymnastics. " and can cause hemorrhoids, which can be straight for a thrombosis.3 tips for exercising if you have varicose veins
  1. Do not exercise in the heat, because the varicose veins are still better. Avoid Bikram Law and Coaches After Sauna!
  2. Use compression socks while running! Compression socks of the right quality and size improve the circulation of the surface vein system.
  3. There are specific exercises to improve the circulation of the vein. If you want to master the movement professionally, visit a physiotherapist who will teach you good practices.

Vaping around babies and kids is dangerous

E-cigarettes – also called vape pens or Juuls – are battery-powered devices that heat up a flavored liquid, usually containing concentrated nicotine, that is inhaled by the user. Manufacturers tout them as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and as a way to quit smoking.

The first study, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), analyzed surveys of more than 3,000 new moms in Oklahoma and Texas. About 1 in every 14 moms said they had vaped shortly before, during, or just after pregnancy. Nearly half of these women said they believed e-cigarettes would help them quit smoking or were less dangerous than regular cigarettes, researchers reported.

The other study, published in the journal Pediatrics, involved interviews with more than 750 parents who smoked and/or vaped. Researchers found that parents who vape – regardless of whether they also smoked traditional cigarettes – were much more likely to vape inside the house and car than parents who only smoked regular cigarettes.

Researchers of both studies said the findings suggest that parents don't realize vaping is harmful to both themselves and those who are exposed to the exhaled vapor, or "cloud."

Here are the facts:

  • The vapor from e-cigarettes generally has fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarette smoke, according to the CDC.
  • The nicotine in these devices is harmful, especially for developing babies, children, and teens, experts agree. If you inhale nicotine while you're pregnant, for example, it can damage your baby's brain and lungs.
  • Other dangerous toxins, such as antifreeze, have also been detected in e-cigarettes. One study found cancer-causing chemicals, including acrylamide, in the urine of teens who used e-cigarettes. These toxins were listed as "flavorings" on the vape liquid ingredients, researchers reported.
  • E-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA to help people quit smoking.

For these reasons, health experts caution against using e-cigarettes during pregnancy. They also advise parents to not smoke or vape indoors, in the car, or other places where children spend time.

If you're looking to give up smoking or vaping, check out these tips for quitting smoking during pregnancy and for continuing to abstain after your baby is born.

And if you need more motivation for giving up the habit, take note of yet another recent study that ties smoking shortly before and during pregnancy to a significantly increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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Do you have a favorite child?

According to a study conducted in England, 62% of parents would have a favorite child. And you what do you think ?

Do you have a favorite child?

Yes, but I feel guilty No, I love my children the same way



Meaning of the name Fruela. Name for children

Among all the names for boys we highlight Fruela. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Name of two Asturian kings.

Variant of Froila


  • José Fructuoso Rivera y Toscana, first constitutional president of Uruguay (1784-1854)

Fruela name coloring pages printable for kids

Fruela: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

Fruela name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Fruela coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Fruela name to paint, color and print

How to teach any child to read EASILY and FAST! AMAZING

3 simple steps to set the routine for the new school year

3 simple steps to set the routine for the new school year

Games give children confidence

Games give children confidence

Name Angus - Meaning of origin

Name Angus - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Celts, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The name Angus originates from the Gaelic terms aon and gus meaning "the unique choice" or "the exceptional being".


Angus Stone (Australian singer and musician), Angus Mckinnon Young (British Australian musician, composer and co-founder of the hard rock band AC / DC) and Angus Maclaren (Australian actor).
Also known as "Culdec", St. Angus (Aengus, Oengus) was a monk of Irish origin austere of the ninth century. He studied at the monastery of Clonenagh, with the saint Igumen Maelaithgen with whom he acquired all his knowledge in matters of holiness and erudition. Uncomfortable because of the adulation of his peers, he decided to become a hermit. A consecrated bishop on his return to Clonenagh in 792, Saint-Angus is known to have participated in the writing of the oldest Irish martyrology.

His character :

With a natural authority and a charming character, Angus is a group leader. He is courageous, ambitious and idealistic. Generally having a good opinion of himself, he is sometimes a bit proud. Angus is also an honest and generous person who respects the weakest and who does not hesitate to take their defense if necessary.

Under his shell of insurance, Angus conceals a great shyness. Despite appearances, it is difficult to approach a woman, especially, the one that attracts. In addition, he is not very good at feminine psychology. Angus is on a perpetual quest for challenge, friendship and love.

His party :

The Angus are celebrated on March 11th.

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The first quintuplets in Czech history were born

The first quintuplets in Czech history were born

The little ones were born on June 2, 2013 at the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague

Doctors from the Institute for Mother and Child Care in Prague 4 - Podoli (UPMD), one of the top maternities, helped give birth to the first Czech fifteen in history on June 2 and collected stem cells at birth to be stored. from Cord Blood Center.

The mother of the little ones - Alexandrei Kiňová from Milovice - was born by Caesarean section. The birth started at 7 in the morning, being assisted by 40 specialists. Accurate planning and high-quality care ensured a smooth birth, and the fresh mom can now enjoy the 5 babies: 4 boys and a girl.

The experts of the Institute meticulously planned every detail for the big day for a month. Additional staff were brought to the birth ward and to the pediatrics department.

"This truly unique birth lasted almost an hour and a half and there were no complications. Due to the excellent care, his mother and his five children are well," said Dr. Jaroslav Feyereisl, Director of the Institute and Chief Surgeon of the team that helped. at the birth of the five twins.

"Although the date of birth was to be in August, we decided to bring children into the world using this complex medical procedure to avoid any possible health complications," he added on the topic of professional choice Dr. Hynek Heřman, Head of the Department of Risk Tasks Big.

The babies came to the world in the following order: Deniel (1214 g), Michael (1318 g), Alex (1340g), Tereza (1250 g) and Martin (1214 g). The girl and the boys were born through a caesarean section performed exactly after 30 weeks of pregnancy. As the birth occurred before term, the babies were placed in incubators, being supervised by the team of professionals led by Dr. Zbyňěk Straňák, Head of the Department of Neonatology.

"I prepared myself with my team for this exceptional situation long before. All the five children in our care are stabilized right now. They are healthy considering the prematurity and the complications I have foreseen," added Mr Zbyňěk Straňák.

The birth of the five twins is an unprecedented event in the history of the Czech Republic.

"Multiple pregnancies are often the consequence of assisted reproduction. In this case, the five twins were conceived naturally, which happens once in 48 million pregnancies. This means a set of five twins at 480 years of age Czech Republic, "explains Dr. Alena Měchurová, Head of the Maternity Department. Alexandra Kiňová conceived the five natural twins, without in vitro fertilization.

For the collection of stem cells, the family used the services of Cord Blood Center Czech Republic, part of the international group Cord Blood Center, of which is also the First Stem Cell Bank in Romania.

All your questions about your baby!

You decided to be a parent. Maybe even a young parent. Do you have any questions about the development of your baby? If your answer is “yes” Psychologist Sinem Olcay from Istanbul Parenting Class You should read this interview with. You will find answers to your questions

: You have started training programs in Turkey for the first time parents. Why is parent education important?
Psychologist Sinem Olcay: As we all know, we cannot think of human development independently of the family. All of our development occurs in a certain context and as a result of the mutual interaction we enter with many variables. The most important variable that determines the development in early childhood is of course parental behavior. In recent years we hear from all sources that experiences between 0-6 years have a very important place in human life. Our ability to cope with life-long situations is laid at an early age. Socially, emotionally and mentally oriented and supported individuals between the ages of 0-6 are happier and more successful in the future. Therefore, it is very important to educate parents about development-supporting parenting.

Parenting is actually an instinct. We instinctively assume the role of caring for, protecting, and educating our child, but when our child comes to the world, we see that our instinctive tendencies towards child rearing are not enough. In order to meet the developmental needs of our child correctly, we need to learn many new things and acquire new skills. Parenting trainings give you the skills to raise children and teach you the healthiest approach to child development.

Parents' education abroad is very common especially in developed countries such as America, European countries and Australia. Parents begin to participate in these trainings during their pregnancy and continue throughout the development of their children. In our country, we can see that parent education becomes a necessity if we consider the lack of information about the developmental needs of children, the intensity of the business life of the parents, the generation conflict with the grandparents, and the fact that the caregivers come from low educational levels.

: What are the basic developmental stages in which children go through 0-1 years of age?
Psychologist Sinem Olcay: We can divide the development of children from infancy into socio-emotional and mental development. The most important socio-emotional developmental stages of infancy are to establish a healthy bond of trust with the parent, to begin to feel that it is valuable and important, to perceive the world as a safe and nurturing place, and to learn to control his emotions, ie to calm himself. The most important stages of mental development in infancy are the understanding that the baby has an impact on the environment, acquiring the skills that are the basis of communication such as waiting and responding, and the ability to reinforce the innate discovery and learning tendency by looking at objects, touching and taking them in his mouth.

The socio-emotional and mental development of the baby during the first year is actually self-control. In other words, the baby needs to gain the ability to self-regulate behaviors such as biologically based eating, sleeping, waking up, moving and responding to the stimulus. This is the most basic development stage of the first year.

: What does development-supporting parenting mean? How to become a supportive parent?
Psychologist Sinem Olcay: Parenthood supporting development; Basically, we understand the socio-emotional and mental development needs of the child and prioritize these developmental needs in the parent-child relationship and give stimulation, education and discipline to our child in accordance with their personal characteristics, desires and needs.

Supporting development is a general concept that applies to all age groups. But as the developmental needs of children change with age, the content of development-supporting parenting differs for children of different age groups.

Let me explain a little about what development-supportive parenting means in infancy. Sensitivity lies at the basis of development-supporting parents during infancy. In this period, parental sensitivity; it means that the parent is able to adjust his / her own behavior to the baby in a warm, caring and warm way and adjust his / her own movement speed to that of the baby. In addition, parents' ability to respond to the baby at the right time is also very important for development. So the parent should be able to respond to the baby immediately by following the cues given by the baby. Encouragement is another indicator of parenthood that supports development during infancy. Encouraging parents support the baby's efforts to acquire any object or discover a toy, praising the baby's determination. In addition, if you want to be a supportive parent, you should take care not to restrict the baby's exploration attempts. That is, you should not interfere with the baby's attempts to discover and express objects in the environment, but rather encourage them.

: What should we do to support our baby's intelligence development?
Psychologist Sinem Olcay: The development of intelligence during early childhood mainly depends on the child's encounter with different learning experiences. The learning experience for babies is about giving them different images, sounds, textures, objects and movements. You can give your baby the best learning experience by playing in one-to-one interaction with it. However, you should not consider playing games as offering dozens of toys to the baby. If you are going to play with your baby through toys, be sure to introduce a single toy at a time. Considering the baby's limited attention capacity, this approach allows your baby to have a more effective learning experience.

Babies have a motivation to explore the world around them, and everything you do actually warns them. When you talk to him, your voice, light, colors and movements, chandelier in the bedroom, sunlight or wind entering the room, objects he sees on the shelves when you go to the market all contribute to your baby's intelligence development.

Nevertheless, one-to-one, face-to-face play is very important to support your baby's intelligence development and should be part of daily activities. Some of us think that there is no real dialogue with the baby before babies start walking and talking. The first 6 months of life, however, are one of the most open to socialization in a child's life. In the first months, babies are more interested in faces than toys, and from 3 months onwards, you can have great conversations with your baby using sounds, words, facial expressions and various gestures. Unfortunately, most parents miss the opportunity to interact face-to-face in the first year. Thus, the baby is deprived of this important experience necessary for early brain development. Your baby will enjoy you interacting with her in joy and talking to her more than playing with a toy alone.

: Would it pamper the baby?
Psychologist Sinem Olcay: New mothers receive many warnings that they are spoiling their babies. Even if others don't say so, a mother may be worried about whether I'm spoiling my baby because she's holding her baby every time she cries or shakes her to sleep.

However, the care and love of a baby certainly does not spoil. In addition, any behavior or habit that has occurred can be changed if necessary as the baby grows. Babies need to bond. Especially in the first months, they should receive a consistent and loving response to their crying. Never stop yourself if it's about showing love to your baby. Every touch, every attempt to soothe, every nourishment, every shake, every kiss, every attention and attention to your baby teaches him that the world he has just met is a loving, nourishing, good place. By doing so, you help your baby to internalize that contact with people is a comforting and good-looking situation.