Get pregnant after 45 years naturally, is it possible?

Get pregnant after 45 years naturally, is it possible?

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Medicine cabinet: the essentials with a baby

Medicine cabinet: the essentials with a baby

Fever, teething, gastro, burns, falls ... Wondering what to put in your medicine cabinet to look after your toddler? Here are all the essentials to provide in your medicine cabinet with a baby. To be sure you do not forget anything!

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Pregnancy and analgesics


- It is possible that I was pregnant and the current pulled me and I had ear, neck, neck pain. So I took in 4 days: 1 algocalmin, 1 paduden 200mg, 3 nurofen soft capsules 200mg, 2 pharyngoseptus and strepsils intensively about 3. I had menstruation on March 4, the cycle is irregular from 26-29 days, contacts not protected on 15 March (but I did 10 days after this contact a test and it came out negative), March 21, etc. I took the pills between March 19-22. I would like to know if these pills can in any way affect the possible pregnancy and if the result of the pregnancy test within 10 days of contact is sure?


Algocalmin is a powerful analgesic product with antipyretic value (against fever), being used even during pregnancy.
Paduden and Nurofen are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs based on ibuprofen, a compound whose administration is not recommended in pregnancy; However, in the situation where you have administered these products, this fact is not an indication for interrupting the evolution of pregnancy.
Pharyngosept and Strepsils have no contraindications for pregnancy administration. So the medication given is not a cause for concern; however - still - for the good progress of the pregnancy and for having a healthy baby, I recommend you to carry out monthly periodic checks with the obstetrician doctor, in order to be able to detect in advance any changes in your or your baby's health; it is also necessary to inform the obstetrician about possible clinical manifestations that will occur in the next period.
To confirm the pregnancy diagnosis I recommend a specialized consultation (pregnancy test is positive 10-14 days after the sexual contact considered fecund) which may include besides the clinical examination and an ultrasound evaluation (the ultrasound pregnancy can be viewed after 4- 5 weeks of evolution).
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology - Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

Specialist details

Ufo Canpol bowl In every home where at least one child is staying there will be a plastic or melamine bowl - the most important thing is that the baby does not break during eating. Children eat their porridges, dinners, and crisps, so it's no surprise that producers are racing to make them the best they can be.

I was very impressed with the Ufo bowl Canpol, which is very different from the others available on the market. I liked it at first glance, because it does not contain colorful pictures, which apparently encourage the baby to eat, but unfortunately they often catch the eye, which has the opposite effect to the intended one (the child is interested in eating only the bowl instead of taking care of it).

But the biggest advantage of the cup is heating and cooling function. The bowl consists of two separate bowls: one (350 ml. Capacity) has a chamber with a water inlet. You can pour hot water into the bowl chamber to heat, possibly keep the food warm, but also pour cold to cool the contents faster. The water filler hole in the bowl is very hard to open, so we can be sure of that the water can't get out of it, and even the baby's nimble fingers cannot open it. The second bowl (500 ml capacity) is a lid, which additionally protects the food from cooling, but also can act as an additional separate bowl (it can be useful with two children).

The cups are equipped with suction cups so that the bowl does not wander the table, however, it works in practice on average. It is very helpful that the bowl can be inserted safely into the microwave and heat the food in it, without fear of damage.

For us, the most useful function turned out to be the possibility of cooling down dinner, my son is very nervous that everyone is eating and he has to wait for him to cool down, I pour cold water into the bowl and the dinner cools down very quickly. We often use the lid when dinner is also intended the other day to store it in the fridge.

For me, the bowl turned out to be a great hit, because it saves a lot of time when cooling or heating, which is very valuable with a hungry baby. Another advantage is the simplicity and reliability in the implementation of the cups, and thus a very easy possibility of keeping them clean.

The manufacturer suggests that the bowl is intended for children from 9 months. Price around 30 PLN.
Summarizing :


  • the ability to heat and cool foods
  • two separate cups
  • the lid allows you to store food for later
  • can be used in the microwave
  • they are easy to keep clean
  • solid material
  • closure to prevent water from spilling out


What Techniques to Use in Parenting? And why is it important to lose air?

Good olfactory technique can help a lot

One of the most popular techniques used in parenting is a Lamaze-mуdszer. Rhythmic breathing, relaxed concentration and the use of special massage techniques without the need for medical intervention help divert your mother's attention from your need. Another popular technique is Bradley mуdszer, which is to teach a woman to be a part of her birth, not a victim, a victim. Other experts recommend that everyone breathe in their own natural rhythm. And whether it will be slow, deep breathing, or quick, superb, like a dog's panting, the good thing about a baby being good. The most important thing is to practice a lot, so that if we stay in the living room, we can still recall our natural breathing. Experts say it helps a lot when you're breathing, not breathing into our chest, but into our stomachs. This will make our muscles relax, though you don't expect the horseshoe to be tired and you won't feel anything, but if you focus on your breathing and that, you will not panic, you will endure more pain, you will have more energy for the stretching stage, and the little one will have better oxygen supply.And The Bump advises that if no flaming technique works, then feel free to make voices when the pain comes. If you need to, you can wake up loud, helping to cope with the pain of parenting.Related articles in butter:
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