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Two-tone compote

Movie for children. Football

Foosball is an animated adventure for children in which the players of a peculiar foosball come to life to prove that anything is possible with passion and teamwork. Football It is not a movie about foosball, it is not even a soccer movie. This movie, of which Guiainfantil offers the trailer, talks about values ​​as important to children as love, friendship and self-improvement.

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Shes the Man 88 Movie CLIP - Im Viola 2006 HD

Women with chronic headaches risk falling into depression

Women with chronic headaches risk falling into depression

Chronic headaches, especially migraines, with severe somatic symptoms increase the risk of major depressive disorder in women, is shown in a report published in the medical journal "Neurology".

Chronic headaches, especially migraines, with severe somatic symptoms increase the risk of major depressive disorder in women, is shown in a report published in the medical journal "Neurology".
Dr. Gretchen E. Tietjen, from the University of Toledo - Ohio, says that "the novelty of the study is the inclusion of somatic symptoms, which were previously only investigated in a small study." Somatic symptoms include stomach pain, limb pain, sleep problems and palpitations.
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When the excitement of Christmas, the attendance, the great meals, and the offerings ring off, when everyone has played with his or her newest games and due to the weather, it is okay to leave for the outdoors.

They play games that move the kids well and bring down their energy to the most basic loops. And, of course, with games that don't cost a lot and the apartment stays with you.

What can I play inside?

Let's look at a bunch of these games now:
  • Lay two and a half to two feet apart and stretch out a sheet. The fixed volleyball ball that you need to play with balloons to save the home is ready. And if the kids have jumped out before they can, the baby house can work like a blanket.

A volleyball ball that has been sprayed

  • If you have given two narrow legs, make a pair of it and tie a string on the first leg of the first chair. Furl this ribbon further in the narrow beams to give it a pompous shape. The stroke should be a couple of centimeters from the ground, but if you want to weigh heavily on your games, you can raise the thread higher. The essence of the game is to tell one end of the trowel to the other so that you do not get stuck in the trowel, that is, you do not get anywhere near the string.

Stretched curb

  • Another version of this game is that you knit the bells and you have to go through the hut without dying. Of course, instead of the ribbon, you can use corpse rings, a folding tunnel, and a raised ribbon that you have to go through, but the goal is always the same: don't ring the bells.

Madagascar Barrier - Thanksgiving

  • Another version: Underneath, in the middle of the screen, there are small games that have to be collected. Even with a small backpack or a bouquet, you can go all the way to the end.

  • A simple balloon is a great way to flatten the boiling energy: fluff the balloon so that it cannot fall to the ground. Of course, this may seem easy, but if you can only say that the player is more handsome / half-legged / hell-bent, it is more difficult.

  • Two ping pong hats and a balloon: simple but great fun. If you are still on the blanket of the sheet, if not, you can simply peer into each other. Or declutter it: you can hit it multiple times without the balloon falling to the ground.

  • You fill a few plastic bottles with water (you can drop a few drops of water at home if you have them), set them up on one end of the room, and knock them off with a small rubber ball on the other. Classic bowling in home package.

Home bowling

Whatever you play, the children will have a true sense of the story (you must save the kidnapped treasure from the Evil Pooh!) If you laugh a lot (even if you handle the rules a little looser) your eyes shine on you too. Not only do you want to know them for half an hour, play them a little bit.
Believe me, from experience, if you also play with them enthusiastically in the beginning, you can slowly get out of the game after a while because they are "probably" there. In fact, they are going to shape the game more and more according to their own fantasy worlds, and will never take it for granted.
Have fun, recharge and have your energy drained!
The tips come from Erika Hanula.
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Breast refusal

It may happen that the baby refuses to breastfeed because he is not hungry, but sometimes the baby completely refuses breastfeeding, which cannot be called an early pregnancy, so you should go to the pediatrician. The baby can refuse only to eat, only to consume liquids, only breast milk, only powdered milk or all, but the reasons are varied.
Being in a transitional period, the baby can refuse nutrition due to physical causes (tooth growth, tooth decay, illness) or out of breath or disinterest. You are the first person who can evaluate the situation, and if nothing works you go to the pediatrician urgently!
The baby can refuse the breast for reasons related to it or for reasons related to the mother. Evaluate what might be the reasons for it and find solutions. Here are some of the reasons I have a baby
The time of day is not right
The baby may refuse breasts because he is sleepy or has just woken up from sleep or is not hungry yet.
What you can do: Try to breastfeed your baby only after he has fully awakened and not very close to another breastfeeding session.
The way he drinks milk
It cannot be properly breastfed, it is not yet common to drink milk (in the first days after birth) or it is more common to drink from the bottle;
What you can do: Make sure that the baby has caught the breast properly. If your baby is unable to properly grip the breast, even if he is in the correct position, check if he can hold it tight with his mouth open.
Health problems
Constipation, insufficient eruption, clogged nose, fever, general ill condition, inability to relax or disorders (Palatoschizis - cracked palate, internal conditions, allergies, etc.), all of which could cause the baby to refuse the breast.
What you can do: Allow your baby to belly enough after the meal, until the next breastfeeding. Always check if your nose is clogged or constipated. Consult a doctor if you have a medical condition because of which you cannot feed.
But breast refusal can be caused by problems of the mother, not of the baby. Here are what they could be.
Excessive milk production
Your baby may drown with excess milk.
What you can do: This problem occurs especially in the first days after birth. Once milk production has stabilized, you should have no problems. When your baby starts to sneeze because the milk is getting too large, stop the flow of milk with a towel and, once things have calmed down, try again.
Incorrect position at breastfeeding
The position you try is not comfortable for the baby.
What you can do: Read more about the different breastfeeding positions and test them all until you find the right one. You can find more information about breastfeeding positions here.
Problems with breasts and nipples
The nipples are clogged, umbilical or flat (sometimes due to numbness).
What you can do: Flat or umbilical nipples can make it difficult or incorrect to position the baby in the breast for breastfeeding. You can use a special device that creates a slight pressure at the base of the nipple, pulling it out. If the nipples are flat due to numbness, it is recommended to start breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth and continue as often as possible. The baby should be fed every 1-2 hours during the day. This is the most effective way to prevent and / or improve severe numbness.
The mother must make sure that the breasts are soft enough to allow the baby to suck properly. If the breasts are hard and too full, milk a small amount of milk with the help of a hand or a pump and then put the baby to the breast. If the baby has become saturated before emptying the breasts, a pump or even hands is used to express (milk) the remaining milk, which can be stored for later.
Inability to relax
It happens because of the impatience, the pressure to produce milk, the mental fatigue caused by stress, etc.
What you can do: Both you and your baby need to relax. The ability of the mother to relax is a very important factor in the baby's ability to grip the breast properly and comfortably. If the baby is agitated, you can take him for a short walk outside or you can just hold him for a few minutes in his arms.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Debrecen

The Baby and Baby Clinic at the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Center received the title baby-friendly for the first time 18 years ago in Europe. We continue to accept the obligations associated with this company. (Let's look at February 2009 status.)

- Our clinic's living room was built twenty-six years ago according to the requirements of that time. We are well aware that despite the excitement, time has passed in the middle of the topic dr. Professor Clinical Director, Zoltá Tуth. - Here, too, we look for generous sponsors, because without any outside source of money, it seems we still have to accept a home that is only partially homely.

dr. Tуth Zoltбn
Photo: Tucsek Tünde

The strength of the clinic is very obvious in terms of maternal, fetal, and neonatal safety, with the utmost care, as evidenced by the numbers. At home, well above the average, the low birth weight of premature babies is high. Even newborns weighing less than 500 grams can save more than half of them, while the national average is only 12 percent. The small weights of between 500 and 750 grams have a distance of 97%, and the birth weights of between 750 and 1000 grams are up to 99 percent. The professor also learns what makes a difference.
- Our attitude, professional knowledge and technical equipment ensure safety. Our principle is that the fetus should be "in utero", so we always try to deliver the baby, not the premature baby, thus increasing the life of the little baby. The Debrecen Clinic also operates the only neonatal Department of Neonatology in the country, and also has premature baby rooming, which is why the mother is breastfeeding more.
It seems that small children also consider safety to be more important, as the number of births stagnates in the country, we can redefine the principles of family-centered birth. The father loves to see his parents, but there is no obstacle for his mother or girlfriend to leave the baby.

The smallest in the prematurely intensive center
babies do their best in life
Photo: Tucsek Tünde

In the living room, the beds of a pregnant woman are separated by a glass wall and a curtain. Move over the end of the butter or, if you can, the young woman goes to the place where the baby is. This is where your baby can be separated by your partner, and even the glassy one is only separated by glass. Newborn babies are immediately breastfed, and everyone in the baby ward knows how to breast-feed their baby at any time.
In the middle of the shift, there are three women who help me. At any time of the day, it is possible to provide analgesia, and it is recommended that epidural anesthesia is recommended, in particular, so that the mother is not bound to the end. A little care is taken to keep the examination equipment warm in the bedroom.Facts, figures
  • The annual number of births is 2783.
  • The number of beds is 100.
  • 16 babies are expecting their babies, two of them in single rooms.
  • The Early Childhood Internment Center (PIC) can accommodate up to 20 newborns at the same time.
  • 29 out of 100 births are completed with a cup.
  • The baby suite has one, two and four-bed rooms, each with its own bathroom.
  • The price of a single room is 10000 HUF.
  • The clinic also has a genetic center.

Ringworm: symptoms and forms of infection

Ringworm is a common skin disorder that especially affects children, although it can occur in people of any age as it is highly contagious. This term encompasses different skin infections caused by fungi such as athlete's foot, which affects the foot and is usually transmitted in humid areas such as swimming pools, jock itch, which appears in the groin area, and ringworm of the body, which affects to the arms, legs, chest and scalp.

Ringworm in its various forms is caused by several types of mold-like fungi called dermatophytes that live in dead tissue on the skin, hair, and nails. Ringworm occurs when a particular type of fungus grows and multiplies anywhere on the skin, scalp, or nails.

This disease can be spread from person to person through direct contact with the skin or with contaminated objects such as combs, unwashed clothing, and surfaces in showers and swimming pools. Ringworm can also be acquired by contact with pets that carry the fungus, such as dogs and cats, although the latter are the most common carriers. The fungi that cause ringworm multiply easily in warm, humid areas. The risk of ringworm increases with prolonged humidity of the skin, for example, in the case of sweaty feet and armpits, and minor injuries to the skin, scalp and nails.

Ringworm usually affects the skin, but also the scalp and nails.

1. On the skin. An itchy, circular skin rash with red, raised, scaly patches may appear. These patches can evolve to form blisters that, at times, come to ooze. These patches often have very sharp edges and are often redder around the outside with a normal skin tone in the center, which can lead to a ring-like appearance. Also, the skin may have an unusual light or dark appearance. Specifically, when ringworm affects the foot, it is called 'athlete's foot'. In these cases, the patches come out between the toes and often peel off.

2. On the scalp. When the patches appear on the head, they appear bald because in the place where the patches appear, hair is lost. It can start with a pimple, similar to a pimple, and end up spreading over a larger area resulting in clumpy hair loss. The area may become painful and tender to the touch.

3. In the nails. They become discolored, white or yellowish, thick and even split. It can affect one or all nails on the hands or feet.

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The strongest love, “mother's love”

Another mother's day has come. No one can replace our mothers, nothing. Because no emotion on earth is as strong and sincere as mother's love. So, how is the formation and development of mother's love? Clinical Psychologist from DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences Ayşe Bomber explains the features that make up her love of motherhood and makes her unique. He does many things for his child without thinking about something he would never do for another. She can sleepless to feed her baby and change her children thousands of times in a year. He can sacrifice himself to protect his child without any thought in the event of an unwanted danger.

The uniqueness of mother's love has not only fascinated literary writers, but has also been a subject of interest for scientists. What are the reasons and developments that support the formation of mother's love?

The emergence of mother love begins with pregnancy. Significant hormonal changes during this period, the mother, after the birth of the baby to prepare to protect her. The level of the hormone oxytocin, which is known as love and binding hormone, starts to increase with pregnancy. In this way, a mother, the baby's bond to the baby yet to strengthen her. By talking to him, loving his belly, he starts to form a bond between him and a lullaby he loves.

Another hormone that is effective in attachment is the endorphin hormone secreted in the last stage of labor pains. Endorphin is a naturally occurring painkiller produced by the human body and facilitates labor by calming the effect of morphine. The pains that occur when the child is born are suddenly forgotten, because the level of endorphin hormone is still high in the first hours after birth. When the mother holds the baby in her arms after birth, touches her and starts breastfeeding, the binding and love hormone oxytocin continues to be released at a high level.

Research has shown that hormones alone are not sufficient to develop maternal love. Empowered with attachment, the love of the mother provides the conditions for meeting all the needs of an infant born in need of emotional and physical help. However, for this emotion to develop, communication between the mother and the baby must be ensured by bodily tactile attachment.

Another feature that makes mother's love unique is that mothers' perceptions are stronger and sharper thanks to this love. For example, a mother wakes up in the slightest wiggle of her baby and meets her needs, even during the night's sleep. Having a child for a woman and experiencing the love of the mother is influenced by an addictive reward.The basis of healthy relationships depends on the nature of the bond with the motherSo, what happens in the life of a child who has the love of a strong and healthy mother? The love of mother and the secure bond established with her are the foundation of a child's emotional and social development. Looking at the clinical history of adults who find it difficult to have long-term and serious relationships, it is seen that they do not have a secure mother-child bond during childhood. Nevertheless, thanks to positive relationships and trust-based loving spouses in a later period, a child who grew up without the love of a mother can give mother love to her child even if she has not lived. ”

Meaning of the name Vilibaldo. Name for boys

Modern Arabic Names For Baby Boys. Trending Muslim Names For Baby Boys With Meanings