How and When to use Paracetamol Acetaminophen, Tylenol, Panadol, Anadin? - For Patients

How and When to use Paracetamol Acetaminophen, Tylenol, Panadol, Anadin? - For Patients

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Baby stars: girls' first names

Question (1/23)

Beyoncé's daughter is called:

Blue IvyRose IvyYellow Ivy


You can not be the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z and have a name that does not come out of the ordinary. His parents have therefore shown imagination and creativity ... "Blue" would refer to the albums of Jay-Z "The Blueprint" and "Ivy" would represent the lucky number of Beyoncé, 4, in Roman (IV) ...
No party known.


When is it good for children to be afraid

When is it good for children to be afraid

When and why fear can be good In which situations the experience of fear can be positive, educational and preventive for children. Of course, nobody likes to be afraid, because culturally we have always associated fear or fear with bad things.

Sometimes it is good to be afraid, and some experts even claim that fear also educates children. The psychologist Silvia Alava tells us why fear is sometimes good for children in this video of

Check out all the videos with advice on fear in children

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Tida Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Short, Germanic, Originals, Scandinavian

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Tilda, which comes from German terms hlod and hilde meaning "glory" and "fight".


In the form of Tilda, actress, film producer and British model Tilda Swinton.

The Tida are celebrated with Sainte Tilda or Mathilde. Born in Germany around 880, she was the wife of the Duke of Saxony, the future Henry the Oiseleur. She was stripped of all her possessions after being accused by the royal councilors of squandering the treasure of the crown. Banned a long time from the court, she was reestablished at the request of Queen Edith de Wessex, the daughter-in-law. She founded many religious institutions and dedicated her life to the poor and prayers. She died on March 14, 968 and was named patroness of large families.

His character :

Tida is clever and sure of herself. An extrovert, she feels comfortable in society and is in easy contact. Frank and direct, she does not hesitate to say what she thinks. A bit authoritative, she likes to keep control of things. She has a strong personality and can be generous to the people who are dear to her.


Tilda, Thyda, Thida, Thildy ...

His party :

The Tida are celebrated on March 14th.

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Eczema: homeopathic solutions

Eczema: homeopathic solutions

A dry and inflamed skin, which itches and wakes up at night ... Eczema is a great source of discomfort, for the toddler suffers as for his parents. Homeopathy can help relieve baby but also in prevention. The advice of Dr. Pierre Popowski, pediatrician homeopath.

Eczema, what is it?

  • Eczema is a real pathology, particularly complex, which requires consultation.
  • From the first weeks of life, rashes appear on the cheeks, abdomen, arms, legs. The toddler scratches, sometimes to the blood, he cries and passes very bad nights ...
  • Beyond 2 years, the rash is manifested mainly in the folds of the arms and knees.

How to explain these cutaneous manifestations?

  • By a hereditary factor called "atopic", hence the name "atopic dermatitis" (AD) given to infant eczema.
  • Many environmental factors are able to modulate atopic dermatitis. Among all these factors (irritants, mites, bacteria, fungi, hormones, stress, climate, psyche ...), food is the one that made the most of ink. The frequency of food allergy in atopic dermatitis varies from 33 to 74% according to the authors. The most frequently implicated allergens are, in descending order, the egg, milk, fish and peanut.
  • It is necessary to be able to differentiate the atopic dermatitis of eczema known as "topical", due to the simple contact with an irritating product or a textile.
  • In children affected by atopic dermatitis, the skin barrier is particularly fragile and eczema is manifested as flare-ups that can come back for months or even years (beyond 3 years, if all goes well, all disappears !).
  • It is therefore very important to act in the field. Indeed, if we just treat the symptoms, atopic dermatitis can progress to asthma.

Homeopathic solutions

To change the terrain:

  • If the child is chilly, lean, hungry at night, if his skin smells bad: PSORINUM 9CH, one dose per week for 1 month.
  • For a baby chubby, fearful, subject to milk crusts: CALCAREA CARBONICA 9CH, one dose per week for 1 month.

To cure the symptoms:

  • Its skin is red, moist and itchy, with a strong feeling of warmth: BELLADONNA 5CH, 2 to 4 times a day until improvement.
  • It hurts, the itching (or pruritus) is intense and the eczema coincides with the dental flares: DOLICHOS PRURIENS 5CH, 3 granules 2 to 4 times a day until improvement.
  • The vesicles rupture and crusts appear, accompanied by a white or yellowish liquid: MEZEREUM 5CH, 3 granules 2 to 4 times a day until improvement.
  • The skin oozes at the level of the folds and the little patient scratches a lot: GRAPHITES 5CH, 3 granules 2 to 4 times a day until improvement.

Good to know

In addition to these granular treatments, the homeopath may sometimes prescribe a cortisone-based cream to calm the inflammation. Most of the time, only a homeopathic DMARD prescribed by the consulting pediatrician will be able to cure the infant from his eczema.

To know more

Heal your child with homeopathy, by Dr. Pierre Popowski, published by the Rocher. In this book, the homeopathic pediatrician answers parents' questions and gives homeopathic advice for all the worries of your baby's daily life: colic, nasopharyngitis, allergy sleeping problems ... Where to find it?


Rabbit with eggplant

Egg cartons are creative and educational ideas by which you can recycle or reuse these devices together with your child. Don't let the egg cartons get to the trash! Turn them, along with the insightful handles of your child, into popcorns, animals, flower pots, games and other crafts or decorations that are interesting for your child's room or home. Here are some ideas to inspire!

Varicose veins in pregnancy

DIY: animal jars

DIY: animal jars

Too funny these jars to animal treats! An original idea for a birthday snack for example. A deco table easy to achieve with our video tutorial DIY.

All our crafts

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Production : Our family

The level of prolactin in the blood plays an essential role in the fertility of women and men. When its secretion grows in the blood it is called as suffering from hyperprolactinemia. This is considered to be responsible for one third of the infertility cases.

What is the normal level of prolactin in the blood in women and men?

  • In men: 2-18 ng / mL (45-375 mIU / L);

  • In non-pregnant women: 2-29 ng / mL (59-619 mIU / L);

  • In pregnant women 10-209 ng / mL (210-4390 mIU / L).

What is hyperprolactinemia?

Prolactin is a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary with the role of triggering and maintaining milk secretion.

When its secretion is in excess, that is, it exceeds the normal values ​​allowed, it is called that the person suffers from hyperprolactinemia.

Normally, both women and men have a relatively low level of prolactin in the blood. Men have lower blood prolactin levels than women and remain relatively constant throughout their lives. In contrast, in women, the level of prolactin begins to increase during puberty (due to estrogen) and decreases after menopause. Usually her level is higher during pregnancy and is maintained during breastfeeding.

Types of hyperprolactinemia and their causes

Functional hyperprolactinemia

  • task;

  • lactation;

  • mammalian stimulation;

  • physical effort;

  • medication administration;

  • renal or hepatic insufficiency;

  • stress;

  • hyperthyroidism.

Organic hyperprolactinemia

  • pituitary disorders and tumors;

  • hypothalamic lesions;

  • ectopic tumors (secretion of extrahypophyseal prolactin).

Prolactin hypersecretion differs in value between the categories. The highest prolactin secretions are found in the case of organic hyperprolactinemia.

Symptoms of hyperprolactinemia and influence on fertility

High concentrations of prolactin inhibit ovarian steroidogenesis and the production and secretion of pituitary gonadotropes. In this way infertility can occur in both sexes.

In addition, hyperprolactinemia is one of the common causes of menstrual cycle disorders, having a significant influence on the woman's ability to conceive.

In general, some of the symptoms that manifest in the body of prolactin hypersecretion in both sexes are also based on their inability to conceive children as follows:

In women:

  • menstrual cycle disorders;

  • galactorrhea (the secretion of breast milk outside pregnancy or lactation);

  • anovulation.


  • decreased libido;

  • disorders of sexual dynamics (even sexual impotence);

  • conditions of the sperm (of its quality, quantity and structure);

  • breast enlargement.

How is hyperprolactinemia diagnosed?

When you want to check your prolactin level to see if its changes are the basis of infertility you should call an endocrinologist.

Abnormal prolactin levels are detected by simple blood tests.

Treatment of hyperprolactinemia

After the hyperprolactinemia is diagnosed, doctors may recommend one of the methods for correcting blood prolactin levels. Both medicines and surgery are used in this case.

Both categories of hyperprolactinemia can be treated with the exception of hyperprolactinemia that occurs during pregnancy or lactation.

Usually, a treatment of 3-6 months with Bromcriptine or Dostinex is indicated. But surgery can also be used to remove the tumors that could be the basis of the disease.

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