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The future of children starts in school

Join UNICEF and Gheorghe Hagi for supporting the fundraising campaign "The Future of Children Starts at School" from December 13 to January 15. Designed to prevent school dropout, the campaign will focus on microsite sustineunicef.ro and will focus on raising funds and online donations, thus opening a new channel through which UNICEF Romania facilitates fundraising for its projects.

About the campaign

The campaign "The future of children starts in school" aims to change the mentality of parents, but also of the decision / influence factors (teachers, mayors, school directors, priests, school inspectors, etc.) regarding the importance of education for the future of children.

A distinct component of the project is the endowment of the schools involved in the project.

An important component of this project is also the provision of a training that will help teachers to work with children who have had a low attendance or who in some cases have even dropped out of school, as these children need individualized teaching to help them. to recover.

Gheorghe Hagi, Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF Romania, will be the image of this fundraising campaign and will pay a visit to one of the communities involved in this project accompanied by 5 campaign supporters. Another 20 supporters will receive T-shirts with the footballer's autograph.

How can you help us?

Help us spread the message and collect donations by using and publishing the informative materials we make available (banners, widgets, support texts) in as many places (on blogs, on social networks and in any other publication). ).

Also, we invite you to join us in the campaign by participating in an online "leap" that aims to communicate the project and microsite SustineUnicef.ro, and, above all, the importance of going to school.

What should you do?

Write a post / article / update to tell you how your life at school helped you, how your teachers helped you and what you learned there for your current career, in achieving a dream or simply in your development as a human being.

The article ends with an invitation to donate to www.sustineunicef.ro and you can contribute to the future of children who may otherwise end up giving up school and their dreams.

Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Anne-Elisabeth is a name composed of the Hebrew terms "hannah" which means "graceful" and "elīsaba" that can be translated as "God is fullness".


Journalist Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, actress Anne-Élisabeth Blateau, Anne-Elisabeth-Pierre Comte de Montesquiou-Fezensac, Anne-Élizabeth Bossé, Anne-Élisabeth of Lorraine.

St. Elizabeth is the cousin of the Virgin Mary and the mother of the prophet John the Baptist. The Gospel according to St. John also states that Elizabeth is a descendant of Aaron, the first high priest of Israel. She decides, in accordance with God's instructions, to name her child John against the advice of all.

His character :

Anne-Elisabeth hides a great sensitivity behind a sometimes hard mask. With great intuition, she is able to find the best approach to follow in her relationships with others. Of a dreamy nature, she has a great sense of observation and knows how to listen to people. Anne-Elisabeth needs a lot of affection to feel good about herself and her family will be her biggest support. Indulgent and very understanding, she knows how to be loved by all.


Anne-Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Beth

His party :

The Anne-Elisabeth are celebrated on November 17th.

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Childbirth: the stages

From work time to birth to cervical dilation and baby's passage, discover all the fabulous stages of childbirth on video.

All about the school

Production : Dr. Safia Taieb
Montage: Dr. Safia Taieb
Production : Dr. Safia Taieb

Tips for choosing a musical instrument for your child

Tips for choosing a musical instrument for your child

Choosing the best musical instrument for our child is a matter of: the child's tastes, the price of the instrument, the ability to move and move it and the possibility of making music together.

Juan Manuel Alonso explains these questions to us about the musical education of our children.

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Adult Beginner Piano Progress - 1 Year of Practice

Day of Santo Darío, December 19. Names for boys

Day of Santo Darío, December 19. Names for boys

Darius It is a baby name for a boy of Persian origin that means "the one who maintains the good", capable, therefore, of being a committed person who defends both ideas and people. Although it has its feminine variant in Would give, is used more frequently in children, and it is a name that has not lost any of its appeal over the years. He celebrates his name day on December 19, which is the day of Saint Darius.

Darío is one of those names that imparts an unusual strength of character to any child who wears it. And is that the name Darío He carries a great load of bravery and courage, with a protective spirit and even combative if necessary. But Darío is also sensitive, seductive and very sociable, very capable of provoking the deepest admiration of those around him thanks to his creative abilities.

Despite its Persian origin, the name Darío is more frequently used in the West, being transmitted in its version of the Latin name Darius, which has remained intact in English, French and German. Darío is, in any case, an ideal name to highlight the creative personality of any child, since there are quite a few figures on the artistic and literary scene who bear the name of your child.

We have the controversial Italian playwright Darío Fo in the world of letters, without forgetting the great Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, considered the prince of Castilian letters for his lyrical mastery and the use of metaphor in his poems. In his honor, Darío is also a city name since 1920, the date on which the poet's city of origin changed its old name from Metapa to Ciudad Darío.

But the most renowned historical personage that we find with the name of your son is Darius I the Great, a Persian king belonging to the Achaemenid dynasty who fought against the Greeks in the medical wars and who starred in one of the most narrated battles of the history, the Battle of Marathon, a battle that finally represented the triumph of the West over the East.

If you want your daughter to learn to write hername Darío in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors you like best, you just have to click on the name Darío to print his beautiful name.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of December, consult our calendar of the names of December saints. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

And in addition, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

Laura Sanchez. Contributor to our site

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As one of the indispensable elements, manganese is an trace element that is increasingly spoken about, due to its importance in fulfilling many functions of the body.

As one of the indispensable elements, manganese is an trace element that is increasingly spoken about, due to its importance in fulfilling many functions of the body.
Recommended daily dose: 2-5 mg.
As food is always the best solution, here are the ones that contain the most manganese: pineapple juice without sugar (one glass contains about 3 mg), green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried vegetables, tea leaves and ginger.
Roles and features
- participates in the synthesis of collagen, a substance recognized for its ability to regenerate the skin. Collagen is a material of a connective nature, resistant, which serves to form different tissues in the body (bones, cartilages). At the point of meeting between two bones, collagen has a bearing role in the formation of the joint, which is why manganese administration prevents osteoarthritis. It also contributes to bone strength;
- participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates, steroids and several hormones;
- ensures the balance of certain neurological functions, such as memory;
- increases the potential for male reproduction;
- activates the production of breast milk;
- releases the body of polluting agents thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Disorders - deficiency or excess

Disorders attributed to manganese deficiency
Bone loss was observed in some women whose manganese level was below the lower limit. A deficiency can cause allergies, joint pain, palpitations, tachycardia, agitation and sometimes sterility.
The body's ability to eliminate excess glucose is diminished when there is a shortage of manganese. Insulin production also decreases.
Disorders attributed to excessive manganese consumption
The risk of toxicity is non-existent. However, in the long term, high doses can cause hypertension.
Useful note
- The appreciable supplements of calcium and phosphorus reduce the effects of manganese.
- Active and passive smokers, large alcohol users, as well as residents of large cities, where pollution is ubiquitous, must monitor their manganese intake.