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Omega 3 and 6

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When can my child safely ride in the front seat of a car?

In almost every case, don't let your child ride in the front seat until he's at least 13 years old — and passenger safety organizations such as SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. go even further and recommend keeping your child in the backseat until he's old enough to drive himself. Several states have laws requiring children to sit in the back until a certain age, so be sure to check the law in your state.

Riding in the front seat simply isn't as safe as riding in the back. Buckling a child into the backseat instead of the front reduces his risk of being killed in a crash by a third. In a head-on crash (the most common — and deadly — type of collision), a child in the front seat can be thrown into your car's dashboard or through the windshield. Even if he's properly buckled in, he's at much greater risk of being hurt by objects intruding into the car in the front than in the back.

What's more, passenger air bags inflate with such force that they can cause severe head and neck injuries to a child. Nationwide, more than a hundred children have been killed by air bags in recent years, and many of these deaths were in slow-speed collisions that should have been minor. Infants and toddlers in rear-facing car seats are at extreme risk from air bags when placed in the front seat because the back of their car seat is so close to the dashboard.

If, despite these very real dangers, you absolutely must put a non-rear-facing child in the front seat, turn off your car's air bag if it has an on-off switch. If your car doesn’t have an on-off switch, you can get one installed. You’ll need to visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website for details on deactivating side bags and a required permission form.

If you can't disable your passenger air bag, then have the child who's most securely restrained in a front-facing car seat with a full harness (in other words, the child who's least likely to wiggle out of his restraints, or, if your passengers have all moved out of the car seat phase, your biggest or tallest passenger) ride in the front seat, and move his seat as far back from the dashboard as possible.

Why prenatal testing is necessary

Of course every mother-to-be
The most important thing for us is to give birth to a healthy child. Therefore birth
Some tests can be done before request. Prenatal testingbefore birth, any hereditary
test is used to determine if there are problems. This test
non-invasive prenatal testing as
and they are made directly from the baby without taking any sample.
Especially Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau and Turner Syndromes
diagnosis of genetic diseases caused by chromosomal abnormality
It is used.

construction amniocentesis testthe
is easier than the construction. The 9th or 10th of your pregnancy
Results of the week by examining the blood sample taken from the mother
It is reached.

The logic of this test,
from the first period of pregnancy
It's because the DNA started to be found. These DNAs are
It is used in the construction of the placenta in which the baby is in the womb. birth
These DNAs close spontaneously disappear from the mother's blood. From week 5
In the mother's blood, the baby's DNA is found and this number is at 9th and 10th weeks.
increases. For this reason, prenatal tests are usually done in the 10th month
is required. Any chromosome looking at the baby's DNA
abnormality. Accuracy of the test
high, but very rarely false positive
also available.

You should take these tests as a prospective mother
may be required in the following cases:

If you are over 35 or your spouse is over 55
The risk of birth anomalies increases in babies of grandparents.)

You or your partner translocation (ie
chromosomal problem arising from the detachment of one part of the chromosome

Any ultrasound in the baby
detection of abnormality

Different from normal in double and triple tests
your results

Down syndrome and so on. Problems with a
You should have these tests in case you have given birth to a baby.

Prenatal testing The first reason you should
a baby born with a genetic problem or a disability-related problem
to terminate your pregnancy.
It can be provided. However, the decision was left to the family only after the determination. Just
learn your baby's condition and consciously bring your baby to the world
It provides. But more importantly, some diseases are known before birth,
with the intervention of the baby immediately after birth
It is contributing. Therefore, some of the chromosomal abnormalities caused by abnormalities in your baby
early detection is important.

Is it Better to Have a Prenatal Test Instead of a Test?

Most of the expectant mothers
Among the greatest fears is the birth of children with genetic diseases or disabled
to bring. However, it is now possible to detect such conditions while pregnant
may is. One of them is a method based on sampling from the baby.
amniocentesis test; the other belongs to the baby crawling in the mother's blood.
Non-invasive based on the analysis of DNAs by taking blood samples from the mother
prenatal tests.

Prenatal tests
9-10. amniocentesis test at 16 to 22 weeks.
It is made. In cases where immediate results are needed, not from the baby's placenta
cordocentesis test
It can be made. Firstly, amniocentesis test is used while non-invasive
With the release of the test, interest in prenatal tests began. Needle and operation of this interest
it is a test that can be performed more easily.
It can even be mentioned that amniocentesis is no longer used. This
why replace amniocentesis test
prenatal test
have increased. No prenatal tests for baby
that the preference of families is for these tests.
It has provided.

test instead of prenatal test
examine the results of having
If we do, we see that they are based on the accuracy rate and the difference in risks.
Amniocentesis test, that is, by reaching the placenta of the baby through the needle,
amniotic fluid contained in the placenta.
The accuracy of the test result is 99.9%.

But a very important
subject who wants to have the test and having a baby with genetic disease
it leads to hesitation of pregnant women. The most important of the test
risk of infection of the baby or placenta through the needle;
sudden cardiac arrest or premature labor during pregnancy
the risk of causing the loss of the baby is between 0.5% and 1%. This test
loss of one of the 200 infants undergoing amniocentesis test
also means.

But non-invasive, without risk
accuracy of the result obtained by examining the blood of the pregnant person by prenatal test
98%, the probability of false positive results is 0.5%. So if prenatal
If a positive result is obtained from the test again to verify its accuracy.
Amniocentesis test is needed. Before taking these tests,
candidates to make a decision by reviewing all possibilities with their doctor
is recommended.

Time for us, the best Christmas gift for parents

Parents spend a lot of time thinking about what could be the best gift for our children, the one that we are going to ask the Magi or Santa Claus for them. However, we forget another gift that we have to give: the one that we are going to have. Therefore, this time we are going to try to find the best Christmas gift for parents, the one we all deserve (and need). And I can tell you that it is not about something material.

Maybe, just maybe ... The best gift that parents can give each other at Christmas is spend time. This time, I am not asking for time to spend with our children, which is also very important. On this occasion, what we want is for you, as a father or mother, to dedicate time to yourself.

This time can come from any of the following options:

1. Spending time with girlfriends or friends.

2. Take time to change clothes.

3. Do a workshop on how to improve self-esteem.

4. Attend a mothers (or fathers) talk to educate with conscience.

5. Spend time in sports (yoga, Pilates, tennis, soccer, gym or any other physical activity that you like).

6. Carry out the course or craft workshop that you have been dreaming of for so long, or the dance or robotics or cooking.

7. Go to the library and be quiet, reading the book you like.

8. Walking alone in the city, beach or country.

9. Visit that person you haven't seen for a long time and you want to see again.

10. Volunteer help for the elderly, children with problems or simply organizing food or clothing.

And so, we could make a list as long as parents on the face of the Earth. Stop for a moment and reflect ... What would you like to add to this list?

No matter what option you choose from the list, what really matters is that you are taking care of yourself in order to take better care of yours. And this goes through our day to day without paying any attention to it. Taking care of ourselves to take care of is the best Christmas gift that we can give ourselves as parents.

And what is this need due to? Time passes through various reflections.

- The first thing I think about is the following: We go like crazy, from one place to another, managing stress as best we can, day by day and without getting off the automatic pilot. From there I wonder What are we teaching our children?

- The second thing I ask myself is, if we are always available to others, and others are before us, what are we teaching our children? Who is the priority in the life of each one of us?

- Last but not least; being out of time for us is lose our life. Suddenly one day, you will wake up and ask yourself, is this life? And I wonder, is this what you had programmed to live? And above all, is this what you want to transmit to your children? And may a day come when they too will ask these same questions.

Surely you can think of more reasons to dedicate that time to yourself. Therefore, you should schedule time for yourself and your favorite activities. You will find in this time a better way to reflect, to perceive clearly and even to make better decisions.

I know, we are not used to it, so, for this Christmas, start, and do not miss this gift ... 'The road called AFTER, leads to a country called NEVER'.

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Your first days after birth

Sleep as much as you can within the first week after birth. Do not spend your spare time tiring with the purpose of doing things you can not do during pregnancy. The only thing you need right now is rest. After birth, you will be surprised to look at your body. Your belly is small, your breasts are huge, your legs are thick. If you start with light exercises on the first day after birth and gradually increase them, your body will enter the prenatal form.

Postpartum pains:
You may experience pain in the first days after birth. You should ask your doctor or nurse about anything you can think of. In the first few days, there may be pain in your groin, especially when suckling. The reason for this is the reflex stimulated by the breast, the contractions of the uterus to return to their original state. These indicate that your body is returning to normal. These pains can last for days. If contractions are very severe you can get painkillers.

Frequent urination in the first days is normal to remove excess water collected during pregnancy. You may find it difficult to urinate at the beginning, but you should try to urinate immediately after birth. Get up and walk around for your administration to come. Sit in warm water, you can leave it in the water when the urine is sterile. Then wash. If you have stitches, you can pour warm water on the stitches while urinating to remove the stinging sensation.

You may have bleeding for at least two weeks after birth. Bleeding ceases more quickly if you are breastfeeding your baby. Initially, the bleeding is light colored and mostly. It gradually gets darker in color. Bleeding may continue until the first menstruation. You can use a sanitary napkin for this. Inserted tampons are not recommended due to the possibility of carrying disease agents.

You may not need to go to the toilet one or two days after birth. The sooner you get up and walk after birth, the sooner your bowel movements start. Drink plenty of water and eat fiber foods. Do not wait when the feeling of going to the toilet, but do not force yourself in the toilet, do not push. It is unlikely that your stitches will open when you make your toilet, but you can still put it on with a clean cloth.

Sutures may cause pain in the first days. Most stitches melt within a week, the outsiders may fall. In order to accelerate healing, exercise the pelvic muscles immediately after birth. Keep seams clean by sitting in warm water. Dry thoroughly after washing.For this purpose you can use a hair dryer that blows warm air. You can alleviate the pain by placing an ice bag on the sewing area.

Traditional bread in children's food

Aldi's curb prices may fall, making the product dangerous. No longer on sale, the store chain needs a new suspension for buyers.

Dangerous Swing - The popular shoplifter called you backAldi has called back one of its brands, the Swing Swing, because its metal ring may fall off. Thus, the products are dangerous. The manufacturer needs a new suspension for the customer, so the previous one has to be replaced, and nobody uses the swing. Due to this error, the product has been discontinued since May. Anyone who does not want a new suspension can take a swing back to any Aldi store. However, anyone requesting a new suspension should call this toll-free number: 00 800 78 74 78 74 or email [email protected]