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Week 39 of pregnancy (41 SA): a pumpkin

Semmelweis University II. No. Clinic of Szsléset and Naggyujásszat

Semmelweis University II. No. Clinic of Szsléset and Naggyujásszat

The clinic occupies a special place in the country's birthplace. This is where high-risk cases come from, and professionals prepared for endangered babies and mothers take care.

Professor Attila Pajor, the clinic's director tells us that large-scale modernization has taken place in the institution in recent years. European-style, one-bedroom bathrooms have been created in the living room where parents can bring their baby to the world in a friendly environment with the right equipment. For decades, she has been organizing a parenting course, and the nursery can also be visited.
Among the specialty areas of the clinic are the care of the mammary gland and autoimmune patients, and Professor Pajor's experience in this field is outstanding. Couples looking for children come from all areas of the country. The professor says that the most important thing is healthy communication that builds trust between the doctor and the patient.
In the nursery class, you can have a mother and a baby, and many are given a little overnight in the infant class. She says they support breastfeeding on demand, but the baby gets water when needed. Nutrition is not given to a healthy newborn baby in the first three days, only after medical advice, and after 24 hours for premature babies. The nursing mothers receive personalized help, and it is also possible for their premature baby to milk their milk.
The head of the pre-natal intensive department, dr. András Nobilis, an associate professor, made a tiny, immature premature baby with a well-prepared team.
"Today, thanks to the standard of care, babies born before the age of thirty have better living standards," says the professor. - One drop of colostrum is given to the smallest mouths in the first few days, so that special breast milk can work. Immune proteins coat the interior wall and form a protective layer on it. If the condition of the infants allows it, their mother may rest on her chest and may kangaroo. The kangaroo method stabilizes breathing, cardiac function, body temperature, stress hormone levels and pain.
Facts and figures:
Annual Birth (2010): 3163
Ratio of cuttings: 47 percent
So apartment from Boulevard, European-style living room tract
In the living room, you can use a ball and a rib wall to help you out.
Parenting is possible.
A stranger may be in the butter.
Trimming, shaving, trimming are not required.
The cord is not cut early.
The baby room has a seven-seat, bathroom-room, which operates in a 24-hour rooming-in system.
(This article highlights the status of February 2011)
BabyDam bathtub barrier BabyDam is an interesting patent that allows you to save water. In a few moments, it reduces a large bathtub and separates any space that is much easier to fill with water. In addition, it can become a good idea to convince a child to bathe in a large tub.

BabyDam is attached with suction cups. The barrier is 63 cm wide and 28 centimeters high. It is worth considering buying it for already sitting children. May not work for younger babies.

The 3-Hour Diet

The 3-Hour Diet

Jorge Cruise, a fitness journalist, and author of the 3-Hour Diet, believes so strongly in the effectiveness of his diet plan that he advises those who keep eating sweets daily.

The key to Cruise's diet, apart from controlling portions, is to respect meal times (between 5 and 6 meals per day). Must:
• eat one hour after you wake up
• eat the rest of the day at 3-hour intervals
• Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime
Cruise believes that in this way you will increase the speed with which you burn your calories, accelerate your energy and decrease your appetite.

However, although many people have lost weight with this diet, there is no clear evidence that dividing three meals into 5-6 smaller ones results in a change in metabolism.

What you can eat

Cruise does not advise you exactly what to eat, but how to view the correct portions. The first image is the one of the empty plate that will be filled with four types of foods:

• "a Rubik's cube" representing the amount of carbohydrates you are allowed to eat in the morning at lunch and in the evening.
• a set of playing cards representing the recommended amount of protein at each meal (can be chicken, cheese, eggs or fish)
• "a water bottle stopper" representing the amount of fat you can put on the plate (it can be salad for salad, butter, olive oil or any other fat you want).
• "three DVD cases" representing the amount of fruit or vegetables you can eat at each meal.

Cruise believes that there are no bad foods, but bad portions. By the method of viewing the portions each table should reach approx. 400 calories.

How it works

The most important thing in this diet is time.

Program example:
Breakfast is at 7 a.m. Over three hours, at 10 a.m, a snack of 100 calories follows. For another three hours, lunch. Another three hours away comes another snack of 100 calories and over another three hours, dinner.
During lunch, or after dinner, you can still enjoy a snack of 50 calories, but before three hours of sleep.
Cruise says that eating every three hours "resets" metabolism and burns calories quickly, especially in the abdominal area. You can constantly lose one kilogram a week without diminishing your muscle mass.

What the experts say

Experts believe that it does not matter so much in accelerating your metabolism if you eat 3 or 6 meals a day, as much as exercise, which is not mandatory in this diet.

Another problem is that although some people will feel less hungry and energetic if they eat 6 times a day, this is not valid for everyone who wants to lose weight.
In a recent study, it was even scientifically demonstrated that metabolism is unaffected by hourly meal planning.

With these wheels, several experts have praised the fact that the 3-Hour Diet encourages people to eat in the morning, a commonly used and scientifically proven habit that will help maintain a healthy weight.
Finally, this diet is still one of the diets that encourage low calorie intake compared to the number of calories you burn.
The problem is that every time you sit down at the table, you will tend to eat more than you should, and if the tables are 6, you might even get fat.
The program is from a well balanced food point of view and can be a viable solution for those who do not bother to eat according to a strict schedule and who do not tend to go over portions. The diet would have been much more efficient, however, if it included a set of physical exercises.

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Game to teach children derived words

The word is the ability to express thought through articulated language. The primitive words are those that do not come from any other, they are the first of their family, while the words that are born from the primitive words are called derived words and all together they form the word family.

We explain how to teach children to form derivative words and how they can have fun playing with them.

The root of the word is the part of the word that does not change (it is the common part), and adding some particles before it (prefix) or after it (suffix) the derived words are formed. For example:

- Primitive word: Flower

- Derived words: Florist, floral, vase, bloom, flowery, deflower, cauliflower.

- Word family: Flower, florist, floral, vase, bloom, flowery, deflower, cauliflower.

- Root: Flower

Once this is explained, we can use a game to strengthen the knowledge acquired. The game is called 'The Word Explorers'. We can turn our house or class into an expedition in search of the origin of words, the ideal would be to be able to do it in the schoolyard or in the open air field. How to play ?:

1. We will divide the explorers into groups depending on the children who will participate.

2. We will put a trunk full of cards with derived words, which we will call, 'The trunk of lost words', for each group of explorers to choose one. These cards will have the root of the word written in red to differentiate it from the rest, for example:

- Flowery, blush, baker, trash can, etc.

3. On the same card on the back, a clue will be given to be able to find the next card, on which will be written a word that will be from the same family, for example:

- If a group of children has touched the word colorful, behind the card this clue may appear: 'If you follow this path, you will find the card at the foot of the fourth pine tree'. It can be under a table, behind a door, etc.

- There they will discover the word rouge. On the back of this new card there will be another clue: 'Four steps to the left and another six forward, if you are a good explorer you will find it instantly.'

4. If the children follow the clues well, they will find the third card with another word from that same family 'colored' and a new clue on the back:

- 'Do not leave this path and soon you will find your destiny'.

5. If they have passed all the tests, it will mean that each group will carry three cards from the same family, in our case, colored, rouge and colored and upon reaching the indicated destination, the Primitivo town, they will find the first word of their family, in In our case the word color, (also written in red), and there they should place their cards next to the one that theirs comes from, thus completing the family of words

6. In the Primitivo town among many other words may be the words:

- Bread, fruit, color, flower, paper, child, shoe, fish, chocolate, garden, etc.

There the teacher or the adult who supervises the game will bring more cards with more words so that all the children can continue to join the corresponding family. The game can be extended as long as you want, depending on the cards and clues that we put.

7. When the little explorers have found and placed all the cards correctly, it will be time to celebrate in a big way that the family is united by jumping and clapping and the game is over. In the process they will learn how important it is to have a united family.


The word floripondio

he put on his best suit

and in search of its roots

decided to go on a journey.

Found on the way

with the word florón,

and hearing what they were talking about

said a rambunctious script:

'Keep going that way

and your origin you will find ',

and the word florón

blooming was behind.

Florist and foil

and knowing what they were looking for

with interest they asked:

Can we join you?

They said yes happy

and they clung to his hand

with the same thought

the same way they led.

Cauliflower and blooming

suddenly appeared,

and to such a flowery trip

happy they also joined.

Floresta, floriculturist,

flourish and bloom,

they found themselves asking

in the same direction.

To the primitive village

they all arrived tired

and seeing them arrive the flower

she cried very excited.

The words embraced

when they saw the flower,

feelings surfaced

joy and lots of love.

All agreed they said,

finding its roots:

How important is the family!

and at last they ate partridges.

To finish I leave you a phrase from Voltaire: 'A misplaced word spoils the most beautiful thought.'

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