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Nazareth: origin and meaning of the name for girl Nazareth

Nazareth: origin and meaning of the name for girl Nazareth


We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Nazareth. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Nazareth

Marian vocation to Our Lady of Nazareth, an image venerated in various Spanish towns.

Name meaning of Nazaret

Allusion to the city of Nazareth.

Saints of the name Nazaret

September 8th.

Origin of the name Nazareth


Famous people with the name Nazareth

  • Nazaret Aracil Santonja, Spanish actress (1991-); Nazaret Jiménez Aragón, Spanish actress (1980-).

Nazareth name coloring pages printable game

72 most accurate names for boys and girls according to their month of birth

72 most accurate names for boys and girls according to their month of birth

There are those who have thought about the name they are going to give their son or daughter long before pregnancy; others wait almost until the day of delivery to choose it. Whatever your situation, it is undeniable that the choice of what to call your baby is complicated. What if we are inspired by your month of birth to choose it? Here is a guide to Names for boys and girls with the origin and meaning.

Find out what your favorite name is!

If the birth of your baby is expected for the month of January, these are some of the names that you will like the most for him. Some of them are inspired by this month's saints. There are very nice options!

1. Emma. The name Emma is very fashionable and, in addition, she celebrates her saint in January, making it perfect for any girl born in the first days of the year. It is a German name that means 'the one who is strong'.

2. Gaspar. If there is something important that happens in January, it is that the Three Wise Men come, so any of their names can inspire you to call your little one. We love Gaspar! Gaspar comes from Persian and means 'the one who manages the treasure'.

3. Antonio. January 17 is the day on which we celebrate the name day of Saint Anthony the Abbot. Congratulations to all the little ones who are lucky enough to bear this name! Did you know that it has Etruscan origin and means 'the one who faces enemies'?

4. Martina. What a beautiful name! In addition, it is one of the names for girls that is climbing the most in the lists of the most popular all over the world. On January 30, the day of Santa Martina in Rome is celebrated. But, did you know that Martina comes from Latin and refers to the god of war Mars?

5. Pedro. Pedro is also a very nice name to call a baby born in January. And we cannot ignore that his saint is celebrated on January 29, in honor of San Pedro Nolasco. The origin of this name is Latin and refers to the stones.

6. Juan. This is a classic name that is used in its different variants around the world: John, Joan, Johaness ... On January 31, the saint of Saint John Bosco is celebrated. John has Hebrew origin and means 'the one who is compassionate'.

If your baby is going to be born in January, you will love reviewing many other cute nicknames that can look great on her. Don't miss out on other beautiful baby names for January!

Before choosing the name for boys or girls that you like the most, we recommend that you investigate its origin and its meaning, as well as the date of its saints. Surely having all this information will help you decide the best name for your little one.

7. Valentina. What is the most important day in February? Well of course! February 14, Valentine! But this time we propose its beautiful version for women, Valentina, as it is increasingly popular among newborn babies. Its origin is Latin and means 'brave'.

8. Gabriel. Precious the name of Gabriel! It celebrates its saint on February 27 and its most common diminutive is Gabri or Gabi. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'the strength of God'.

9. rose. Rosa is a lovely name for any girl born in February. And because? Because on February 4, 1913, Rosa Parks was born, an essential figure in the fight for equality for African Americans in the United States.

10. Alvaro. The meaning of this cute and serene name for boys is 'total defender'. It comes directly from the Germanic languages. We propose it as a name for babies born in February because February 19 is the day of Blessed Álvaro de Córdoba.

11. Maria. On February 1, 1851, the great writer Mary Shelley, author of books such as 'Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus', died. In her honor, you can give your baby the pretty and simple name Maria. This comes from Hebrew and means 'the chosen one'. As you well know, it is one of the most common names to make beautiful compound names.

12. Oscar. We love this name that celebrates its saint in February, more specifically on February 3. This name means 'the spear of God'.

These names that we have proposed are very beautiful, but here are many other cute names for babies whose birth month is February.

March is one of the most beautiful months of the year, right? Especially if your little one is going to be born these days. If you want to have some ideas of the best name for him or her, take a look at the ones that we propose. Some are inspired by the saints that are celebrated in March.

13. Charles. A classic name that always works. His saints take us until March 2, the day of Blessed Carlos Bono. It is a nickname of German origin that means 'strong man'.

14. Joseph. March 19 is Saint Joseph's Day and, since this was the father of Jesus, in countries like Spain it is used to celebrate Father's Day on this date. Jose is a beautiful name that comes from Hebrew and that means 'may Yahveh add'.

15. Angela. We suggest Angela if your daughter is born in March in honor of a teacher and inventor named Angela Ruiz Robles, who is considered the forerunner of the electronic book. Interesting! Angela's name comes from the Greek and means 'messenger'.

16. Patrick. On March 17, Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated, an onomastic day that infects everyone with green parties, friendly elves and lots of fun. Patricio is a Latin name that refers to the noble class.

17. Katherine. On March 24, Saint Catherine's Day is celebrated, in honor of Saint Catherine of Sweden. We love this name for girls for the strength and vigor it transmits. It comes from the Greek and means 'pure'.

18. Adrian. Finally, we suggest the name of Adrián if your baby's month of birth is March, since March 5 is celebrated on the day of Saint Adrián, martyr. Its origin is Latin and means 'the one who comes from the sea'.

If you haven't yet come up with the perfect nickname for your baby, don't miss these other names for boys and girls born in March. You will love it!

Anyone around here who's going to become a mother or father in the month of April? Here we have some lovely baby names to be born these days. The onomastics of the month have inspired us a lot.

19. Hugo. This is one of the most used names among newborn babies. Its origin is German and means 'wise man'. With the saints of Hugo we start the month of April, as it is celebrated on the 1st.

20. George. In April we celebrate a very special date: Saint George's Day! It is celebrated with great affection in England, since Sant George is its patron, but also in Catalonia, with the day of Sant Jordi. Jorge is a beautiful name that comes from the Greek and means 'he who works the land'.

21. Michael. And also, on Saint George's Day, April 23 is also celebrated on Book Day. And this is the date on which it is estimated that the writers William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died. In honor of this second, we suggest that you call your baby born in April by this name. It is of Hebrew origin and means 'no one like God'.

22. Montserrat. This is a name with tradition that celebrates its big day on April 27. It is of Catalan origin and means 'closed mountain'.

23. Isabel. We propose Isabel, as a name for a girl born in April, since British Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926. In her honor, a great party is celebrated throughout the country.

24. Lucy. Lucia is one of the most successful names among girls at this time. Surely you know a little girl with that name! We propose it to you for the April babies in honor of the Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery, who died on April 24, 1942. She was the author, among others, of the story of 'Anne and the Green Gables'.

How precious these nicknames! However, on our site we have many other April baby name ideas. Do not miss it.

May! If you are looking for names for boys and girls who will be born this month, you are in the right section. Discover which are the most successful options (some of them according to the saints) and what is their origin and meaning.

25. Fernando. Fernando is a great name for a boy, with a lot of history, since there are many monarchs who have been called that. It is a German name that means 'the daring'. His saint is May 30.

26. Daisy flower. In the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, May is the month of flowers, so choosing a pretty name related to your favorite plant might be a good idea. Margarita, Rosa, Jacinto, Narciso ... In the case of Margarita, it is a name of Latin origin that means 'pearl'.

27. Fatima. This is a very beautiful name that refers to the Virgin of Fatima, who appeared before some children in Portugal. His special day is celebrated on May 13. It is an Arabic name that means 'the splendid'.

28. Philip. We like this name, which also has an air of royalty. We celebrate his saint on May 3, in honor of the apostle Philip. The origin of this name is Greek and means 'the one who loves horses'.

29. Mariana. There are many parents who love this name, because it sounds sweet and hopeful. Its origin is Latin and its meaning refers to the Virgin Mary. His saint is May 26 in honor of Santa Mariana de Luis.

30. Luis. Luis is also a name related to the month of May. And it is that on May 7, 1824, the composer Ludwig van Beethoven (whose translated name is Luis) premiered the famous Ninth Symphony in Vienna. Luis is a name of Germanic origin that means 'victorious warrior'.

To help you come up with the most beautiful name for your baby born in May, we have thought of more ideas on our site. Take them into account before finally deciding what you are going to call your son or daughter.

Let's now look at some nice names for babies who are going to be born in June. If this is your case, you will be surprised by the wide variety of options offered by the calendar of the names of saints for this month. We found out together!

31. Ruth. A simple name but with great force. A great biblical name for your baby to be born this month. Did you know that Saint Ruth's Day is celebrated on June 4? It is a very precious option that has Hebrew origin and means 'beauty'. For the most beautiful girl! (which is yours).

32. Olivia. We love this name for the elegance and poise it conveys. But, in addition, it is perfect for your baby if his birth month is June, since his saint is celebrated on June 10. If you like it for your daughter, you should know that it is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who protects peace'.

33. William. Guillermo, or Guille if you prefer the short form, is a good name for a baby. It has been in use for many decades, although it has never been the name of choice for children. On June 25, the day of Saint William is celebrated, a name that has German origin and means 'the protector'.

34. Isaac. The calendar of the saints keeps Isaac June 7. Don't forget to congratulate all the little ones with this name, even your son if you finally decide that this is the best name for him! But, in addition, you should know that the inventor of the submarine, Isaac Peral, was born in this month, more specifically on June 1, 1851.

35. Paul. On June 29, the day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is celebrated. As you may well know, Pablo has become one of the most common names at this time to call newborn babies. It is a Latin name that refers to the little ones.

36. Marine. Marina's name is full of poetry, right? If you like it, do not hesitate to put it on your baby if his birth month is June because, in addition, he celebrates his saint on June 18. As you can imagine, Marina is a Latin name that means 'the one that comes from the sea'.

If your son or daughter is going to be born in June, check out all these other names for boys and girls who are going to be born these days.

The month of July is very inspiring to choose a good name for your baby. We come up with a lot of ideas! Above all, if we review the saints for this month. Here are some of them!

37. Nelson. Did you know that on July 18, 1918, Nelson Mandela was born? Nelson is a very exotic name that comes from Irish and that would mean something like 'son of Neil'.

38. Cristina. Santa Cristina celebrates her saint on July 24, giving rise to a precious name for girls born in July. It is a Latin name that refers to Christians.

39. Daniel. A modern and very frequent name in children from all over the world. Did you know that he celebrates his special day on July 21? It is precisely the prophet Daniel who gives the meaning to this name of 'God's justice', since we must remember the biblical episode in which the saint was thrown into the den of lions, who did not attack him.

40. Veronica. Veronica is a cool name for a girl and she also celebrates her saint on July 9. It is a nickname that comes from Greek and means 'the one who bears the victory'.

41. Martha. The saints reserve July 29 to celebrate Santa Marta, who can inspire you to call your precious July baby. If you like this name, you will be delighted to know that its origin is Aramaic and that it means 'lady'.

42. Francisco. You may be wondering why our suggestion to name babies born in July Francisco. Well, we have been reviewing the ephemeris and have discovered that the extraordinary writer Franz Kafka was born on July 3, 1883. In his honor, we propose you this Italian name that refers to those born in France.

What do you think of all these names for babies born in July? If you still can't find exactly the name you were looking for, take a look at this other list of names for boys and girls for July.

Is your son or daughter going to be born in August? So these are some of the baby names that you might like the most to put on it. We tell you what is the meaning, origin and saints of each of them.

43. Lidia. August 3 is the day of Santa Lidia, do you like it for your baby born in this month? You should know that this is a Greek name that means 'the one that comes from Lydia' (Lydia was a region of Central Asia).

44. Samuel. Samuel is a name that calls for success, or so we like to think of it. Its saint is August 20, its origin is Hebrew and means 'to whom God listens'. This name for boys is a guaranteed hit!

45. Clear. Simple but winning, that's Clara's name for girls. His saints are also celebrated this month, on August 11. The origin of this beautiful name is Latin and means 'brilliant'.

46. Elena. Name of Greek origin that means 'the one that shines'. In addition, he celebrates his saint on August 18. What else can you ask for in a name that we plan to put for a girl born in August?

47. July. On August 26, 1914, the Argentine writer Julio Cortazar was born and in his honor you could choose this name for your baby (although it could also be a good name for a boy born in the month of July). This is a name of Latin origin and refers to one of the most important Roman families.

48. Katrina. At the end of August 2005, we did not stop hearing this name everywhere and it is that a hurricane of this name devastated a part of the United States. Hurricane names inspire some parents to know what to call their children. In this case, we refer to a name that can also be written as Catrina, Caterina or Catalina.

We still come up with other names for boys born in August. Do you want to know them?

!! Congratulations!! If your baby is going to be born in September, you can choose many of the names for boys and girls that the saints and the days of this month propose you. Here we give you some ideas.

49. Raquel. Of Hebrew origin, Rachel's name appears in the Bible, making her a favorite of Christian parents. His saint is September 2. And its meaning refers to purity, symbolized by the sheep.

50. Diego. Diego is a name for boys that wins over everyone who listens to it for its simplicity. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'held by the heel'. His saint is September 6. Put it in your agenda!

51. Sofia. How beautiful this name for September girls! Sofia is a Greek name that means 'wisdom'. But, in addition, it is an appropriate name for the little ones born in this month, because it celebrates its saint on September 17 or 18. Also, did you know that on September 20, 1934, the Italian actress Sophia Loren was born?

52. Andrea. Did you know that Andrea's name is unisex? That is, it is used frequently for both girls and boys. It is for this reason that parents like it so much. Its origin is Greek and means 'the courageous one'.

53. Mario. On this occasion, we propose the name of Mario to call your baby if he is to be born in September. And it is that on September 14, 1920, the Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti was born. Mario is a Latin name that comes from the god of war Mars.

54. Matthew. Among the most common children's names of the moment we find Mateo, who also celebrates his name day in September: on the 21st. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the great gift of God'. We love!

Looking for even more names for boys and girls born in September? Do not miss our options, which are very varied!

We look at the calendar of October saint names and the festivities that are celebrated these days to find a beautiful name for your baby.

55. Bruno. On October 6 the saint of Bruno is celebrated, a very inspiring name for a baby who will be born in October. Did you know that it is of Germanic origin and means 'the one with dark skin'?

56. Pillar. If we talk about the names for girls who are born in October, we cannot forget the Virgen del Pilar, which is celebrated on October 12. It is a very traditional name but loaded with value, which is of Latin origin and means 'the one who supports her own'. A very apt name!

57. Luke. If Lucas's name has triumphed so much around the world (Luca, Luka, Luke ...) it will be for something, right? We like it because it is clear and direct. In addition, its origin is Latin and refers to light. The saints of Luke are celebrated every October 18, in honor of one of the apostles of Jesus.

58. Celia. Of Latin origin, it means 'heaven'. We like the name Celia because of how sweet it sounds. Although if you want this name to be more exotic, you can always use one of its variants in other languages, such as Celine or Celeste. His saint is celebrated on October 17.

59. Irene. Irene is a name for intelligent girls with a great desire to improve, don't you think? It comes from the Greek and its meaning could not be more beautiful: peace. In addition, his saints are also in October, on October 20.

60. Eduardo. What if you put your baby born this month Eduardo? It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the guardian of wealth'. Its saint is usually celebrated every October 13, in honor of Saint Edward.

For more name ideas for boys born in October, don't miss the ideas we've put together on our site

Our naming guide takes us through November where we also found some great nicknames for all the babies born this time. Once again, we also go to the saints this month. Let's see!

61. Martin. We really like the name for boy Martín, because it transmits a lot of strength and power. Surely it is not by chance that its meaning refers to Mars, god of war. His saint, San Martín, is on November 2.

62. Silvia. This is one of those names for girls that, no matter how the years go by, does not lose freshness. If your daughter's month of birth is November, you can give her this name (she is of Latin origin and means 'she who lives in the woods').

63. Beatriz. You don't have to wait long for November to pass to celebrate Santa Beatriz's Day, as it is November 6. If you are thinking of calling your daughter by this name, you should know that she is of Latin origin and that it means 'the one who makes you happy'. Surely there is no one in this world who makes you as happy as your little Beatriz.

64. Gonzalo. Gonzalo is a name with a lot of class and distinction. It is a Germanic name that means 'prepared for battle'. It is great for your baby if he is going to be born in November because this month he celebrates his saint, November 25.

65. Cecilia. November 22 is a very special day for all musicians, as it is celebrated on the day of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music. But it will also be a very happy day in your family if you give this name to your baby born in November. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'the little blind woman'.

66. Agnes. On November 12, 1651, the writer Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz was born. In her honor, we suggest you name your baby Ines. This is a name of Greek origin that means 'pure'. Beautiful!

If you want to choose a great name for your baby who is going to be born in November, but you have not found it yet, keep looking through the options that we propose.

We are reaching the end of the year, but precious baby names continue to abound. Look at all that the calendar of the saints offers us for the month of December.

67. Natalie. Do you know why we propose Natalia as a name for a girl whose birth month is December? We could also have proposed Natividad. And in both cases, its meaning is related to Christmas, the most important event of the month of December !, (after the birth of your baby).

68. Nicholas. On December 6, the day of Saint Nicholas is celebrated, in honor of what is considered to be the saint in which Santa Claus is inspired. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'the victory of the people'.

69. Nazareth. What do you think of this name for your girl? It refers to the city where Jesus was born in December.

70. Eve. If you like short but classy names, we recommend Eva's name for girls, which refers to the first woman, according to the Bible. In fact its meaning is 'the one who gives life'. His name day is December 19.

71. Raul. Of Germanic origin, Raúl means 'the brave advisor', although this name is also related to wolves. We like it for children who are born in the last month of the year because their saints are on December 30.

72. David. On December 29, the Saint of David is celebrated, a classic but strongly Hebrew name that means 'the one who is loved'.

If you're looking for even more name ideas for boys and girls born in December, we're still researching with you!

Whatever your baby's month of birth, we have something very important and exciting to say to you: Our biggest and most sincere congratulations! Now you just have to choose which names for boys or girls you like the most.

You can read more articles similar to 72 most accurate names for boys and girls according to their month of birth, in the On-Site Name Trends category.

73 Questions With Donatella Versace. Vogue

Since the name can be considered as a symbol of the individual's social and individual personality, a number of priorities and even rules are tried to be given importance while the child is named. The naming ceremony is a tradition that maintains its importance in Turkish family life. This ceremony is done as follows: a teacher is called, if the teacher does not take over the task of an elderly person in the family, the teacher takes the child in her arms to the direction of the direction of the Qibla. This name may also be the middle name that is believed to be used in the Hereafter, or it may be the name that the child is put to use in daily life. If desired, the name can be taught during the mawlid, sacrifice or guests can be given food.

Burbana cut as a thanksgiving for a newborn child is called “akika.. Akika sacrifice is for most Islamic scholars to cut. It is said to be stopped on the seventh day of the birth of the child, but it is said that the child may be discontinued until the child reaches the age of puberty.


In our folk culture, it is believed that there is a mysterious link between the child's name and his / her social and individual personality, and some beliefs come to the forefront when making a name. There are a number of names that have become widespread because of their dictionary meanings as well as their belief that they were 'alive' because they were considered sacred because of their personalities. Names such as Allahverdi, Armagan, Bektas, Dursun, Kaya, Yasar are especially the names of the families who do not stop their children or who die quickly. Names given to children born as a result of deposit and saint visits are also included in this category. One of the most common practices is to change the child's name to another name. If the child becomes ill frequently or if something unexpected happens to the family, the reason is often sought in the name given to the child and the child's name is changed. 'name did not', 'name is heavy' reasons such as the name of the victim to change, sacrifice, mevlid to read, cook and distribute rice methods are applied.

Truths and lies about how to heal burns in children

Beware of home remedies to cure burns! These treatments, which are passed down from generation to generation, can be counterproductive as they sometimes dry out the skin or cause infections. We tell you what is myth and what is reality and what is the most appropriate way to heal burns.

The skin burns They are frequent and unwanted episodes that children suffer at home. The most common are those produced by hot liquids, for example, when we do not check the temperature of the bath water or by contact with surfaces such as radiators, heaters and irons. And, a very important piece of information provided by Beatriz Martín, pediatric nurse, "90% of these accidents occur in the kitchen while we are preparing food."

After this information, it is clear that, as parents, we have to pay more attention to the safety of our children inside the home, but in the event of an accident and having to heal burns in children, there are certain things that we should NOT do. We talk about those myths that have passed from grandmothers to mothers and that, more than helping to heal, can make the wound worse.

1. Toothpaste
Who hasn't heard that toothpaste is a perfect solution to soothe the pain of a burn? Well be careful! Although it is true that at first the freshness of the toothpaste could alleviate the burn, as it dries and forms a hard mass on the wound, the skin will pull and dry and the burn will get worse.

2. Butter
The only soothing action of butter is also due to the cold it applies to the skin, since we take it out of the fridge. But putting butter on the wound is not a good solution because it draws dirt into it, increasing the risk of infection.

3. Potato peel
Due to its high content of vitamin C, the false belief that the skin of a potato on the inside could help heal a burn, but this is a fallacy.

4. Egg white
Due to its tightening effect, its gel texture and because it contains protein, popular wisdom gave egg white properties as an analgesic for burns, but in reality the egg white could be an impediment to the healing of them. The white can stick to the skin, causing infections.

5. Ice
As we apply ice to the bumps, many times we also tend to put it on the burns. Do not do it! This action can damage tissues. Also, sometimes the ice sticks to the skin, causing a lot of pain when removed.

6. Alcohol
In the past, alcohol was put on wounds, but alcohol has long been found to dry out, irritate and dehydrate.

7. Tomato
Cutting a few slices of tomato and putting them on the burn is something that has been done a lifetime and it is also useless. At the moment it refreshes the area due to the moisturizing power of the tomato, but it does not cure.

8. Corn flour
Cornmeal mixed with water has also been traditionally used to relieve burns. Like the previous remedies, it will offer the sensation of freshness at first, but it is not an effective remedy either.

Before curing a burn in children, you have to evaluate the affected part to know the severity of it. Depending on the depth of the injury produced, we find three types of burns:

- 1st grade
They are the most superficial. There is mild to intense redness, a little swelling in the area and they hurt if touched. They are, for example, those that are produced by prolonged exposure and without sun protection.

- 2nd grade
It affects the epidermis and the deepest layer. They present blisters and intense pain even without contact.

- 3rd grade
They are the most serious, because all layers of the skin are involved and the nerves have been affected. They can be black or white.

In any of these three cases, the way to act will be very similar:

- Remove the heat source. If your clothes are on fire - put them out by covering them with a blanket or by rolling them on the floor.

- Remove clothing and accessories that may continue to be a source of heat and as long as it is not attached to the skin, also if it is impregnated by a caustic.

- Cool the burn immediately by applying cool water for 10-20 minutes, but do so without exerting any pressure.

- Clean the area with mild soap and water, or 'jet' physiological saline.

- If it is small and of the first or second degree, that is to say if the skin is intact, apply a moisturizing cream and watch for changes. For pain, the child can be given the corresponding dose of paracetamol or ibuprofen.

- And finally, do not apply ice on the injury (it can produce the opposite effect), or puncture the blisters to explode them (it is an entrance to the infection) nor do you rub the burn.

If the burns are very extensive or deep, affecting joints, areas of folds, hands, feet, genitals or the face, go immediately to a health center.

You can read more articles similar to Truths and lies about how to heal burns in children, in the First Aid category on site.

How do I deal with burns and scalds? 9 to 30 months. NHS

Moving from crib to bed for older people

For children it is a major change in their universe. For this reason, many parents are wondering when it is advisable to move from sleeping in the crib to the bed of "big people".

Each child is unique. There is no strict rule on this subject, but it is not recommended to do it before 18 months.

Because there are no rules, you can make this move when you think it is necessary. For example, if you no longer use disposable diapers and the baby is doing potty or toilet, then it is time to move to another bed to allow the child to get out of bed to go to the toilet.

Another reason is the size of the crib, the baby no longer sleeps comfortably in it.

An equally good reason is that the little ones manage to "climb" the crib, because there is a risk of injury.

Switching to a regular bed can be difficult for some children; therefore, a little extra comfort never breaks, a bedside guard can help you during this period.

The DreamTubes bedding is an innovative product, which has won many well-known awards in the baby products industry, and has taken five points out of five for safety tests for bedding.

It offers protection on both sides, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for the child.

It is easy to use and completely portable, consisting of a sheet with two integrated pockets and two robust inflatable tubes. Being portable will help a lot when you go on vacation because you will be able to turn any bed into a "home bed", the child will not feel like changing the bed, you will sleep peacefully in a familiar and safe bed. It is ideal for travel, compact to the size of a beach towel.

It is mounted on the bed very quickly and easily: simply put the sheet on the mattress, inflate the tubes and pull the pheromones on the integrated pockets.

It is 100% cotton and can be washed even in the washing machine. It is advisable to buy a replacement sheet.

The DreamTubes bed mattress is suitable for beds with dimensions 70 * 140 cm and for beds for one person with dimensions 90 * 200 cm.

The full range of DreamTubes appliances from DuskyMoon-England can be found on www.babykit.ro.