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Play for children, group game ideas

Play for children, group game ideas

Playing with other children is essential for the child's intellectual and social development, confidence in his own strengths and for his psychological health. It is advisable to encourage the child to make friends and playmates and often help them with game ideas tailored to them.

When the little ones get together for a play session, they panic, help them with ideas that stimulate their imagination and creativity, through fun and fun games.

Play TV!

You can help the little ones to make their own entertainment program in a small television show organized right at home. In addition, you can stimulate their creativity by making them create from their cardboard their own TV screens from which to talk to "viewers". Help and guide them in building the TV boxes and then do the show together.

It's a perfect game idea for little ones over 6 anisors. You can help them make a musical show (choosing songs they like), present news, keep up to date with the weather (drawing some sheets and a sun, then teaching them the main cities of Romania). Always encourage them to change the roles of moderators between them.

Play ... great people and their professions!

Preschool kids love to do and try to become what adults are, and especially parents. What would be to stimulate a little imagination of the little ones gathered at the play and have them tell everyone what they want to become when they are big, and depending on what each one tells them to do different things:

  • to try to draw the uniforms of the respective jobs;

  • to identify from several pictures (mixed) those that correspond to the job they have chosen;

  • to answer a few simple questions related to the respective trades.

You can put these proofs on the account of a small competition with rewards (bulletins collected and turned into a small prize, etc.)

Guess as many songs and win!

Here is a very fun game that involves an extremely fun "instrument": music. Each child, starting at the age of 4 years old, can recognize certain pieces and already has a favorite repertoire (play the classic songs for children). Have them choose in a playlist on the computer a few pieces each and then, in turn, each child to put on their headphones and try to play the song by only playing the rhythm without words. Who recognizes the most songs, wins a preset prize!

Improvised puppet theater!

Kids love the puppet theater! But there is no need to go to the theater to entertain puppets manipulated by handcuffs; It stimulates the imagination of the children gathered at the play and has them create their own decoration and their own puppets to turn them into a little scene. Be actors at your own puppet theater!

For example, first have them agree on the story they are staging (it must be a story that all children know). Then have them transform some colorful socks into little dolls to handle as characters. Paste eyes from buttons and other materials, create gurus, maybe a scarf, cap and other clothing for the characters. Then let the imagination run free, guiding them from time to time.

Play the storyteller!

Advise the little ones who gather to play with your little boy to bring each card with their favorite story (even if they do not know how to read very well). Every little boy has a favorite story that his parents probably read.

If the children are over 5 years old, it is possible to know how to read them. Then have them sit in a circle and tell each and every favorite story. Then have them vote on the secret tickets, the story they liked the most (set the rule that they are not allowed to vote their own story). Whoever wins more votes wins a small prize. This game is suitable for a group of at least 5 children.

Mime, the most productive, interactive and stimulating game for little ones!

Adapted to the vocabulary that a child can have from 3 years old upwards, the children can have lots of fun making teams to play mime. Trying to discover characters, animals, stories and other things through subtle clues, turns into one of the most successful games for groups of children.

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Recipe: The Frozen Cake

The cake Frozen, you know? This is the cake of the Snow Queen, a delicious dessert in sugar paste that will fill your little princess with mirettes. A birthday recipe proposed by Aurélie and Anne-Sophie.

Print the recipe

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Your 4 3/4-year-old: Starting kindergarten

Your 4 3/4-year-old: Starting kindergarten

Your 4-year-old now

Ready for kindergarten? Many schools have age cutoff dates, but other factors such as social maturity and size can also influence parents' decisions. "Academic redshirting" (holding a child out of school for a year even if he's old enough to start) has become more popular, especially for kids who would be among the youngest in their class. The advantage is that the extra time allows a child to be better matched academically and socially to his classmates. The disadvantage is that if a child catches up to his age-mates as he matures, he may wind up bored in a class full of younger kids, which can lead to acting out.

Your child doesn't need to be reading or writing to start kindergarten, though familiarity with letters and numbers is useful. Some general signs of readiness are when a child:

  • is able to follow instructions, work in a group, and pay attention
  • can speak clearly
  • handles separation well and interacts well with adults and other children
  • can hold a pencil and work scissors
  • can control his temper when mad or frustrated
  • is able to sit still for short periods (say, as long as it takes to read a picture book) without disrupting others
  • is curious and interested in learning new things

If your child attends preschool, his teacher should have a good grasp of his development and be able to guide you. In the end, though, you know your child best.

Your life now

To cope with a chronic dawdler, try building dawdling time into your daily schedule. Plan by figuring out not how long something ought to take but how long it actually takes your child. Another tactic is to issue a challenge. Many fours can't resist games that have them trying to race you or beat the clock.

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- I also have a problem and please help me in finding a solution because my ovaries have a cyst ie: the right-cyst ovary with a diameter of 31 / 23mm with homogeneous content, does not show vascular loading on the Doppler exam; left ovary-position attached to the uterine wall; - 19/16 mm cyst with non-homogeneous content, non-vascularized on Doppler examination Please tell me what treatment would be best in this situation, if I have any chance of getting pregnant and if I could complete that task.


Normally, the ovaries are responsible for the hormonal secretion of the main sex hormones as well as for ovulation (both processes being particularly important in ensuring female fertility).

Normally, the ovaries are responsible for the hormonal secretion of the main sex hormones as well as for ovulation (both processes being particularly important in ensuring female fertility).
Ovarian cysts interfere with the proper functioning of the ovary, thus occurring disorders of the secretion of sex hormones secreted by it, appearing anovulatory menstrual cycles; as well as other aspects that interfere with fertility in a woman with ovarian cystic disease.
Try to come to a clinic that specializes in treating infertility in couples, to evaluate your situation. Subsequent evolution depends very much on the nature of the cyst discovered, thus, a functional cyst at the ovarian level appears mainly as a result of a hormonal imbalance, and the treatment of the functional ovarian cyst consists mainly of resting the ovaries (to force the cyst to and reduce the size and to regulate the hormonal secretion), this can be achieved either by hormonal treatment (most commonly with contraceptives) or by the state of pregnancy (pregnancy).

Ovarian cysts that are larger than 50 mm in size or those that give annoying clinical manifestations have surgical therapeutic indication, but only the treating physician can accurately determine the appropriate therapeutic behavior for your case.

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Einstein babies, though not so smart

Einstein babies, though not so smart