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20 precious names for your treasure

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What is more precious than your baby? For her name, think of gold, precious stones and other pearls! Gemma, Jade, Amber, Kleriva, Ruby, Oriane, Pearl ... 20 golden names for your treasure.

Karine Ancelet

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20 precious names for your treasure (20 photos)

Precious names: Agathe


The real agate, the fine agate stone with multiple layers of colors, is written without the "h" ... but it is a precious name as well! From the Greek "agathê", which means a good woman, it is celebrated on February 5th.

Precious first names: Iklil


A name worthy of the most beautiful princesses! Iklil means the "diadem" in Arabic. An original and rare choice.

Precious first names: Jade


From the Spanish "Piedra de la Ijada", meaning flank stone, this very hard green stone was named by the Spanish in the 15th century. It would have medicinal virtues and protect against bad luck. She became a name in the 60s and 70s. His party: March 10 with Esmeralda or June 29 with Pierre.

More information on the first name Jade

Precious first names: Amber


Amber, Amber or Ambrine ... pretty princess names. Amber comes from the Arabic word "ambra" designating ambergris, a fragrant substance used in perfumery for its musk-like odor (unlike yellow amber which is a semi-precious stone). To celebrate December 7th.

More information on the first name Ambre

Precious first names: Ruby


Here is a name that evokes the gem ruby, means reddish in Latin. Ideal for a little girl but you can also give it to a boy. Since he does not have a feast date, like many names related to precious stones, choose Saint Peter on June 29th.

Precious names: Poenui


Cap on the islands and Tahiti with this beautiful original female name which means "big pearl" in Tahitian. For her birthday, you can opt for Saint Marguerite on November 16th, because this name means pearl too.

Precious first names: Greta


A name of Scandinavian or German origin, which is derived from Gretchen, himself from Marguerite, Persian "Margiritis", the pearl. To celebrate November 16th.

Precious first names: Oriane


... but also Auriane, Aure ... all the names that come from the Latin word "aurum", gold. Ideal for a little girl with a heart of gold! His birthday: October 4th.

Precious names: Gemma


A name of coquette, certainly! Gemma is a name that comes from Italy and the Latin word "gemma", meaning precious stone.His party : April 11th.

Precious first names: Beryl


For a little girl or boy, here is a name that comes from the Sanskrit "veruliya", name of a gemstone. In the Iranian vocabulary, the word "beryl" means crystal. To celebrate March 10th or 21st.

Precious names: Opal


From the Sanskrit word "upala", the gemstone, this original name refers to a gemstone of various colors. To celebrate March 10th.

Precious names: Bao


"Precious" is the meaning of this beautiful Vietnamese name ... A masculine name that could inspire you for your treasure?

Precious first names: Klervia


An original choice for your princess ... Klervia means "pearl, jewel" in Gaelic. To celebrate October 3 with St. Klervi, the sister of St. Guénolé.

Precious first names: Mani


Want an Indian name for your little boy? Mani means "the jewel" in Sanskrit. Please ?

Precious first names: Marguerite


Persian margiritis, "the pearl", Marguerite is not only a floral name but also a precious choice! His birthday: November 16th.

Precious first names: Esmaralda


From the Greek "smaragdos", which means a transparent green jasper: the emerald ... this is a sweet name for your princess. His party: March 10th.

More information on first name Esmeralda

Precious first names: Celestine


Did you know ? Celestine is a mineral like amethyst. Latin Caelestis, meaning "heavenly", this divine name is celebrated on May 19th.

Precious names: Pearl


That's a name for your little gem? Pearl is the English word for the pearl and it is a derivative of Marguerite. His birthday: November 16th.

Precious names: Douria


In Arabic, the name Douria means "unique pearl" ... an original choice for your little pearl to you? And always Arab names inspired by the pearl: Dura, Durrah ...

Precious first names: Poehei


This name Tahitian girl means "crown of pearls". There are also some Tahitian names: Poeiti "little pearl" or Poekiva "precious pearl", Poerani "pearl of the sky", Poerava "black pearl", Poetea "pearl white" ... you're just spoiled for choice!

The Babales program for incubator babies has been launched

Magyarorszбgon elsхkйnt indнtotta the inkubбtoros csecsemхket йs csalбdjukat online цsszekцtх Babales program of Buda St. Jбnos Kуrhбz. The service is free of charge.

Preterm baby in the prenatal class of St. John the Baptist in Buda. Photo: Balogh Zoltбn / MTIThe head physician of the institution's children's department, Madarasi Anna announces Wednesday that its Babales program for incubator babies has been launched: an anonymous incubator has been placed within the program - the first in Bud. the incubator is equipped with a camera whose image can be accessed via the Internet at the time agreed with the parents. Premature babies born with low weight often spend months in the hospital, and it is a great challenge for families to keep up with the children in the hospital.Anonymous incubator next to the entrance of the St. John of Kourrhaz in the capital Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI To alleviate this difficult situation, the April Foundation and the Babysitter Program have helped co-operate with the Foundation.Tory Verathe chief medical officer of the hospital's Early Childbirth Division, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Segment Fast Foundation, has spoken out of disagreement with other countries the service is free. He also pointed out that an anonymous incubator had been created on one of the side entrance of the hospital, with a level camera placed there so that the neighbors would be able to continuously see and immediately place the newborn baby there.Winkler Gbbor, the hospital's chief medical officer emphasized, the Babales program is unique in the country, and the hospital has a special focus on family and children.Gorbbor Winkler, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of St. John's Church in Buda, speaks next to Anna Madarasi, Chief Medical Officer of the Children's Hospital of the Hospital Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI Mezei Mбrk, a spokesman for the Babales Project Construction Agency, said the construction took one year and then a year-long test run. The implementation was difficult because they had to find a camera that could be sterilized and a case that was secure, and a closed system had to be created, he added.
  • Touching stimulates the brain development of premature infants
  • In premature infants, breast milk and mother's proximity can be life-saving
  • 15 million premature births per year

Meaning of the name Hipacio. Name for boys


Pizza: The most distinctive eating disorder

For parents, it is a well-known phenomenon that the toddler (whatever he can) in the mouth, will urinate. This is quite normal for a while, but they may be going crazy. What's worth knowing about pizza, this strange eating disorder?

It is not only through their sense organs that young children discover the world we as adults are accustomed to: in addition to seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, perception also plays a very important role in knowing it. Totally normal (although sometimes a bit bizarre, scary and admit it is sometimes dangerous) so, that the little ones try to taste everything, into their mouths. However, this culprit may have already lost its way.Most small children also taste the sand once or twice

What is pizza?

The pizza is an eating disorder that the indigestible things a sense of control, an inevitable hunger. It is very common to consume soil, sand, mud, chalk, starch, ash, hair, cotton wool, paper, soap or ice, but any object can be the object of a sick baby. From a medical point of view, it is helpful if someone eats a swollen nose or a scar removed from their wounds. most common in young children aged 2-3 years, but can also be observed in certain developmental disorders. I'm surprised, they are also good among pregnant motherswho want things that can't be eaten otherwise. Diagnosing a pizza is quite complicated, for example, as long as it takes for strange things to happen, is there any established developmental disorder (or other problem that may be due to the pizza) In some cultures the consumption of indigestible substances is fully accepted.

What causes a picab?

Unfortunately, we can't tell you exactly what is causing the disease, but a few factors can predispose you to the pic. Such is the case nutritional deficiency (such as iron or zinc deficiency), which can easily occur in the diet, is a one-sided diet or malnutrition. In these cases, they try to patch the nutrients with the indigestible objects, but unfortunately, they are usually unsuccessful. psychiatric disorder and developmental disorder, such as schizophrenia, mild illnesses or autism, but it has been observed in a small number of neglected children and some people who have , like an adult's morning coffee or cigarette; otherwise, it is a tool for coping with stress, tension, and frustration. And, of course, it is possible that someone simply loves the wit or mean of that strange object.

Is pizza dangerous?

It depends on what kind of material and object the affected person eats and in what amount. Yes, for example, with some materials high risk of poisoningotherwise, the substances may cause diarrhea, constipation, or even bowel or perforation. Eating the ground, drought or sand can increase the risk of germs or parasites getting into the affected organism.

When should I consult a doctor?

It is worthwhile to consult a doctor with a suspicion of pizza, especially if the strange lament has lasted (at least a month), and despite this the child will return to eat the inevitable things, if they have discussed it with him. Call a doctor or an ambulance immediately if your child has eaten poisoning!Also worth reading:
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Baby's sleep routine it is a real challenge, especially for the parents of the first child. The practice becomes simpler as the child grows and acquires a clear sleep schedule. Until then, however, it is good for each parent to know a series of tricks that give the baby a good sleep, but also to know what are the least indicated if they want a child with a peaceful sleep.

Babies who fall asleep as soon as you put them to bed do not exist. And even fewer are the children who sleep at night. Most babies sleep, on average, for five hours. They usually wake up because they are hungry or when they feel discomfort. To sleep, however, I sleep during the day. But when should the baby be put to sleep? And, exactly, how do you make him fall asleep quickly without waking up?

Reasons why the baby is sleeping hard

There is a wide range of reasons that cause the baby to stay awake when you want to sleep:

It's too small

Until they form it sleep routine, the baby will only fall asleep when he dictates to the body. And this does not take into account neither the sleep of the parent, nor how many stars are in the sky or how high the sun is. If up to 3 months, babies sleep between 15 and 18 hours a day, from 3 to 12 months, the need for sleep decreases to 14-15 hours a day.

He's too tired

A baby who has not slept enough becomes irritated and will be harder to fall asleep. It will resist even more sleep, sometimes with crying attacks.

He fears you're leaving him

Another major cause of lack of sleep in babies is separation anxiety. Once accustomed to the constant presence of the parent, he lives with the feeling that he will be leaving when he falls asleep. What to do and what not to do for the baby's sleep

SO YES in baby's sleep routine

You follow the signs of sleep

If the little helmet, then you know you have to put him to sleep. But this is not the only clue. When he feels the need to sleep, the little boy will rub his eyes, cry, give signs of nervousness, and may even be overactive.

You discover the need for sleep

Not all children are the same, so it is not possible to determine exactly how much sleep each person needs. It is best that, by careful observation, to discover their daily need for sleep. After 6 months, the baby sleeps at night, then needs two or three more nights of sleep during the day. But you do not have to worry if things are not so. Every child is different, you need to know how yours is.

You create a routine for him

Make your child a sleep program. Obviously, it will be difficult for you to always meet the required hours, but, more than that, you don't have to hope that your child's sleep schedule will always overlap with yours. The baby's sleep must be educated. It is possible that during the day, the child will feel the need to take a nap. Try to keep him awake as long as possible for the sleep periods to be as long as possible.

Take a break between eating and sleeping

Babies tend to become sleepy after eating well. But it is not a general rule. It would be preferable that before he fell asleep to take a short break, for a few minutes at least for him to make a clear difference between sleep and sleep. Changing the diaper after breastfeeding is the right way to keep it awake for a while.

SO NOT in the baby's sleep routine

You wake him up to put him to bed

Sleeping babies wonder where. Unlike adults, they even find the dining chair comfortable! If you fall asleep, for example, in the car seat, do not wake it up when you arrive in front of the house, hoping that you will fall asleep immediately as you enter the house. It is preferable to transport him with his special chair in the house and to place it completely on the floor. Let him continue his sleep in the car seat. Keep it a seat belt, in case it wakes up and yes it gets up. And you always keep a watchful eye on him.

Don't rush to sleep

He is tired, he cries, he sighs, he groans, he sighs in the same way. It is clear that he is sleepy, but you know you have to leave, so do everything you can to stay awake. It is not a correct attitude, because you change your program rather than torment the little one.

Put the baby in the crib and disappear

Crying to exhaustion can be dangerous. It is a far too drastic measure, and the little one may develop anxiety. There are many variants, much milder, to educate baby's sleep. Enter regularly, at intervals of 10-15 minutes, in the room and eat it if you cry, showing you that you are around, with him.

You're not flexible

We all wish the little ones would sleep all night, but let's be serious. If the child is ill or if you are on a journey it is not necessary to ambition to impose a sleep program, because you and he will not succeed in keeping him.

You put him to bed only after he falls asleep

There are voices claiming to place the baby in his crib when he is still semi-awake is a rule that you must consider. In this way, he will learn to fall asleep alone, and at night when he wakes up, he will be able to fall asleep even without your presence. Our advice is to listen to your instinct and… your baby. If you protest when you put him in the crib, the most appropriate and comfortable for both of you would be to nest next to each other. Baby will sleep very well, for sure, and you will enjoy the most beautiful perfume in the world - the smell of your baby's skin.

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